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Many thanks to Nouh Bdee for proofreading and editing this story.
"Clearly the main characters were not monogamous. They were capable of loving more than one person at a time. So all that drama was useless," Kora stated to end our discussion, as she slowed down behind a traffic light.
I shrugged. "The book was about more than just their sex life. I don't think polygamy was the point…"
"I beg to differ," she interrupted, with an annoying, passive-aggressive laugh. I twisted my face in imitation of what Kora said to make my wife, Sofia laugh. She was in the backseat of the car next to me, clearly amused at my attempts to revolt against the tyranny of Kora.
"I think the point was that the male protagonist was just a cheater…he was cheating in his career as a writer and parliament minister as well." I tapped on Tomas' shoulder for support. He smiled, but did not dare say anything against his wife.
"Yes, and?" Kora uttered condescendingly. "The female protagonist also cheated on her husband, which means what? That they could live an honest poly life and be happy. Problem solved. The drama was a non-drama. Really the book was, at best, meh" Kora wanted us to acknowledge that Elena Ferrante's Neapolitan books were not worth talking about on a Sunday afternoon after a jazz festival. "Anyway, I am glad you two also took Monday off. I don't understand people who go back home directly after a festival."
"Yes, I can't imagine driving home now with a massive hangover. We booked a hotel for today somewhere around here actually." Sofia pointed at a block of wooden houses in the centre of Pori. "We always chill on Sundays after a festival, and go back home only on Mondays. To be very honest, one more day away from children is a blessing," Sofia joked and Tomas laughed. Sofia then winked at me, "but going back to the previous conversation, I don't think in the 1960s or 1970s many knew about polyamory, or could see themselves as one, or indeed could lead such a free life for that matter."
"Grace Jones is the same age as the characters in that story," Kora said, annoyed, and then kept quiet as she drove. The reason she referred to Grace Jones was because Grace Jones was the last performer of the festival and appeared naked on the stage, preaching about sexual freedom.
Sofia and I shared a triumphant smile. We both like teasing sources of power. Tomas understood what we were up to and fidgeted in the front seat to turn around and give us a knowing smile. The moment he turned, though, Kora asked him to stop squirming. "I am trying to drive, Tomas! I cannot see from the mirror if you put your head in the middle." She then told us "you must excuse my husband. He always gets excited like this." Kora darted an angry look at him. Tomas' face twisted and reddened in shame, and peered outside the window.
"I think it's unfair to expect people to know what they want sexually." I addressed Kora. "To be honest, Sofia and I, in the year 2017 of our lord, still don't…we still don't know what we want in bed," I confessed, to my own surprise, and looked at my wife apologetically. The sentence I started as a joke turned so confessional all of a sudden.
Sofia was taken aback and hurt a bit. I know this because she tried to make light of what I said without acknowledging it. "Little baby is confused. Maybe it's all the weed you smoke." Tomas laughed at her remark.
"Aren't we all confused?" Tomas looked amused as Kora parked the car in front of an Italian restaurant in the seaside of Pori town.
"No, I mean it," I retorted. I felt hurt a bit that they made fun of me. I usually don't share emotions much and their comments made me feel attacked and insecure. Sofia narrowed her eyes, looking at me, and then got out of the car. After all, from her point of view, I was sharing this revelation in front of two strangers. Unlike Sofia, I was completely fine with talking about our sex life in front of Tomas and Kora. Even though we had only met them on that morning in the campsite of the Pori Jazz festival, the circumstances of that encounter made the topic of sex easy to share.
When I got out of the car, I could see from Sofia's face that she needed answers. "What was that about?" She wanted reassurance that we were fine. I smiled at her and kissed her forehead.
"Everything is fine, baby," I whispered to her ear as we walked towards the restaurant. "Let's have our lunch!"
The other two were waiting for us to go inside the restaurant. This time Kora had a triumphant smile. "Come on, weed boy! What's confusing you?" she said with another laugh. "Tell us from the beginning!"
I didn't tell them the whole story: just the outlines. Even I didn't know what I meant by my own comment. Nothing was clear to me. I tried to recreate everything chronologically in order to see if I understood my feelings better.
