Fertility Temple, Milk Daughter

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Daughter's Perspective: New Milk
The irony was that Clarissa never wanted to go on the trip. She wanted to stay home and focus on the law firm internship she had.
But when she returned from the brief South American trip, she was glad she went. Her parents were anthropology professors, so visiting the ancient temples was like heaven to them. Clarissa was thrilled to see her prudish and academic-minded parents having so much fun.
She felt refreshed returning to work after the trip. It felt like the sort of reset she needed from the busy law firm schedule. Getting back to work, she was determined to make an impression.
Clarissa was speaking to an attorney about a breach of contract claim they were looking into for a client. Most of her day-to-day activities involved doing case research and helping to draft documents.
"See what you can find on anticipatory repudiation," the lawyer said. "Particularly cases within the last 10 years involving construction. The law has sort of evolved."
She nodded. "Sure, I'll get right on it. Did you also want me to…uh…."
Freezing mid-sentence, Clarissa felt a pang in her gut. Another pang around her chest area forced her to curl her lips.
"Is… everything okay?" the lawyer asked with concern.
She forced a smile, "Oh, sorry, I'm fine."
The lawyer asked again if she was okay and she laughed it off. After getting her instructions for the day's work, she snuck off to the bathroom for much needed privacy.
Standing in front of the bathroom mirror, she gently pressed her palm into her stomach, wondering what it could have been. By then, the feeling was already gone.
Afterwards she opened her blouse to examine in her chest. Breast examinations were something she took seriously and did on a routine basis. She worried that today would be the day that she found something. She pressed two fingers around her chest, looking for any lumps.
With a press on top of her left breast, she noticed a funny feeling inside of her bra. It almost felt ticklish. She pulled at the left cup of her bra, looking at her pink nipple, and she noticed a trickle of wetness. Sweat? Possibly, but she had never burst out sweating before, much less from her breast area.
Standing underneath the white fluorescent light, she examined her nipple more closely. A drop of liquid was forming at the tip of her pink nipple.
The color was white.
And that was the moment Clarissa's life changed forever.
It was late in the afternoon when she arrived home. She managed to maintain her composure throughout her day in the office. Being the new girl meant working diligently without making a fuss.
Both of her parents were university professors who were forced to teach online because of the pandemic. Since this was a situation sensitive to women, she waited until dad was sitting in the living room watching tv before she could talk to mom about it.
Clarissa was barefoot in her office clothes when she pulled mom aside into her parent's bedroom. The last thing she wanted to do was touch her bra because she didn't know what she was dealing with.
"What's wrong?" mom asked. "Everything okay? How was work?"
"Work is fine. Can I ask you something weird? In our family genes and medical history, is it normal for… ummm…."
"Go ahead. You can tell me anything."
That was always the case between them. Her mother had been her confidant and one of her best friends. She had long considered herself blessed to have such a relationship with her mother.
Clarissa gulped. "Does our family have a history of producing breast milk?"
"Well, yes, of course," mom snickered. "It certainly helped you grow."
She shook her head. "No, no. I mean, before pregnancy. Or even before conception. I read online that it's possible."
"That's never been the case, to my knowledge. Why?"
The mood between them was tense. Clarissa had always been open with her mother about medical needs, and her mother was generous with information. Their conversations about the female body were always candid.
"I think I was…" Clarissa paused for a moment. "I think it happened to me today. I don't know. It tickled and milk came out."
"Milk? Are you sure?"
Clarissa gulped. "Mom, it was milk. I tasted it."
Her mother looked dumbfounded by the news, as anyone would be.
"And you're serious about this?"
"Completely serious."
Mom sucked in a deep breath. "Lactation generally occurs at the midpoint of pregnancy. Maybe you're pregnant and you don't know it yet. Perhaps you're producing milk early."
"I only practice safe sex with condoms and I've researched all the signs of pregnancy. What I feel is something totally different."
"What do you feel?"
Clarissa gathered her thoughts. "I felt a pang deep in my lower gut where my ovaries and uterus are. Then I felt the same thing in my chest area, around my breasts. It almost felt ticklish there. I went to the bathroom and did a breast exam, then milk came out. It's the craziest thing."
