Favela Pt. 17

tagIncest/TabooFavela Pt. 17

Everyone had woken up with horrendous hangovers, the morning went by in a haze with little talking and even less interaction, barely a 'good morning' was exchanged, as the three women got dressed, ate hurriedly & left for work. A few guilty sidelong glances was all anyone would remember. Everything else followed suit, their respective days, a drudgerous waking dream.
It was not until after dinner that evening, a similarly somber affair, that each of them began to feel the first creeping tendrils of life slowly threading their way back into their fatigued carcasses. In truth, it returned with a vengeance.
Marcella had barely had a moment to herself the last couple of days, but now that she did no time was wasted, she sprawled into the chair in front of her computer and snatched up her VR band, almost frantically she dragged it down over her eyes, her hands probed the desk for her keyboard and without hesitation she started typing.
"Sorry it's been awhile, things have gotten a little crazy, but I don't think you'll mind once you find out what I've been doing. My daughter has a girlfriend now, this cute little Telugu chick she picked up at work. Then at the party last night we got to talking about Olivia, and I think it got both of us really horny because before long we were kissing, and that was just the start!"
In her bedroom down the hall, Olivia read the message a couple of times, letting herself fully absorb and process the information. After a few minutes she finally had to accept that it was making her very angry and she was feeling extremely jealous, jealous of her friend and her mom. The irony being that it had all been her idea. While Maithri wasn't even someone she felt strongly attracted to, she still felt strangely possessive.
Her mother on the other hand, the object of her desire, was clearly enjoying the experience, but not exactly in the way that Olivia had intended. She'd called Maithri 'cute', but hadn't even mentioned the reason they'd been kissing in the first place. "I don't understand, why were you kissing your daughter's girlfriend?" She typed, determined to get her mother to explain.
"Oh, heh, right! It's not like it sounds. I just kind of let slip that I was wondering what it would be like to kiss my daughter on the mouth… Boy, I was pretty drunk. Haha! Then she well, offered to show me, by kissing me like Olivia had kissed her. I know it sounds weird, but at the time it seemed like a perfectly reasonable thing to do. And it was so fucking… incredible!"
Once again, Olivia got the distinct impression that her mother was not just talking about the fantasy, but was also enjoying the memory of making out with Maithri. Perhaps she was being paranoid, but she simply couldn't shake the feeling. This of course forced her to wonder why she was reacting so strongly; what if, her mother took a liking to Maithri, so what?
"You liked kissing this girl because she was a good kisser or because it was like you were kissing your daughter?" She couldn't stop herself from asking, even though part of her didn't really want to know.
"How can I describe it… It wasn't just that she was a good kisser (she definitely was), or that it really did feel the way I imagined it would feel to kiss Olivia, no, there was also this sweet forbidden side to it; because I was making out with my daughter's girlfriend while she was sleeping there right next to us. I really felt bad you know, but in a very naughty sort of way.
Of course I had no idea right then what I was getting myself into. This girl, she was just getting warmed up! Haha!" Olivia scowled, her mom's typical arrogant self-confidence was not improving her mood in the least. Before she had a chance to respond with a withering admonition, Marcella had banged out another paragraph.
"After we were done kissing, she started masturbating. I was so drunk I'm not even sure if she suggested it or what, but I started doing it too. We were both sitting there, side by side, staring at my mostly naked daughter and fingering ourselves like a couple of wild animals. Honestly, I thought I was going to die I was so turned on."
"But that wasn't even the best part. I mean there were several best parts, but we were doing it together, and she knew how I felt. All this time I've been alone with these feelings, wondering if I was going crazy, wondering if I'm a monster for wanting to do all these dirty things to Olivia."
Yes, you are a monster. Olivia thought silently to herself. But perhaps not because of that. She amended, somewhat tiredly, pausing to clear her mind. Perhaps her implant was especially active today, but she was having more difficulty than usual separating her own thoughts and feelings from those of the fictitious Baduro. "What would you say to her, ya sick fuck?" She mumbled irritably.
