Family Fun Ch. 01

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tagIncest/TabooFamily Fun Ch. 01

Author's Note: COVID ravages the land. Stay-at-home orders, closures of the usual public gathering places, the creeping social isolation from the outside world tend to create changes. Tensions rise, something has to break. Bonds and taboos change and morph.
Story themes include transgender/sissy/feminization/sibling incest/mother son incest in a consensual setting; if not to the readers taste then please don't continue.
All characters are adult!

Karen stormed into her house, wanting to slam the door shut behind her. Fucking social distancing! She was fuming – and incredibly horny. She'd carefully bathed, primped and dressed for a long and much needed fucking session – and the asshole had blown her off. Shit!
Well, she sighed. The bar was closed. AGAIN! "On the orders of the office of Governor…"
All they'd done up to that point had been DM each other; they'd been circumspect, careful not giving out contact information – just in case. But fuck the horny roleplays they'd gone through when she'd be in bed, late at night or early in the morning. When they'd finally made the date to see each other god damn but she'd put in so much effort! And not even a text from the stupid fuck. Fuck him! And…
Karen huffed, brushing some hair from her face. Fuck she needed a break from the house, the kids, the depressing dreariness of it all. Fuck COVID. She so wanted. No Karen said to herself. Needed. A rock-hard throbbing cock. Cocks. In her mouth, in her cunt, in any of her holes. Fuck! And worse yet she'd used up a vacation day for this! Fuck!!
Huh. She heard a noise. 'That' kind of noise. "Well fuck" she thought. "One of the kids has a friend over." Couldn't be Kathy she realized, guiltily feeling relieved. Although some young hard dick… She shook her head. God. That just sounded so… desperate.
Still, she figured she ought to investigate. Grinning, glad she hadn't slammed the door shut as she'd wanted, she crept to where the stairs were. The house being an older split-level design the lower portion had the typical family room setup, where the TV and various gaming consoles were kept. The youngest of her non-identical twin sons had taken the small bedroom down there. The grin turned into a frown. He was her baby; she'd been getting odd vibes from the boy over the last months…
He'd always been pretty, not handsome like her other boy. It worried her at times.
The carpet silenced her footsteps as she gingerly made her way down the stairs. She peeked around the corner and saw the head of her older twin boy on the couch that'd been dragged into the middle of the room by her kids. The brief feeling of relief left quickly as her eyes went wide at what was on the widescreen TV – fuck fuck that fucking ex-fucking-husband of hers! That shit! He'd promised he got rid of those videos!!
It was a younger version of herself on that screen. Naked. Riding a big black cock… that fucking asshole ex of hers loved that game! She was about to call out when she saw something pink bobbing in front of her son. Hair? Her frown deepened. The thought of her kid masturbating watching an old porn vid of his mom was bad. Really bad. But watching with a girl?! A girl from the neighborhood, from his school? That's all she needed, that sort of story getting out!
She should have just called out. But an angry, vindictive curiosity made her remain quiet as she tip-toed to the back of the couch where her son was seated. She stopped still at the midway point as she heard him say "Oh yeah you slut… suck my balls… I'm gonna jerk off onto your face…"
Karen felt her pussy clench as she heard her son. Fuck she so wanted to be the one on her knees right then and… She shook her head. The image on the screen did not help her frame of mind at all. She grimaced ruefully, remembering what was going to happened next in that video.
Was it that long ago? The memories of the tryst flooded her consciousness. There were a lot from those days. Her earlier self would next ecstatically climb off the huge ebony cock that had been pounding so fucking wonderfully deep into her pussy, then slide like a good little fuck doll to her knees at the foot of the bed. Three more of the black guys her hubby had provided would be surrounding her, jerking their massive cocks, ready to coat her pretty face with heavy loads of fresh spunk. She almost sighed remembering… God those were fun years.
She heard her boy Bobbie moan "Fuck… fuck… just like mom you slut…"
That puzzled her. Just like mom? She shook her head. Of course. It was her on the screen after all. Damn that fucking idiot asshole of an ex-husband! The memories though, they started a warmth in her belly. Not the proper time she furiously thought! Get yourself under control!
