First Experience Paid With Cheque

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Hi my dear friends. This is Rakesh Kumar from Bangalore. Basically, I belong to UP. I am 26 years old, a nice looking guy and well built.  I am going to narrate an incident which happened very recently. I am a kind of guy who is very shy in nature and I never had any sexual experience even though I am very much interested in it. My sexual life revolves around porn sites and reading stories in this website.  
However, God was kind to me and I have got an opportunity to have some fun. Last year I joined with a banking firm and they posted me in a semi urban area where we rarely find beautiful and hot chicks. So I continued my old habits by spending time in different porn websites on my mobile 2 months ago, a beautiful girl came to my office for an official purpose. Her name was Swati. She was 24 years old and working in government department nearby my office. 
She came to meet my Manager as there was an issue with a cheque payment. Unfortunately or fortunately, my manager wasn’t around and I had to take care of her needs. I helped her to resolve the issue and we had a small talk. She is from Bellary and working here as an Assistant Manager who takes care of the accounting section of her organization. She is single and got great assets. If I am not mistaken, her size was 34-30-36. She has got a curved structure with nice ass which gives instant erection to everyone. 
She was white in complexion with shaped boobs and rosy lips which demands a kiss always. I was really energized by seeing such a beautiful and hot girl and really wanted to be her friend while she was going back, I asked her to give her mobile number as I still had to do some follow ups with the payment. She told me her number and left. In the evening, I called her up and she was very busy. Next day, she called me up and had a brief discussion and the problem was resolved. 
She asked about my whereabouts and we became friends. I was in heaven as I became her friend. I started to message her, but she never replied after that day, she came to my office whenever she had an issue with the payments. So, a relation was built up between us in quick time. I used to help her level best and appreciated her dress sense few times. Swati was staying with her colleagues nearer to her office. I used to look deeply into her eyes with lot of passion whenever she came to my office. 
I unintentionally touched her whenever I got a chance and she never said anything wrong. However, she never showed any positive signal to have an affair and any relationship. However, I continued to call her and sent text messages. I know that if I persist, I will get a chance to have some fun with her and one day, she called me during the day and said she urgently needed some statements of her office accounts. I said I will arrange it for her. However, as I was busy with it I forgot about it. 
She called me in the evening around 5.30 and said she would be coming to collect the statement in 15 minutes. That time only I remembered about it. So I went back to my office and arranged it for her and as there were so many transactions, it took a long time for me to collect it. She was calling me again and again and I told her that I will let her when I will be done. It was around 7 pm when I was done with it. She came to my office wearing a red saree and she was looking gorgeous.
I had an instant erection seeing her and as it was late already, I told her that I will accompany with her to her apartment. She said boys are not allowed there. My dreams were shattered hearing this. She told me that she was going back to her office as some work was still left. So, I went with her in an auto to her office. We were sitting closer and in no time, I was aroused. I slowly touched her body unintentionally and my elbow was touching her boobs. I enjoyed the touches and she didn’t say anything again.
She did not show much interest or any positive sign to go to the next level. So I continued to touch her body parts during our 15 minutes journey to her office. I dropped her at office and left. That day, I couldn’t sleep and she was there in my dreams in the whole night after 2 days, she called me up around 8 pm in night and asked what I am doing. I told her that I am at home and sitting in darkness as there was no power. She said she needs a small help if I am okay with it. I said I would be glad to help her anytime. 
She told me that she needs some money as she was going to Bangalore today night for some official work with her manager. I said ok. She requested me to come to railway station after 10:30 pm if I was okay with it. I thought for a moment and I realized that it’s an opportunity to have some fun. I told her that I can’t come at that time as I have an appointment with a friend. I told her that I will come to her place now and will give her the money. She said okay as her roommates weren’t there and it was around 9:30 pm I reached her home. 
She was already ready to catch the train and was waiting for the call of her manager to catch the train which comes at 11 pm. She was wearing a pink suit and was looking damn pretty hot and I really wanted to do fuck her that moment itself. I entered her room which was a small one with an attached bathroom and kitchen. They weren’t even having any chair and she told me to sit on her bed. She gave me some fruits to eat. She told me that she is waiting for the call from her manager to go out. 
She took her dinner and shared with me. We were sitting on her bed and were eating dinner. I suddenly started coughing intensely and she took some water and gave me and she also slowly hit on my head. She was so close to me and I couldn’t control anymore. The sweet smell of her body and the perfume made me horny and my guy was already rock solid. Her shaped boobs were hitting my face while she was hitting on my head to get rid of the coughing. 
I went closer and touched her belly with my left hand and pressed my face into her boobs. She started to shiver and said to leave her. I was not in mood to hear anything; I kissed on her cheeks and her boobs from the top of her dress. Her resistance slowly gone and she started to enjoy it even though her body was shivering. I pressed on her belly and kissed on her lips and we had an awesome kiss which lasted for 3-4 minutes. 
It was my first kiss which I really enjoyed and it tasted so good when our saliva was exchanged and tongues played against each other. She slowly laid into her bed and I was on top of her. I kissed her on her face and removed her top and kissed on her naval and put rubbed her pussy with my finger. She was moaning and I pressed her boobs with both hands and continued to kiss her lips. I removed her bra and sucked her boobs and nipple which was now rock solid. 
I sucked her big boobs and she was moaning with pleasure. I put my fingers inside her vagina which was shaven and completely wet already. I was fingering her and sucking her boobs at the same time. I sucked her boobs for almost 10 minutes and she had an orgasm and the juice where in my fingers. I took my guy out and she started to stroke it while I continued to suck her assets. I removed her panties and gave a gentle kiss on her hot pussy. 
She moaned with pleasure and while I was about put my dick it into her pussy, the fucking mobile phone of her rung. I told her to not to pick it but she picked it and it was her manager, he said he will be there in 5 minutes in the car and be ready at the gate. I checked the time and it was 10:40 pm. I was not in a mood to leave her, but she pushed me away. I told her to give me a blow job at least. She said no and started to put her dress. 
I caught her again and started kissing. She touched my guy and started to stroke it while I continued to kiss her. I came in 5 minutes in jerked a large quantity of semen into her hands. She washed her hand and got ready in quick and told me to leave before her manager comes. I suddenly left the place and she went to Bangalore in the night. She came back after 1 week and that time I had to go for 1 week training in Hyderabad. 
I tried to contact her via mobile, but she never picked. I called her again and again, but she never picked. Finally after 2 weeks, I called her. She said, sorry and said don’t call her again. If something more would have happened, I would have to marry her and that is impossible as I belong to another state. She said she is already engaged and I shouldn’t disturb her anymore. I said I am okay with it and I thanked her for the wonderful time after that I never contacted.
She came to my office again and we had official talks, nothing more has happened between us. It was my first experience and it was an awesome one even though it was incomplete. I hope you all enjoyed my narration. You can send your valuable comments at [email protected] If any females are interested to have friendship and chat with me, please drop me an email and I won’t disappoint you.