Sofia and I never honestly acknowledged that sex had become banal; that something was missing. And so, I had learned to escape to my mind from the monotony of monogamous life, and to fantasize about others. And festivals are fantastic opportunities in this sense because the whole ritual of dancing and having fun in crowds is paganistic, raw, and sexual. Especially for someone like me who is drawn to group sex.
Pori Jazz that year became different, though. What changed our lives forever was the final performance on Saturday night, the last night of the festival. Grace Jones, in her late sixties, appeared naked on the stage. Her amazingly firm tits were projected on several LCDs as she shamelessly wiggled them. She walked around the stage exhibiting her oiled up, naked body, and talking about how prudence is the enemy of art and freedom.
All this made many like me horny and randy. I guess, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and seeing her gorgeous tits, many dared to dance shirtless and shameless. That's what Grace Jones advocated. "Get naked and free!" I, too, took off my loose shirt to feel the erotic brush of hands, torsos and sometimes breasts against my smooth skin. I felt a tingling in my belly and groin, and caught the gaze of many whose eyes were also burning with lust. But nothing was as erotic as the moment I grabbed Sofia by the waist and she shimmied off her long black coat. She revealed her glittered torso and legs, which were covered only with a tiny black bandeau and a mini skirt. I could feel my heartbeat as I wished to see her lose the bandeau. But, she didn't; she continued to twerk provocatively against me, using a lot of hips and breasts. I was horny looking at her and the other semi-naked sexy creatures who vibrated with lust and desire. I danced around Sofia's hot twirling body and groped her as much as I could in that crowded pit, full of people dancing to a rhythmic funk.
Soon, two strong, young men were pushed next to Sofia. They knew how to keep up with her moves, and had fun dancing suggestively with her, sandwiching my wife. I just couldn't take it anymore. I pulled Sofia to me, grabbed her waist, and pressed her ass against my cock. My tongue found her neck and back as my hands ran all over her chest. We were sweating, yet cool in that seaside weather. She knew no one but me would dare to touch her.
Seeing that, the two guys started moving away. I guess to them it looked like Sofia's ass would be only mine to drill. Looking at the guys, I made sure they understood they could stay. Sofia turned and put my hands against her ass, and pressed her tits onto my chest, kissing me passionately. The two men got closer and started brushing her naked arms and back with their hands. I felt my cock bursting out of my shorts; I grabbed Sofia by the hand and took us out of the crowd.
My cock painfully tented my shorts as I dragged Sofia through the crowd to the patch of woods near the stage. I assumed the two guys would follow, since I thought we all felt ready to move things further and they understood the meaning of my look. I looked back, but they weren't behind us to my surprise. I waited by the edge of the woods and then Sofia turned my head and kissed me passionately. I couldn't wait any longer. I took her into the woods and turned her around, pressed her against a tree, rolled up her skirt, and shoved my cock into her pussy with no hesitation. She was so wet that no further foreplay was needed. A cry left her lips, but the music was so loud that I could barely hear Sofia's moans. Realizing that no matter how loud she cried no one would hear her, she let go of all inhibition and roared with lust. I pulled on her hair and pumped into her vagina hard in the shelter of the noise, trees, and darkness. She was practically screaming. I, too, let go and grunted as much as I could, slapped her ass red, and talked so dirty that it was out of character. I still looked around in the hope that the guys would turn up and Sofia would suck them dry. With that image in mind, I came without warning and she just collapsed against the tree as I let go of her. After that, we went back to our tent, but we were still horny and kept fucking like rabbits.
Sunday morning, Sofia and I were sleeping half naked in our tent. We were spooning each other and sweating from the heat when the hubbub of people packing their tents woke me up.
"Go to sleep, baby! Turn! Let me hold you!" Sofia said sweetly, and I turned so she could hold me. I sensed from her voice and body language that she had been awake for a while. My stomach turned in excitement as a series of sexual images from the night before rushed through my head. It was no use pretending. We were both excited about the night before and wanted to talk about it.
So when the noise outside the tent got unbearably loud, we went for a quick shower and walked to the festival stands for breakfast. The stands were disassembling already, but we managed to find one still open.