Karen shook her head, took another step forward, stopped as she was able to peer over her boys' shoulder. Her older by a couple of minutes boy, Bobbie. One hand holding his large, young, delicious looking cock. Jerking it hard and fast as it began to spew sperm. His other holding the back of the head of the girl whose mouth was wide open, her Bobbies hot fresh oh fuck that looks so sexy semen splattering onto her lips, then her nose…
She felt the wet stickiness of her panties clinging to her vulva as she watched. The girls' eyes were closed, her open mouth curved in a self-assured smile as her tongue tickled the head of her boys' cock. Oh fuck! That should be her, right at that moment, in some hotel room. Fuck! One drink – maybe two, then they'd have gotten a room. FUCK COVID!
Karen wasn't at all surprised that her son was getting his cock sucked. She'd figured all her kids were sexually aware, they were after all adults. No, it was the girl who had her attention. Pink hair – well, kids. But a matching pink latex sleeveless top and skirt? Weird.
She took another step forward as she wanted to figure out if she'd ever met the girl, maybe knew her parents. Her mouth curved thinking of perhaps having talked to them at any of the many PTA meeting's she'd attended. Maybe chatting with the girl's mom at some bake sale, or better yet feeling her dad's eyes on her at some mind-numbing function.
Her eyes went wide with yet another shock.
The kids had built a big wooden box with their dad's help before the divorce; it held their game paraphernalia and other stuff. The boys kept it in front of the couch. That girl though! The short skirt of her latex dress was flipped up… there was a big dildo… suction cup? – stuck against the side of that box. She was…
Oh fuck, that was the horniest sexiest most fucking arousing thing she'd seen in a long while. Karen's pussy pulsed; her panties beyond soaked… The girl was fucking herself as her mouth took in the head of Bobbie's cock. "Suck out the last of that cum slut" she heard her son tell the girl.
Shaking her head, she coughed, began to say "So…" and stopped. Shocked into silence. Her heart racing, her eyes going even wider.
The pink haired girl had suddenly pulled her face away from her son's throbbing cock. Looked up in surprise at her. Their eyes locked. That face… that wasn't… couldn't be! Oh god! It was Billy! Her youngest boy!! Oh god she wanted to sob. All those weird vibes she'd been getting from him… No. Please god no!!
Her hands went to the back of the couch – the world shook and seemed to spin for a moment. Her other boy had twisted around – cried out "MOM!" and tried to cover his most impressive erection with both of his hands. Her knees felt wobbly… her pussy clenched, gushed, she felt liquid on her inner thighs…
But it was Billy – oh god her sweet little baby boy. Billy. Time slowed for Karen; she saw it almost like a movie going frame by frame. Billy rising up from the crotch of her other son, mouth still open, the luridly short skirt pulled up exposing his smooth erect cock – it pulsed, it twitched – jerked up, down… It spat semen – pulsed, jetted it over and over again – her sweet baby boy's eyes closed, his lipstick and sperm painted lips open into that oh so familiar 'O' of orgasm as he rocked back onto that dildo – it had to be in his… she wanted to sob. Her baby boy's rectum was filled by that – oh god!
She stood frozen. Her sweet little boy framed by the obscene image of her younger self on the screen behind him. God she could not stop remembering… She'd been kneeling. Naked. Her husband on one side, the black guy who'd been fucking her on the other. Her younger self looking at her through the screen, smiling; holding onto the two hard cocks brushed up against her face. Then those cocks throbbed in her image's hands, spewing more of the creamy cum she had craved, still craved onto her younger self's lips and face. Her years ago avatar's tongue licking it up. Swallowing. Adoring.
Karen found herself feeling cold, she shivered, felt faint. She took in several deep breaths. Her knees steadied.
Woodenly she walked around to the side of the couch, stiffly sitting down next to her son Bobbie. She shook her head as if to clear it.
"Uhm…" she stopped, licked her lips. Looked at both of her sons. "Uh. Boys? What…", not exactly sure what to say Karen stopped. Continued. "Just that. What?"
Bobbie was at least partially dressed she'd realized. His usual – baggie athletic shorts, which were down around his ankles. Some sort of T shirt. His youthful erection bobbing and his ineffectual attempt to hide it with his hands.
Billy though – poor Billy Karen thought. His cheeks were crimson – he'd leaned forward to remove himself from the dildo, his legs – Karen blinked her eyes. Red fishnet nylons? No hair? And such impressive puddles of semen…
"Could you… just… turn that video off" she asked Bobbie. He slid to the other side of the couch, reached for the controller on the arm rest – his cock bobbed obscenely once freed from his hands. He froze, Karen giggled.
"Just turn it off Bobbie. I mean, you guys certainly saw more of me than I ever intended you to." Karen grinned, continuing "And as you saw I don't have a problem with the male member. So, it's okay. Really." Grinning sheepishly, he complied, turning the TV off.
