Family Health Spa Pt. 02

tagIncest/TabooFamily Health Spa Pt. 02

All characters in this story are over 18 years old.
Mum sat between us on the outdoor couch as we caressed and talked sex. She told us that she gets so turned on pissing on dad, he likes to watch it happen, and we knew it to be true by how urgently they fucked straight after that. She and Sandy told me about a naughty tryst they'd shared straight after Sandy's 18th birthday party, and for a few days after. We talked as if incest was no more remarkable than the weather.
I asked mum the obvious question. Why was she OK with it? She told us about her early days with dad, how their relationship was wild and open, even some foursomes, and she thought that maybe once she'd committed the taboo with her daughter, with me it was almost natural.
Sandy told mum that I shared dad's 'interest' in pee play. She smiled wickedly. Sandy said: "Mum I swear his cock grew an inch when he saw you peeing. That's what set me off and I came."
"Really son? You shot when you saw me peeing?"
"Yeah, mum. It was so hot. I wanna see it again."
"You will, son, but I don't need to go right now."
"Pity. I gotta go though." I stood. Mum grabbed my hand. "No you don't young man. Don't waste it. Do it on me. Let your sister 'play fireman' again so I can watch.
It was as simple as if we were practising a dance step or something. Sandy pulled my shorts down and off. I took of my t-shirt and stood there on the pavement, in front of my mother, all three of us looking at my cock. Mum pulled her tits out in invitation, but the idea was too hot and my cock grew. Sandy laughed, stroked, and looked at mum. She was smiling. We ended up a few seconds later with mum on her back on the airbed beside the pool, me on top and in her, Sandy's pussy over her face.
I contrasted mum's pussy with my sister's. Sandy's was cling-tight, so that without her copious lubrication I'd have had trouble getting my dick inside her. Mum's was more open, softer, but still gripped and milked at me like the expert lover she had become.
We changed positions — Sandy where mum had been and mum on her face. There were no words, just muffled groans from Sandy, gasping breaths from mum, and my grunting. A thought crossed my mind, and I realised how much I wanted to lick my mother's pussy. I urged their bodies with my hands, they understood, and I took my place on my back, my sister grasped my shaft as she sat down on it facing mum, and I looked up into the wet, open tunnel that I had been born through. I pried it apart with my fingers, looked inside, put a finger in. My cock was aching with lust, even as Sandy rode me gently, but even in my erotically-charged state I was in awe of what I was looking at, a hand's breadth away from my face.
My mother's pussy. Once an abstract fact, now a sexual reality. I heard her whisper jokingly to Sandy: "Is he just looking or is he pussy-shy?"
"I think he's in awe, mum."
Their jest focused me again. With my hands over the tops of her thighs, I edged my mother down until my lips made contact. I wanted to convey something that I couldn't even articulate. I kissed her pussy lips, kissed again. She understood: "It's alright darling. I know."
So I dipped the tip of my tongue in the tunnel, tasting her saltiness and that peculiar liquid honey that she makes. Mum reached under herself with one hand and used her fingers to open herself for me. I saw her clit for the first time, like a little pink-white nub nestled in its hood, and I put my lips over it. She shuddered. Gently, because I wanted her to understand, to feel everything, I darted my tongue at it. Mum gasped, I did it again.
Twenty seconds later I had explored her with my tongue and I knew two things that made her squirm — the tongue-flick at her clit and having the juice licked from her tunnel. So within a minute, mum was jerking with rippling thighs.
"Fuck, son! You're a natural! Oooh. Oh shit. Oooohh. Mmmmnghhh!"
I have to say at the time I was barely aware of Sandy's pussy on my cock. I mean, I felt her, of course, but I was so focused on licking mum's pussy. So it was a pleasant surprise when I realised my mum and sister were gasping pre-orgasms into each other's mouths, and I proudly pressed up with my hips into my sister while I continued my tongue-worship at the fount of mum's pussy.
