Fantasy Fulfilling Weekend Ch. 03

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Note to Reader: While you can read this story on it's own, it will make much more sense if you go back and read the previous two chapters as it picks up immediately from the ending of chapter two.
Trigger warnings: This story contains heavy sexual fluid play (cum and squirt / female ejaculate only) there is also a small section that contains playful reluctance that may trigger some. Everything in this story is 100% consensual and all characters are adults.
Chapter 3
I've always been the "nice" guy, which as the stereotype goes, is usually to your own detriment. You end up dating someone you don't love anymore far longer than you should because you don't want to hurt their feelings. You don't have one-night stands because you aren't bold enough to make the move, or you're too worried about hurting someone's feelings. The bad girl, the one you fantasize about, will never go for you because you aren't edgy enough.
Every nice guy though, has an experience, an unknown series of events that can pull them from the trope. Many nice guys will never stumble onto this series of events, and yet I did.
The combination of me having been incredibly young and in a middle management position beyond my years, along with this wild, unexpected and unimaginable last two nights of kinky threesomes were the fuel leading up to me breaking through my own nice guy rut.
There was a pressure that had been building, knowing that I was about to have to be the one giving orders and leading these two girls, Hannah and Alison, through my deepest sexual desires. The spark that finally kicked it all off was what had occurred in the last twelve hours.
I had awoken that morning feeling in love with Alison. The jet black haired, porcelain skin and hazel eyed beauty who had more wildly erotic cum fantasies than I knew were possible for a female. Her grippingly tight, creamy pussy and bewitching eyes pulled me in to feel hopelessly and lustfully in love with her the night prior.
I had snapped out of this faux-love when Hannah, my sandy-blonde haired, freckled skin and dimple clad, girl next door and former classmate greeted me in the morning with the most universe-shattering "hey" I'd ever heard. Her voice was so loving and caring and then she proceeded to tell me how much she loved pleasing me and then, unprompted, made oral love to my cock and milked my cum into her coffee for the sake of my erotic viewing pleasure. She shattered my love for Alison and stole it for herself momentarily.
However, now, only moments later, standing in the kitchenette of this fabulous and modern hotel penthouse suite, things evolved yet again. The orange sunrise gleamed through the floor to ceiling window, adding a visual element to my new sense of clarity. I'd finally felt reprieve from this painful and heavy, confusing love that had been flip flopping between the girls and I couldn't seem to let it land anywhere.
I finally quit worrying about pleasing everyone. I finally didn't feel like I had to exude chivalry and nobly choose one woman to commit myself to. I saw the situation for what it was. Clearly.
The girls stood in their matching silk, lilac and skimpy kimonos sipping coffee.
Hannah's coffee was secretly filled with my cum and she made sure to make lustful eye contact with me each time she sipped it.
Alison was taking her first sips of coffee and had matted places in her long, flowing hair where Hannah's squirt had dried and caked into it from the squirting facial she'd received the night prior. She knew it was there and didn't care. She took every opportunity to stare just a second longer than usual into my eyes as if trying to remind me that I'd drained my balls into her pussy and she'd playfully swallowed our creampie out of a glass the night prior.
Resolve occurred when I finally was able to cast aside all these emotions and revel in the control that I had in that moment.
Two beautifully real women, that I realized I had genuinely wrapped around my finger. I'd been a part of fulfilling some of their most secret desires over the last 48 hours and now they eagerly awaited my instruction on what I wanted today. Something I wasn't used to vocalizing.
I had tried to vocalize my needs and desires to my long-term ex-girlfriend which was sometimes ignored, sometimes refused and on rare occasions I was even ridiculed for.
I knew there was virtually nothing I could ask for today that would be denied.
"Spence, so what's the plan for the day?" Alison asked.
"Well" I thought out loud, "we have to check out by noon and then I have a pretty special spot I'd like to take you both… not sure how you'll both feel about this but you two have made me realize I need to be more assertive so I'm just going to tell you, instead of ask."
Both girls were silent but looked surprised and curious, their eyes perked up as they waited for me to finish.
