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Amanda is a good friend of the family and was widowed last year and as a result I was asked by my mother to mow her lawn and help her as needed. I’m 22 and work in the building industry, I date girls regularly but don’t do well sexually with them. Amanda is the same age my mother 51 and is like an aunt to me and my 2 sisters. The death of her shocked her as it was a car accident and suddenly, he was gone. My mother was concerned for Amanda and was a regular visitor to see her, seeing her grass getting long I was asked to mow it for her. I was tasked with any other jobs that came up also, I’m happy to help Amanda anytime. Then one day after I’d moved her lawn, she asked was I in a hurry and wasn’t and said so. I’ve special job for you if you’re willing, I said I was willing even those I didn’t yet know the job. The job was her; she was really horny and asked me to fuck her. I bit shocked at first, I thought why not, and we had sex for the first time. It became a regular for us to have sex on my visits and is still happening still. My mother likes I’m helping Amanda and that I regularly drop by her place on my way home, sometimes I get sex. The other times my mother or another visitor are there, Amanda is quite to fuck me anytime we’re alone. I still try and fuck my dates, rarely succeed, but there always Amanda.

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