I think I was actually smiling in triumph as Sandy sat down hard, burying me right up to her cervix, and ground her clit against my pubic bone. She was jerking like having a seizure, her hands on my stomach, her hips almost a blur as she came. Mum's climax started a few seconds later. I was suffocating with her ass and pussy pressed against my face, my tongue licking madly inside her as she ground her clit on my chin. My nose was against her asshole, I could smell nothing but sweat and woman.
Some seconds later, Mum's weight lifted off my face. I was wet from nose to neck from her, I saw past her pussy to my cock still inside Sandy. They were giggle-kissing now, I could feel Sandy's laughter transmitted along her tummy onto my cock.
I had not cum despite the sexual electricity, perhaps because I was giving my sex to my mother and sister, not taking from them. I was to find out over the years that our incest was like that — sometimes one or another of us devotes the experience to the others. But it always, always gets repaid in full, with interest.
Mum said: "Did he cum in you, sweetheart?"
"Oh. You didn't cum yet baby?"
"No mum."
"Hmmm. What shall we do about that?"
She climbed off my face and sat beside me. My eyes were drawn between her legs again.
"Oh, you wanna see more? Huh?" She spread her legs wide and showed me her wet, shining pussy. Impossibly pink inside, pearly-pink outside, and as bald as if she'd never had pubes. One arm supported her as she lay back, with the other hand she opened her pussy, put two fingers inside.
"Now you can see close-up, son. You don't have to sneak in the bushes to watch any more."
Sandy began to milk me gently with her wet glove, leaning forwards with her hands on my chest. I looked at her — she was as transfixed by our mother's erotic masturbation show as me.
"Yes, my darlings. This is where your daddy came and we made you both. And this is where you both came into the world."
I watched her honey drip down, into her asshole. Like a robot, I reached for it in curiosity, still amazed that my mother's pussy was there, for me, for my sister. As my finger made contact with the rivulet of pussy juice, mum said: "Oh. You like mummy's asshole too? It's OK baby. You can put your finger in there too if you want."
It hadn't occurred to me, but suddenly it seemed all right. I pressed, and her lubrication made it easy for my finger to enter her asshole up to the second knuckle. I pressed harder and she wriggled, let it all the way in.
She smiled like only mothers can, then I knew why. I could feel her fingers against mine — hers in her cunt, mine in her ass. I imagined me and dad, both fucking her. Me on the bottom up her ass, dad on top in her cunt, Sandy sitting on her face, then on mine, then pissing on us both.
I felt it well up. I let my mind follow the fantasy. As I fogged up in the last throes before explosion, I pressed up hard and heard Sandy say: "Oh yeah. He's gonna blow in me now, mum."
And I did, urgent blasts of jizz that spurted quickly, hotly into my sister before my tension disappeared and I slumped back down, spent, but twitching.
As quickly as it had arrived, my climax faded. Sandy was biting her lip and looking at me, her tiny sweaty body still astride my hips. I gave her smile back, then looked at mum. Her face was all serenity, calmness, love. In answer to the question in my eyes, she said: "I just realised how much I wanted this. It's so natural. A mother and her children. There's nothing more, well, honest and right. Don't you think?"
I nodded. I knew what she meant. Sandy got off me, we three lay down, mum in the middle, and hugged. And as if to underline what she had said, before long we found ourselves each sucking a nipple, with her stroking our heads.
Sandy broke the silence: "Mum? This is great. Perfect. But…"
"I know, sweetheart. There's one missing."
Directly, with no more inflection than as if she was asking what Sandy wanted for breakfast, she said: "You wanna fuck your daddy, sweetheart?"
"Yeah, mum. I do. Is that OK?"
"Darling it's more than OK. This is what we'll do…"
So the plot was hatched. That night, us three conspirators shared knowing glances while we tucked into the fabulous seafood delights dad had bought fresh from the fisherman's wharf. Not for the first time I noticed how wiry strong he is. I'm actually half a head taller and broader in the shoulders, but he's always been fit and used to run distance events competitively.
