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I grew up on a beautiful farm in rural Northern California. Situated in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, it wasn't uncommon to receive anywhere from 20 feet to 40 feet of snow each year during the winter. Which meant that every morning, I had to take an ax with me to crack the ice so that the cattle could drink in their barns.
After I graduated high school, I decided not to go to college because I was quite content living and working on my father's farm for a living. I would inherit his farm when he passed, since it was just him and I living together, and I was happy there. The farm was my pride and joy, and we were isolated from the outside world, except to run into the nearby small town to grab some necessities.
In high school, I was not popular at all. I got no attention from boys when all my other peers did. Which, I didn't mind, mostly. Or, that's what I told myself anyways. Nobody wanted a farm girl who could challenge the boys – and win – in arm wrestling. Nobody wanted a farm girl who made cows her friends rather than people. Nobody wanted a farm girl who didn't give a damn about her appearance. All I did was brush my curly brown hair after showering in the mornings and leave for school. Makeup or bling bling clothes wasn't really my thing. I wore what I had and went on with my life.
Sometimes, the guys would make fun of my breasts. I worked hard on the farm, which gained muscle in places girls didn't think they could have them. My muscles were not overly bulky, rather, they were small but defined. Muscle burns fat, and in return, resulted in small breasts. Guys would joke around in high school and say "she's one of the boys." Which, hurt my feelings but I never showed that.
The only one who held me and said I was beautiful was my dad. I inherited his blue eyes which seemed to be the gem of my face. Or, that's what my dad had told me. I loved him very much, but little did I know that that love was more than a normal father/daughter love.
It was a regular morning on the farm. I was letting the chickens out and feeding them when I realized that my dad needed to get more chicken feed. He was going into town that day getting supplies so I needed to remind him.
"Excuse me, ladies." I told the clucking hens who were eating away at their feed. I exited the pen and found my way out front in search of dad.
I heard him before I saw him. The tell-tell sign of him chopping wood. It was springtime, now, and though it was a bit cool outside, my dad was shirtless, chopping away at the wood for our stove.
He was a strong man from working on the farm all his life. Everything about him screamed strong, dominant male, and part of me liked it. Everything that made me female liked it. My biology didn't care that he was my father.
He was in shape and muscular. His abs were defined and his biceps were big. He was a strong daddy, and I couldn't help as my eyes strayed to the crotch of his pants. I wondered for a moment if his biceps were as big as his-
"Julia!" My dad suddenly looked up and called to me, "You gonna stand there gawking or are you gonna help?"
I shook my head and snapped myself out of the trance I was in. Embarrassed, I spoke. "I just zoned out a bit, I wasn't staring at you! You are not all that, anyway." I said, humor lacing my voice.
Except he WAS all that. To me anyways.
I started walking towards him.
"It's okay to look a little. I mean, not like you ever get any action from boys-"
"Oh dad, don't rub it in. I know I'm damned to forever live alone on this farm." I replied dramatically, rolling my eyes.
I stood in front of him now. He had the ax slung over his broad shoulder and his tan skin was sweating.
"Don't say that," He started, and for a moment, I saw his eyes twinkling with something akin to desire, "You never know what life is going to throw at you. It may happen when you least expect it."
It didn't go unnoticed by me as he licked his lips slowly.
I wiggled uncomfortably in my spot. I stared right at him as his eyes briefly scanned my body. I wore jeans and a v-neck tank top. The top of my small breasts were barely peeking out of my top.
But that didn't stop down below from tingling with desire.
"Sure, whatever you say." I replied, not believing him, Anyways, when you go into town later, could you pick up some chicken feed?"
"Sure, I'll be sure to do that." He swung the ax through the air at another piece of wood, continuing his task.
And so I started to help him. I grabbed an ax and chopped wood beside him. Every time I bent over, my shirt would hang down, revealing my small, perky tits hanging below me.
And every time I straightened myself out, I could tell my dad was staring.
And he didn't even try to hide that fact.
I didn't mind. The worst part is, I didn't mind!
I started getting hot, and with a smirk, I stopped what I was doing and slowly peeled my shirt off while he watched. Almost like a mini strip-tease, and boy, was he salivating.
The ax in his hand dropped to the ground as he stared at me in my small blue bralette.
"This wood isn't going to cut itself!" I exclaimed, playing dumb to his reactions.
The look on his face was priceless. He looked beyond frustrated and extremely aroused.
Well, that's what the sudden tent in his jeans told me, anyway.
I inwardly scolded myself for going this far. But a part of me knew I was likely never going to find a guy, so why not take a risk? Besides, no man could ever compare to my father. He was extremely hard working, loyal, devoted, calm, brave, sexy.
I didn't expect him to completely stop what he was doing and approach me.
Now I was nervous. I gulped as he towered over my half naked form and looked down at me. His hand snaked out and touched my breasts.
He squeezed one. I gasped.
"You are playing with fire, girl." He growled sexily, his gaze darkening.
I knew he hadn't had a woman since my mom left him many years ago. He had to have been sexually starving and any hole was good for him.
