First Experience As A Prostitute

Hii N8story Chat Friends , this is my first post on this website please forgive me if there is any errors or spelling mistakes in my writing . Let me introduce myself first , Im sunil 24 years not well built but having a good dick to have sex and the urge to have sex. I know it is not good to speak about myself let me tell you about my mom . My mom’s name is sunitha she is 44 years old having a good figure of 38-34-36 she is not wheatish in complexion but too sexy to attract anyone who is around her or looking at her . This is a real thing happened 2 years back in Bangalore when I and my mom were in a wedding . You might ask me about my father . I lost my father when I was 19 and had faced lots of difficulties in life to secure our lives . My mom is a receptionist in a clinic she works for a lady doctor so there was nothing in the clinic .
We once left to Bangalore to attend one of our cousin’s wedding and take a vacation to enjoy . We booked a room in a cheap lodge which was suiting our budget but the facilities were not so good to spend a lot of time in the room but we had to spend few days in that room with no choice left due to our budgets . My mom was very active lady in sex , she used to have sex with my father every alternative days and I used to hear noises from their room in the middle of the night . The wedding of my cousin took place in a grand way we enjoyed every moment being with few good people who really loved us but showed the difference in our lifestyle . She was very much depressed that we were not well to do but there was a man named John who is running a business in Bangalore who owns few restaurants and lodges who was very influential took care of us very well in the wedding and spending sometime with us talking to us and offering a very healthy advices to secure our future by starting a home made business .
Later that night John dropped us back to lodge after the wedding in his car , he was really caring and he had an eye on my mom since he lost his wife so many years back in a road accident . He often stared at my mom’s boobs which was really big and bulging out of her blouse while my mom wore a transparent blue saree revealing her boobs and belly . she was almost proud of her structure and would not pin her pallu to keep herself fashionable like an elite women . she left a single layer of pallu to cover boobs and belly which fortunately revealed her assets . on the way back to the lodge john was keen on inviting us for a dinner with him the following day as he was very much pleased with our attitude and behaviour , John uttered few words to me saying “why don’t you all shift to Bangalore and work in Bangalore in one of my establishments” which was an attractive offer but the shift could cost us a lot of money that which we couldn’t afford . i replied to him in a low voice saying “yes sir , but it would be costing us a bit and we will think about it .”
The next minute he called out “sunitha why do you have to struggle in you place and why don’t you consider this offer.” The way he told that was not quite healthy and my mom hesitantly replied to him saying “yes sir , we will think about it in a while and let you know.”
Later the drive ended and he gave us a clear offer of invite to come to his place for dinner tomorrow and he promised that he will pick us up . My mom accepted his invitations and walked out to our room . when we got into the lodge we found that the lift was not working and we had to take the stairs when my mom walked up the staris there were few room boys who were drunk they all looked at my mom in a lustful eyes while her ass moved like anything . they commented on her ass indirectly and my mom noticed those and moved up silently without uttering anything . once we reached the room we decided to take some rest and my mom asked me to go out into the corridor as she could change her clothes and I walked out of the room and was having a walk in the corridor .
While walking in the corridor I noticed few strange things that the corners of the corridor has few condom packets and few liquor bottles . I later asked a room boy who was young like me that what was going on in this lodge and is this place safe to stay . he replied “yes sir it is safe to stay but prostitution is happening here and please don’t mind about that and they wont bother you anytime.” I was taken back for a moment that what if there was a raid by the police and we being caught but later I calmed myself down that I’m with my mom and so nothing would go wrong in staying here .
Later when I came back to my room my mom had changed her clothes and was almost ready to hit the bed as she was pretty tired . she latter started a conversation that “these room guys are not so friendly here rite.” I said “yes mom , we cant do anything because this a cheap hotel which we are staying and we can expect this and nothing.” She later said “I just have to take a walk now im feeling too heavy after the dinner.”
