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By Britbro I decided to go on a walk yesterday evening as the weather was nice and I like to walk around to see how the fresh sluts are dressed in this weather

I started off by going past the local park eyeing up all the bare skin on show there were so many sexy little toys from mom’s to fresh pussy wearing next to nothing I sat on the bench seeing up the skirts as they were bending over on the swing or going down the slide u always have a few that haven’t got any knickers on either because there mom’s don’t care or there dad’s like them like that

I continued to walk across the field then I come to a farmers gate I knew if I crossed this field there was a pond and a chance of seeing girls who had been swimming in hopefully nothing well that was my hope

I cut across the field it was high with crops to about 5 feet but I could see a passage through as if someone had already made a pathway I continued on for about 2 minutes when I could hear voices and I’m sure i could hear moaning I went slowly towards the sounds and what I found was pure heaven on a blanket in the middle of the field was a young girl and a young boy she was naked with her legs spread as he was eating her pussy I got closer so I could get a better view she had her eyes closed moaning and he was going to town on her little hairless pussy

My cock was instantly hard as I watched these two young kids enjoying each other I heard him say when u have felt good can I fuck today she replied we can’t fuck I could get pregnant and how are we going to explain that to mom
We need a condom so I can’t get pregnant
Were are we going to get one from kay
I don’t know but if we’re going to fuck we need one

Then after a few seconds she started to say that’s it right there don’t stop I’m nearly there she grabs his head and pulls it against her pussy as she moans and I see her face going blood red and her legs start to shake

Mmmmmmmm your getting so good at this now my pussy feels like I have wet myself
I love the taste of your pussy when you come kay but I just want to feel it with my cock u told me that Cory fucked you without a condom on and he didn’t get you pregnant
But he’s older and he pulled out before he cum he knows what he’s doing

I can pull out I’ll ask Cory this weekend if he can get me some condoms ill just tell him I have a bf he told me to see if boys my age can fuck like he does he has a gf your age he’s letting me meet her this week

OK well you can suck my cock at least kay
Yes I will

As he takes off his boxers and she starts to get his teenage cock in her mouth her eyes shift to me watching in distance she stops and says shit someone is watching us

I walk over to them not taking my eyes off her sexy little body she looks amazing her little tits tiny waist and her bald inny pussy glistening with juices from her orgasm

I told them both to not be scared and I wasn’t going to hurt them in any way I asked them there ages and if there mom was aware of what they have been doing

They said no there mom didn’t and she would kill them if she knew

how old are you two and what’s your names hesitantly he said I’m Tim and I’m 14

That’s my sister kayla and she is 12

It’s OK me and my sister were doing all this growing up
It started when we were younger than you two when she was 10 we were always playing together I would eat her pussy and she would suck my cock then when she was 11 I was fucking her all the time
People would say mean stuff and make fun of you if they found out but this happens a lot more than people admit me and my cousin also done a lot of stuff to and I know her and her brother did the same so it’s very common people just don’t admit it openly

I have also done stuff with my cousin Cory that’s who I lost my virginity with

I heard you talking about him when I was listening to you

How long were you watching us for

Long enough to see you make your sister orgasm and listen to you telling her you want to fuck her I don’t blame at all who wouldn’t want to fuck her look at how sexy she is
Bet she tastes amazing doesn’t she

Especially when she has had a orgasm her pussy drips juices

I agree I love the taste of pussy juice too

I have a condom in my wallet if you want it I always carry a couple just in case

Yes that would be great will you be using it now as I’d love to watch you fuck your sister

If you don’t want to that’s fine but I’d have to tell your mom if see her around don’t you two live near the shops by the park

No please don’t say anything I want to fuck you now anyway kay so I’m happy to do it now

OK you can fuck me now

You need to get my cock hard again first

Why don’t you eat her pussy again she’s still soaking wet

Can I help him with playing with your pussy too ?

Yes just please don’t tell anyone Especially our mom

Oh don’t worry about that it will be our secret

I tell Tim to get his cock in her mouth and I’ll makesure she’s soaking wet for him

I get between her legs and start to open her pussy then slide my tongue inside her already wet pussy god she tastes amazing I flick her clit with my tongue and slide a finger in her hole she reacts with moaning and bucking her hips towards my fingers and face after a few seconds I feel her tighten up and I know iv just made her orgasm

Omg she says that felt amazing and you made it happen so quick

Because I have lots of experience I will have to teach Tim how to do it properly
If u want to me too

I think he’s hard enough now and you’re definitely wet enough

I gave him a condom and told him to put it on
His cock was a decent size 6 inch long not so thick a little skinny but I’m not sure she would take anything bigger with her size and frame

He put it on and I told her to get on her hands and knees

She got on all 4s and I went behind her and pushed my finger inside her pussy then I slipped another one in and asked if it hurt or if it felt good she moaned and said its good

OK your ready for cock
Get behind her and push your cock Inside your sister

It took him a few tries to find her tight little pussy opening but when he did they both gasped then he started to push in and out of his little sister and began to get faster and harder she was moaning louder and I could see her face going red her eyes nearly rolling back in her head she was loving her brothers cock

He said he was about to cum she said don’t stop yet I’m nearly there too but 3 pumps later he was cumming he said I can’t go anymore sorry sis

She looked let down and just wanted to orgasm again I asked if she wanted me to finish her off

She said yes fuck me please I put her on her back and got her legs over my shoulders her tiny little body looked unbelievable I told her I couldn’t get her pregnant I had the snip a few years ago so don’t worry about it

I pushed my cock inside her tight little pussy and fucked her balls deep for a few minutes until she had a shaking orgasm it was just too much for me I had to cum myself I fucked her harder until I cum deep inside her knowing I could get her pregnant I lied about having the snip

God it felt amazing her tiny little pussy overflowing with my cum

We got dressed and I told them we could meet every week at the same

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By Britbro #Incest #Pregnancy #PreTeen #Teen