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Written by Lurch,
on 2023-07-08,
genre straight

I’m a horror movie freak and I always wanted an old house like you see in the Addam’s family movies. I’m well off and thought about building one, but the cost was very high, and I decided to pass on building one. But as they say something always turns up, while out flying my plane I flew over an old town off the main highways in a less travelled area. I then saw a house that looked like something out of a horror movie from the air. I decided to investigate, and the following weekend drove out to see it from the ground. It was better looking from the ground than the air and was vacant as well. After enquiring I found the local council owned it and would’ve pulled down if it wouldn’t have cost so much to do so. I approached the council and found they were very willing to sell it as is. So, I bought it and had friend investigate it requirement for repair an updating. The building was sound and very little required to repair except rewiring and painting and replacing all the pipes and everything to do with the plumbing. The yard was all overgrown and I got my sister’s best friend to look it over and do a makeover of it. Her family run a landscaping business and she work with the family business. My friend got everything started on updating my home as I was calling it. I was away busy with work and on my return, I was called to the site as workmen had found a hidden room, secret passages and a stairway to a cellar. Both not shown on any plans the council had, the cellar had racks of wine bottles all were empty. But were worth some money, the plans updated as everything was sound and not much needed. But I was delighted nothing it seemed could shock me with my new home. It was better than I had hoped for and became a must visit place by my family and friends. Who thought I was a bit mad with my wanting an old house like I had. But the charm of the house changed their attitudes to it, my sister’s friend and I became closer and married at the house eve before I moved in> So, she got all the furniture and fittings to suit the style and age of the house. Now 12 years and 4 children later, we’ve a sort of tradition that family members mine and my wife’s come and stay at our house for Halloween, one side effect of my buying the house was family and friends buying homes in the area and it has become a high price area for homes. My parents bought an old-style house and were disappointed it had no cellar and wasn’t as cool looking as mine. But my father is a Wine Connoisseur and has restocked my cellar. But it’s safe as I prefer Whiskey and so does my wife. But family dinners at the house there is always a good selection wine available. Road connections to our area have been greatly upgraded over the years and that has also meant more people buying property or house in the area. Much to the delight of the council. My house has given me much satisfaction and a wife and family. If you want to buy the house off me, then look out my wife will tell you where to go. I think she loves the house even more than I do, if such a thing is possible. So much so I can’t get sex off her while we’re away from the house, stay at resorts or high-end hotels. I only get on our return home and so we aren’t away long.

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