I told its not good to have a walk now mom its already too late just try to sleep but she told me her tummy is heavy and wanted a walk . I couldn’t refuse it so I told her not to take a long time . once my mom got out of the room and she started walking she saw those condom packets lying on the floor and pretended that she didn’t notice it . A lady came out of the room and she started a conversation with my mom asking her where-about and all those and suddenly she asked “how many customers do you have tonight ?” I could see the shock in my mom’s face and she politely replied to that she is not of that kind , but that lady complimented that her figure was too good and she would be the best if she could give a try . my mom again politely replied to her that she was not interested in all those but the lady insisted her to come into her room to sit down and have a talk . so did my mom agreed and went into her room and called out for me to accompany her .
We both went into her room and sat down on the bed and had a chat . I understood that the lady was trying to lure my mom into prostitution but I was trying to change the topic deliberately but to my shock my mom started responding to her and asking her how does she manage things and how much does she make and stuff. I felt so horrible and asked my mom to leave to bed for now as its late but my mom asked me to go to the room and lock it . I left and in the meanwhile they were chatting like besties from college , they started sharing personal things and all those which eventually gave a upper hand for the lady to lure my mom .
My mom who was sex starved for almost two years was almost making up her mind to try a different fun that night without even realising that her son was with her. My mom then asked me if I was sleep and I told her No im not mom . My mom then took me out of the room and asked me if I wanted to go out to the pub and spend my night there . I told her that I was not interested in those stuff and I realised that she was trying to get rid of me to have fun that night . My mom came out saying “beta I think we need more money and I think this offer for the night is all good as its just a one night stand .“ I was taken back for a minute into hell and told he “mom stop doing this I hate u doing so and I started crying there “ but she had no sympathy for my tears and persuaded me that your dad is no more and I have to manage our life .
She convinced me at the end and told that lady that she was ready for it . the lady called up someone and told him about my mom and hung the phone up . She turned towards my mom and said its all fine now , you must get ready and wait . My mom said “I don’t have any good clothes and so what do I do now .” the lady boldly replied clothes are just outward but things that are inside should matter . she asked me to walk out of the room so that my mom would be comfortable . I hesitated and told the lady with lust that I have never seen anything like this before can I see it happening . My mom shouted “no way this cannot happen and you have to obey me .“ I told her “mom i accepted this because u persuaded me and please let me have this.“
She yelled again I cant let that happen and the lady yelled to at me and asked me to get out . I begged that lady and mom for this and finally they told me that if the customer agrees you can or else you have to leave . I had a lust on my mom for a couple of years but I dint want to miss this chance and I agreed to their proposal .
Time passed and the lady combed my mom’s hair and applied some makeup on her to make her look more attractive . within some minutes I heard a knock on my door and the lady went and opened it and greeted two guys . I was surprised to see two guys they were well built and black in completion but had a great body . They were not drunk what I expected but were well behaved gentleman . Later that lady introduced my mom to them my mom felt fear and i could see that in her eyes as there were two guys . My mom asked the lady “I’m okay with only one but not two and I am scared” and the lady replied in a sugary tone “Nothing will happen sunitha darling just relax and they will handle you very softly and they agreed to give u 10,000 for the night.“
My mom hesitantly smiled at those guys . they introduced themselves as Das and Krishna to my mom and shook hands with her . late the lady asked these guys about me staying there and her staying to support my mom when needed as she was new . They agreed to it but they asked me not to take pictures or videos and not to disturb them in between .
I immediately accepted this and I took my seat with that lady in a corner . They asked my mom to come and sit in between them and talk to them . while they started talking they praised my mom’s structure and her build in that age . My mom was giggling to all their comments . Das slowly put his hand around my mom’s shoulders and Krishna around her waists by this my mom was not comfortable . they soon talked her down and made her more comfortable in between them .
Krishna slowly kissed her cheeks and was rubbing his hands on her waists to get her aroused while das slowly put his hands on my mom’s thighs which were so delicate . later as time passed they made my mom stand and they slowly started undressing her and kissing her parts for which my mom was enjoying to the core with expression on her face .
