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I climbed into my car with a smile. It wasn't often that I was able to finish early. It was only two pm and I was on my way home to my gorgeous wife, Anna. I hummed to myself as I drove, nurturing a small hope that we'd make love as soon as I arrived home. We hadn't had afternoon sex for some time. We had lots of sex, every night, periods excepted, usually more than once, sometimes in the morning too. Don't go thinking that our relationship is just about sex, though. It isn't. We connect on many levels, Anna and me.
We'd met at University where I was studying economics and she Psychology. I'd seen her around, finding her very attractive. But at the time she was… how can I put it?…finding herself. She was having a different guy every night. I didn't judge her for that; women are entitled to whatever sex life they want, but I didn't want one-nighters with her or anyone else. I wanted a relationship. So I discounted her, regretfully as she was a real beauty. Dark hair to her shoulders, large (but not too large) breasts, a slim waist and a shaved pussy. I knew this because photos of her were circulating around the campus on the mobiles of guys who'd slept with her. Apparently she was more than willing to pose for her lovers.
One day in the refectory, to my surprise and pleasure, she came and sat at my table. I was reading up on JK Galbraith at the time.
"Mind if I join you?"
I looked around. There were plenty of empty tables. But I didn't mind one bit.
She sat down with a smile. Her smile was like the sun breaking through the clouds after a week of rain.
"I brought you a coffee." She placed the cup down alongside her own.
"Oh, thanks. That was kind of you."
"Do you have plans for tonight?" she asked abruptly turning on an even bigger smile straight at me. The effect of being propositioned, as I thought I was, by the most desirable woman in college was as if she'd taken her clothes off, sat on the table and spread her cunt for me. I was completely stunned. I stammered,"Well, er, actually, er I..I've got a r..really im..p.portant d..deadline. I h ..h..have to finish an essay tonight. I've put it off, you see." I continued blathering on for far too long. Her smile faded slowly as I trailed off lamely.
"Ok, No problem. I just wondered. There's a good band playing in the Union tonight. I heard you were a jazz fan. There aren't many of us about."
"You like jazz?. As you say there aren't many of us about. There's jazz on a Sunday lunchtime at the Crown. We could try that, if you like."
She smiled that lighthouse beam at me again. "Ok, that's cool. I'll see you there." And off she went, leaving me with a vague waft of her perfume and a hard-on the size of the Eifel tower.
The Sunday jazz was a great success. We walked by the sea afterwards then had tea in a cafe on the waterfront.
"So do you have any plans for this night?" she asked.
I shifted uncomfortably. Wondering quite how to proceed. She was devastatingly attractive close to. Far more so than I'd imagined. But I didn't want to be just another notch on her headboard.
"Look, Anna. I like you very much," I started. Her face hardened a little as she recognised that a brush-off was coming. "More than you might think," I hurried on so as not to offend her more than I had already. "You're absolutely drop-dead gorgeous; you're intelligent, funny, witty and you like jazz. All I could wish for." I stopped, unsure how to continue. There was no way forward without sounding priggish or sanctimonious.
"So?" she said with a raised eyebrow. A beautifully shaped and trimmed eyebrow, I noticed.
"This is going to sound awful. But I'm going to say it anyway. I'm looking for a relationship. I suppose I'm old-fashioned, but I want more than..more than.."
"Some sort of quickie with the Uni slut?"
"No!" I almost shouted, "I would never use that word. You have every right to your own life. I'm just trying to say that if we hooked up, it would have to be with something meaningful in mind. Sorry, but that's just me."
She looked at me for a while; started several times to say something then thought better of it.
"We could be friends," I offered, "there are other jazz venues," I offered lamely.
"I've got plenty of friends," she said, still looking me straight in the eye. "Supposing I said that I might be inclined to try a 'relationship' with you. What would you say?"
I was tempted to say something really stupid like "Let's go back to your place right now," but I caught myself and replied, "I'd like that, Anna. Very much."
She smiled and my growing erection nearly burst through my boxers.
"We can start by having lunch on Wednesday, How does that suit you?" I felt a mixture of disappointment and relief. Disappointment because it meant I wasn't going to have sex with her that night. Relief because it meant I wasn't going to have sex with her that night. Her beauty was very intimidating. I wasn't sure I could measure up to her.
