Family Health Spa Pt. 01

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tagIncest/TabooFamily Health Spa Pt. 01

All characters involved in sex are over 18 years old. The story starts off with incest sex, then there's a lot of pee games. Be warned.
It's not every day you hear your mother say "Watch our kids fuck while I suck you off" — but there we were, that day on the beach. This is how it started:
It was a family health spa retreat in the tropics. Dad and me spent all of the time in shorts, mum and my sister in bikinis. Mum's yellow one was a size too small, so her C-cups spilt out of it and the fabric being constantly stretched over her nipples made them hard.
My sister Sandy was then just 18. She was thin, with a tight girlish butt and little A-cup titties. She forgot to pack her preferred one-piece bathers and only had her black bikini. She didn't like bikini tops; her tits were so small that bending over gave everyone a free look at her pointed nipples. Bright pink they were, I knew: I'd looked many times those first few hours. So with my mum's perfect tits with poke-out nipples and my sister's perky little titties around me all day, my erection inevitably got noticed.
"Jeez, Robbie you're my brother! Are you hard from peeking at your little sister?"
She was teasing, so I played along: "Hell no."
"Oh. So, since we're all alone here, it must have been mum. Are you horny for our mother?" She laughed. Then we realised. Whoever had given me the boner was a blood relative. Sandy had a crooked smile, I could see her thinking what we'd silently admitted. She came over to me and sat on my lap.
"Shit, Sandy. Um…"
"Shut up. So, if you're horny, well… So am I."
My turn to tease: "Oh really? My hardon or dad's do that to you?"
"Dad has a hardon?"
"Jesus Sandy. Even I noticed it and mum obviously did. Don't you know where they are now?"
"They went to the spa."
"OK. So?"
"I'll bet they're fucking."
Sandy wiggled, possibly involuntarily, and my cock felt it. Her thighs were warm against mine, slightly slick with afternoon sweat. "You think so?"
"Let's go see!"
"No! Jesus Rob! They're our parents!"
"And you're my sister and you're sitting on my lap wiggling your — er — perfect ass on my poor aching cock."
She wriggled some more even as she said: "Am not. You're imagining it."
In a swift motion I pushed her bikini top up and cupped her titties. She squealed and grabbed my hands, but she clearly wasn't trying to pull them away. I flicked her nipples: "Am I imagining how hard these little nubs are too?"
"Stop! You're my brother!" Her words were at odds with her actions. I knew they would be. Let's just say this little incident had a long lead-up. She didn't try to get off my lap, she was holding my hands on her tits, not pulling at them, and sweet jesus she had wriggled her pussy opening onto the tip of my cock. Two millimeters of fabric was all that was between a horny flirting game and longed-for sex with my own sister.
"What if they are fucking, Rob? Would it turn you on to see them?"
"Shit yeah."
"Yeah. I know. Me too. I always wondered if dad has a big cock."
We weren't even supposed to be there, we'd changed our minds about going down to the beach when we heard a raucous crowd of yobs down there. I was deflated when she stood up. The warmth of her ass and perfect thighs left me, but she smiled and stared at the bulge in my pants as she pulled the black fabric out of her crack where it had wedged.
"Wow bro. I do that?"
"Mmm Hmm." She stood there and I got my first look at her tits. Our grandmother is Korean, and Sandy could pass for a cute Korean teen girl. She giggled as she pulled the bikini top down over them, but not until she'd made sure I got a damn good look.
Then like naughty kids, we sneaked giggling and laughing towards the outdoor spa area. Our private chalet area was huge and well-equipped. Sandy went to go one way but I silently urged her another. I whispered: "Better view form over here."
As we got to our hiding position kneeling behind the low palms, we could hear the unmistakable sound of our mother whimpering in pleasure. Peeking through the leaves from a meter or so above their level, and maybe twelve meters away, we saw dad on his back on the floor and mum, fully naked, on top of him gently squirming her hips. She was gently riding him, doubled over so he could suck her nipples.
My cock twitched. Sandy's eyes met mine — she was open-mouthed in naughty delight. We were close together to remain hidden. I could hear her breath, feel the warmth of her side against mine.
From our angle, we couldn't see much, not even mum's breasts. But I was so turned on that my arm went around Sandy's chest and once again I pushed her top up and flicked her hard nipple. I felt the soft bump of her tit for a few seconds then I twitched at the shock of feeling her hand rest on my cock. She squeezed through the thin fabric, then pulled the loose shorts leg up to get my cock out.