"Now" Karen sighed. "Billy…" she patted the space next to her. "Come and sit next to momma. And would either of you try to explain things to me?"
Billy stood up, and Karen unconsciously noticed the latex skirt was so short it did nothing to hide his equally impressive erection. She bit her tongue. So smooth and hairless. He sat next to her, a bit stiffly, not sure how to react. "My poor baby boy" Karen thought. "He looks ready to burst out crying." She put her arm around him and pulled him to her. It felt like he just melted into her… her little boy caught doing something naughty, needing to know his mommy still loved him.
The scent of her other boy's cum still on his face… her belly fluttered. She had this stray thought – bend down, lick it off his face. She took in a deep breath, the thought skittered back to the shadows of her mind.
Bobbie tried to pull his shorts up, stopped, decided to just lean back into the couch and talk instead. Billy rested his head into her shoulder, occasionally nodding to what was being said then adding in detail. The gist of it was Billy always knew he liked both girls and boys. Her daughter Kathy had found out and teased him about it. That grew into his sister having him dress in girly things; what had started as a bit of mean-spirited humiliation turned into Billy finding he got wildly turned on by dressing up.
He'd been less than careful though and a neighbor not just figured things out but 'helped' Billy explore further. Karen looked sharply at both boys hearing that piece, decided to let it lie for later.
Bobbie liked girls but – and Karen could understand this part – with his hormone's raging a pair of lips on his cock was just a pair of lips. And with Billy dressing like a sexy girl, it was easy to ignore the fact it was his brother giving him blow jobs.
"So, tell me" she asked, a bit stern. "Those old videos. How'd you get them?"
It was Bobbie's turn to have his face go red. "Uh, mom…" He looked at Billy and grimaced. "Kathy has them. She only lends them to us a few at a timeLo. Dad had thrown them away but didn't do that good of a job."
Karen's eyes went wide. Her daughter? Kathy had these? That fucker she almost growled. That lazy no good shit heel of a – a – a so-called man. Taking care of the garbage. Couldn't even do that one right!
"…okay honey" she said. Sighing. And feeling hornier. That damn dildo – just bobbing up, then down on the side of that box. Facing her. Reminding her of what she'd been wanting to be doing. And Billy. Her baby boy Billy. He smelled delicious. Then she realized it wasn't just Billy teasing her sense of smell. No, it was those puddles of fresh semen, the tantalizing odor… Smiling, meaning it as a joke she blurted out "Well. I hope you two enjoyed what you saw."
It was Billy who smiled up at her shyly, nuzzling his head against the side of her breast. "Yes mommy" he said quietly. "I love watching those" he admitted.
Karen noted the fuzzy contralto her baby boy was using. It was sexy, hot, feminine. She shook her head, too much going on to take in.
Bobbie nodded, saying "And hey mom, it's not like we were the ones to start doing stuff. I mean…" he glanced at Billy, unsure if he should continue. Billy smiled and finished for him. "You know how Kathy has always had dad wrapped around her little finger?"
Karen looked sharply down at him. "What? Your dad… he…"
Billy laughed. "Mom. Kathy? Uh uh. She seduced him. That dildo?" he pointed to it. Karen stared at it. "Kathy gave it to me, said it was too small for dad, he outgrew it."
Karen shook her head not believing what Billy had said. Bobbie followed up with a nod and a smirk, then said "True mom. So… me and Billy" he stopped. Billy smiled and snuggled deeper into Karen. "Well, we figured what was the harm? It's not like we can just leave the house and… you know."
Karen was quiet for a while, thoughts fleeting through her mind. This was wrong. Or was it? She didn't know. Everything was shut down. Nobody had a handle on the situation. What were a couple of hormonally driven boys to do right now? And worse yet was her body responding to the situation, betraying any sense of propriety – to say nothing of common sense!
"And Kathy? Does she, uhm. Play with you two?"
Billy smiled and replied "She likes to dress me up and…" he stopped for a moment, embarrassed. "Uh and, well, she likes to put plugs into my bottom. Sometimes has me…" his face got red looking but he continued. "She has me play with myself when she gets me all dressed up. She likes to watch me eat my cum." Karen stared at her little boy; she felt a bit aghast.
