Family of secrets (Erica)

4 Weeks later.

Susan flew the two hours to her daughters house, her daughters husband away for the weekend. It had been 4 weeks since she had sex with her son. They did keep in touch on line. They had phone sex. They shared nude photos of each other through email. Ben loving having a gallery of pictures of his mother. Some dressed in sexy dresses, in lingerie, nude some tasteful some quite pornographic. He loved to sit in his office masturbating to them thinking about the two nights of sex they had. She would even send him her panties for him to smell.

” Here mum. ” Erica said handing her a scotch. Erica stepped into the spa. Both women naked. No guys around the spa secluded they both loved to be naked.

” Thanks darling. ” Susan replied. She took the drink and watched as her naked daughter got into the pool. ” Isn’t this nice. ” Susan added.

” It is. I love to skinny dip in the pool. Been able to do it with my mother. ” She said. ” That’s why I enjoy my husband been away, get to have girlfriends around. Skinny dip in the pool. ”

” Oh really? ” Susan said.

” We are all females. We can. Actually I have been wanting to tell someone. I have a secret that my husband doesn’t know. ” Erica said looking at her mother.

” Whats that honey? ” Susan asked.

” Oh shit. Mum you can’t tell anyone ok. ”

” Not even your brothers? ” Susan said joking.

” No not even them. ” Erica said. ” Mum…. Ok….I’m just going to say it……I’m…. I’m……I’m bi sexual, not gay, but bi. ”

” Oh darling really? ” Susan said.

” Yes a couple of girlfriends and I played and had sex, with toys and quite serious. I loved it and…… Shit mum….. My husband can’t find out. I don’t want him to. Its like my thing. My thing I enjoy that’s just mine. When I go out with them, been females he doesn’t even think I’m having sex with them. ” She said.

Susan looked at her ” Yes I know. ” She said.

” Just the feel of a woman. Its so much more sensual, so much more……. ”

” Erotic? ” Susan said. ” I agree darling. ”

” Yes. Do you? Mum? Are you….? ”

” Yes darling I am as well, I have been seeing a female as well. ”

” Shit mum really who? ” Erica said.

” Judy shes 58, married, we went for a coffee, then dinner, then ended up at a hotel, and had sex. ” Susan said.

Erica looked at her mother surprised. ” Where did you meet her? ”

Susan sighed and looked the water line on her breasts. ” Look I love your father, but lately we haven’t got on sexually. I feel I’m not a priority on his list of things ‘to do.’ Please don’t share this but he finds it hard to ‘ stay up’ ” Susan replied.

” Oh mum really? ”

” Yes so one day I joined a dating site, to meet women only. I have lots of female friends but none that I would have sex with. Because they are friends. For a while I was wondering if I was a lesbian. I met Judy, we clicked we had amazing sex. ” Susan replied.

” Oh mum! ” I’m shocked.

” Sorry to steal your thunder darling ” she said.

” Oh no. I love the naked female body. During my art classes doing life drawing and painting, I much prefer the female models than the males. Actually one of the female models and I are seeing each other. ” Erica replied.

” Erica, how many girls are you sleeping with? ”

” Three. Sandy the model. Also my two friends Kim and Tyla. ” Erica said.

” Are they married? ”

” Sandy’s not. But Kim and Tyla are. Tyla is actually three months pregnant, so sucking her nipples is getting interesting. ”

” Darling? ” Susan replied.

” Look. I love my husband but, I just have so much fun with the girls. Just been naked, playing the oral sex. Just girls its so so nice. Then I love coming home and been banged by my husband. Mum I find it so erotic fucking Keith after been done by my girlfriends. ”

” Well yes, best of both worlds. The sex lasts longer. ”

” Yes, multiple orgasms with the girls, then come home to my husbands cock and orgasm again. ”

” Well your 33 and I’m 56. I feel like my body’s on the decline. The age thing. ” Susan said.

” Mum you have a hot body. You have nice tits, your still hot. ” Erica said.

” You think so? ” Susan said.

” Of course mum. ” Erica said. Susan sat up on the higher seat her breasts out of the water. She cupped her breasts.

” You don’t think I need a boob job. ”

” Mum don’t be stupid. Course not they are fine. ”

” Well between four babies sucking on them and one husband…. ”

” ….. And one female lover. ” Erica said sitting up next to her mother. Susan looking at her daughters C Cup breasts. Erica reached over pushing one of Susan’s hands away cupping her breast. ” They are fine mum. ” She said fondling it. Susan sat actually enjoying her daughter play with her breast. Erica looked at Susan. She leant in kissing her mothers lips. Erica put her hand on Susan’s cheek. They kissed. Their tongues now in each others mouths. Susan reached over to Erica’s breasts cupping them fondling them kissing her daughter. ” They stopped kissing their lips millimeters away. They could feel each others breath.

” Let me draw you mum. ” She said.

” Nude? ” Susan said smiling.

” Yes. ”

” Now? ” Susan said.

Erica kissed her mother again. ” Yes why not, come to my studio. ” She said.

” Are we going to have sex? ” Susan asked her daughter.

” Do you want to mum? ”

Susan thought, four weeks ago she had slept with her son. She didn’t want to start sleeping her way through her children. But Ben was special and Erica her bi daughter. ” Yes darling. Yes I do want to have sex with you. ” She said.