I pulled Sandy to one side. She had been all girly-giggly for an hour and was clumsy with it. She answered my question: "What do you expect! I'm nervous. We're planning for me to fuck my father tonight!"
I put my arms around her, then twirled her so I was behind her. I stroked her tits through her shirt.
"Whatcha doing, bro?"
"I'm gonna make them poke out. Make him notice."
"Thanks. Um, Robbie?"
"You OK with this?"
"Shit yes. Feel how much it's OK…"
I pressed my half-hardon against her butt.
"Mmmm. Maybe later too, bro."
"Count on it."
We went back. Sandy reached past dad for another prawn. She stood in front of him as she shucked it. Dad saw her nipples, his gaze lingered. Sandy burned her eyes into his. She pretended to drop something, bent, let him look down her top as I had done so many times now. He could not have missed the permission in her eyes.
A few minutes later we sprung the trap. Sandy gave me the signal. We made a pretence of play-fighting over something and I began to tickle her. She squealed, got dad's attention. He watched, smiling broadly as I play-wrestled my sister. Her loose t-shirt rode high, her nipples became erect. She squealed: "Stop, Robbie. Haha. Stop! I'm gonna wet myself!"
"Say 'uncle'."
"Never! Haha. Stop. Mum, make him stop!"
"No way. You take your medicine, young lady!"
He joined in: "Oh no, pumpkin. Your ma's right."
Still I tickled, fearing the plan was coming apart, but Sandy had been drinking shandies for hours and it was inevitable. At a signal from her, I turned her to face dad, wrestled her a little closer, and she mock-complained: "Oh no! I'm gonna… Robbie!"
I saw from dad's blushing face what was happening. I had wrestled Sandy's t-shirt high, so now dad looked at her stiff-nippled titties as she began to pee through her bikini bottom and down her legs. She maintained the pretence with "Oh no!' and "I can't hold it" and so on, but she peed long and hard with the puddle now spreading towards dad's bare feet. When it touched his toes, he didn't even flinch. I held her there, to make sure her tits were still on show. My mind guessed what dad was seeing — Sandy's bottoms with a dark triangle over her pussy, a stream thrusting through, and rivers of pee running down her thighs and calves.
He fidgeted in his seat. He coughed. But he didn't look away. Mum sat beside him and edged him on.
"Oh honey, look! Our poor baby's wetting herself! Haha.!"
Sandy's stream faltered and stopped. The silence was so complete that I could hear droplets splat on the floor. Did he understand yet? He was still looking. He'd been looking at his daughter's groin for longer than is decent. And now at her tits, which I was making sure he could still see. He must know this was a show, and not and accident by now?
I saw confusion on his face. He dragged his eyes away from Sandy and looked at mum. She smiled. She leaned in and we heard her soft voice say: "Happy birthday, darling."
His birthday was two days away, but he got the message. He spoke: "Oh. Jesus. Um… I don't know what to say."
"Happy birthday daddy!"
"Yeah. Happy birthday dad."
"Oh no. I don't think…No…" He was resisting. Not surprising, given what had just been revealed to him. But nobody knew him better than mum, and now she proved it: "We did this just for you, honey. Don't reject her. Think how hard it was for her to go through with it."
Another awkward silence passed, Sandy still had pee dripping from her crotch. I let her t-shirt fall, but I could feel her heart pumping in her chest. Dad's fatherly love for his daughter surfaced, as mum had known it would: "Oh, pumpkin! It's, well. It's just that…"
"I know, daddy." She walked towards him, knelt. She looked up into his eyes, then grinned as she knelt and laid her hand on top of her father's cock: "But this tells me you liked your present!"
Mum laughed. I just stood there, a bystander, while she and mum started to seduce my dad. Mum took his beer from his hand and kissed him. Sandy scooted up and kissed him too. She was between his legs, now I saw the huge damp patch over her ass. I decided to sit, sip my beer, and watch.