I won't go into the boring details of our courtship, suffice it to say that we slept together the next Friday night, didn't get out of bed until the Monday morning, were living together within three months and married a year-and-a-half later after we'd both graduated with good degrees (hers better than mine, she reminds me quite often.). Sex was a great success from the first time we did it. For some reason she brought out the best in me. She was uninhibited, inventive, athletic and generous. I tried to be the same and I think I succeeded quite well. She'd promised me an exclusive relationship "For as long as we both want it". That was forever as far as I was concerned.
So the prospect of arriving home with my beautiful and sexy wife waiting for me was a happy one. As I turned into our road, I saw my younger sister Sophie's car going the opposite way. I knew she and Anna had been getting friendly lately, which was good, but I was also relieved that she was leaving. It left the way clear for… well, whatever happened.
I parked and ran indoors.
"Hello? Anna?," I called, but there was no answer. She wasn't in her office or in the kitchen or the sitting room. I climbed the stairs. No sound from the bathroom. The bedroom door was open so I looked in to see her sleeping peacefully. I was pleased that I hadn't woken her when I 'd arrived, but I was a little puzzled that she was asleep in bed. Perhaps she was ill? She'd been fine when I'd left that morning; she'd already started work in her office. I didn't wake her, I went downstairs to make myself a coffee. There was a camera on the table, a digital SLR. I recognised it as the same type that my sister Sophie, a keen photographer, used. So she had visited, and she was only a few minutes away when I'd passed her in the street. It seemed a little strange that Anna had gone to bed and had fallen fast asleep in just that time. Curiously I picked up the camera and switched it on. Then I thought it was none of my business what photos Sophie took, so I switched it off and put it down. I made the coffee, then sitting down again with a cup I picked the camera up again. Sophie was always keen to show her photos to anyone who would look at them. We were very close, so I decided she wouldn't mind if I had a look. It would confirm that it was her camera anyway.
I switched it on and pressed the 'play' button. A list of files came up. The top three were videos. I hesitated for a moment. The frozen frame that constituted the thumbnail picture in the title bar was tiny, but it appeared to show a naked woman on all fours on a bed. Curious beyond stopping now I selected it and pressed play. The first shot showed a bedroom, a double bed, a woman naked except for a pair of white panties on all fours on the bed, her back arched and her bum thrust provocatively into the air. Standing at the foot of the bed fully clothed was another woman wielding some sort of leather strap. Her other arm was pointed at the camera. I realised she had switched the camera on with a remote control. She tossed the remote onto the bed and turned to face the bed. It took me a second or so to realise that the standing woman was my sister, Sophie. Then the kneeling woman lifted her head and looked back at Sophie. It was Anna. Stunned, I pressed pause. There was no doubt about it. My wife was in a sexual pose with my sister! Not just any sexual pose either; a very unusual one.
I felt like a voyeur, so I switched the camera off. But after pacing about the kitchen for a while during which time I resisted the urge to go and wake Anna and demand an explanation because I was reluctant to face the situation. I was afraid of dealing with it.
Then it occurred to me that there might actually be an innocent explanation. Perhaps it was some sort of joke video, staged for some purpose unknown to me. I had to play it.
As the video restarted Anna raised her head and smiled back at Sophie. Sophie reached out and stroked Anna's bum.
"You have a lovely ass, Anna." But then she placed her hand between Anna's legs, on her mound.
"Do you like that, honey? Do you want me to make you come?"
"Oh, God, yes!" replied Anna huskily. Sophie was gently and slowly rubbing Anna's clit through her panties, just as I've done a thousand times. Anna likes that very much.
"Let's get rid of these, shall we?" Sophie pulled the white panties down to Anna's knees. She raised one leg at a time so Sophie could remove them. Her hand went straight back to Anna's cunt, two fingers penetrating her vagina. Anna cried out, bent her head backwards and opened her mouth to gasp. Her marvellous tits swayed as she pushed back against Sophie's hand. Sophie's sudden slap on her buttocks took me by surprise.
"Hold still! I don't want you to move yet!"
"Sorry!" gasped Anna. Sophie slapped her again. Anna winced but didn't move.
I was unbelieving but completely captivated by what I was seeing. I had a growing erection too. I couldn't switch it off. I continued watching as Sophie very quickly removed her clothes. She had a good, fit-looking, curvy body. My arousal intensified. Sophie spoke again.