” Cool, ” Erica said. They stepped out of the pool. They looked at each others naked bodies in a new way. Erica loved her mothers breasts her clean shaven pussy.

Susan admired her daughters breasts, the triangle of pubic hair above her clit. She couldn’t wait to sit in front of her daughter naked as Erica drew her naked body.

They walked into Erica’s studio. The walls with Erica’s paintings and sketches. A small kitchen. A long sofa against the wall. Susan sat on the sofa as Erica got her stuff ready. ” How do you want me to sit? ” Susan asked

” Anyway that you feel comfortable. Remember I will drawing what I see. ” Erica said.

Susan tried different positions. She settled sitting across the couch one leg straight out along the seat the other bent her foot on the floor. Her arm across the top of the couch her other hand along the arm of the couch. She then change again turning facing Erica. The leg that was along the couch now bent her foot under her knee. Erica had a full view of her mothers breasts and pussy.

” Hows that? ” Susan said smiling.

” Perfect mum. ” She said sitting admiring her mothers body. She looked at her mum then at the page drawing.

” You enjoy drawing? ” Susan said looking around at her daughters pictures on the wall.

” Yes. I do ” Erica said. ” I have been doing it since 7. I was excited when I got my bachelor of arts. Especially now I it for a living. I love the part time art classes I do at the high school. ”

” So you do a variety? ”

” Yes, I do. From painting, drawing, product design, I do concept sketches not just people. ”

Susan saw a life drawing against the wall. It looked like Erica.

” I do private nude drawing, men women couples. One couple asked me to do one in their favourite sex position. ”

” Which was? ” Susan asked.

” Reverse cowgirl. Her leaning back her hands on his chest. His legs open. I could see everything even though his cock was inside her vagina.

” Wow. ” Susan said.

” I know. I enjoyed it. Its funny I was so fuckin horny. ” Erica said.

” Did you want to join them? ” Susan asked.

” Well to be honest, it is one of me fantasies ” Erica replied.

” What, a threesome? Susan questioned.

” Yes. It is. ” Erica said.

” Haven’t you had a threesome? Kim and Tyla. ”

” Oh yes, but I would like a a guy, or two guys. Having two guys would be awesome. ” She said smiling at her mother.

” Erica? ” Susan replied ” What would your husband say? ”

Erica sighed smiling. ” He would never do it. Hes homophobic. He hates men’s changing rooms. He’s scared of other men seeing him nude. The thought of another man with me. ” She said.

” He doesn’t mind you drawing other men? Seeing other men naked? ”

” No, he knows its for work. Its my job. Mum I see all these different cocks at the classes and sometimes wish I could have a threesome with my husband and another guy. ” Erica said.

” Would he want you having sex with other men? ” Susan replied.

” No I guess not but, mum like I say, I love him but, I’m loving exploring my sexuality. I want to try new things. I’m trying to get him to have sex with me outdoors. Not just in the spa. But in the bush. The car, places people are around. But he won’t. ” Erica said.

” Well, your liberal, he’s conservative darling. ” Susan said. ” I’ve often wondered what it would be like having a threesome with two men. ”

” Really? Mother you bad girl. ”

” I know, I’m getting older and I suppose I’m getting hornier and wanting to make the most of my good years. ” She said smiling.

” Do you talk to guys on this site? ”

” Yes. I do so far nothing serious, I get a lot of guys send photos of their penis. But I just ignore them. Theirs a couple I chat to. But its more for meeting females…. ”

” ….. For sex? ” Erica asked.

” Yes darling. ” Susan said smiling. ” So have you ever posed? ” Susan asked.

” Yes. Not nude in class only really neck up. But I have done a few private topless. One nude for a girlfriend teaching her boyfriend to draw. Its the one in the corner your looking at. ” Erica said smiling.

” You enjoy posing? ”

” I do, I loved been nude for my friends boyfriend. So erotic. ” She said.

Susan felt horny seeing her daughter sitting nude on her stool. Her beautiful breasts hanging down. Her small nipples pointing straight out at her. Her small areolas. The bush on top of her clit.

Susan wanted to tell her daughter about Ben. Tell Erica how she fucked her brother. She thought back, to those two nights. The secrets mother and son shared. The sex they had. Watching her son have sex with her wearing her bra and knickers, how he cum in her hair, how he cleaned her pussy after he cum in his mothers pussy.

Erica loving seeing her mother. Her beautiful natural breasts. Her sexy toned body. Her clean shaven pussy. She drew her body looking at every beautiful curve of her mothers body.

” How is it? ” Susan asked.

” Good mum. Absolutely great. ” She said smiling. Be done in about ten minutes.

” Lovely, can’t wait to see the final result. ” Susan said.

Fifteen minutes later Erica smiled looking at her mother ” Done for now. Got the shading to do but got the main work done, want to see? ”

” Yes please. ” Susan replied she stood and walked over to her daughter and looked at the drawing.

” What do you think mum? ” Erica said.

” Oh wow, its amazing darling. You are so talented. Is that really me? ” Susan replied.

” Yes mother it is. ” Erica replied reaching out touching Susan’s breast. Susan looked down at her daughters hand fondling her bosom. She stepped closer leaning in putting her hands on Erica’s hips. They kissed. Susan sliding her hands up to Erica’s breast. Both mother and daughter fondling each others breasts as they french kissed.

” Oh Erica. ” Susan said smiling at her daughter.

” Lets get back into the spa and have some fun. ” Erica said.

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