It occurred to her somewhat ironically that Baduro himself was a monster, a monster that she had created as a reflection of her mother's worst characteristics. Even so, there were times when she sympathized with her creation, it was true that she hated parts of her mother, parts that she would never accept or allow in herself, but there were also similarities to her own personality that she couldn't ignore or completely disavow.
"There's a monster living inside of everyone." She typed into the chat. It was so trite she almost deleted it, but didn't. "The only question is: are you going to take control of that monster or are you going to let it take control of you?" Olivia could sense another momentous moment approaching, this conversation would decide the next chapter of their sordid affair.
"I don't know. I'm not sure if I can control it." Her mother replied. "And when I give in, it feels so right, like I was meant to be this way. Last night when I was masturbating, I couldn't stop, I couldn't even look away. But I wasn't really touching myself, I couldn't enjoy it, I was so focused on my daughter, imagining my fingers inside her, making her come. Her pleasure was all I could think about."
Olivia felt her body reacting, as she could almost feel her mother's fingers sliding into her suddenly wet and rapidly warming vulva. Grunting she crossed her legs and viciously clenched her thighs together. Now was not the time to get distracted. "Right or wrong, that's for Deus to decide. All I care about is that you follow my commands, and that means keeping these feelings under control. Can you do it?"
There was a very long pause, Olivia chewed on her lip and rocked back and forth, only stopping when she realized that it was stimulating her still slightly tingling clit. "No. I can't. It's only a matter of time before something happens and I go all the way. I've already crossed so many red lines, and each time I just want to go farther." Olivia smiled, this was just what she'd expected to hear.
"Alright, I'm going to do you a big favor then. We're going to solve both our problems with one neat, tidy, elegant solution.
I've decided that you've become too much of a slut. So I'm going to put your daughter in charge of your pussy and your sex life. From now on you're not allowed to do anything sexual without her permission. Even if you want to touch yourself or masturbate, you have to ask her if its okay.
I expect you to be as explicit as possible, you must describe everything you want to do in great detail. Give her the opportunity to say yes or no to every individual thing. I know you want me to fuck you without a condom, to cum inside you, but I won't unless you learn how to control all your impulses. That is why only your daughter will be allowed to choose if you receive my seed.
You will explain how you've become a sex addict, you will beg her to take control of your body. Specifically you will tell her that your pussy is now hers to control, your pussy will become her responsibility, because clearly it is too much for you to manage on your own.
Do you understand what this means? Not only will you have no choice but to keep your feelings for her in check, you will also be forced to talk to her about everything you are feeling. That is, if you are still determined to be my woman and bear my children."
"Oh my Deus." There was a brief pause. "I love it! Thank you mestre for this most generous and gracious gift! You can't see but I'm crying tears of joy." Olivia initially snorted with disdain at her mother's consummate shamelessness but then started blushing when she considered the full implications of Marcella's eager adoption of her twisted scheme.
"I'm… glad you like it." Olivia typed somewhat woodenly into her phone. She hadn't expected this level of excitement, her mother's unreserved enthusiasm had caught her off guard. "So, good then, don't keep me waiting. I want you to do it as soon as you can. It's time we put a leash on that wayward pussy of yours." Olivia chortled quietly at this.
"Of course, I want to tell her immediately. I'm going to go do it right now!" Olivia groaned and quickly turned off her phone and stuffed it anxiously into her bandoleer. She'd hoped her mom would have the patience to wait at least until morning, but of course she wouldn't wait, not on something this important.
Less than a minute later Olivia's bedroom door creaked open and Marcella entered quietly. She walked slowly over to her daughter's bed, Olivia lay on her side in the semi-darkness, eyes open. She had decided not to bother pretending to be asleep.
Maithri on the other hand was snoring peacefully nearby, thankfully turned away and all but buried under the covers. "Oh, you're awake." Marcella crouched down, resting one arm on the edge of the bed even as Olivia moved to prop herself up on one elbow. Her mom glanced around the room apprehensively before making eye contact.
"Filha." Marcella's cheeks turned a pretty shade of pink beneath the coffee-colored darkness. Her eyes wandered, clearly she was having some difficulty about how to word, whatever she was trying to say. "Baduro has asked me to do something… big, and I am not sure how to explain it…" Olivia reached out and took hold of her mother's hand, fixing her eyes with her best and most expectant expression.
