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I was doing a family history project to finish my university studies; I was 25 and in my last year. My family was diverse, ranging from lower middle class to the very well to do. I was middle class and about a third cousin to the well to do part of the family. Not that we moved in the same social circles, I done well enough on my project to put my final grades higher than normal for me. That was 2019 and now I had to find job and it was slow going, but I got job by chance with my well to do relatives, not that I told of our relationship to get the job. They hadn’t ever met me before that I knew of, I was to help the grandfather the family research his family line, he wanted to get it all put together before it was lost. My job was researching the lives of their forbears. Nothing very exciting but it gave me a good paying job. I would go to their large family home and work with the grandfather or comb thru family files and collating everything together for him to write the family history. Then the pandemic was threating, and once a lockdown was mentioned. The grandfather had me move into family home, so not to delay his family project. I was given a small room to sleep in and would continue my work with the grandfather. Of the other family living there, there was the son and wife of my employer and their only child a boy 28 who was very quiet, I hadn’t ever heard him speak before I moved in. There was also the sister of my employer who kept herself busy with charity work. Ner and her brother widowed and were different as chalk and cheese. She had no children left and kept saying the family line will end with her nephew. As the lockdown proceeded, I done the work required and didn’t interact much at all with family other than the grandfather. I thought I would move on to another job after the lockdown was lifted. I became aware of the aunt watching me closely, she hadn’t said anything just watched me every time we were near. At first, I thought she resented my presents and thought that was her problem. But after a time, she approached me and wanted to talk to me privately. She had decided it was up to her to secure the family line and had chosen me to marry her nephew and have children. I was of a low class than then her family, but she had decided that was better for her nephew as his social peers would’ve anything to do with him being so awkward (her term). She asked was I willing to join the family, feeling somewhat shocked and bit confused. I mentioned that I was somewhat connected to the family already. Then having let the cat out of the bag, covered myself by saying I had found doing the research for her brother. Explaining our connection, I thought would stop her wanting me to marry her nephew. But it became the main reason for us to marry, a family connection was perfect to explain his marriage. I agreed to try and see how it went; I like the nephew but not had much to do with him. With the aunt pushing us together and getting help from her brother also. He liked me and thought I would be good for his grandson. I was seated beside every meal and soon found out his parents were in favor of our marriage. The only one I needed to agree was their son, with the pressure mounting he was finally done as required by his family. We married as soon as the lockdown lifted, my family were somewhat shocked my younger brother thought I must be pregnant. I wasn’t but after several months and my shy quiet husband doing everything, I said I got pregnant, and we had a baby girl. I’m again pregnant and it is going to be a boy this time, I’m still helping my grandfather-in-law. He has told me I should have at least four children, I just nodded, but I’m happy with my marriage as my husband is kind and a great father and I believe my perfect soulmate.

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