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Corbin had the best view in the world. In white shorts that just barely reached below her cheeks, Jessica's taut, tiny bottom was right above face level. He couldn't decide if her butt was the better view or her long legs, gleaming from a recent application of lotion.
She handed another action figure back to him, but Corbin was too entranced by thoughts of pulling those shorts down and tugging aside her barely-there thong to run his tongue from her bud to her pussy. Every night since she and their friend Brooke gave him fiery lessons on oral, Corbin demonstrated to Jessica with wild enthusiasm his new skills. Brooke hadn't come around since, but Corbin didn't really notice. He was trying to figure out where he and Jessica stood.
They promised each other pretty early on that this was a "friends with benefits" situation. Jess was fresh off a bad breakup and Corbin knew he wasn't in her league. But still, he thought for a brief moment they might be rising towards something bigger. The same night of the oral lessons, Jessica came to him after Brooke had fallen asleep and they made love. Not fucked, but made love. It couldn't be called anything else. Her words that night – "I missed you" – rang in his ears, drove him forward, made him grin each morning he woke up in her bed. But while they had at least a bout of intense sex every night she came back from a babysitting job or him from his duties at the sports complex, they never repeated the lovemaking.
He tried to initiate it himself the night afterwards, but Jessica took over, bouncing on his cock with an enthusiasm that bordered on manic. She fucked him until his groin actually hurt from her slamming down on him. That had been fun, as had all the sex since then, but he craved that intimacy too, and wondered if it might have been too ephemeral to hold onto.
They still had that one night, though, and he could cling to that for years if he had to.
"You're staring again," Jessica said, wiggling her butt.
"Yuuuuup," Corbin agreed, grinning. He might have blushed just a week ago, but he knew by now Jessica liked him watching. He took the action figure from her and pinched her butt with his other hand. "Thinking about Brooke spanking you while you were sitting on her face."
"Mmm, that was fun," Jessica said as he dropped the action figure into a box. "Someday, one of us is going to have to teach you about anal."
Corbin nearly choked, but managed to croak out, "We could, uh, definitely go over the course material tonight if you wanted."
"Oh no. I'm saving that one. Special occasion or something. Or maybe just when I really can't take the wait any longer." She looked over her shoulder, grinning. "But I like it, just like Brooke, so once we do have it, I'll be wanting it now and again."
"I can… uh… I can handle that."
"Thought you could." She handed him another action figure.
Voices down the hallway broke out, Corbin's roommate Sam among them. Corbin winced. He thought he could get this done while Sam was gone. He wasn't sure his roommate would understand. Jessica told him with more women interested in him, it wasn't just his looks or his way of dressing that needed an upgrade, but the way he presented himself, and that included his half of his dorm room.
Sam burst through the door, grinning until he saw what was going on. "What are you doing?"
"Hi Sam," Corbin said, dropping another figure into the box.
"Hi," Sam said. He repeated himself. "What are you doing? You're not moving, are you?"
"No," Corbin said. "You're stuck with me. I'm taking down most my decorations. Time to let some of that stuff go, you know?"
Sam didn't respond to that. He sat on his bed, glancing up at Jessica's butt in her shorts as she grabbed another figure. Then he looked away, blushing. "Why?"
"Because things are kind of changing for me," Corbin said. "I need to be, I don't know, more presentable?"
"Oh. So this isn't… presentable."
"Sam," Corbin said, sighing. Like he expected, this was tanking.
"Should I go?" Jessica asked.
"No, it's all right," Sam said.
Corbin added, "Your half of the room is fine. Sam, that's not what I meant. I don't want to change anything about you. But my stuff, it needs to go." He took the last few action figures from Jessica.
"Sure," Sam said, swinging his legs up onto his bed and crossing his ankles. "Are you getting rid of it?"
"I'm probably just going to pitch the posters unless you want them. The action figures I'm going to try to sell online."
Sam shifted and looked at him. "Would you let me hang onto them? Just for a few months while I try to save up some money? Then if I can match whatever you'd get for them online, I'll buy them from you?"
Corbin blinked at him. "Yeah. That would be all right. Did I piss you off?"
Jessica turned and plopped down on the bed. She kept quiet, watching the two roommates.
"No. Things are just… getting weird, I guess. I'm sorry, that's not what I meant. I'm happy for you. Hey, um, want to play Ark tonight?"