He blinked his eyes. "But she also taught me a lot about makeup, walking in high heels and a bunch of other girly stuff." Billy felt self-conscious, continued. "Mom, Kathy has been looking out for me!" He snuggled tighter into her, continued. "I think it started as a joke for her, but she's been teaching me a lot of good stuff."
Karen trembled. God that all sounded so fucking sexy. She turned to Bobbie and he just shook his head. "Naw, Kathy says I'm too much a jock. She thinks it's funny that Lola – uh…"
Karen looked puzzled. "Who?"
Billy embarrassedly gurgled. "That's the name Kathy gave me when she first started dressing me up. It sort of stuck." He idly fiddled with the hem of his skirt. "Kathy doesn't play with Bobbie. Just me, and Dad too."
"So" she said softly. So many questions! All of her family, and they kept all this from her? "Why didn't…" she almost stopped right then and there. She wanted to ask why nobody ever said anything to her. What was going on was anything but normal! But that heat in her belly drove her down another path. "Why didn't anyone invite me?"
It was Billy who made the first move. His hand on her breast, his lips against her neck. Karen froze at the touch – but just for a second. She turned, lifted her boy's feminine face to hers. Pulled him closer. His lips parted she kissed him hard. He submitted, whimpered, her tongue probing his mouth.
Bobbie stood up, letting his shorts fall down, kicking free of them. She watched him from the corner of her eye, her hunger growing as her mouth tasted her baby boy's – then broke the kiss. "Let's do this right boys" she said, her voice low and sultry. The dildo, the puddles of her baby boys cum could wait.
Standing she took Billy by the hand and led them both up the two flights to the bedroom level, then into her room. She had Billy sit on the foot of the bed while she turned to Bobbie – tugged off his shirt then took in his athletic body. She kissed him hard, her hands exploring, liking what she felt. Really liking how his body responded.
"On the bed" Karen said huskily and when he sat next to his brother, she stood and preened for her boys to admire. She slowly peeled off the dress and Billy smiled. The bra and panties were new, expensive. Specially bought for the fucking she had wanted, planned for.
She removed the bra and Bobbie's eyes shone – Billy had put his hand in his brother's lap, was slowly sliding it along Bobbie's hard length. Fuck. That just added fuel to the fire Karen thought. She tossed the bra and it landed in Billy's lap, his again hard member peeking out of the short latex skirt, thrust between the lacey cups. She cupped her breasts in her hands, her nipples aching, hard.
Karen turned, leaned over slightly, pushing her ass towards her boys and ground her hips as she slowly slid her panties down to mid-thigh. She smiled ruefully to the wall – at this point her ex would have been fucking her wildly.
Her butt was plush but still firm and she knew it got looks. She heard a rustle, felt a pair of lips on her cheeks. She shivered, looked down. It was Billy kneeling on the floor behind her, his hands on her thighs. His lips on the hot smooth skin of the globes of her bottom. "Pull them down honey, take them off" she said gently.
Karen smiled at her other boy, still seated on the bed. "God he's gorgeous" she thought, then shivered as Billy's lips and tongue worshipped her ass. He'd removed her panties and looking down Karen saw he'd wrapped them around the base of his cock. She trembled again. Her baby was a slutty scamp, she should… she should…
All thoughts of proper family guidance fled as she felt his hands gently part her cheeks, his tongue press into her butt hole. Her eyes went wide and she grinned wickedly. "Billy!" she squealed and heard Bobbie chuckle.
"Kathy tells us she's trained Dad to eat her ass – hers and Alicia's" Bobbie said as he slowly stroked his cock to the scene in front of him.
Billy stopped, kissed each of his mom's delicious ass cheeks. "And Kathy has said as long as I eat pussy… well you know." He grinned. "It means I'm not gay. I like that. Can I eat your pussy mommy?" His eyes twinkled as he continued. "I bet you taste better than Kathy does."
Karen felt that dizzying sense of playing catch up once again. Kathy dominating her ex-husband Bill? Billy and his sister? She shook her head. "Uhm…" Fuck. Two hard young cocks all hers to have. Billy eating her sounded good but…
"Baby, momma wants to suck your pretty dick while Bobbie fucks me. And then you clean my pussy. Okay?" What the fuck did I just say Karen wondered!! But holy shit… as the thought rolled around in her head it just made her hotter!
Billy smiled and nodded his head – "Yes mommy!" He stood up, his cock hard and already dripping pre-cum. Karen turned and grabbed him, her hand on the back of his head. Pulling him in she kissed her baby boy hard. Billy seemed to melt against his hot mom's body.

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