My head felt dizzy. I was watching my mum ride my dad while my sister gently stroked my cock and I fondled her tit. And I wanted so much more.
I moved my arm away and put my hand down the back of Sandy's bikini bottom. She squirmed as my finger curled past her asshole and found her wet centre. I fingered my sister and she gently, so gently drove me mad stroking my cock.
Mum was gently grinding on our father, a little more strongly, as lust welled up in me. Sandy was transfixed by the voyeur show in front of us.
Mum angled over, expertly dad flipped her sideways and ended up on top. They were side-on now. Mum's legs were wide apart, but still we saw only their torsos and legs. Mum's tits were crushed under dad's chest.
Sandy's pussy was wet and tight. So tight. I got a second finger in her, she whimpered and pressed back at them. Her hand on my cock got a little more urgent. I made up my mind. This might be my only chance, ever.
I got behind her, pulled down the bikini panties and my own shorts, then pressed my cock at her opening, glistening with her juices, fine black pubic hairs matted against the pink of her slit. I hesitated, offering her the chance to refuse, instead she reached under herself to guide it in. It was heavenly hot and tight, my foreskin pressed right back over my glans as I entered her, and I was flushed with the knowledge that at last, I was fucking my sister.
She bit her finger to keep from crying out loud, my thighs shivered at the effort to control my thrusts and not let loose. Watching our parents fuck was one thing — having them catch us fucking was another.
Sandy shuddered, a little squeal escaped her lips. I'd only been inside her a minute and already she'd climaxed. Her pussy got even wetter. But still I had to control myself — even the sound of my thighs slapping hers from behind might give us away.
I was lost in the sensations and almost forgot who we were and why we were kneeling in a palm thicket. In the next few minutes our family changed forever. I was approaching release myself when I looked back at mum and dad. Dad got off her, she said something in a whisper which I didn't hear. He lay on his back. For the first time we saw our parents in their naked glory. Dad grabbed his cock. I heard Sandy gasp — it was thick and quite long. I thought I felt her shudder a little while I was gazing at mum. She stood, feet either side of him so I saw her tits, her smooth pussy, open a little. It was almost too much. But what happened next pushed me over the edge.
Mum parted her pussy lips a little and peed, hard, on dad's chest. Her tits jiggled as she laughed in delight, dad jerked his cock as her pee splashed all over him. Mum angled herself. Her stream played over dad's chest, cock, thighs, and — my god — she pissed on his face for a second and laughed at his spluttering.
It was too much. My cum boiled up and my balls tightened. Sandy had lost her composure and was bucking at me and we both watched the show while my cum began its journey. I shot, convulsed, shot again; spewing incest deep inside my sister while she jerked and spasmed on my cock. How we made no noise is a mystery, but gob after gob of cum erupted from my shaft and splattered inside her.
I was vaguely aware that mum had sat on dad's cock again and they were close to finishing too. All I knew was that I had just cum in my sister, she was still rippling in afterglow as my cock twitched trying to throw even more jizz into her.
Now we just gently rocked against each other as mum frigged herself to an orgasm. Dad grunted, pushed up, and they came together too.
Sandy froze, and I feared we'd be discovered as soon as they regained their composure. I pulled my still-hard cock out of her, watched her pussy close after it and a few drops of creamy cum leaked out. Sandy pulled her bikini back on, I backed away from our sneaky spot and dressed too. Silently we left the scene, but as soon as we were a safe distance away I pulled Sandy into the palm trees and laid her on the ground.
She smiled and got out of her bikini, Now I could really drink her in. Tightly trimmed jet-black pubes of a part-Asian girl, trim waist, little tits. But I could not wait. I stripped quickly and got on top of her. Sandy opened her legs wide and I plunged back in, just a couple of minutes after we'd fucked we were doing it again only this time we didn't try to stay silent.
"God Robbie. I can't believe I'm fucking my own brother!"
"Fuck Sandy. I can't believe we waited for so long."
"Ooooh. Maybe because it would have been illegal?"
"It's illegal now."
"Rob, just fuck gently OK?"
"Not sure I can! Jeez did you see?"
"Yeah. Who knew?"
"Fuck it was hot."
"Yeah. I wouldn't have expected it."
"Uumph. Slow down, tiger. Yeah… oooh."
"Wouldn't have expected what?" I said.
"That mum and dad would enjoy watersports and…"
I hoped I'd guessed where this was going.
"And that it turned you on so much?"
"Yeah. Rob?"
"You wanna too?"
"Can I?"
"Yes now."