Corbin shook his head. "I can't. I'm going to be helping out Jessica and her friends with putting on the scavenger hunt." He was still unaware the Bends, the campus-wide party and scavenger hunt combo, was to raise money for repairs to his car and net him a little extra cash after some troubles he had with a couple of bullying football players.
"Did you want to come along?" Jessica asked. "We can always use more help and it's a lot of fun."
Sam stood up. "No. It's okay."
"There are always teams looking for another member, too," Jessica said. "Could play along if you've got a little extra cash."
"You don't have to do that," Sam said.
Corbin reached out to grasp his roommate's shoulder. "Sam, come on, man, you're obviously pissed."
"No, I just don't want to be invited to things out of pity. You got popular and that's really awesome. It is. But I don't want to be the roommate who stands around at the party because you have a really hot girlfriend." Sam realized too late what he'd said and his eyes bulged. Without a word, he darted for the door and ran out of there.
Corbin sat on the bed next to Jessica. "Damn. I'm sorry. I thought this was going to blow up in my face."
"We can put everything back up."
"No," he said. "I think you're right. It's time to be a little less childish."
"That's not what I said, Corbin."
"But it is what you meant."
She sighed. "Yes. I guess so. Are we really arguing about this? I just told you, I'd help you put it all back up. I'm not trying to dictate your life. I'm just trying to help you be the man you have the potential to be."
"But the man I am isn't enough," he said.
"Uhhh-gain, not what I said," Jessica said.
"And uhhhh-gain, it's what you meant," Corbin said, imitating her.
"Okay." Jessica headed for the door but spun and looked at him before she left. "You know what? You can go to the scavenger hunt alone tonight. When you're not acting like an asshole, give me a call."
"If you're not going, I'm not."
"You have to."
"I don't care about getting stupidly drunk and trying to get a picture kicking a field goal or something."
"No, you don't understand. You. Have. To. Go."
"Why?" Corbin asked.
"Because you're the stupid guest of honor, you… you…" She balled up her hands and hit her thighs.
"Guest of honor?" Corbin asked. "What are you talking about?"
"Urrrrrgh. Can you just not make me spoil everything and go? Please?"
"Jessica, what-?"
But she was already going, and slammed the door behind her.
* * *
"Goddamn it, Corbin," Jessica muttered to herself, trying to settle into her side-reclining leg lift. Usually yoga was her happy place and helped her relax, but today, she was in serious danger of pulling something.
How could he be so thick-headed? After she came home from babysitting the night before, it was still early enough they could talk after they fucked. She introduced him to one of her favorite positions, on her knees on the couch, her ass jutting out while he rammed her from behind with one foot up on the couch beside her. He took her so deep and so hard that way, and obviously it was good for him too.
Jessica nearly begged him to rip off the condom and come in her. Ever since they made love the night of Corbin's oral lessons, she couldn't shake the images of the last few frantic minutes of that lifechanging sex, of the growing need inside her for Corbin to come without a condom, to fill her with his warmth. She had to get her IUD reupped. It hadn't been all that long but the fantasy held a dangerous sway over her mind and she knew herself well enough to realize she would probably beg Corbin for it at some point, and him being him, he would happily fulfill her fantasy even if he had to know the risk.
But last night, after they fell apart and crashed on the couch beside each other, both of them sweaty and breathless, Corbin looked around and said, "You know, I really like how you decorated this place."
All her meaningful photographs were upstairs, the ones with friends and family. Downstairs, in the living room, Jessica decorated with relatively cheap art she found at a Ross's. Landscapes, mostly, but there was a trio of tree paintings she really liked in particular.
"It looks… grown-up." He chuckled. "Not that you aren't. Just… it suits you."
"We could do something similar with your dorm room, if you want."
"I like my action figures," he protested good-naturedly.
She grinned. "Oh yeah, it's definitely awesome… if you were looking to hang out with twelve-year-olds."
"I'm just saying, imagine enticing Dr. Windsor back there and getting her in your bed so she can get some good loving and stare up at Dr. Dementor."
"Doctor Doom," he said, swatting her butt when she stood up. "I know it looks… well… yeah, like a kid's room."
She headed for the kitchen and he hefted himself up and followed. "It's like anything else, Corbin. Sex is half the equation. You're already good at that. The other half is presentation. I have friends who would walk into that room, laugh, and walk out, no matter how big your dick is."
"Is it that bad?" he asked as she fetched a glass jar full of sun tea out of the fridge.