"I'm taking us camping. I have a spot that means a lot to me that I go to get away sometimes and I haven't taken anyone there before."
Neither girl hesitated, in fact both seemed pleasantly surprised and delighted and I honestly think it was the last thing they'd considered I might have had planned.
"You hear that Hannah?" Alison said coyly, her coffee mug clutched between both hands just a few inches from her face, "you're getting fucked in a tent tonight" she said with a playful wink and smirk.
"I'll be disappointed now if I'm not," Hannah replied, as if to remind Alison that I was in control tonight.
"Actually, I have a lot to pack on kind of short notice for a camping trip" I told them, "we should probably get a move on after we finish this coffee."
Both girls took a sip of coffee, perfectly understanding we had some urgency but also that there was still some amount of time left to enjoy the coffee we'd poured.
We all relaxed in the living room and drank our coffee. It was interesting how the conversation just naturally meandered between the normal, mundane topics of three people in their early 20's and the erotic events of the night prior.
The most talked about were those revolving around the dragon-cock strap-on, the anal beads and, well… the cake. Even now, I can barely think of it without arousal.
We finished our coffee and began packing up, all lingering just to enjoy a few more moments of extravagance in the penthouse.
We stood in the living room of the hotel, bags in hand and ready to walk out.
"So, what do we need for tonight?" Hannah asked.
"I'll bring just about everything," I said, "just wear something comfortable and pack a change of clothes, whatever toiletries you need and maybe bring your pillows if you want them — Oh, and… bring the toys." I said the last part with a change in tone and nodded toward the bag in Alison's hand.
Alison just shook the bag playfully and smirked to acknowledge she would.
"Just come over to my apartment, maybe around… 3:30? That should give me enough time to pack up and be ready to go. We can all ride in my car," I offered.
"Sounds good" Hannah said, "Can't wait."
I had been somewhat disingenuous with the girls. I camped about once a month at this spot, through 3 seasons at least. I wasn't much of a winter camper. My trunk was always 95% packed for a camping trip.
I needed the extra time to think and solidify in my mind what I wanted tonight, to fully process and make sure I didn't miss anything on my opportunity of a lifetime. After all I was smart enough to understand that many people likely made it to their death beds without the opportunity I had imminently in front of me. Also, I did need to go to the grocery store to get items for a camping meal for us tonight.
If you can remember back to one of the first times you knew you were going to have sex later in the day and couldn't get it off your mind to save your life, that's how I felt all day. Everywhere I went I felt the urge to run to the bathroom and wank one. My head was spinning.
Thankfully, I still had reprieve from the emotional confusion. I was so horny and filled with lust that emotional processing was fully and safely on hold in the back of my mind.
My head was filled with every dirty internet search I'd ever initiated, trying to remember the most obscure depths of random kinks that turned me on. I knew full well that after the kinky icebreaker night we had with Hannah followed by the raunchy events of last night, the girls were both expecting and wanting me to surprise them with my deepest held desires.
Despite this, the two desires that stood out most in my mind were Hannah and Alison's from the previous nights. Hannah, wanting to be submissive and used for others pleasure. Alison, desiring to fulfill every raunchy cum-focused fantasy one can find on the internet. I was wildly turned on by knowing what their fantasies and choices were. It was so incredibly sexy to learn their secret desires and then help fulfill them.
Finally, afternoon had arrived. The girls were late, which, after all this anticipation made me anxious. It brought me a bit back to the real world as I now suddenly felt less in control. Momentarily, my emotional confusion returned. My heart began to ache just a little for what would happen tomorrow morning when this was all over.
The far-too-loud buzzer in my apartment went off; 3:41pm. The girls were here. I was nervous. That feeling you get before prom nervous, even though it had only been mere hours since I'd seen them last.
Instead of buzzing them in I just hit the intercom and told them I'd be right out. My car was already packed. I did my ritualistic pocket check before walking out the door; phone, keys, wallet. I locked the door behind me and strode briskly out the damp apartment hallway into the bright afternoon sunlight. The girls were waiting around the corner.
