Father and Daughter have a Fun while Mother Away Part 2

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The Second part of Father and Daughter Sex Stories added the next continuing Fun while mother went out

He carefully sat the glass back down on the coffee table while enjoying the familiar feeling of having his world twisted in knots by his daughter’s charming demeanor and smile. It was that same smile and demeanor which as a young girl forever ruled his world—and apparently, even as she became a young adult, continued to do so.While she may have turned eighteen today, she appeared much younger due to her innate innocence. It was that innocence, combined with a generous sampling of both beauty and sweetness, that made his daughter so irresistible to him while making their impending game of chase and tickle they were about to embark on maybe a little dangerous.Taking a good look at her, the father thought to himself proudly, “she could be a walking billboard for the old saying, good things come in small packages.” She was all of five foot two and weighed a trim one hundred and fourteen pounds. In fact, she was ripped physically from starring on both the senior volleyball and swim teams at the local high school.Being the product of a mixed heritage, the mother cat being half Spanish and half African American, while the father being Caucasian, gave the daughter a blend of stunning beauty from three different races.The father adored his daughter’s light brown complexion and her curly, kinky hair that fell past her shoulders in a rush of blended colors. While the roots of her pretty hair were dark, she added a bit of light blond to the ends to give her hair a stylish alluring look.Although he would never speak such a thing, out loud anyways, the father was also very much enthralled by his daughter lithe athletic body. Basically, he thought she was nothing short of perfect in every way possible.“So, are we really going to do this?” he asked half hoping she was only kidding, while at the same time praying she was not.“Don’t you want to Daddy?”“Play chase and tickle with the beautiful princess. Of course I do, but I am just wondering, don’t you think you are a little too old for such silly games.”“Never too old to have fun. Beside I am eighteen today, not eighty. Maybe you are too old to chase me . . . let alone catch me.”“I doubt that.”“Well, I guess we will find out, but you have promise me something. You need to act like a real monster, Daddy.”“Sure, why not,” he replied remembering how he used to growl and grunt at her when they played those many long years ago.“Daddy, I am serious,” she whined. “I want you to growl like you used to, make those snarling noises, and maybe some grunting would be nice too. You have to take this serious . . . you promised.”“OK, OK, I will.”“And don’t hold back either. Really attack me. I am bigger now and can take it . . . beside I am going to fight back . . . hard . . . so you had better come prepared.”“Sure, I promise to act like the big scary monster and attack you aggressively, but just remember you asked for it.”“Another thing, I want to create the perfect scary atmosphere so can we like make a rule . . . no lights? I wanna play in the dark.”“Really? I thought the princess was afraid of the dark?”“I am, a bit, and that is why I want to do it. Being scared will only increase my excitement . . . hmm and maybe make it easier for the poor scared princess to hide from the big scary tickle monster.”She smiled, waiting for him to argue, and when he didn’t her smile got wider.He went upstairs to turn off the lights throughout the house while she sat on the sofa impatiently waiting for him.Just as entered the kitchen, ready to turn off the last of the lights on upstairs, a sudden thought occurred to him. Going over to the drawer where the mother cat keep the candles in case of a power outage, he grabbed up a handful of small pillar candles and a box of matches. After stuffing the candles into the front pockets of his jeans, and the small box of matches into his back pocket, he hurried back downstairs.When he came back downstairs she was pacing back and forth across the family room. Stopping next to the last remaining light on in the house, the large floor lamp next to the sofa, she said, “Now you have to sit down so I can have at least a little bit of a head start.”“Of course,” he replied as he plopped down on the sofa leering at his beautiful young daughter with bad intent deep in his heart. If she wanted a monster—well, he was prepared to give her one.Reaching out the princess clicked off the last remaining light on in the house. “Now catch me if you can you ugly old monster,” she whispered in the darkness. Seeing his dark shape beginning to rise up from the sofa she decided to go on the offensive right away. Hoping to catch him by surprise, she suddenly rushed forward with a wail and gave him a hard two handed shove.The monster, taken off guard by her unexpected shove, plopped back down on the sofa with a small grunt.So that is how it’s going to be huh, he thought to himself.Laughing, she dashed off into the darkness. Instead of getting up and giving chase, the monster did something she probably was not expecting.He sat there in the quiet darkness waiting for his eyes to adjust. He imagined she expected him to go stumbling around in the dark like some drunken fool after her.Uh-uh. The monster had a different idea. Although a bit intoxicated, he would not act the part of the drunken fool. No, instead he would be sly and crafty, just like the monster he was.He sat there all quiet like listening for any clues to her whereabouts. Being somewhat inebriated made it easier for him to put aside any feelings of self-consciousness and play the role of monster– just like she wanted.After sitting quietly for almost a full two minutes, the monster was fairly certain the princess was still downstairs; if she had tried to sneak up the stairs he would either seen her dark shadow pass the sofa, or heard the old stairs creaking as she went up them.Silently, he rose to his feet. Peering into the darkness he searched for any sign of her. Seeing nary a sign, and with it being deathly silent in the living room, he determined she must have found a quiet little hiding place.Then it came to him; an idea of just where she might be hiding. Slowly, he tip toed across the room toward the small bar across the family room remembering how when she was little and they played hide and seek, she used to like fitting herself under the bar.Reaching the bar, he tapped on the bar’s wooden counter top with his fingers before growling in his best guttural monster voice, “Come out, come out little princess and let the monster have his way with you.”