"It's pretty bad," she said, grinning. "I can help you upgrade it, if you want."
He collected a pair of glasses from the dishwasher and she poured them both a cup. Finally, Corbin said, "All right. Let's do it. We'll get rid of the action figures and the posters."
"We should maybe get you new sheets, too."
"Those are from my grandmother!" he said.
"They're flower print. I don't know how better to convince you. They. Are. Flower. Print. I think your grandmother was trolling you."
Now, after their fight, Jessica moved from pose to pose, thinking about their dumb argument. She knew it was dumb. She felt in her bones they weren't going to be mad at each other long, but damn it, she was helping him become a man, not a toy-collecting zit-faced teenager who-
Her doorbell rang. She dropped her leg and stood upright, muttering under her breath. She wanted to punch someone.
It was Brooke in a white skirt and a pink spaghetti-strap top that left her stomach bare and her cleavage on full display. Jessica eyeballed her like a T-bone steak.
"Hey, you. Thought I'd come by a little early and-"
Jessica grabbed her by the arm and jerked her inside. "I need someone to fuck and you're it."
"Well, okay," Brooke said as Jessica slammed the door shut behind her. The black-haired beauty dropped to her knees right there in front of Brooke and shoved the blonde back to the door. "Wow, you're really-" Jessica shot her hand up and yanked down Brooke's bikini briefs. "Yup, we're doing this right here. I like the enthusiasm."
"Oh my God, shut up and let me lick your pussy," Jessica growled.
Brooke giggled helplessly and raised the front of her skirt up for Jessica. Unlike their lessons teaching Corbin to go down on a woman, this was pure frantic fun. Jessica buried her mouth against Brooke's cunt, driving her tongue deep and flicking it up towards her clit. That magic little button got some attention from fingers on one hand. She played it with sharp little tweaks and flicks as her tongue and mouth shot up and down the length of Brooke's pussy.
Brooke used the time well too. She slid the shoulder down on her top, letting one nipple slip free. This she cupped as she watched Jessica's dark, angry eyes stare back up at her. She might have been surprised at the suddenness of Jessica's desires but she threw herself into it, one leg coming up and over Jessica's shoulder, giving the other woman more room to lick and play.
Jessica waggled her tongue side to side, then back up and down, finding the pleasure centers Brooke really liked and going for broke. One hand stayed at the other woman's clit, the other shot up to pinch and squeeze the tit the blonde wasn't playing with.
"Oh fuck, Jessica," Brooke whimpered. "Lick my pussy, slut."
Jessica chuckled darkly into Brooke's folds and did just that. Her own slit demanded attention but she was saving that. She wanted to ride that edge for later, for Shea and whoever else Billy and his girlfriend had lined up to escort her around during the scavenger hunt. She wanted to do some dirty, nasty shit that night and she wanted to be fucked good and proper. True, Corbin was absolutely amazing at that, but she'd been letting her guard down way too often around him lately. No getting hurt, she told herself, her chin dripping Brooke.
Corbin. Goddamn Corbin.
"Nnnn, right there, flick my clit, flick it hard," Brooke begged. Jessica did, getting mean with it, then she swapped her fingers for her lips and her tongue, sucking and licking her little clit while she pumped Brooke full of three fingers, then four. The other woman's foot kicked her back reflexively, her eyes bulging as Jessica's slim fingers filled her completely. Jessica was going to make Brooke come faster than Corbin. Take THAT, asshole.
"Jesssss," Brooke moaned. "Oh Jess, oh, oh, fuck…"
Jessica slurped on her clit and sucked it back down. Her hand on Brooke's clothed tit yanked the fabric down, snapping the thin strap. She shot up to her feet to suck the nipple into her mouth, still pumping the other woman's cunt. Brooke roped her leg around Jessica's and stared down at her, mouth agape, cheeks brilliantly red. Her thighs were so damp, so messy, and she came with a wordless cry. A sharp jolt made her back arch and Jessica rose up higher, kissing Brooke, sucking in her tongue as she still finger-fucked the other woman.
"Good, good, so, nnngh, good, but Jess, we gotta get ready, we gotta goooo," Brooke moaned.
"Nuh uh. We're staying here. Screw the Bends. Stupid Corbin. I don't need him. I just need this pussy."
Brooke reached down and grabbed her hand. A tiny smile played at her face as she slowly pulled Jessica's fingers free. "Ahhh, that's what's got you riled up."