Seconds later I was looking up into my sister's open pussy, expectantly, not knowing if I really wanted this but also knowing it was a turn-on just thinking about it.
I didn't have long to wait. Sandy's pussy opened and a spurt of hot pee hit my belly. She tensed, then forced herself to relax. Another spurt, then a stream. Sandy peed for a few seconds then it sputtered. She looked down at me with an impish grin: "Did you like…"
She didn't get time to finish her question. I stood, bent her over and entered her, a little roughly. She put her hands on a tree for support and I fucked hard for a few seconds before once more my balls ached and my cock twitched before I spent inside her again.
My heart thumped in my chest the way urgent orgasms make it do, then I came to earth and relaxed against her.
"Sorry. Sorry, sis. It was so hot I just had to…"
"Sshhh. Stay there, I like it. Rob?"
"We're gonna fuck a lot from now on. And don't worry. I'm safe, y'know, to cum inside."
After I'd cum in my sister for the second time in fifteen minutes, my cock went limp quite quickly.
"Awww, is he going to leave me now?"
"Only for a little break."
This time it squelched as it pulled cum from her. She giggled, before the trail ran down her leg. "Eeew, you came so much…"
"I was inspired."
"By me or mum?"
"Both, but mostly by you little sister."
"Good answer. Did you know you were such a pee freak?"
"Yeah, I've had fantasies about it for a while."
"Just me, and mum, or…"
"Oh shit. Um…"
"Really? You fantasize about your mother peeing?"
"And my sister. Mostly my sister."
"Another good answer. Um, I hadn't thought about it before but I got hot doing it for you. On you. But I don't know if I want anyone doing it on me. OK?"
"Point noted. We should get back?"
"Why? They think we're at the beach."
"We almost are. Wanna take a dip?"
We splashed about in the low waves in the heat of late afternoon. I held her close, we even kissed, but I didn't think I had a third ejaculation in me. Until Sandy got in close.
"Put your hand in my pants."
"I don't think I can get another…"
"No, just cup my pussy."
I did. I looked around guiltily — just in case. I thought she wanted me to finger her.
"No, keep still. Wait…"
Heat surrounded my fingers contrasting with the cool sea. Sandy looked into my eyes with her impish grin as she pissed on my hand. I had an idea.
"Stop a sec. C'mere." I drew her to a rock and sat on it. I pulled Sandy onto my lap facing away. She knew what I wanted and sat with her pussy opening right on my cock. The breeze on my wet skin cooled me which made her piss feel even hotter as it soaked my groin and dripped around my asshole.
"You're a real perve, bro."
"Fuck that's hot!"
"Wanna fuck me too?"
I've never got three hardons in a day before, but now my sister was positioning her tiny butt over me and sitting back with her knees together between my legs, her hands on my thighs, then I was in her, and I was fully hard again.
She rode me gently at first, but more urgently after a few minutes. I held her hips and pushed as best I could, watching my cock disappear beyond the flesh of her bum as the ripples of impact went through her, followed by the gentle ripples of her orgasm.
Sandy leaned back, reached her hand back and around my head. I whispered in her ear: "I can't believe how easily you turn me on." She laughed proudly. "And I can't believe how easily I cum with you brother. If you wanna know a secret I've never cum with a boy before."
"Really? Wow!"
She was working her hips slowly again now. I flushed with pride at the news. I'd given my sister her first-ever orgasms. So I repaid the good vibe.
"Sandy? Um, I was a virgin until today."
"No! Oh wow! I took my brother's cherry!'
"Was I your first?"
"No. Yes, sort of."
"Charlie Baxter got it inside me but I pushed him off before he…"
"I claim your virginity too, then!" We laughed. "OK, bro. OK. I'm thirsty. Let's go back."
On the way I needed to piss. Sandy said: "Um, can I, y'know, play fireman?"
I dropped my shorts and pushed my hips forward as I gestured to my groin with my hands. Sandy took my cock and squeezed.
"Don't! Just having your hand on it is bad enough, if I get hard again I can't pee."
I had to concentrate. Even though my bladder hurt it took ages. Sandy bent by my side giggling and whipping my cock this way and that didn't help, but inevitably… "Wait. It's coming…"
A spurt, another, then a stream. Sandy aimed it about giggling, I was just glad for the release. She put her hand in the stream, played it along her arm a little. I said nothing. She'd already told me she wasn't sure about this but I desperately wanted her to like it so I didn't press the issue.
She studied my pissing cock while it lasted, then instinctively shook the drops off at the end. She let go and I pulled my shorts back up.
