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At 25 years old, I had just graduated college with my master's in engineering and was enjoying my short summer vacation before I had to start my new job, at an engineering firm, in late July. I would be living with my Mom for a few more weeks until my apartment was ready for me to move into near the heart of the city. My new lucrative position at the firm left me plenty of room in my budget to splurge on a very nice place with a view of the city center park, but until it was ready, I was enjoying my time with Mom.
I had been in and out of the dating pool since early high school up through 6 years of college, but never really got serious with any of the girls, and most that I had any intimate relations with, we stayed friends even after we decided to move on. I was not ready then nor was I going to be ready any time soon to get serious with a woman.
Shari, my Mom, is 45 years old, about 5'8" tall, slightly curvy in all the right places with beautiful red hair that came down to her shoulders. Even though I have never had any sexual attraction to her, it never stopped me from admiring how beautiful she is. My Father had died from cancer when I was 4, and it has just been her and I since. I never knew why she did not meet anyone else, but then it only meant that I did not have to share her with anyone else either.
Mom came from a very wealthy family, that owned a small portion of a large tech company. The stocks that she owned from that company kept her financially secure enough that she never had to worry about working to support us. She lived a simple life, never really showing off her wealth to anyone, just living normally and taking care of her son, Me.
I had just sat down with a cup of coffee and a muffin when Mom came into the kitchen. "Good morning, Stan," she said as she leaned over to kiss me on the head.
"Morning Mom," I said back as I looked up at her with a smile. I could not help but notice how hot she looked in her nightgown, as her buxom cleavage was staring me right in the face.
I blushed a little as she moved away to get a cup of coffee for herself, relieved that she did not see my embarrassment. As I said, I never thought of her sexually, but she definitely had it going on in the hot Mom department. She got her coffee and turned back to me and said, "Did you remember that we are supposed to go upstate to your Aunt Sheila's cabin this afternoon for the weekend for our family reunion? You know how she is about us getting together like your Grandmother and Grandfather had us do before they died."
Oops, I had forgotten about it. It is a good thing I did not plan anything this weekend or I would have surely disappointed Mom. "Er uh, no I didn't forget, Mom. Looking forward to it," I said, totally lying to her, something I always hated to do to anyone let alone her. She smiled as she sat down near me, "Good, we should leave around 4pm to get us there on time for the Friday evening festivities."
Mom had already rented us a car to use for the weekend as neither of us ever really had the need for one since we lived in the city and used public transportation to get where we needed to go. The drive took about 2 hours, but we finally arrived at Aunt Sheila's cabin.
It was set on one of the pristine lakes that scattered across the northern part of the state, and it had all the amenities to go with it. Full lake access with a dock to swim from, fish or boating. The cabin itself was more of a house than a cabin, with 4 bedrooms, each having their own bathroom, a large open family room that had windows from the floor to the vaulted ceiling, overlooking the lake, and it angled around to the large dining area and kitchen.
We were getting our bags out of the car when Aunt Sheila came out to greet us. Now my Aunt was my Mom's identical twin sister and had every gorgeous feature that my Mom had, except she had shorter red hair, in a bob cut, and was just a bit curvier after having 3 kids and a husband that was a 5-star chef in a large restaurant in the city.
"Hey you, two! So happy that you made it," she said gleefully as she came over and hugged and kissed my Mom, then the same to me. "Come on in, dinner is just about ready, Bob made a nice seafood stuffed beef tenderloin and I just popped the top off of a bottle of Cabernet!" We headed in, dropped our bags off in one of the bedrooms and went down to dinner.
We sat there enjoying our meal and wine, chatting up about the current events in our lives. My cousins Cindy 19, Sandy 20, Steven, near the same age as me, and his new wife, Karen had all made the trip and were sitting around the table with us, them spending more time it seemed with their faces buried in their phones.
Sheila spoke up, "Shari, I hope it's not a problem that you and Stan share a room. I know he is such a big boy now, but I hope it's okay, unless one of you would sleep on the sofa. Cindy and Sandy are sharing a room, Steven and Karen in another, and Bob and I in the last." Mom smiled and said, "No, it's not a problem. We haven't killed each other living together this long, I'm sure we will survive." We all had a laughed at that.