Dad wasn't sure. He was stiff, unyielding. Sandy fixed that. While mum had her tongue in his mouth, Sandy fished his cock out of his shorts. He had no time to react as her mouth descended on it. I was side-on to them and watched while my sister's lips folded over our dad's glans and she worked on the tip of it. His hand was on her head, at first trying to push her away but she was not giving up. I got naked and began to stroke myself.
Dad's hand left Sandy's head and he relaxed. So mum joined her daughter on the floor and they stripped him naked, lay him on his back, mum dropped her panties and got over his face, and all the while his cock never left his daughter's mouth.
His head strained up, alternating between licking his wife's pussy and watching his daughter suck his cock. He looked over at me guiltily, saw what I was doing to myself, then focused back on the two most important women in his life.
Sandy judged her moment and got naked. As she positioned herself to sink down on her father's cock, he protested once more: "Oh no, baby, no…" But Sandy impaled herself on him anyway, and his resistance melted: "Oh fuck. Oh fuck! Punkin!"
Sandy giggled at the use of his nickname for her. And it was his recognition that he was fucking his own daughter, and that cleared the barriers and let him continue. Mum left them to it and came over to me. Smiling, she took my cock in her mouth. Dad went into meltdown. His daughter rode his cock while his son was getting sucked off by his own mother. Incest was no longer new to us, but to him this was the first time.
I saw him buck up, hard against Sandy's hips. His face went red, he stopped breathing, and I knew my father was cumming inside my sister. Mum knew it too — she was smiling at me even as she slurped at my dick.
Dad gasped and grunted as his seed was spent, then Sandy lay on top of him, they hugged each other, father and daughter in a new understanding of their love. It went on for a minute or two, then dad looked directly at mum: "You planned this?"
"Yep. We all did."
"How did you…?"
"You always get wood when you watch me piss. I knew watching your daughter would too."
"Yeah, but…"
"Remember that night at Aunt Alice's?"
"Oh. Right."
Sandy and I had no idea. It turned out that at Aunt Alice's — who is dad's mother's sister, the three of them had got dirty. So it was not the first time they had indulged in sex with a blood relative after all.
Dad grinned: "Right, you dirty bitch! I wanna watch you fuck our son. I assume you've already done it?"
"Oh yes, Paul. We have."
"Hmm. He as good as me?"
She laughed. "Yes, and no. Is our daughter as good as me?"
"Haha. Yes. And no."
Mum took me over beside dad. Sandy stayed on his cock and rode him gently while mum got on all fours. I entered her from behind. I was beside my sister so mum and dad kissed while I fucked her slowly. She whispered, but we all heard: "I knew you'd be into this. You're a complete pervert, Paul Davis. You got a hardon watching our daughter wet herself. The she sucked your cock and you couldn't help yourself. You fucked her, didn't you? And came in her? Huh? And I can see it in your face. I know that face. Umpfh. Oh shit, son! Yeah I know that face. You're gonna cum in our daughter again because it's driving you mad, me fucking our son! Right? Huh? Oh fuck, Robbie! Make your momma cum!"
Mum's mouth fell on dad's and they shared tongues as they shared orgasms. They panted into each other's mouths, mum's cunt gripping my cock as her thighs tensed and her but rippled against my belly. I kissed my sister, she too was flicked into a little climax. She said into my mouth: "Oh Robbie! I can feel his cum! I can feel our daddy cumming in me!"
Those three came almost at the same time, inevitably my mother's pussy, hot and wet, drew the same reaction from me. I caught my father's eye just as it started to boil in me. I came in my mother's womb while I watched my father's face as he came inside my sister's.
I fell on mum's back as I spent. Sandy took her happy position laying on dad's chest, still milking at his shaft with her little pussy. I looked there. His shaft was shiny wet, each time it emerged from her now angry-pink stretched pussy, a little more seeped out.
My mind raced. I was looking at my dad's cock in my sister's pussy, now as I looked down I was looking at my own cock in my mother's pussy.
If there's a heaven, this is what it's like.

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