First gay sauna experience

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By Taz My first experience at a gay sauna that got me adDIKted

I was always into.suckimg cock since I was 14.
I had always watched porn in secret when my parents were at work. My dad had a stash of videos.

I had a neibour that used me as his sex toy when I was nearly 15.
Sucked his cock. He fingered me for a few months then fucked me and also shared me with others.
We even went to nude beaches amd fucked in public while others watched and jerked off. He even told the by standers they could ejaculate all over me. There was easily about 10 people watching.
I had moved in with this man when i turned 17. My parents didn’t like the idea i was into men.
On my 18th birthday we had gone to a gay sauna. And wow what an experience.
We went into the pool and naked men everywhere. First time I had seen more than 10 cocks in one place. People fucking and sucking. People just kissing and feeling each other. This got me hard. Instantly. My boyfriend told me to go walk around and explore the place so I did. And I one older man started talking to me and he asked if I’d been there before. I said no never. I was just about to go look around. And he offered to show me around. I straight away noticed the thickness of his cock. It wasn’t even erect. Was uncut. Had thick veins popping out. Big dropped balls hairy man. That really turned me on.
As we were walking he had his arm around me and was rubbing my nipple as we were walking. He took me to a room that had a swing. I haver seen one in person and he said. Let’s get you on. I want to fuck you. I happily got on and he strapped me in and he started sucking my cock. And fingering my bum. He was jerking his cock while he was sucking me. He put on a condom and pushed his nob against my anus. He teased it alittle.
Then pushed it inside me. And fucked me for about 10 minutes. While he was fucking my hole another man asked if he could join in. The man fucking me said yes. Fuck his mouth. So the man got behind me and guided my head down so my face was upside down and he throat fucked me. Tasted like cum.. the man fucking me went faster and harder till he blew inside me. He pulled out and took his cum filled condom off. And the man face fucking me put on a condom too and fucked me good. And the first man said to me. Drink this like a good slut. He poured his cum in my mouth and I swallowed. Then he kissed my lips and left.
Then this 2nd man was done fucking and he pulled out and helped me out of the swing. Then I went to the toilets and cleaned up alittle. Showered. And walked back out. While I was walking around I seen the first guy that fucked me just sitting back while another man was sucking his cock. I went to the spa and got in there were 2 other men in there and a younger guy. I just relaxed and I felt a hand on my dick and I just remained sitting back with my eyes closed. I got a instant hard on. He was jerking my cock. He whispered into my ear and said let’s fuck. So we got out and we went to a cubicle. And he bent me over and fucked me hard. Till he was ready to blow. He pulled out. Took off the condom and jerked Till he came all over my ass. We then got out and my boyfriend was in the pool and I went and joined him. And we hung around in the pool with some other men and young guys. Then I was told that 10 of us is going to fuck another young guy in turns. We all went to the sex swing room and they strapped the guy in and everyone had a turn fucking his ass. I was like the 3rd last person to fuck him. Felt so loose. Then we were leaving and my boyfriend was talking to a couple of people. I ran into the man that who first fucked me. We talked for a few minutes and I gave him my number. And we became regular fuck buddies ( yes I was cheating).
After that day I was a regular at the saunas I found out about 2 other places besides the first one I went to.

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By Taz #Gay #Group #Teen