"Then why don't you come put the fire out?" I whispered, reaching my hands behind my back, unhooking my bra.
It fell to the ground.
His eyes stared at them, I could see his shoulders moving up and down. My nipples were small and bright pink, my tits were soft and perfectly round. Creamy colored and enticing to the eye.
When he didn't make a move to touch them, I grabbed them myself and shook them and squished them together.
That did it.
But he didn't touch them like I thought. Instead, he at once bent down and took one into his mouth. Sucking and licking my nipples and tits like they were molasses.
He was going wild. His lips wrapped around a nipple and sucked onto them hard until they were pebbles. His tongue felt soft and warm and I knew I was becoming wet.
I moaned, goosebumps rising on my skin.
"Mmm, does daddy like his little girl's titties?" I asked.
"I didn't know I raised such a naughty girl." He said, voice deep and husky, rubbing his clothed erection on my leg.
He took his mouth off my tits and cradled them. Each one fit in his hands perfectly. He pinched them and rolled the nipples in his hands, causing them to turn red and making me gasp.
"Such a naughty daughter you are," He whispered in my ear while his hands fondled my tits, "You know what I'm going to do to you?
"W-what?" I moaned when his other hand rubbed my pussy over my jeans.
But he didn't answer. Instead, he roughly threw me into the grass on my back and mounted me.
His rough whiskers rubbed against my neck as his clothed cock pushed against my jean-covered pussy.
He thrust, causing delicious friction on my pussy and lowered his lips to my ear.
"I'm going to breed you."
His voice was seductive, low, and rough. His words were powerful, hot, and made me crave his thick penis filling my pussy.
"Oh, oh!" I moaned, the pressure on my clit becoming too much to bear. His words spurred me on, his voice a mere growl. He was so sexy, so dominating that my panties were soaked. He was also rough, which turned me on.
"Oh daddy!" I moaned as he roughly slid up and down my spread legs, my jeans dampening.
My hips moved with his and I wrapped my legs around his waist. His hot breath panting in my ear, his face nuzzled into my neck. His hands pinned my arms above my head and gripped them hard.
"Ah, dad…" His hardness strained against my pussy. I wanted him to strip me bare and push his hot, aching cock into my tight, virgin pussy. I craved him like an animal in heat.
I wanted to feel him inside me. Wet and moving. Throbbing and hard.
The cloth of my panties continuously rubbed my clit as he humped me.
"Dad, please…" I begged.
But he didn't listen.
Instead, he dry-fucked me outside, on the grass as I panted and moaned in his ear. My tits jiggled from the force of his thrusts, and he leaned down to bite and suck on them.
"You are going to listen to me. I want you to imagine my big cock pounding your wet little pussy." He whispered.
"Daddy…I- ohhh!" His words spurred me closer to orgasm as I imagined what he told me.
His big cock, penetrating my virgin pussy. Throbbing and full. Wet and passionate. Naughty and forbidden. Tight and hot. My pink pussy would be stuffed full of hot dick. His balls would be pressed against my skin and pulsing.
My pussy walls would be squeezing him. Milking him.
He thrust hard again, rubbing his hard crotch over my damp one.
"Ah!" I exclaimed, throwing my head back.
"Now imagine that I am cumming in your pussy. My daughter's pussy. Filling it up with my seed. Stamping it as mine." He whispered gruffly into my ear.
He thrust again. Harder this time. Then again and again, grunting.
I needed to cum. His words and repeated thrusts pushed me over the edge. The last image I saw in my mind as I came was his cock buried to the hilt in my pussy. My cunt lips stretched and spread open around his wet cock. His balls pressing against me.
I moaned aloud and gasped in his ear as his thrusts ceased. My pussy spasmed and I bit down onto his earlobe as I came hard.
We lay there for a few moments breathing hard together as my orgasm stopped.
He hadn't came. At least not yet.
He got up and looked down at my topless, messy form. My legs were spread open, the jeans I wore were damp at the crotch.
He licked his lips.
"Go wait inside on the bed. Right now. And you better be naked when I find you." My dad said in the same low, seductive voice. He was clearly turned on to the max, for he no longer acted like the father I knew.
I could only obey and run inside as quickly as possible. I ran into his room, sitting on the bed. Was this what I wanted? Should we really do this? Is this wrong?
I heard the front door open.
With haste, I quickly went to my jeans and began unbuttoning them. I slid them off my legs, dancing around the room and floundering about in such an unsexy manner that I'm sure my dad would immediately lose his erection.
I nearly giggled with nervous excitement, but finally, I got them off.
I heard footsteps at the door.
I slid my underwear down my legs and now stood naked. I flung myself onto the bed and laid naked and spread for my daddy.
Excitement bloomed in me and my breathing quickened. When dad finally entered, he could only stare at me for a few moments, as if contemplating his decision.
I smirked a bit, fluttering my legs open and closed, making sure he got a good view of my pink pussy lips. My face felt hot and I felt a bit embarrassed, but I stayed confident, nonetheless.
