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By Dannyy Pretty boy 5’5” 100lbs sexy petite naked body 15

I flirt with older men on the net..teasing them sending sexy pictures of me in panties lingerie telling them my darkest deepest secret desires fantasies is to be naked begging moaning pleading being filmed just once satisfying my sexual urges
Once they know how old I am they ghost me until Father Jim came into my life. He tracked my ip address found out where I lived kept sending me messages telling me that he liked lil young fembois like me and threatened to tell my mom friends show them pictures of me in panties if I didn’t cum meet him.

He would then send me naked pictures of him.. older guy like 50 beer belly shaved body his 7” cock. At first I was scared after all it was just a fantasy in my mind I never thought I would really do this.. I only had my dildos inside me only dreaming of a real cock felling hot sweet cum in my boipussy. My Fantasy..
I told him it had to be secretly discreetly can’t get caught everyone would freak if they knew my secret desires to me a slut for a night..
And of course I never heard back from him… just another dirty old pervert I thought.

Then 2 months ago my life changed. My mom would always make me go to church with her on Sundays. “ Did you know we have a new Pastor today he just transferred over and after mass there going to be a meet n greet downstairs with a breakfast buffet is it ok with you if we go I hear he’s really nice”
I smiled at my mom said sure..but thinking damn just what I dint want to do hang around with a munch of old people after church just to meet the new Pastor.

As usual I was bored during the mass not really paying attention until I got a good look at him..strange I thought he looked like someone I knew or something but couldn’t quite figure it out. Forgetting about it we went down for breakfast mom n me sitting at a table for 10.

“ Hi I’m Father Jim can I sit here and talk to you good people “ he sat right next to me n my mom everyone at the table were talking back n forth with him I wasn’t really paying attention when I felt his hand on my leg shocked I looked up at him he smiled at me..
“ Hi I’m Father Jim nice to meet you son “ he put his other hand out to shake mine and squeezed harder my leg under the table… “ Oh hi nice to meet you” I kinda whispered and then I recognized him..from that sex site it was that old fat guy who kept telling me he knew where I lived.

“ You look like a fine lad did you know we’re looking for Altar boys in case your interested you could come by next Saturday night meet the other Altar boys if you want maybe meet some new friends “
I kind of stuttered ..looking at my mom she was shaking her head yes smiling .. “ I..I..I.. I don’t know maybe I’ll think about it.. I felt myself getting red looked away his hand was rubbing my leg faster. Father got up excused himself and went to another table.
“ What do you think son would you be interested in something like that”…. “ I don’t know mom maybe “

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That night I got a email from him… Pictures of him in his church robes showing me his cock he was in the church by the Altar and pictures of me in my panties n lingerie.. Saturday night 7pm wear your panties boy tell your mom your going to come and check it out.. WTF.. I thought getting horny why not I thought after all there will be other kids there so it should be ok safe.

Mom was happy as she dropped me off.. “ Call me when your done I’ll come pick you up have fun”
The light was on above the church door so I walked in.. there were like 100 candles burning dim lights overhead above the Altar I looked around nobody was there confused I walked towards the Altar getting nervous scared when Father Jim walked out of the shadows wearing his robe walking towards me.
“ My son I knew you’d cum I told you I would find you someday and fulfill your darkest fantasies now take off your clothes I want to see your panties just like you always teased me in your pictures.. you know you’re a sinner and I’m going to cleanse your soul your body with my holy cum”

It was like I was hypnotized not thinking I stripped naked just in my panties showing him my body… Father removed his robe and I went to my knees… and like a demon possessed I started to kiss lick n suck on my first real cock bobbing my head up n down I was amazed how good it tasted felt in my mouth it’s like I was falling in love with his cock I couldn’t stop slobbering all over it. I heard myself moaning loudly.

I was in my panties sucking my Naked Priest in church this is wrong sacrilegious I’m going to hell I thought but fuck this was so exciting being here in god’s house surely the devil got ahold of me my soul.

With pure unholy lust in my eyes I looked at him and couldn’t believe what I said..
“ Oooh Father yes I’m a sinner bless me with your holy cum my naked body I’ll sacrifice to you my soul is yours as I worship you praying to be taken oooh Father oooh god yes my virginity I offer to you oooh my god please fuck me here in church fuck me like a girl like your femboi I’m begging moaning as Father lifts me up kissing me placing me on the Altar poring holy oils on my body lubing me up..

Slowly he enters me no pain only unholy pleasure… “ Oooh my fucking god oooh yes Ooh Father fuck fuck oooh bless me with your holy cum I want your unholy babies seeding me oooh god oooh yes I’m a sinner oooh god oooh faster faster fuck meeee “ I’m screaming shaking yelling blasphemies in church…. Going to Hell..

I could feel his unholy cum filling my boipussy I started to cum splashing all over our naked bodies

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By Dannyy #Gay #Teen #Virgin