Mom asked, "Is Thomas going to make it up this weekend by chance?" Thomas was my Mom and Sheila's older brother by a year or so. His wife had been killed in a car accident about 6 months prior and he was having a very rough time of it. They never had any children, so I think that just compounded his heartache. "No, he's not coming. He said he isn't ready to do any family functions yet since Sara died," Aunt Sheila said sadly. Mom just shook her head in sadness.
The evening wore on and I decided to take a walk down by the lake. It was gorgeous out that night, with nothing but the crickets chirping, and the gentle lap of the water against the shore. I just got down there when I heard someone approach. I turned to see my Mom walking toward me.
She asked, "You don't mind if I tag along do you? I need a little peace and quiet right now, too."
"Of course not, Mom, I would never mind you tagging along with me. After all, it was me tagging along with you all these years," I said with a smile.
"You are such a sweet young man," she said as she kissed me on the cheek and looped her arm in mine to walk.
We walked for quite some time before heading into the house to call it a night. We got up to the room and I started unpacking a few things while she went into the bathroom. She soon came out and I had to do a double take. She had on a nightgown that was a little more transparent than I had seen in the past. It did not leave a lot to the imagination, as I could clearly see the outline of her pale nipples through the fabric, and as I looked down, I could make out the shadow of her thick red bush covering her pussy.
She did not see me looking her way, thankfully, because I would have died of embarrassment as my cock had suddenly sprang to life. Dear God, I could not believe it as I had never seen my own Mom in that way before. I did not know if it was because I had not been laid in several months or what it was but all I knew right then and there; she brought my cock to life in a heartbeat!
I looked down at my bag of toiletries that I was getting out as she looked my way. She said on the bed and said, "Stan, this isn't going to be a problem for you sleeping in the same bed as I am, is it? You used to sleep with me when you were younger but now that you are an adult, I just do not want you to be uncomfortable."
"It's not a problem at all, Mom. The bed is king sized so I am sure I will not even notice you are there," I said with a nervous smile.
"Okay, sweetie, I'm happy to hear that. I love you and I'm going to turn in now, that walk that you took me on, about wore me out," she giggled.
"Alright, Mom, goodnight and I love you," I said.
She turned off the lamp on her side of the bed as I got up, covered my erection with my toiletry bag and headed into the bathroom. I got undressed and tried to put on a pair of shorts, but my erection was not going away. My heart was still racing thinking about her standing there.
Hell with it, I dropped my shorts down, grabbed my cock, and started jerking off, her gorgeous vision playing out over and over in my mind. I did not last long at all as I soon shot a huge load all over the floor. I stood there for a minute in disbelief, thinking about what I had just done, or not so much what I had just done but who I was thinking about when I did it.
My erection finally went away, and I cleaned up my mess, then jumped in the shower. I kept thinking about her but felt a little guilty. My Mom had been so loving to me all these years, sacrificing everything she had, including any love life she could have had, just for me. I started to get emotional about it and tears began to well up in my eyes. Just then a soft knock on the door snapped me back away from my thoughts.
"Stan, you okay in there? You've been in there awhile, honey, and just wanted to make sure," Mom said from the other side of the door.
"Yeah, I'm okay Mom. Just enjoying the shower. I'll be out in a minute."
"Okay, sweetie," she said.
I got out of the shower and dried off, then put my shorts on. I went out and climbed into my side of the bed, facing away from Mom, and shut off the light. I laid there for nearly an hour still thinking about her, what I had done thinking about her, when sleep finally found me.
I slowly woke up the next morning, the sunlight making its way in through the shears hanging on the windows when I realized that there was an arm wrapped around me. Mom was still sound asleep but managed to maneuver her way over to my side of the bed. Her arm was draped over the waist band of my shorts. I would not have normally thought anything of it until last night. My heart started racing and dear God; my cock started to get hard again!
My cock is just a little above average at nearly 8 inches and it quickly managed to push the tip of the head out of my waist band as it grew to full length. Holy fuck! I must be insane; this is my Mom for crying out loud! What was I thinking? I could not move because I was afraid any movement would wake her, and she would see my predicament. She stirred and her fingers brushed against my cockhead! Oh, my fucking stars!