"How long has this been happening?"
"Literally just today. I think I touched a poisonous plant when we were in the jungle. Or it could have been an insect. I don't know."
There was a long pause.
"Oh my god," mom replied with wide eyes.
"What? Do you think it's a disease or infection?"
Instead of replying, mom said 'follow me,' and they brisked out of the bedroom and into the home office, where both parents kept their books and research material. Mom took a few minutes to sift through the home library.
Finally, mom was flipping through a book which appeared to be several decades old, before putting her finger on something to read.
"Oh my god," mom said again, speed reading the paragraphs. "You're going to think I'm insane."
"After the day I've had, I'm open to anything."
"Remember the fertility temple we visited?"
"How could I forget?" Clarissa replied. "You and dad were so excited."
"You touched the small statue on the shrine."
It only took a few seconds before Clarissa realized what her mother was implying. Yes, it was insane, but her parents were big believers in the supernatural. Clarissa, on the other hand, was more of a fact-based person, which is why she went into law.
"You're actually suggesting I'm possessed?" Clarissa asked with great skepticism.
"Not possessed. In their culture, you're blessed. There have been reports for centuries about this temple and it always gets brushed off. Who knows, it may be more real than we think."
"That's a big stretch," Clarissa replied.
"Open your top."
"All of it?"
"Show me your breasts," mom demanded. "I have to see this with my own eyes before we can proceed with this theory."
They used to be topless around each other for bra-fittings, changing rooms, and swimming at various locations around the world. It was always innocent. And they hadn't done it as much in recent years. But she trusted her mother's judgment more than anyone's.
Clarissa removed her blazer, undid her blouse, and unclipped her bra, putting everything on the table. She stood topless before her mother, with pert breasts and pink nipples on full display.
She kept her hands down while mom gave a visual inspection of the breasts, the same way a doctor would during a routine exam.
"You look fuller," mom noted, before holding her hand out. "Do you mind?"
"Go for it."
It was the first time her breast had ever been touched by her mother. In any other circumstance, she would have been grossed out. But this was a medical situation and her mother was an incredibly knowledgeable woman.
Her breasts were gently poked and prodded by mom's finger for nearly a minute. It was when mom pressed her fingers hard onto the underside of the right breast that milk shot from the nipple, directly onto mom's face.
It's a horrifying sight for any daughter, seeing her milk squirted onto mom's face. She watched her mother's shocked reaction, stepping back, then wiping it away. Neither of them said anything for a while.
"Yes, this tastes like real breast milk," mom said, wiping some of the milk from her face and licking it.
"I'm scared."
"Don't be scared. We have to tell your father. He wrote a thesis on South American temples and he's done extensive research on the supernatural aspects as well."
As she watched her milk twirling around in mom's mouth, Clarissa knew that this was only the beginning.
The family dining table was a place for eating and having family discussions about random things. Now, as they all sat there, everyone had a serious face as dad took a moment to digest the major news.
"If the folklore is true…" dad said before giving a dramatic pause, "then it should only be temporary."
"You and mom are freaking me out."
"Sorry, but I've read countless local reports and journalist accounts that have spanned centuries. I never thought it was real, but I've always been open to the possibility that it is."
Clarissa tried figuring out which had shocked her more. That she now had breast milk. Or that her parents were true believers in the power of a 'fertility temple.' Surely there was a plausible medical explanation for all this.
"Maybe I should ask my doctor," she said.
"And say what?"
The question was a cold reminder of how bizarre this situation was. Her dad, with the blunt question, had a point. It would sound crazy telling this to a doctor, having to explain that she went to a temple and now her young body was changing.
"You're right," she replied, acknowledging her father's subtle hint. "My doctor will think I'm out of my mind."
"There could very well be a rational explanation for all this. It could be a bug bite or a reaction to plant poisoning, as you had suggested."
Clarissa sighed, "You really think it's the fertility temple?"
"Yes, I do. Honestly, I do."
Her dad reached out for her hand and she held it. Their bond was tight and she always trusted her father's opinion. The look in dad's eyes was one of certainty.
"Okay, assuming that's true," she said, giving in to this theory. "Then what? How does it work?"