"Whatever it is, you know I will listen. Just be honest, speak from your heart. Together we can handle anything." This last word had come out pretty intense. Olivia felt her own face flushing, Marcella looked like she was about to start crying, she squeezed her daughter's hand and took a deep breath.
"Alright, thank you baby." She cleared her throat. "Well. Baduro has decided that I… have a problem. Apparently my sex drive is getting out of control." She sniffed, and wiped a single tear from the corner of her eye. Olivia pouted, trying to look both concerned and a little angry (at Baduro). "And, he thinks. No, he has insisted that I take steps in order to get my… urges under control." She grimaced, wiping the moisture from her other eye.
Olivia nodded sportively, inside her excitement was building, she could feel it coming even as her crotch started to tingle. "So… He demanded that I give you…" Marcella's face twitched, but she quickly recovered. "To be specific: I am to, temporarily give you control, of my… sexuality." She exhaled roughly, her eyes darting about nervously, as though looking for some place to hide.
"Your… sexuality? I'm not sure I really understand." Olivia replied uncertainly. Marcella gritted her teeth and shook her head ruefully.
"No. Yeah, I'm not doing a very good job explaining it." She exhaled again with nerves and exasperation. Reaching out, she slipped her left arm under the blankets and searched until she found Olivia's other hand. "I'm being stupid, because I'm embarrassed. He was very clear, I'm just being a ckickenshit." She chuckled shyly.
"My pussy." She breathed. "I'm supposed to give you total control over my pussy." Both her eyebrows raising suggestively, her voice going flat and low; noting in her daughter's eyes a gleam of realization she sighed with relief, finally seeming to relax.
"Starting tonight, starting right now, my pussy is… yours filha. If I want to do anything sexual down there, anything at all, even masturbate, I have to ask you for permission. I might beg or try to bargain, but you're the one in charge. Do you understand?" Olivia felt giddy, it was so surreal, she honestly hadn't expected her mother to actually go through with it. After all, Marcella had blown Baduro off before.
This realization made her even more excited because it meant that on some level, even subconsciously her mother must have wanted to do it. "So let me get this straight. I control your pussy, completely? If you want to have sex or touch yourself, or anything like that, you have to ask my permission? And if I say 'no' you have to obey me?" She brought her face closer so that she could stare intently into her mother's trembling eyes.
"Yes!" Marcella squeaked.
"I see." Olivia murmured, somewhat ponderously. "Wow, this is big. This is huge. Are you really sure about this? I mean, it sounds kind of insane." Marcella took a moment to collect herself, then she slowly nodded, a look of absolute resolution on her face.
"I am certain. Filha, I have a… problem, a real problem. I… I'm addicted to sex and… kinky things. I've had such dirty, dirty thoughts! I've been so bad. I've done things I shouldn't have done. My pussy has taken control of my life. I need you to save me. I need you to take control of my pussy. Please tell me you will do this for mamãe."
Olivia smiled softly. "Of course! I mean, yes, I accept this amazing responsibility." She tried to use a serious sounding voice, but it just came out comically pretentious, bordering dangerously on sarcasm. Luckily her mother was so overwhelmed with emotion that she was only able to throw her arms around Olivia as she burst into tears.
"I… I'm so relieved, you can't even imagine how much better I feel, it's like… I can breathe again!" She took a deep dramatic breath, smiling broadly as she wiped the tears from both her eyes. Olivia smiled back, surprised to notice that tears were streaming down her own cheeks.
"This is so strange." She exclaimed sincerely, starting to chuckle as soon as she said it. Then Marcella was chuckling too, a second later they were both laughing, almost hysterically. Then suddenly remembering Maithri, Olivia clapped a hand over her mouth and pointed frantically over her shoulder with the other. Marcella instantly caught on, and clapped a hand over her own mouth.
They stayed like that for several seconds, snorting into their fingers, eyes dancing. Eventually Marcella lowered her hand to breathe, panting she managed to remark: "Your little Desi is a sound sleeper, probably take an air raid to wake that anjo doce." Olivia nodded, and almost started laughing all over again.