"Did you do as I asked this week?" she said as she rubbed Anna's clit, "Did you save yourself for me?"
Anna just gasped. Sophie raised the strap she had in her other hand and whacked Anna's bum with it. The noise was quite loud, Anna squealed but moved only a little. Her eyes were closed tight. Sophie whacked her again.
"You didn't did you? Say it! Say you fucked him! Say you fucked my brother!"
Anna squealed as the strap hit her again and again.
"Yes, I fucked him! Oh, God!" as the strap came down again.
"Fucking slut! How many times? How many times did you fuck him?"
"I don't know…" Whack, "Aagh! Seven! Seven times! Please!"
"Seven? You fucking slut. Did you come every time? I bet you did!"
"Agghh! Yes, I did! Ohhh God!" The blows rained down on her bum which was very red by this time. Sophie paused.
"So, seven of the best then! One for each cheating fuck!" She prepared herself while Anna visibly tensed waiting for the strap to hit. But she didn't move.
I had an enormous, rock-solid erection by this time. There was no possibility of my not watching to the end, even though I was feeling many emotions; embarrassment at spying on such an intimate thing, anger at being cuckolded by my own sister, more anger at being cheated on by my wife with my sister. But intense lust was probably the strongest emotion. The blows fell. Seven full swings each carefully aimed at a fresh part of Anna's backside and thighs. She yelped at the first few but the last three made her scream. After the seventh blow, Sophie dropped the strap, climbed off the bed, picked something off the floor and fitted it around her waist and thighs. It was a strap-on dildo. It projected obscenely ahead of her as she knelt behind Anna.
"Shall I make you come now, sweetie? Do you want me to fuck you?"
"Oh yes, fuck me please!"
Sophie plunged the dildo into Anna's vagina. It slipped all the way in very easily showing how aroused Anna was. Sophie began thrusting, very slowly, just the way I usually did; the way Anna liked it. As Anna's arousal grew Sophie speeded up her thrusting until she was pumping for all she was worth. Two pairs of tits swung back and forth with each thrust. I nearly came in my pants.
I'd never seen two women fuck before. I was glued to the screen. Sophie reached forward and grasped Anna's tits. Hanging on tight she redoubled her efforts. Anna came loudly, screaming her orgasm. Anna was still supporting herself on her hands; when I fucked her doggy-style she usually collapsed down on her elbows once she'd come. They stayed like that for a few minutes, then Sophie withdrew gently, stood up, removed the dildo and moved onto the bed in front of Anna, who was still on all fours. Sophie sat at the head of the bed spreading her legs so that they were stretched one each side of Anna. She took Anna's head and pressed it gently down between her legs.
"My turn, darling. Make me come."
Anna's head started moving as she ate out my sister. Sophie massaged her tits and tweaked her nipples as she did so. It didn't take very long before Sophie had a deep and long orgasm. When it was over, they lay in each other's arms when Sophie stopped the filming using the remote control.
I was finally able to switch off the camera. Unable to move I stood looking at the black screen for a long time. I paced about the house again. I began to doubt what I'd seen, perhaps I'd been mistaken. Perhaps it wasn't Anna after all. It was a very small screen. So unwillingly but unable to resist doing so, I started the video again.
But there was no doubt, that was my wife having kinky sex with my sister! Just at the point when the strap started to fall I heard; "We were going to tell you." Anna was standing in the doorway in a dressing gown. She must have seen what I was watching.
"You were going to tell me! What, like, oh hello darling, have you had a nice day? I have, I fucked your sister!"
"No. We'd have told you together, explained…. "
"Explained! Well. Go on then. I'm all ears." I trailed off speechless.
"I really am sorry, darling. I really didn't want you to find out like that. Sophie must have left the camera behind. She would have told you weeks ago, but I asked her not to. I didn't know how to put it…No, that's not true. I was afraid I'd lose you."
"Weeks ago? Weeks! How long has this been going on then?"
"Oh, about three months."
"Three months! Jesus!"
Anna stepped into the room towards me. I took a step back away from her. She looked hurt, but didn't say anything.
" I don't want to lose you." She almost shouted approaching me again and put her arms around me. "It's just sex. Just a game. It wasn't planned. It just sort of happened."
"How?" I knew that Sophie and Anna had been getting together sometimes to get to know each other and had become friends.