"Well, assuming it's true, it should only be a temporary matter. There's a reason why there's no research behind the spiritual aspects of these temples. It's because the effects gradually fade away and there's nothing left to study."
"Have you read anything about a cure?"
Dad shook his head. "It's a fertility temple. I'm sure you can imagine what the only remedy this temple wants is."
"Breeding?" she asked, blushing.
"That's what it was intended for. I'm only telling you what I've read. By all accounts, it should be gone in a few days."
"I do feel better," she said after some thought. "I don't feel as queasy. It could have just been a weird reaction to something."
"That's a logical conclusion. If things continue, then you should contact your doctor."
Clarissa managed to smile. "Thanks for making me feel better. This whole day is surreal."
At night she had vivid dreams. The dreams felt like recreations of her memories from the fertility temple. She could feel the humidity on her skin and the warmth of the air. In her mind, she could see the shrines and statues once again, noticing their beauty in a new way.
She felt her hand touching a shrine. Her fingers felt electric.
A powerful sensation waved through her breasts and pelvic area. They started to feel swollen.
The next image in her dream was with her mother, when mom had examined her breasts. Only this time, she dreamt that her mother had sucked her nipples. Such blasphemy! But it felt so right. Her legs crossed from the pleasure of mom's mouth.
She dreamt of a swollen belly and both of her parents sucking at each breast, excess milk flowing out of each mouth. Their hands on her round, impregnated stomach.
Clarissa's legs squirmed from the forced orgasm as she slept.
Mother's Perspective: Family Duties
From the moment Liz woke up at dawn, she knew something was wrong. Her body was covered in sweat and her husband seemed perplexed by it. At her middle-age, it was common to have small issues here and this, but this was scary.
Even stranger, she was drenched between the legs.
"Something's wrong," she told her husband.
He became fully alert. "What is it?"
"I dreamt of the fertility temple. Of Clarissa. Of our life as a family."
"Was there anything particularly unusual?"
Liz pulled the blanket away, revealing her sweaty body beneath the nightgown. She lifted the lower half of her nightgown to show the wet pool between her legs.
"I had an orgasm while I slept," she said. "That's never happened to me before."
Her husband put his glasses on and gave it a close inspection. There was no doubt that it was an orgasm.
"You said you dreamt of the fertility temple," he inquired. "Tell me about that."
"I could feel it so clearly. Goodness, it was like I was there again!"
He thought for a moment. "And what about Clarissa?"
"Yesterday afternoon I examined her breasts. Some of her milk squirted onto my face, which I tasted. I ingested her milk. And I… I… imagined that in my dream."
The tone in her voice was ominous, as if suggesting that whatever spiritual power was in their daughter's breast milk had now been transferred. Her husband picked up that suggestion right away.
"Fascinating," he pondered. "Do you feel anything else?"
"Mild nausea. I need a long shower and I'll have to wash the sheets."
"Wait a minute."
She remained still as her husband pulled the strap of her nightgown to expose her round breast. Her husband squeezed and pressed around the sides of the tit and she felt a firm pressure. It was something familiar. Something she hadn't experienced in two decades.
Milk squirted from her nipple. Her husband was so shocked that he exposed her other tit and repeated the same process. Again, milk was expressed from her other boob, leaving both nipples with milk leaking at the tips.
"Oh jeez," he gasped. "Tell me again about your dream. What did you envision with Clarissa?"
Liz gulped. "It's something that's never, ever crossed my mind before. Never in my entire life. I swear."
"I know, Liz. It's the temple. What did you dream about?"
"Well, I dreamt that I nursed our daughter's breasts. It was so vivid that it feels like it actually happened."
He didn't hesitate. "You need to speak to our daughter. Immediately."
"Do you have a plan?" she asked.
"I might. And I don't think you're going to like it."
Seeing her husband's enthusiasm gave her comfort. At least someone knew what they were doing.
After a quick shower, Liz went to her daughter's room, while her husband prepared breakfast and brewed coffee. Her daughter was also fresh from a shower, a light touch of makeup on her face, as she was preparing for work in the law firm.
They had already talked openly and honestly about all that occurred while they slept. Liz's husband had assumed correctly, both women had the same dreams of the fertility temple. It could have been a freak coincidence, but what are the odds of that?