Sofia wore her incredibly sexy bodycon dress that reached only mid thigh and showed a lot of leg. Her shoulder blades and her white slender legs glistened with the glitter still on them. This free attitude about showing off meant (to me at least) that last night was a hit and that she had finally accepted our sexual kinks. This was a dress I bought for her a while ago and I always hoped that she would wear it someday to show off her voluptuous body. She had always refused, saying at 41 she had other things in mind besides showing off her body.
Life cannot get better. This is it; only a happy sex life ahead of us, I thought cheerfully, feeling like the king of the world. I cannot describe the excitement I felt that morning. Sofia wearing the dress gave me hope that she enjoyed what had happened the night before and we could talk directly about it.
"I love how my slutty wife dresses up these days," I uttered.
Sofia looked around nervously, "Shhhhh…But, I think you should continue to talk like that in bed…I love the way you treated me last night," she chuckled.
"I know," I stretched the last word.
"I loved how you just took me to the woods and fucked me carelessly," she whispered.
"It was like a dream come true. Oh, I am glad we are on the same page. The naked bodies on the dance pit pressing against us and themselves just drove me mad. I love the new us. I am glad we finally accepted that group sex is our thing," I said, feeling warm and happy.
She looked around to make sure passersby couldn't hear us. We were sitting down on the ground eating our Karelian pies and drinking coffee. There were not many around, in any case, just some workers here and there. "Well, kind of… I mean, that was not important for me…I meant how…" Sofia didn't continue.
I was crestfallen. Here we go again. Even now after all the fun we had last night. Oh god, she doesn't want to admit that group sex is our kink? Why was she excited then? Was I mistaken to think she was eager to talk? No, she was excited and ready to talk, I thought to myself. I was confused. And then the expression on her face made it clear that I had been silent and in my own head for a while. I shook my thoughts and verbalized my Don Quijote quest with a smile, "Come on, I saw how you wanted to fuck the other two guys."
"I don't think so…I liked how you took control and just yanked me out of the crowd to fuck me…like a cheap whore," she replied and blushed, a bit uneasy.
"But last night during sex…I mean…I thought the guys were following… that's what turned us on, no? Having others showing sexual interest? Honestly, not only in the woods, but also in the tent, our foreplay was about them fucking your mouth." I pressed on.
"Shhhhhh…Yes, it was fun, but I just liked how you took charge, not the other two guys," she whispered and then continued, "Baby, let's talk about it later. I am a bit tired; let's go back!" she said, and stood up.
Was I remembering it wrong? My thoughts raced through the events of Saturday night again. Was I imagining all this? I was in my thoughts, thinking things over, when I looked up and noticed my surroundings; we were close to our tent. "I don't get it, babe. So it was not us three rubbing against you?" I asked Sofia.
"Here we go again," Sofia laughed and continued, whispering. "Were you even listening to what I was saying? No… I was rather annoyed at the other two. They were drunk and I didn't want them touching my back. They were good dancers, but rude. I asked them not to come close or follow us. I don't feel comfortable talking about that now, ok?" There were not many tents left in the campside, but I guess she was not in the mood to talk about sex on a meta level.
Sofia started putting her things in order and was ready for us to pack and go to the hotel we had booked for Sunday night. "Shall we take a nap under the sun instead of packing and going to the hotel?" She asked. The breakfast and the July sun made her realize how hungover she was. She needed to rest before we made a move.
"Technically we can stay in the campsite until evening," I responded. I brought out the sleeping bags and spread them on the ground in front of our tent. She lied down to read her book and I just grabbed a beer to drink with my joint. "Damn it. I cannot find my lighter; Must have dropped it last night," I said and left her to find someone with a lighter.
As I said, there were not many campers around and from those remaining most were sleeping. I asked a girl and she said she didn't have a lighter and I went towards a guy in the distance who was reading a book in front of his tent. I looked back at Sofia. I felt great love and affection towards her, but also anger. Is it our sex drive? Is it our…what is it? Why cannot she admit everyone likes group sex? I thought. We always had mismatched sexual libidos, I consoled myself.