Hannah was in another sundress. This one was navy blue, poppy red and burnt orange all the colors coming together in a mosaic pattern across the dress. It was strappy at the top and left plenty of plump cleavage showing, she was wearing a bra that gave plenty of support. The dress ended just above her knees and I allowed my gaze to linger all the way down to her leather sandals that showed off her peach painted toenails. She had her hair in a side braid. She smiled at me as I rounded the corner.
Alison was in a dark grey tank top that was skintight. It was short and showed off an inch or so of midriff and had a plunging neckline to show off her cleavage. She had on army green hiking shorts and black, low-top, Chuck Taylor's. She was also wearing sunglasses and I couldn't quite see if she was looking right at me or not. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail with a couple strands of hair left out to frame her face.
"Damn! You two look great!" I exclaimed, not waiting for a reply, and picking up my pace I added, "let's roll!"
We all piled into my car, which was now loaded with camping gear, a cooler and the girls overnight backpacks and was comfortably full.
We took turns taking control of my iPod on the way. Windows were down and there wasn't a cloud in the sky on this 75 degree Midwest day. The campground was about a 40-minute drive away, all on back country roads.
We pulled into the dirt road of the privately owned campground. This place was used for big music festivals a few times a year. The whole campground was centered around a big quarry that had a beach in front of it and during festivals they'd set up a big stage right near the beach.
No big-name artists would ever play here, but they'd have local or regional jam bands or cover bands and the campground would fill up with hippies there to party for the weekend. The thing many people didn't realize is that when there wasn't a festival you could still camp there. It was almost always empty; the property was massive, and they only charged $5 a car.
We paid and I bought a bag of ice and some firewood. It took a while driving on the dirt roads to get all the way to the backside of the quarry where my special campsite was.
Most of this place was just your typical, numbered campsites in the loosely packed forest. The brush was cleared out because it was so heavily camped, but the acres and acres of woods were still shaded from the massive trees and their tall, looming canopies.
My campsite was one I had once drunkenly stumbled on at a festival. We had to park near the furthest numbered campsite and then traverse down a hill that was nearly a cliff. I found the seclusion well worth the inconvenient hike.
The end destination was a mid-size campsite that was tucked into an alcove of the quarry. To the north was nothing but a wide-open view of the quarry, to the west and the south was all vertical rock cliffs leading up to a trail that wrapped around the whole quarry. To the east was the densely wooded trail we traversed down to get to the campsite.
The site was mostly grassy, with a packed patch of dirt for a tent and then a picnic bench and fire pit.
Both girls were surprisingly comfortable. I knew that Hannah had been to her fair share of music festivals and camped out. I learned in the car on the way over that Alison's extended family were big into hunting, which surprised me and felt a little off brand for her, but she had her fair experience of being out in the woods. Neither girl had camped in the last year or two though.
There was a fun energy at camp as we made trips up to my car and back down the hill with all our gear.
I set up the four-person tent, it was nothing special, your basic dome tent with two poles criss crossing over the top of the tent. Hannah and Alison returned with three folding camp chairs and set them up around the fire pit.
The girls made another trip up the car and I set up the rainfly and staked everything in. There was a chance of a morning thunderstorm tomorrow, but this evening looked clear. I just didn't want to have to mess with the rain fly while inebriated later, something I'd learned was a bad idea the hard way once.
The girls returned, this time with the paper grocery bags and they set them on the picnic table before stopping to admire my quick handiwork with the tent. I'd set it up countless times before. I think I could have done it with my eyes closed at this point.
That was the last of everything from the car and we all took a break from the heat in the camping chairs. It was sunny and muggy, I'd worked up just a little sweat, enough to be a little sticky. My body tingled in anticipation of the upcoming pleasure I knew it would receive. The only way I know how to describe it was it felt as if I could feel each of the hairs on my body stand to attention awaiting physical touch.
The sun felt incredible, the breeze even nicer. The camp smelled of summer grass and the breeze carried with it a light smell of pond water from the quarry.
"So what makes this place so special?" Alison asked.