"He's an asshole!"
"What did he do?"
"Okay, so he's not… you know, a Kenny level asshole, but he's a buttface jerkwad jerking… jerk." Jessica stormed away, heading for the stairs. "Come on, we'll get you a different shirt."
"Yes, ma'am," Brooke said, sounding all too amused for Jessica's liking. "So? What did he do?"
"He wanted me to help him clean up his room. When I did, he got upset with me."
"Clean up his…? Nuh uh. Try again. Details. I need details."
Jessica filled Brooke in as she dug through her closet. They found a tank about in Brooke's size, and she tugged it on.
"So, to recap," Brooke said, teasing her blonde waves with Jessica's comb as Jessica leaned against the wall, "you told the really great guy you're with that he could be an even greater guy if he got rid of some of what makes him who he is."
"That's not… urgh…"
Brooke continued like Jessica hadn't said anything. "He agrees, you help him, then he has doubts and you double down?"
"Come on, he had action figures and anime posters on the wall."
"I'm not disagreeing with you," Brooke said, turning and giving Jessica a devious grin she wanted to slap off the other woman's face. Or… well… ride until Jessica came all over her mouth. "But he's going through some big changes. You know?"
"You are so not supposed to take his side. You're supposed to be all, 'Jess, mm hm, you are so right,' and 'damn, I should totally chew his butt out tonight.'"
"Well, I think you two are being adorable," Brooke said, and kissed the tip of Jessica's nose. "Your first fight as a couple."
"We are not a couple!"
"Mm hm." Brooke's voice went soft and breathy. "'I missed you.'"
"A, shut up. You weren't supposed to hear that. B, we're still just friends with benefits. I'm going to be riding Shea like a cowboy in a few hours if there's any goodness left in the world. And maybe someone else too. Billy didn't tell you who my other escort was, did he?"
"Nope, but Bethani did. I might have even told you, but you're not going, right?"
Jessica glared at her, then huffed. "Corbin's still a jerk."
"Maybe," Brooke said serenely. "So does that mean you changed your mind again?"
They stared at one another for a long moment, then Jessica's lips quirked upwards. "Let me brush my teeth." She jabbed Brooke in the boob. "But we're not a couple."
"Uh huh."
* * *
Corbin didn't see Sam when he came back from classes that afternoon. After shaving and dressing in a pair of khakis and a black tee, he wrote out a night telling his roommate to come by the parking lot of Riverton Hall if he wanted to check out the scavenger hunt.
He tried calling Jessica, mostly to apologize, but also just to hear her voice. She didn't pick up. That stung, but there was nothing he could do about it. She had a point. His dorm had looked like a child's playroom. Now it seemed presentable, even classy, insofar as a dorm room could be considered classy. The sheets Jessica gave him were a sleek, simple gray with a feel like silk. The walls were barren, but he realized now that looked pretty okay. Not every surface needed to be covered in some ridiculous promotion of fandom.
But while the personal changes he made felt like discovering a new side of himself, this carried weight to it. He didn't want Sam to feel like he was being left in the lurch.
He sighed, unsure how to make it better, and left the note propped on Sam's pillow.
The dorm was a good half-mile walk, giving him a little time to think. More and more people around campus recognized him now that he was sorta kinda dating Jessica Nakamura, though their hellos when he passed sent him into a darker funk. He should be walking with her. She was the only reason people really liked him.
The thought was ugly and unlike him. Corbin knew he struck it lucky with his friendship-with-benefits with Jessica but there was Brooke, and she genuinely seemed to like him too. And Sandra, that clerk at the department store he hooked up with as sort of a strange test run of his newfound confidence, she mentioned offhandedly their sex was the best she ever had. Maybe she was stroking his ego but even so, that was still a pretty big compliment.
Jessica was great, and late at night, when he held her to him, he thought maybe he was in love. But nearly every day she worked in a reminder that they were just friends, even if it was the most confusing "just friends" in the history of the term. He wanted to tell her his feelings but Corbin knew that would sink their friendship, and that was more important to him than his gut instinct to tell her…
No. The words, that he loved Jessica, were too hard to hold onto. He had to get used to the idea that this was temporary.
A four-seater golf cart headed down the road he walked beside. The cute blonde in the driver's seat might occupy a much smaller place in his heart than Jessica, but he still warmed to the sight of Brooke, as he always did. She honked and pulled to a stop next to him, grinning.

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