Family of secrets (Playtime)

He stood kissing her again listening to the cars on the street below. A cool breeze coming through the open doors leading to the patio. The curtains closed he couldn’t wait to make love to his mother, finally she was here finally his chance had come like winning the lottery.

As she kissed him she lifted her foot. She reached for her high heel.

” Let me do that. ” he said sitting her down. He got to his knees admiring his mothers slim toned athletic legs. He lifted he foot she slightly opened her thighs he caught a glimpse of the red strip between her legs, been her underwear. He slid off her high heel dropping it to the floor. He looked at her as he kissed her toes.

He had always admired the way she looked after her body, the manicures the pedicure moisturising her body every day. He now got to take time and closely explore her body.

He kissed her pedicured feet, each toe got his attention. He held her ankle kissing up her foot to her ankle. He kissed up her calf muscle to her knee leaving a trail of wet kisses on her leg.

He kissed over to her other knee lowering her leg, he raised her other leg, kissing down her calf to her ankle as he lifted it. He kissed over her high heel and then slipped it off dropping it next to the other.

” That’s nice baby. ” She said.

” Yeh? ” He replied looking up at her as he kissed each of her toes. He put his hand on each of her knees pushing them open. She raised her arse and he slipped her dress up to her groin seeing the lace panties over her pussy. He saw her wet labias through the lace.

He straddled her and lay over her his groin pressing on hers. She put the palms of her hand on his chest as they kissed. He kissed to her neck then down to her bust kissing over her cleavage. She held his head moaning as her son kissed her bust.

He slid off to the floor on his knees between her legs. He kissed up the inside of her left thigh to her groin the scent of her pussy inches away. His tongue trailed over her knickers. The taste of her pussy now on his tongue. She moaned as his tongue licked over her underwear.

” Oh baby yes, eat mummy’s pussy. ” She said. He reached up holding them. She lifted her arse as he pulled them down revealing her pussy. He pulled them to her feet taking them off. He returned to her admiring his mothers groin.

She opened her legs. With his fingers he spread her labias open seeing inside her wet moist pussy.

” Oh mum. ” He said.

” You like it baby, its all yours now? ” She said. He looked up at looking down at him. His mouth watering as he leant in his tongue finding her clit. He licked over it hearing her long satisfied groan as his tongue pleasured her clit and his fingers slid deep into her vagina. ” Oh oh fuck yes. ” She said.

He fingered her as he licked her, licking up her juices. Tasting his mothers juicy wet pussy. Exploring her groin. Listening to each groan and moan from her working out from each groan what she loved him doing as he gave his mother oral sex.

” Oh fuck I have been needing this. ” She said. ” I’m so glad you are doing it. ” She added.

His tongue now deep between her labias as he licked and kissed and fingered. He couldn’t wait to get his cock in her, to cum in her, to eat his creamy cum out of her wet motherly hole.

Susan moaned her back arched her moans getting louder and more intense. ” Oh fuck. ” He licked faster and harder in places he knew she liked. He fingered her hole twisting his fingers in her. He felt her body tense, the shudder as she closed her legs on him and her body orgasmed.

” Oh fuck Ben. Fuck. ” She said in pleasure filled orgasm. He waited there between her legs fingers still in her pussy. The wet juices on his lips and tongue.

She released looking down at her proud son, he had just made his mother orgasm. She sat up and he stood, she undid his trousers pulling them with his underwear to the floor.

” Wow baby ” she said grabbing his hard cock. She looked up at him as he stepped out of his trousers. She stroked it and leant in licking his knob. She slid her hand to his balls and fondled them as she pushed her mouth down his shaft.

” Oh mum. ” He said holding her head. He lifted his polo shirt off throwing it to the floor.

Susan stroked it twisting her hand around his shaft as she sucked up and down his cock.

She then looked up at him. ” What to cum in my hair? ” she asked.

” Yes please! ” He said smiling. She stood and turned around. He unzipped her dress taking it off. He pulled her in fondling over her bra. He reached behind undoing her clip pulling it off. His mother now naked. He fondled her breasts.

” Haven’t seen those for a few years have we? ” she said as he kissed them and licked her nipples.

” No. ” He replied.

She got to her knees, he grabbed his cock and started wanking it. His mothers face inches away.

” Cum over me baby. ” she said. He wanked faster she slid her hand between his legs gripping his arse.

” Oh yes mum. ” he said he felt his cum build up. She kissed his knob and he groaned. ” Going to cum. ” he said.

She tilted her head and he exploded over her head. His cum shooting into her hair.

” Oh baby yes. ” She said feeling her sons cum fill her hair. He watched his sticky stringy cum run through her hair. She lifted her hand to her head rubbing it in. Her fingers rubbing in the sticky semen.