"Sophie has been coming around, as you know, and we get on really well. I mean we've become very close friends. We'd become confidantes, even. I told her about my…adventures at Uni. I thought I was fairly unusual, but I was a nun compared to her."
I knew that was true, Sophie was notoriously promiscuous, sleeping with anyone she fancied, male or female, married or single, she didn't care. She usually strung them along for a few weeks until she became bored with them when she dumped them mercilessly.
Anna continued, "One time after we'd had a few glasses of wine, I asked what sex with another woman was like. We were sat very closely together on the sofa. She looked me in the eyes and said, 'Why don't I show you? It's easier to do than to describe.' I thought 'Why not? It's not really cheating as it's a woman. And it'll just be the once to see what it's like. And so we did it there and then. It was nice. Not like you and me, but nice. Fun. So much so that I couldn't stop at once. We've been doing it ever since, once or twice a week."
"I didn't know you had any tendencies that way."
" I've been curious. You'd have to be brain dead not to be. I'd even had a grope or two at Uni, but I'd never actually had full sex with a woman. Like I said, it's nice."
"But what about this S and M? That's not like you."
She looked up at me and smiled, "Oh that's just a game! It's not really S and M!"
"But I saw you! She whipped you!"
"No! It's very soft leather! It excites me more and makes the orgasm better."
Anna had her arms around my neck and was looking me in the eye very lovingly. She was trying to reassure me, I knew, and it was working. I had no resistance to her. She kissed me. After a few seconds I kissed her back. It felt like it usually does, that is, like one of the best things in the world.
"So am I supposed to slap your ass and take you over the kitchen table now?"
She looked at me fiercely, "Don't you dare! That's not you and me. I love you for your gentleness and consideration. Promise me you'll never hurt me, even in play! I love you completely, you know. Truly, Madly, Deeply just like that awful film says. I'm never going to leave you," she said. It was an easy promise to make. I had no inclination to hurt her or anyone.
"So what is it between you and Sophie then? Just lust?"
"No. I love her, she loves me, but in the way girlfriends love each other. I suppose you'd call it friends with benefits. Really, you don't have to worry. I'm still all yours."
My erection was still there. I think it was the biggest I'd ever had, certainly the hardest. It felt like I had a baseball bat attached to my groin, "And by the feel of this," she put her hand on my cock, "you still want me."
She took my hand, let her dressing gown fall open and led me smiling upstairs to bed. She lay on the bed with her legs enticingly wide open as I stripped off as quickly as I could. There was no need for foreplay, her cunt was obviously wet; I plunged straight in. My cock was so hard that it had become slightly insensitive so that I felt like I could go on for hours. I certainly went at it for longer than usual and I'm no two-minute guy. Anna writhed, humped, gasped, moaned and eventually screamed herself to a huge orgasm just before I erupted like Vesuvius. That was the best fuck we'd ever had.
"Oh, Jesus!" said Anna breathlessly, "God, I love you!"
"I love you too, Anna."
We didn't say any more, words weren't necessary, we just lay silently in each others' arms. I don't know if we slept a little or not, but I was alerted by the front door being opened. I sat up with a start.
Anna whispered, "It's Ok, it'll be Sophie. She's got a key. She's probably come back for her camera."
"Anna!" a voice called.
"Up here, Soph!"
I heard Sophie running up the stairs. Panic began to rise in me. Then I remembered that it was my house, my bed and my wife. I was on the high ground I relaxed a little eager to hear what she had to say. She walked into the bedroom as though she owned it.
"Did I leave my…" she started, then stopped when she saw me. "Oh! I didn't expect to see you, Rob!"
I was going to say something sharp but Anna said, "He found the camera Soph. He saw today's movie."
"Oh. I see. Well, by the look of it you two have already made your peace over it. I'm glad, I hated not telling him."
I strugged to find something to say, and indeed didn't.
She stood looking at us for a few more seconds then took off her coat. Then she took off her shirt, her skirt and the rest of her clothes, looking at me all the while. Her lovely big tits wobbled enticingly. I was too astonished to do or say anything, but my cock didn't seem to share my embarrassment and rose rapidly. I heard Anna giggle as she felt it against her thigh.
"Sophie? What are you doing?"
She didn't answer. But climbed into bed, wrapped herself around me and kissed me. Before I could collect myself she'd straddled me and quickly and efficiently taken hold of my cock and guided it into her cunt.

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