She started to awaken and opened her eyes. She then rolled away from me and started to apologize, "Oh Stan, I am so sorry, honey. It's been so long since I shared a bed with anyone, I must have just unconsciously gravitated towards another heat source." She giggled about it, but I was still frozen to my spot, my cockhead still peeking out, away from her line of sight.
Mom rolled out of bed on her side and said she was going to shower up. I looked back at her just as she went in the bathroom and got another nice look at her gorgeous curves through her nightgown. That only managed to make my cock throb even more. I looked down at it and said in a whisper, "Curse you with a mind of your own, that's Mom!"
I grabbed a sock that I had on the night before and covered my hard cock with it. I quickly jerked off once more, with visions of Mom playing in my head and once again, it did not take long before I blasted another load of cum into it. The shower shut off and I quickly buried the sock in my other dirty clothes, then got dressed.
The bathroom door opened just as I finished dressing and Mom was standing there with just a towel wrapped around her body and a towel wrapped up on her head. She went to her suitcase and to get some clothes out for the day. I noticed as she was leaning over to get them, the towel had creeped up to the very bottom of her butt. I was mesmerized and for a brief second, caught a glimpse of pussy hair as she bent over.
I turned away and told her that I was going to head down for some coffee. She said that she would be down in a few minutes as I quickly left the bedroom. My mind was going crazy I thought, how could I be this horny for my Mom all of a sudden?
As I got to the kitchen, my Aunt Sheila was just getting her coffee as I approached.
She looked at me funny and asked, "Stan, you are all flushed, are you feeling okay?"
"Yes, I'm fine, Aunt Sheila, I guess it's all the fresh air here that has me a bit off. Maybe there isn't enough pollution for me here," I laughed nervously. She laughed at that and sat down to drink her java. I just managed to get my head straight when Mom came down. I looked at her with pure adoration. I always thought my Mom was beautiful, but I guess I realized in that moment just how gorgeous she was.
She had on a very pretty floral sundress that was loose and billowy on the bottom but hugged her curves perfectly from the thin strapped top down to her waistline.
I could not help but fall in love with my Mom right then and there. Aunt Sheila spoke up, "There you go with that flushed look again, Stan. Are you positive that you are feeling okay?" Mom looked at me, came over and put her hand on my forehead.
She looked puzzled and said, "Well you don't have a fever, so that's a good thing."
"Okay Mom, and Aunt Sheila, I am fine. I'm a grown man now, I think I can tell if I wasn't feeling well," I said with a little playful annoyance. They looked at each other shrugged their shoulders and laughed.
We were soon joined at the table by Cindy, Sandy, Steven, Karen, and Uncle Bob. We had a breakfast of coffee, muffins, and Danishes as we talked about the day's events. Uncle Bob, of course, laid out all the food plans while Mom and Aunt Sheila went over other activities and the rest of us just chatted it up.
A portion of the day included all of us going to the beach and enjoying the sun and sand. I played volleyball with the other young adults while Mom, Aunt Sheila and Uncle Bob relaxed in their easy chairs under the umbrellas. As we were playing, Mom and Aunt Sheila both stood up and announced that they were going for a swim. They both peeled off their sundresses revealing their swimsuits underneath.
Mom looked breathtaking in her white bikini and Aunt Sheila was looking fantastic herself in a slimming teal colored one piece. They walked to the water and I could not help but keep looking, thoroughly checking out both of their asses as they walked. Just then the ball hit me in the head! Ouch! I looked at the others as they laughed.
"Sorry about that," giggled Cindy, "but get your head back in the game!"
I turned and laughed with them as we continued our game, the thought of not only my Mom's sexy ass, but now Aunt Sheila's slightly bigger ass entered my visions, too. I must be losing my mind.
We finished our game and headed to the water to join up with Mom and Aunt Sheila. Cindy, Sandy, and Karen looked like runway models in their tiny bikinis, with one thinking that they would have entered my newly perverted thoughts, but nope, I did not give them a second thought. I swam over to Mom and playfully splashed some water on her then moved away quickly thinking I had escaped her when suddenly, she jumped on my back.
"Uh huh! I got you, you little shit. Now you are going to get it," she laughed as she reached around me, splashing water in my face. I laughed hysterically at her but then the feeling of her incredible body pressed so tightly against my back, made me think other ideas. I could feel her hardened nipples through her top against my skin as I pretended to fight her off. She finally let go after she had succeeded in drowning me with splashes, laughing all the while.