They slowly removed all her clothes and undressed themselves . my mom looking at their huge dicks which were 7 and 8 inches long was shocked for a minute and look at the lady . she said in a hushed voice “come on sunitha darling its all your and for u alone enjoy.“ my mom went on her knees and started stroking them and she took Das’s cock into her mouth first and started sucking that 7inch cock like a professional whore and I was surprised by my mom’s performance and she was playing with krishna’s balls and dick with her fingers which made me more hornier . within few minutes she changed the cocks in her mouth and now took Krishna’s cock into her mouth a long 8inch cock till her throat and was gasping with it as her was pushing it into her mouth with pressure .
Das went down to her boobs and started fondling it with both of his hands and pressing and pinching her nipple . The pain made my mom to moan with a dick in her mouth . when the sucking portion was finished they made my mom to stand up and present herself in a doggy style Krishna went over to her wet pussy which was ready and bulged to have a cock in it . Krishna slowly inserted his 8inch cock into the pussy and rammed it hard until the whole cock was in and my mom was moaning in pain but still enjoying every stroke with AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH the sound which she made was really noisy and the sound got me more hornier . The lady was encouraging her to give her best to these guys who pay her 10,000 per night .
Later while the stroking was going on into her pussy Das was licking her boobs and kissing her all over her back and her whole bare body which was really making her more and more enthusiastic . after when Krishna had cummed into her pussy releasing all his sperm into my mom’s pussy thus Das come over and having his turn he was gentle and didn’t do it so hard as Krishna . he started fast and stroking her over and again with good rhythm . my mom was then busy cleaning the cum and her pussy juices on Krishna’s cock by licking it and making moans HMMMMMMMMM AHHHHHH HMMMMMMMMMMMMM Krishna enjoyed her licking and was in cloud nine taking some rest .
In a little while das was not able to go longer as Krishna did he cummed into my Mom’s pussy and filled it . What I could literally see in my mom’s pussy was the cum of both the guys which was leaking from her pussy filled with her cum . what an amazing sight it was to see it . I just loved that sight .
Now Krishna who had some rest made my mom to kneel on the bed giving him the same position slowly inserted his cock into my mom’s ass . my mom cried out with a loud voice pleading them to leave her ass virgin for the whole of her life but Krishna ignored it and inserted his 8inch dick with huge pressure and started stroking it as it was getting harder and harder tears rolled out of my moms eyes and the sight was enjoyed by Das who was resting for a while doing nothing but looking at the wonderful sight .
Later as the strokes got smoother and Krishna came into my mom’s ass which made him tired . and now Das who recharged by resting went to explore my mom’s ass as all of us thought but instead he took her pussy and started ramming her with all his might and now the bang was getting really harsh , i could sense that from my mom’s moans which went AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH and some loud noises all through . he fucked her for almost 15 minutes and left his semen into my mom’s pussy .
Now that my mom had taken too much in the first go she asked for a time out from her umpire the lady for rest and the guys agreed for her to rest for 15 minutes . they got her back within 10 mins and made her sleep between them and filled her both wholes with their cocks Das in the bottom and Krishna on the top . they started fucking her in both her wholes which made her cry and yell out loud . this continued for 20mins but none of them cummed in either of the wholes as they had cummed out a couple of times before and now das who fucked her pussy held his cock in her and Krishna who fucked her ass brought his cock to penetrate into her pussy . she begged not to do that but they refused all the demands and did what they wanted to do . Krishna moved his cock while das gave him a stable platform and they changed it for next 30 minutes . my mom was out of energy and she was sweating and almost about to faint but who cares they continued and once they felt like cumming they made her lie down on the bed and released their cums in her mouth forcing her to drink all of those .
The lady realising my mom’s situation asked me to go get 7up from the reception for my mom and when i went down to the reception I found the receptionist smiling at me in a strange way but i didn’t give him a note . I tool the bottle and ran up to the room and gave it to the lady , I expected the lady to give it to my mom but she gave it to Das , Das was badly stroking his cock and dropped his cum into the bottle and gave it to Krishna and he dropped his cum and sprayed on my mom . and made her drink to gain some energy .
Late the whole session ended and the lady took the money from the guys and handed it to my mom and told her that she was the best to satisfy these guys at anypoint since they were here customers .