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By Harry After i had watched Kerry get fucked by Ron i left the closet and went and talked to Tegan. Tegan looked into my eyes and asked if i liked what i saw. She said she knew Ron had fucked Kerry. She then said she watched as well. It was not long and Ron and Kerry came back and joined us. I noticed Ron had no undies on but Kerry had hers on. Tegan asked if they enjoyed there self’s and Ron said they did and Kerry just smiled. It was not long and Kerry said she wanted to leave so we did.
On the way home i noticed Kerry had her skirt up and she had no undies on. Kerry asked if we could stop on the way home at the park behind our house and i asked her why. She told me she was horny and wanted to do it somewhere different. I pulled into the car park and got out. As we walked around the park Kerry asked if i would like to have sex with another woman – and let her watch. I said i would as long as i could watch her with another guy – and let me watch. I noticed another car pull up in the carpark next to our car. We started kissing and touching each other. Kerry took her shirt off and then dropped her skirt – she was naked She kissed her way down and dropped my shorts and undies, she looked up at me and started to suck my cock. If anyone was around they could see what we were doing. I had not noticed but there was another couple walking towards us and they were getting close. All of a sudden i heard a voice say – do you mind if we watch. I looked around and it was Ron and Tegan. Kerry said NO and kept sucking. They were both naked as well and they came over next to us. Ron stood next to me and as Kerry sucked my cock she reached up and started to jerk Ron off. Tegan just watch for a while and then got on her knees infront of me next to Kerry. Kerry stopped sucking my cock and she watched Tegan start to suck my cock. I was surprised when she put my cock in her mouth, she swollowed all the way. when she did she put her tongue out and licked my balls. I looked over at Kerry and she had Ron’s in her mouth but not all the way. I was so turned on. Both women stood up and cuddled each other. I watched Ron put his cock between Kerry’s legs and they moved back and forward as her rubbed his cock on her clit. Tegan put my cock between her legs and we did the same. She was so wet. Ron asked if they could come back to our place and Kerry said it was ok. As we walked back to our cars i noticed Ron had his hand on Kerry’s pussy and fingering her. We got into our cars and told them to follow us. I then noticed we were all naked.
We talked about what was happening and Kerry she wanted to try my fantisy and to watch me with another woman. I said it turned me on watching her suck Ron.
When we got home we all went into the house – naked – Tegan came over to me and Ron went to Kerry. We all kissed and touched each other. Tegan then asked if we had done anything like this and Kerry said NO but i had been asking her if i would do it. Tegan went over to Kerry and gave her a quick kiss on the lips and thanked her for letting them be our 1st. She looked into Kerry’s eyes and gave her a cuddle. when she stopped she then gave Kerry a big kiss and i could see both using there tongs. I then noticed Tegan move her hand down onto Kerry’s tits. Then down to her pussy. Kerry put her hand down onto Tegan’s pussy and they both fingered each other. Tegan finished with Kerry and came back to me and kissed me. We then went into our bedroom as we have a king size bed and jumped on. It was not long and we were fucking next to each other. Kerry and i kept looking at each other and smiling. It was not long and i told Tegan i was going to cum so she got off and sucked my cock. When i cum she swollowed all. After we all cum we just laid side by side. Kerry then said she had something she had to tell me. She then told me at the bbq at nite she had sex with Ron out near the pool. As she was telling me Tegan took my hand and put it on her pussy and pushed 2 fingers into her. After a while i told Kerry i had watched it all and it turned me on so much i cum twice. Kerry looked at me, rolled over and kissed me and then rolled over on top of me and put my cock into her. She then asked Ron and Tegan to watch us which they did. We fucked for a long time as i had cum already. Tegan rolled over and started sucking my nipple and i felt her hand move down onto Kerry’s pussy. I watched as Ron sucked Kerry’s nipples and i knew it was turning her on. Ron stood up on the bed and put his cock near Kerry’s mouth, She looked at me and i nodded ok, she then put his cock in her mouth, it turned me on watching her as she put it in as much as she could. All of a sudden i noticed cum coming out the side of her mouth and her swallowing. We both cum and laid down next to each other.
For the rest of the weekend we stayed with each other – naked – and fucked and watched each other.
Ron and Tegan left Sunday nite and asked if they could come back again and Kerry told them any time. After they left we sat and talked about what happened. We both agreed it was great and agreed we would like it to happen again.

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By Harry #Exhibitionist #Group #Mature #Voyeur