"You're right. I could probably do anything to her while she's sleeping." To make a point, Olivia threw back the covers, exposing them both. Maithri had rolled onto her back, her mouth cracked open, still snoring; perhaps even louder than before. Olivia stared at her friend's giant breasts which were still jiggling slightly from the commotion.
Acting impulsively Olivia reached out and gingerly grasped Maithri's left tit, she squeezed it gently, grinning, her belly fluttering with nerves and the beginnings of mild sexual arousal, even as she marveled at the truly miraculous consistency of Maithri's boob. Her eyes wandered away from the olive orb long enough to gauge her mother's reaction.
Marcella's expression was complicated, a touch of surprise, or alarm, maybe even panic, undermined by a deeper all-too-familiar appetite, an indomitable hunger that could never quite be slaked. She swallowed, blinked, her eyes darting to her daughter's, who caught them. Feeling particularly bold and now more than a little horny, Olivia stretched out one finger and let it settle conspicuously over Maithri's nipple.
It almost looked like she was trying to cover it for the sake of modesty, if not for the outrageous nature of her situation. Smiling, fixing eyes with her mother, she started rocking the tip of her finger back and forth, toying with Maithri's nipple. Admittedly she was mildly curious if it was possible to elicit a physical reaction given that her friend was still asleep.
To her surprise Maithri's nipple responded almost immediately, rising up to buoy her finger from below. Swallowing herself, so startled that she tore her eyes away from her mother's face and even reflexively moved her finger so that she could stare in amazement at her friend's shockingly hard and erect nipple. "Wow." She breathed.
Marcella chuckled. "I can see my filha has the toque mágico." Both women watched, entranced as the hard nipple slowly lost its rigidity and melted back into a dully glinting nub nestled in the center of Maithri's dark brown areola. "Beautiful." Marcella remarked, then: "Do it again!" She urged, teasingly. Olivia however had already replaced her finger and was busy coaxing the nipple back to attention.
It responded even quicker than before, practically jumping under Olivia's fingertip. She tilted it and tapped the indented center with her nail, making it even more rigid. "I bet she's having a nice dream right now." Marcella murmured, Olivia turned her head to stare into her mom's eyes, she continued poking Maithri's nipple, playfully pushing it down into her friend's nebulous boob before letting it pop back up.
"I can't believe she's sleeping through this." She remarked casually, while thinking how annoyed Maithri would be if she knew what she was missing. Marcella nodded, her expression comically serious.
"I was joking before about the air raid, but now I'm actually getting worried. Maybe you should see if you can even wake her up." Olivia grinned and curled her hand so that she could bring her thumb and finger together around her friend's large nipple. She pretended to pinch it, but she only gave it a light squeeze, she didn't want to actually wake Maithri up; she was having way too much fun with her mother.
Using the lightest touch she plucked Maithri's nipple, lifting up her breast by a few centimeters and then letting it flop back down. The way it rippled and undulated was mesmerizing. Marcella gasped, thinking for sure that the girl would wake, but she barely stirred, her gentle snoring continuing uninterrupted. Olivia plucked her friend's nipple several more times, letting go a little higher each time, causing her mom to gasp with each release.
Inevitably she laughed out loud, Marcella's reaction finally driving her over the edge. "Mom, you're being ridiculous. There's no way she's waking up, not even if I were to do this." Spontaneously Olivia grabbed hold of Maithri's enormous boob with both hands, and craning her neck so that she could continue to look her mother in the eyes; closed her entire hot mouth around her friend's areola, sucking it hungrily inside.
Marcella's face went white, that is to say, as white as dark brown skin can go white. Olivia sucked sensually on Maithri's tit, it had a rapturously creamy texture, a pleasant taste and an even more pleasant smell that was both calming and somehow invigorating. Overall the experience was wonderful. A second in and Olivia discovered she was really getting into it.
Her mom had gone totally silent, she sat stock still, eyes riveted to where Maithri's boob disappeared into her daughter's busy mouth. Marcella's face had gone from pale to red, she was blushing hard and Olivia couldn't blame her. With each second that passed she found herself devouring the nipple in increasingly erotic ways. Somehow she managed to let it pop free long enough to say: "See? Sound sleep."

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