And then he approached me, his eyes darkened with lust.
In an instant, like a viper striking, his hands grasped my hips, pulling my pussy towards his awaiting mouth. I wasn't expecting this, my eyes were wide and I froze when I felt his tongue on my pussy. He licked and sucked slowly at first, and I adjusted to his warm mouth on my cunt.
It felt good, it felt spectacular when his lips wrapped around my clit and sucked and pulled. He felt warm and wet against me. I started to writhe and moan, I couldn't help it. I was already wet from my previous orgasm, but this was making me even wetter.
Lewd, wet sounds filled the air as he sucked my pussy. I wiggled my hips against his mouth as he at me out. I knew he was preparing me for what was to come.
And I was more than prepared now.
He knew this.
Because he suddenly stopped what he was doing and he stood up. Staring me right in the eyes, he unbuttoned his jeans slowly and slide them down his legs, kicking them off. And then came his boxers. Off they went, slowly revealing his big, erect cock.
I felt so small looking up at my naked father.
He grabbed me and turned me over on my stomach, mounting me from behind. His bare skin felt hot against my naked skin, and I felt his hard dick slide down my back as he positioned himself.
I could feel it drag down my asscrack and poke at my pussy. It felt like hot steel.
He bent his head down and whispered. "Daddy hasn't had tight pussy in awhile. It may not take long for me to fill your cunt with my cum."
His arms were positioned by my head and his mouth was by my ear. I could feel his hot breath against me and I writhed under him.
And then he surged forward.
The head of his dick pushed against my entrance.
He thrust again. I gasped as I felt the tip jolt itself forward and enter me.
He thrust again. Rougher this time. He slipped halfway in nicely being how wet I was, but as he filled my pussy roughly up with his cock, it started to feel uncomfortable. I was a virgin, after all.
He thrust again, nearly filling me, and groaned in my ear.
"Ah!" I yelped.
"Oh, such a tight little pussy!" He exclaimed in my ear.
He thrust hard. Really hard, this time. He sank his entire cock in me with this thrust. I could feel the heat of his big balls pressed against my clit, and I pushed my hips up to meet him.
But he forced my body back down and started thrusting. My clit rubbed against the sheets as he moved his body, which helped with the slight initial pain and uncomfortableness I felt.
When he pulled back his hips, I could feel the shaft of his wet cock drag against my inner thighs as he pulled out till the head only remained inside of me.
It felt sexy. And then he thrust harshly back into me with a resounding slap, his dick disappearing inside me at once.
His hips slapped against my ass which jiggled at the force of his thrusts.
His balls repeatedly were smashed against the outer lips of my pussy each time he sunk back in me and filled my cunt entirely with his throbbing penis. I felt so tight around him and the feeling was overwhelming.
"Oh! Ohhh! I yelped and moaned as I was bred roughly.
He fucked me like a stallion. Humping hard and stuffing me with his long, thick cock. Each time he pulled out, he would thrust it back into me quickly.
"Such a wet girl for daddy," My dad moaned, "You're so wet on my cock."
"It's for you, dad…ah!"
I squeezed my pussy around his thrusting, hot cock, which was slippery and wet from my pussy.
He groaned lowly at the sensation of my pussy latching onto his penis.
"Clench that pussy for me again, oh just like that, oh yes!" He moaned aloud when I clenched and unclenched my cunt again.
He impaled me with his penis over and over, fucking me hard and rough, just the way I craved it. He leaned down and bit my ear as he thrust his hips into me, letting his big, saggy balls tap against my spread pussy lips.
I could even feel them rub and slap my wet little clit if I angled my hips up a bit more.
He groaned sexily in my ear. "I'm breeding you. I'm breeding my daughter…"
He thrust hard.
"Yes, oh, give it to me. Breed your daughter!" I moaned, his hips moving my body up and down on the mattress. My clit was stimulated by the constant, rough rub of fabric caressing it.
I was going to cum on his hot cock.
"Dad, I'm going to cum! Ah, oh yes!" I gasped, he continued to thrust which made my orgasm explode. I could feel myself pulsing on the mattress, pulsing around his throbbing penis which repeatedly sunk into me in and out.
He grunted. "Oh, you're so tight when you're cumming. I'm going to cum inside you. I'm going to fill you full, oh, here it comes, here it comes, baby!"
He quickened his thrusts right before his orgasm.
Then He thrust hard as his wet cum released itself from his throbbing cock. I could feel him pulsing inside of me, and he thrust his hips into mine harshly during each spurt. He groaned in my ear, his hot breath blowing on my hair.
His balls were pressed tightly against the outside of my cunt lips, pulsating and throbbing, signifying that he had successfully bred me.
"oh, such a good daughter. Cumming on her father's cock, ohhh." He moaned as his orgasm started to wane.
And indeed I was a good daughter. I didn't let him pull his dick out, instead, I savored the feeling of his cock softening inside me before slipping out with a wet pop.
And then I felt wetness drain from my stretched, pink hole.

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