” Shit yes. ” he said lifting her hair to his cock wiping it clean with her long blonde hair.

” How was that? ” She asked looking up. She sucked his knob licking off the last of his cum.

” Great ” he said. She stood up and they hugged. They kissed and he caressed her breasts. He leant in kissing her neck and shoulder.

” Pour another drink? ” She said smiling.

He looked in her eyes, cum on her ear. ” Yes ” he replied.

He walked to the counter pouring another scotch. He turned handing it to him. Susan picked up her knickers. ” Sniff them ! ” She said.

” Mum really? ” he replied. He grabbed them and put them to his nose. Susan watched standing in front of him fondling his cock.

She took a sip of her scotch. ” Like them? ” she asked.

” Ummm yes. ” he replied.

” Oh good. ” she sat on the bed grabbing his cock again playing with it. He sniffed her knickers looking down at her hair, his cum through it.

She licked his knob holding his re harding cock. She slid her mouth down his shaft holding his cock with one hand her scotch with the other. ” Oh mother yes. ” he said moaning.

” Put my knickers on. ” she said.

” What? ” he asked

She looked up at him. ” Put them on. ” She said.

He took one last sniff then stepped into them pulling then up his legs over his hips. His cock hanging out. She made him turn around and slapped his arse. She stood as she picked up her bra. ” Arms out. ” She said pressing her breasts against his back. She put the straps over his hands pulling it up his arms. She pulled the straps around his back and did it up. ” Turn around. ” she said.

He turned facing him. ” Mum why? ” He replied.

” I just want to know what you look like with my underwear on. I know you used to try them on. ” she said.

He went red and a guilty look came on his face.

” Really, you knew? ” He said.

” Oh yes, and another secret. Confession time. I knew you were Alone35. ” she said.

” How. ” he replied.

She sat down and pulled the g string down a bit kissing the small scar on his thigh. ” This scar when you were 14 and the glass from the broken lounge window cut you. ” she said.

” Oh shit, the photo I sent you. Why didn’t you say something. Tell me it was you? ” he asked.

She stood running her hands over her bra cups on him. ” Well it guess I sort of wanted to fuck you as well. ” she said.

” So you played me along? ” he said.

” Sorry ” she said.

He laughted. ” Oh fuck mum I’ve been flirting with my mother on line. ” His cock re hardened.

” Fuck me. ” She said as she lay back opening her legs.

” Wearing this? ” he said.

” Yes please darling. ” She replied. He grabbed his cock and knelt on the edge of the bed directing his cock to his mothers pussy. He pushed it deep into her pussy watching it disappear into her. Their eyes locked staring at each other knowing they had crossed the line. He watched her moan as they looked at each other. He thrust her. Her hips pushing up as he pushed in her pulling back as he pulled back to thrust her again.

” Oh mum. ” He said looking at her naked body. Her breasts, her pussy wearing her bra and panties. They fucked they both felt right about it even though they knew they were mother and son. She closed her eyes feeling his cock in her, her sons semen through her long blonde hair.

For ten minutes her fucked her watching her breasts bounce as he slapped his groin into hers, watching his cock in her pussy. He felt his body tense as he felt another wave of cum come shooting through his cock into his mothers pussy.

” Oh yes mum, I’ve cum. ” He said.

She looked up at him into his eyes. ” Good boy ” she said ” Fill my pussy baby. He stood emptying into her pussy.

” Oh yes. ” He said his cock deep in her, his semen filling her body shooting into her womb.

He leant down, she lifted her hand onto his cheek and kissed his lips ” How did that feel darling, you had sex with your mother. ” she said smiling.

” It was so nice mum. ” he replied smiling at her.

” Good, we can make this a regular thing, come around home tomorrow and have sex with me in my bed. ” she said.

” Spend the night with my mother in her own bed. ” he said smiling.

” Yes baby. ” She replied.

” Ok. I could get used to this mum. ” he said.

” Me to. Only we have to know darling. ”

” I know. But we do need to work through some of our fantasies mum. ” He replied.

” Oh yes we do so before we do you need to clean your mothers pussy. ” He said.

He kissed down her body over her breasts his cock pulling out. He kissed to her pussy. She looked down as he opened his mothers labias he licked up inside he pussy licking all his cum from her. He fingered her pushing cum out of her vagina. His cock twitching as he felt do horny still.

He loved wearing her underwear and bra as he licked her. He felt he could be himself with his mother.

After he cleaned her he stood and she licked and cleaned his cock. She stood kissing him and then she took the bra off her son then her knickers off him. They showered and got back into bed.

That night they fucked again then fell asleep in each others arms.

They woke next morning together and had sex again before getting up and showering again and dressed to go to work.

Ben looking forward to staying another night with his mother in her bed.

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