First Date with a Hotwife

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The light knock on the door told me she was here. I had cracked open the door prior to her arrival so she could walk into the room. As she entered, I was stunned by her beauty. She was radiant! I knew I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off her!
The COVID shutdown made me really bored. Going through a divorce had me really frustrated and lonely. I had a lot of time on my hands. Ironically, I signed up for a Lifestyle dating website toward the end of my stay-at-home stint!
My date with Vanessa was the culmination of a week-long process of looking at profiles and, when finding a decent prospect, messaging the couple in the hopes of finding playmates.
Imagine my surprise when I reached out to Mark and Vanessa to find out that they played separately! And how sexy she was with her athletic body, blonde hair, and enhanced bosoms!
It had been only a day and a half since I first contacted Vanessa on the instructions of her husband a few days earlier. Here I was, in a hotel room that I had rented, waiting for her to come. Nervously I peered out the window of the room to the parking lot…again. I saw a woman getting out of a vehicle, a man in the driver's seat. "I bet that's her," I said to myself. She disappeared from view as she made her way to the hotel entrance.
My phone dinged that I had a text. "Just walking in," it read. That was her!
When she entered the room, my first impression was that her pictures didn't do her justice. Here I was with this cute MILF, a stranger, another man's wife, to play with all night!
I had been on an adrenal high for almost a day prior to this moment, and it was worth the anticipation.
"Hello, I'm David," I said by way of formal greeting, smiling and giving her a hug, trying to contain my excitement.
She had brought pizza and wine, which she set on the table. Though I had imagined it, it still excited me to see her turn to me and move in to kiss me. Her kiss was luscious and lusty. I held her body in my strong arms, pressing her ample breasts into me, my hands holding her waist, moving to knead her ass as we kissed.
I looked at her and said "Two rules."
"Ok," she responded looking up at me, a little apprehension in her eyes, not knowing what I might say.
"Be genuine," using my fingers to count, "and be free."
"OK!" This time a tone of excitement in her voice.
Having properly greeted each other, we opened the wine and had a drink on the couch.
We got to know each other a bit as we sipped the wine. We also playfully kissed each other between parts of our conversation.
Soon our lust took over. Conversation and light kissing turned into heavy kissing and petting on the couch. At some point we started moving to the bed just a few feet away. We stripped each other to the bed, where we drank each other's lust deeply.
The next thing I knew, Vanessa was on top of me, straddling my pelvis, feeding my penis into her eager pussy as we kissed passionately.
She was insanely beautiful in all her glory as she rode my cock, plucking the "G" of her internal guitar to orgasm. I rolled her over and drilled her on top.
I don't know why I was so obsessed with eating her out. Maybe to show her my oral skills. So I pulled out of her and kissed her body down to her pussy. I used my tongue and sucking mouth to bring her to orgasm again, licking her cum and giving her clit the attention it deserved!
I consider giving a woman head a great honor, an act of worship. I didn't regret doing it, but in the process I lost my erection. I'm fit and healthy, and though in my late forties, I can go many times a night. Vanessa was attractive and very desirable. For some reason I got into my head after going down on her. I have come to realize that this is not an uncommon occurrence. However, I was not going to let it ruin the night! We decided to take a break.
We went to the lounge of the hotel to eat, drink wine and flirt. We had great conversation and it was very romantic.
Did I mention that this creature was amazing? I was mesmerized!
Back in our room, I soon was feasting like there was no tomorrow. I had her sit on my face, as I held her hands, our fingers intertwined. She arched her sexy body in orgasm as she rode my face. What a delicious and beautiful butterfly she had! I couldn't get enough! And since I still wasn't getting my cock to cooperate, I was going to take advantage of my mouth-to-pussy opportunity, something I was never allowed to freely do in my previous two and a half decade relationship!
In between we talked and really connected on an intellectual and spiritual level, talking about growing up, our lives, our desires, and our (sexual) experiences.
"Have you ever done anal?" I asked.
"Yes, but I didn't like it," she replied.
"Maybe you didn't do it right," I suggested.
Looking up at me with an almost dreamy look in her eyes, she said "Tell me."
So I told her about proper preparation, lubrication, and who had to control the penetration. The whole time she looked at me with wide-eyed wonder. When I finished my explanation, mystified, she said, "I'll try it with you…" As it would turn out, over the next couple months, we did it successfully and she continues to enjoy it with me and with her husband!
As the night went on, I was stimulated in my mind, but not down there! We still had a great time, touching each other's fit bodies and kissing. I went down on her again and again!
During the night while we were resting, and she was so hot that she was soaking the bed, covered in sweat. I suggested we take a shower together. We kissed in the stream of the shower and then we lie in bed naked, pressed against each other, kissing and sensual touching. Finally my cock showed signs of life!
Not wanting to let it go to waste, not to mention her desire to have my cum inside of her, she mounted me and rode me for a while. Remaining deep inside of her, I rolled us over and pounded her pussy, first in missionary, then with her legs against my chest, her feet up at my shoulders.
"I going to come," I groaned.
"Give me your cum!" she commanded.
I loaded her, shooting my hot cum deep into her pussy. She tightened her Kegals so I could not slip out even as I was starting to relax! She wouldn't let me go! Not that I wanted out of her succulent sex! But alas, the dawn was swiftly approaching! I had to leave, return home, and get ready for my first day back to work!
She was half asleep when I was about to leave. I kissed her cheek and whispered breathily into her ear, "Goodbye, Lover!"
Our time together was magical! Well worth the sleep deprivation I would experience 12 hours after our separation! She was so sexy; so amazing! I'm thankful her husband shared his treasured wife with me!

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