"I suppose nothing in particular" I responded, "this is just… my spot. I come here about once a month to get away from the world. Nothing like sitting in solitude with nothing but nature, some bourbon and a good fire to clear your head."
"That's plenty special," Hannah agreed.
"And you've never brought anyone here before?" Alison asked.
"Nope, you are both the first," I said matter of factly.
"Well, see, now I think that makes it special," Alison said "It's surprisingly somehow both very exposed but very private here" she added, looking around as if to try and find another human lurking in the trees or up on a cliff.
"It's super private," I assured her, "I've not ever ran into another person coming here when there isn't a festival going on. You should see this place on a festival weekend though. It fills up!"
I got up and went for the cooler, grabbed three beers, and cracked them all open, passing one to each of the girls.
I told them a few of my festival stories. Some of my more, shall we say…. Fuzzy, memories occurred during those massive outdoor parties.
We relaxed and drank our beers in peace, shared some party stories and some concert stories and a passerby listening in never would have known the chemistry, sexual bond, tension or the recent history between us. Just a normal pleasant conversation.
My skin continued to radiant in anticipation. I was hyper aware of my body during our conversation. Not just in my groin but in my whole being. I longed to feel Hannah's loving touch and for Alison's commanding but feminine hands.
"Well," I announced, "I'm going to get the tent unpacked before I have any more of these" and I shook my empty beer can as I stood up and strode over to the tent. "Help yourselves to more beers," I said over my shoulder as I unzipped the tent to climb in.
The ground was compacted beneath the tent, not a rock anywhere to be found. I'd bought a shag rug on sale at a thrift store a year or so back realizing that it was nearly identical to the footprint of the tent and I brought it with me rolled up to every trip. It made the perfect way to provide some comfort to the tent both in aesthetic and in physical cushioning to the ground.
Rather than lay out all the sleeping bags for us to use in traditional fashion. I opted to spread them all out completely unzipped along with the bags of blankets I'd brought. It made for what I can only describe as a nest throughout the four-person tent.
I unpacked the small lantern and hung it from the loop at the top center of the tent and admired my work trying to make this feel like home.
My stomach felt fluttery, my heart heavy with the emotional confusion it'd been dragged through over the last 48 hours. I was genuinely nervous at vocalizing my own desires to these two girls. Scared of rejection even though I knew that was near impossible, I just couldn't turn off the nerves.
There was also a part of me that just wanted to take them both into the sweltering hot tent and without speaking just have my way with them. I quickly shook off the thought, realizing what a squandered opportunity that would be.
I stumbled through the opening of the tent door. My own mistake, having not unzipped the door enough in my rush to get some fresh air, it was sweltering in the tent!
Both girls halted the conversation they'd been having making fun of something Alison's older brother had said to them once.
"Geez, have another beer there Mr. Style-and-Grace," Alison teased as she finished her own beer.
Hannah snort-laughed as she was mid beer gulp, talk about style and grace!
"You want to see style and grace, I think it's time you two did a cliff jump!" I announced and gestured toward the quarry.
Both girls looked completely confused at my statement. Not knowing if I was just defending myself playfully or actually suggesting we jump in quarry.
"No seriously, that's a thing here," I explained, "everyone's gotta do the jump their first time here."
Hannah looked nervous but I could see Alison eyeing the cliff behind us and assessing that the water was too shallow and that it would be borderline suicide.
I clarified before she had a chance to speak, "not this cliff, there really is a spot over there that everyone jumps off into the quarry, during festivals they have a lifeguard posted up in a kayak there and everything."
"Dude, you didn't tell us to bring bathing suits!" Hannah protested.
"We are literally the only ones here other than the owner and some camp staff which are nowhere around," I said flatly, "we'll just jump in our underwear."
Alison, ever the adventurer, downed the last of her beer and jumped to her feet in a very masculine way to indicate her excitement for this mini adventure. Hannah said nothing and continued sitting, looking slightly paralyzed in fear but not vocalizing it.
We all grabbed a beer for the hike around the quarry and climbed up the ravine toward my car and the trail. We stopped at my trunk to grab towels. Hannah spotted the outhouse and told us she had to pee before we left.

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