"When I, um, peed on you did it splash, um, on your face?"
"A little."
"Did you get any in your mouth?"
"Some. Why?"
"Just wondering."
I let the silence reign despite where my overactive mind was going. She was contemplating piss games, right?
Back at the cabin dad was in the shower. Sandy went to freshen up. Mum was glowing, now I knew what made her glow like this. She said: "Good. I'm glad you're back. We need to talk. While dad's in the shower."
"Sure mum. What's up?" I said.
"OK. No beating around the bush. I saw you."
"Saw me what?" I tried to play it calm in case she meant something other than that I'd fucked my sister while I watched her fucking — and pissing on — our father.
"Yesterday. I saw you in the bushes, watching me."
And that was how I knew where to take Sandy to watch her and dad — yesterday I stumbled on the spot and watched her in the spa pool, clearly masturbating.
"Oh. Um, sorry."
"No you're not. Robert, I'm your mother. You understand?"
I thought we were going to have one of those talks. I cut her off when a thought flashed through my head: "But you finished anyway."
"What? How dare you!"
"Come on mum. We both know what you were doing. And you knew I was watching."
Her face went bright red. I hoped it was embarrassment, not anger.
"Stoppit Robert. I'm trying to say how inappropriate that was. For you to watch your mother."
"For me to watch my mother what? Masturbating or having an orgasm?"
"OK young man. That's enough." She could hardly look at me now. I had the upper hand and I played it. As I walked past her, I gently touched her breast and said: "You looked so hot when you came, ma!"
I left her there open-mouthed. This was getting interesting. I hadn't known mum saw me, but she just admitted she knew I was there — and continued masturbating to orgasm.
The evening passed. Sandy and I pretended it was like any other. Dad was all comradely and cheerfulness, but mum was brooding. I knew why, but Sandy didn't. She asked me if anything was wrong, I told her the whole story.
"Oh wow! I think I'm jealous! Are you, um, recruiting mum now?"
"Recruiting? To what?"
Sandy leaned in close. The evening breeze was a delight. She put her hand on my flaccid cock and said: "Am I gonna have to share this with our mother, bro?"
In a flash I knew two things: One, I wanted that to happen, and two, my sister was going to be part of it.
The next day dad announced he was going into town for supplies for a seafood feast he'd promised for that night. Sandy practically begged mum not to go. I was curious, mum was partly flattered and partly confused at this.
Mum was fussing in the kitchen when Sandy stood beside her.
"Mum, look. Rob told me what you discussed last night."
Her face went grey in shock, then pink with embarrassment.
"Well he just shouldn't have! That was private!"
"It's OK mum. We don't have secrets, my brother and I. Look, it's OK and we get it."
"What do you mean?"
"We get that it turned you on, is all."
I was listening, out of sight. My cock woke up at the possibilities. Mum was silent. There was fabric rustling, I heard mum say "Sandy? What are you…"
I peeked around the corner and gulped at what I saw. Sandy was behind mum and had her hands up and under her t-shirt. My sister was fondling our mother's breasts, and there was no resistance. I nearly swooned, but it made sense when mum said: "Sandy, darling. Please don't. We agreed what happened had to stop." Sandy said nothing but I struggled to get to grips with what I'd heard.
"Sandy. Please darling."
"Tell me you don't think about it mum."
"Darling… Oh. Oh please don't."
Sandy continued to work on mum's left breast while her right hand went up under her summer skirt, pushing it up on the way.
"Mum, I want us to do things together again." Mum shuddered as I assume Sandy's hand found it's target. "Tell me you don't want it and I'll stop."
"Oh, darling. Sandy…"
"Imagine it, mummy. You're in the spa doing this to yourself and your son is watching."
"Oooh. This is wrong."
"You're very wet, mum. So. Flash forward, the next day let's imagine you're in there with dad. Having some fun. Let's imagine you're riding his cock. Can you imagine, mummy?"
"Yes, I can feel how much you can. Think about it. Just think how you'd be turned on if, like before, your son was watching. While you fuck dad. Would that make you hot mum? Oooh, I can tell by your reaction that it would. So let's go further, mum. Let's pretend I'm there too. Watching. With Robbie."
"Oh Sandy. I can't bear it. I think I'm gonna cum, darling."
"Cum then mum. Cum all over my fingers."
Mum's legs began to tremble. Sandy caught my eye and smiled. She went on with her 'fantasy'. "So me and Robbie are there, where he was before, only this time, mummy, he's behind me. I'm letting him fuck me."

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