I swam away from her, laughing and thanking the stars that I was in deep enough water now to hide the raging erection that I now had. I began leisurely swimming away from everyone, hoping to get rid of it quickly. Once I had fought down the swelling in my shorts, I headed out of the water and sat down near Uncle Bob.
He pulled a beer out of the cooler and handed it to me. I popped the top and drank down about half of it. I was thirsty but also hoped to get some alcohol in me to help get my mind on other things like enjoying the lake, get some fishing in later and slobbering over my Mom and Aunt Sheila as they came up from the water, their bodies glistening with droplets of water and 4 extremely hard nipples staring me in the face. What the actual fuck?
I was definitely going nuts as I felt my crotch stir. I chugged down the rest of the beer, grabbed my towel to help cover my lap with, and asked Uncle for another. He chuckled and handed me another. "You know, I remember being young once," he laughed as I popped the top on that one and drank half of it down.
"Stan, can you hand a towel to Sheila and me?"
"Sure Mom," I stammered. What the fuck? Was I 14 again? Calm the fuck down, I thought, as I felt the first bit of alcohol hit me. Uncle Bob did not drink cheap beer. Most of his selection of beers were premium brands both imported and domestic and their alcohol content was about twice that of regular beer. Thank the stars, too.
I grabbed their towels and handed them to Mom and Aunt Sheila, still maintaining my own towel in place as I subconsciously fought to get my half hard erection under control. Aunt Sheila bent down to retrieve the towels and I got an incredibly good look at her sweet melons struggling to stay in place inside her suit. I drank down the rest of the beer as I watched the two of them dry off.
As I said, Aunt Sheila was just a tad bit curvier than my Mom and that included her gorgeous breasts. If I had to guess, I would say she was easily a double D cup compared to Mom's D cup as I sat there comparing them. I had to look away because I was losing my battle with my erection. Thankfully, Mom and Aunt Sheila excused themselves to go change into dry clothes.
I breathed a sigh of relief as I felt a cold bottle of beer nudge my arm. I looked at my Uncle, smiled and said thanks! He nodded his head, "No problem, Lad, happy to share." Now that the two objects of my sinful desires had gone into the house, I was able to relax a bit.
The sun was beginning to set and my cousin, Steven and I gathered wood up for the evening's fire chat. Steven and I never really hit it off as kids and now that we were adults, not much changed. He liked to brag about himself a lot back then and now it was all about him and Karen and how much money they were making. I just rolled my eyes as I was not able to get a word in and I was awfully glad when we were done getting the firewood.
We had a wonderful dinner of prime rib, seasoned potatoes, and asparagus, along with a very tasty Bordeaux. We chatted around the table and finished off about 3 bottles of the wine between us. I had a nice buzz going from the beer earlier and now the wine so I was hoping that my dick would stay put as we cleaned up from dinner and headed out to the fire pit area.
The sky was gorgeous and full of stars as we sat around telling stories and making smores. I have to say, I am a little bit of a freak when it comes to smores ever since I was a little kid. We laughed and talked more, enjoying the lovely evening. Cindy and Sandy excused themselves as the evening wore on, to head to bed. The rest of us continued talking and began sharing some top shelf bourbon, that my Uncle began passing out glasses of. He did not buy anything cheap; I will say that.
As it got later, we were all getting pretty drunk by then. Mom and Aunt Sheila got up and did some silly dance that they did as teenagers and had the rest of us in stitches laughing. Silly women, I thought as my mind slowly went back to its naughty thoughts. Afterward, Mom came over still giggling from the dance and plopped right down on my lap. Oh, dear God!
I put my arm around her to steady her in place as she was nearing the limit of her alcohol tolerance. I was not in much better shape myself, but I knew it was time to call it a night on the drinking. Mom turned to me and in very slurred words said, "My baby boy, always here beside me. What would I do without you?" She hugged me tightly against her breasts, which I now realized were unencumbered by a bra under her jumper, and not letting me move an inch for a minute at least. The sweet smell of her skin was intoxicating enough as it was let alone mix in the alcohol with it.

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