"Hormonal changes can be difficult," Liz said, sifting through her daughter's closet. "You're basically a pregnant woman, as far as your body is concerned."
Her daughter Clarissa was in a tshirt and shorts, with freshly dried hair. At this hour of the morning, they'd normally be having breakfast as a family before heading their separate ways. Now their fates were intertwined.
"As long as everything is under control," Clarissa said, accepting that her day would be a challenge.
"Plenty of working women in the office are able to handle their breast milk. You'll be fine."
"But that's gradual. Mine literally came out of nowhere."
Liz could sense the fear in her daughter's voice. This was the unknown, and Clarissa was right, breast milk comes gradually during pregnancy. It was something that a woman's body grew to adapt. It was how nature is supposed to work.
"We'll have to adjust to our new circumstance," Liz replied in a motherly voice. "I promise you, it'll be fine. I used to teach courses while lactating and it became manageable after finding the right routine."
"Did you use a breast pump?"
"Yes, I did. But you can manage by pumping your breasts into a cup. It's a simple process, though a bit time consuming."
Clarissa nodded. "The lawyers will think I'm slacking if I keep running off to the bathroom."
"Which is why you'll have to be fast. I'll teach you."
Liz found the perfect ensemble in her daughter's closet. A pencil skirt. A blazer. A loose blouse that could easily be lifted, to avoid having to redo the buttons. A bra that had adequate padding to hold any excess milk if leakage occurred in the office.
"You have great taste," Clarissa smiled.
"If it's one thing I've learned as a mother, it's that buttons are your enemy. They're time consuming. When you're in the bathroom, lift your blouse, then lift your bra and milk yourself into a cup. Quick and easy."
"Makes sense, mom. All I have to do is pray that no one else needs to use the bathroom while I'm there."
Liz always had a chuckle at her daughter's playful sarcasm. It made their relationship lively, as both of them were smart women with a dry sense of humor.
Pushing the awkwardness aside, she insisted on helping her daughter get dressed, and her daughter seemed okay with it under the present circumstance. Liz turned around while her daughter slipped into the panties. Then Liz helped her daughter wear the office skirt.
Her daughter looked cute wearing a home tshirt with a professional skirt. It was a fun contrast of youth and professionalism. As a mother, it's hard letting go of a daughter's youthful side for sentimental reasons.
"I'll need to look at your breasts again," Liz said, before doing anything with her daughter's tshirt. "Your father thinks it's best. Do you mind?"
"Sure, go ahead," Clarissa replied in a cheeky tone, almost blushing at the prospect of this happening. "Things are a little different than before."
"I'm sure."
Liz removed the tshirt with her daughter's help and saw the pert breasts. Unlike yesterday, her daughter's chest looked swollen, as if almost an entire cup size bigger. The pink nipples also protruded more.
"You seem shocked, mom," Clarissa said while modeling.
"I am. You've truly grown since yesterday."
"What about yours? Are your breasts swollen, too?"
"Not at my age," Liz replied with a smile. "These days, my breasts only drift in one direction. South."
"Honestly, a lot of guys think that's hot. Maybe even some younger women as well."
There was a mischievous look on her daughter's face that always made Liz want to laugh. Even in times like this, her daughter was a saving grace.
With the clock ticking, Liz took the bra and placed the straps between her daughter's arms, bringing the cups to her daughter's breasts. When she tried to clip the bra behind her daughter's back, she noticed that the cups were a tight squeeze.
Clipping the bra, she saw her daughter's breasts struggling.
"Does it hurt?" Liz asked. "It looks like the cup size is too small."
"Yeah, it kind of hurts. It'll be uncomfortable. What did you do when you were pregnant?"
"I drained them regularly, as all women do."
Their eyes locked and they knew what had to be done. Neither of them were ever squeamish when it came to the functions of the human body. After all, Liz had spent her adult life studying human biology in all forms, and this was no different. If anything, this was part of life studies and would only further her learning.
Liz shimmied her daughter's bra. "If you were drained, I'm sure this bra would fit a little easier. Believe it or not, breasts do change sizes when properly drained."

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