I was getting close to the reading man and his tent; he was tall and lean and didn't have his shirt on. His tattoos, stubble, and his wavy, unkempt hair was the definition of hipster. A woman suddenly came out of his tent. She was only in her black bra and thong and was not ashamed about who might see her. She was chubby, had tattoos, and was very confident about her looks. Then another man followed her out of the tent. I stood like a dummy and watched as the woman kissed the reading man, who passed her a towel and a bag. They laughed, and then the woman and the second man kissed. She took his hand and, with the latter, walked towards the shower facilities. Her long black hair reached her heavy tits, which jiggled and rippled as she walked. I imagined her face during sex.
"Yes?" the reading man asked. The kinky feelings her jiggling tits and ass awoke in me evaporated.
"Do you have a lighter?" I asked in Finnish while watching the woman walking away. I was already fantasizing and building scenarios about her in my head. After all, she kissed two men in front of me. Fuck me! They live the life I always wanted, I thought and then responded "pardon?" because the man answered me back in a weird Finnish.
"Sorry, I don't speak Finnish very well," he apologized in his surprisingly husky voice. He produced his lighter to me. "Is that a joint? Can I also have a puff?"
"Of course, but…Can we go to our tent? I'm sure my wife also wants a puff," I replied. He agreed and stood up and we walked back to where Sofia was.
Tomas introduced himself and I shook his hand, "Touko. Nice to meet you."
"Do you mind that I am not wearing a shirt?" Tomas asked.
"Not at all; damn mosquitos will leave me alone with that much flesh and veins on display," I rejoked.
We reached our tent and Tomas announced to Sofia "I am afraid I have forced my company onto you; Touko knows how to tempt one to abandon his own wife to join you," he continued after seeing my wife's amazement, "in other words, I am here to share the joint."
"Hope you don't have herpes then!" Sofia joked.
"No, only Chlamydia…and Syphilis," Tomas responded and sat down.
Tomas then recognized the book Sofia was reading and started talking to her about it. "Oh I wish I could erase my memory and read that book again."
Sofia smiled broadly and said, "Ah yeah, it is great. Although I didn't like the first book."
"I am guessing you had the same issues that I had with it; the female rivalry thing, right?" Tomas replied.
"I think we're on the same page; I am sick of writers portraying female relationships as only competitive and about boys," Sofia said and took the joint that I just lit. She handed the joint to Tomas after a short drag.
From then on we had many conversations while smoking. I don't remember any of it though. Besides the content of the conversation, what was interesting was the effect Tomas had on Sofia. Sofia is a master of making men realize she is a person, a friend and not a sex object. We have many male friends who are closer to her than to me. What was strange about Tomas was how he stood outside of this paradigm. He was very sexy and showed a delicate affection towards Sofia. And Sofia realized it too, and became self aware. She felt conscious about his naked torso and her own naked legs, and this resulted in Sofia avoiding Tomas' eyes.
"So there you are!" said Tomas' wife all of a sudden. I didn't realize she had come over. Her hair was dripping wet and she was wearing a loose and elegant sleeveless romper. I noticed the other guy was standing behind her like a shy poppy. "Kora. Nice to meet you," she said in answer to Sofia's questioning look. Then, with a mischievous smile and a nod to the other man, she said to Tomas, "He wants to thank you."
"Yes, thank you for last night!" the guy said to Tomas in English with a strong Finnish accent.
Tomas was obviously annoyed, having to repeat himself. "As I said earlier, you should thank her, not me!" The Finnish guy said something to Kora and left with a wave of the hand. Tomas stood up next to his wife and addressed us. "Let's have lunch together?"
We agreed to meet in the parking lot in an hour. When they left, I laid my head on Sofia's lap and slowly, but surely tried to move my hand up Sofia's dress. But before I even reached her panties, Sofia held my hand. I tried to free myself and, in jest, she grabbed my balls to make me stop. We struggled in a playful way and she turned on her side and hugged my legs to stop me from doing anything. I took her wrists and pinned her down in the end and bent over her for a kiss.
"Mmmm kiss me more, lover!" she demanded, but got up and went to our tent. I followed her inside, but I was still very confused. "She was clearly turned on still, but why?"
After kissing her neck and tracing her body with my lips, I opened her legs as wide as I could and I tongued her clit softly while placing a hand on her pubic bone. I was not in a rush and was feeding her pussy my tongue when she asked me to just sit in front of her and watch. She was bored of what I was doing. I felt sad to realize I didn't know anymore what turned Sofia on.

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