First lesson with my mom

Hi friends,

I am Joy from Kolkata and this is my first story which I am posting for all of you guys who love their mom very much but slightly in a different way. I am a final year engineering student from Kolkata, West Bengal and a regular reader of incest stories. Let me first introduce myself to all of you. My name is Joy, a 22 year young, tall good looking and handsome Bengali guy. I have all the specialties that a girl would like to see in her partner. I love making new friends.

This is a true incident that completely changed my life. I am from a nuclear family where I live with my mom and dad. My dad is a Senior Manager in a Tata and he is in the sales department. My mom is a house wife. As I am the only child as a result I was brought up in a very luxurious way. My mother sujata, whitish in complex is a 48 year old good looking woman with all curves which are specially found in Bengali women. I used to share every day to day small event with my mother from my childhood days as I am very much friendly with my mom. From my very childhood days I have seen my mom partially nude many times while changing her clothes as she had no problem to change her clothes in front of me as she is very open minded in nature. I also have seen her many times in just blouse and petticoat. We all know that most Bengali women do not wear bra and panty under their innerwear and so my own mom.

From my childhood days I have found that she used to bathe me and after that she used to take her own bath. This was an incident that took place when I was a slightly grown up kid. My mother was giving me a bath wearing just her petticoat up to her breast without wearing any blouse. She was completely wet and I could clearly see her dark nipples under her dress. All of a sudden the knot of the petticoat became loose and it slid down her body revealing her round and lovely fleshy tits with dark nipples. It was beyond my imagination to found my mom standing partial nude in front of me holding her petticoat in her hands and trying to tie the petticoat across her waist. At that time I didn’t had any erection in my penis due to my very young age but that heavenly sight started to make me mad. She then tied the petticoat across her waist with her tits making visible to me as she knew that I had no sexual feeling at that time. But as days went on she used to bathe me just wearing her petticoat but up to her waist. I used to ask my mother about those things (tits). I remember she used to tell me those are “dudu” (tits called in Bengali). After hearing those from my mother I became very much comfortable with the atmosphere and gradually she allowed me to play with her dudu (tits). As I started to grow from a kid to a teen I found my mom slightly uncomfortable to show me her tits. But as we were very close, like friends I used to touch those lovely bosoms from over her clothes. And often in bed times I used to request her to sleep opening her blouse so that I can play with her nipples. She used to change her dress in front of me with out any hesitation as she never found any lust in my eyes but a child who love to play with his mom’s bosoms.

Whenever my father used to go out of town I used to gather more courage to see and play with my nude mom. This was another incident that happened when I was 15 and gradually started to develop erection in my penis with a feeling of sexuality. One day when I was sleeping I woke up suddenly finding my penis rock hard and pointing the sky. I immediately rushed to my mom and woke her telling about my condition. She was afraid to see me tensed and thought I might have any kind of injury in my groin. She then told me to calm down and to slowly open my shorts. I followed the instruction of my mom and opened the shorts revealing my rocking hard penis. My mom first looked at my penis and then asked me if this happened to me before or not. I told her it was first time and to my surprise I found her quite relaxed with a mild relief smile on her face. She then told me there is nothing to worry as it is very normal to young kids like my age. I then asked her can I sleep with her that night. She nodded her head and allowed me to sleep there. At that time she was wearing her blouse and petticoat with upper buttons of her blouse open. I could not stop my hands to reach my mom’s breast and started to fondle them. I guess that may be it was for the first time my mother found the lust in my eyes and scold me to stop playing with her boobs. I then started crying and later she consoled me telling that I am now growing and I should now stop playing with my mamma’s boobies but I continued crying. Then she took my hand and put on her boobs and told me to stop crying. She also added not to tell any thing among us to my dad. I agreed and continued to release her tits from her blouse and played with her tits. As I started sucking and playing with mamma’s nipples it grew harder and harder and so my penis. My hard penis was now hitting my mom’s pubic region but she seemed to be quite unaware about that fact and was not at all enjoying the game. May be she was feeling uncomfortable and also guilty. I then ejaculated in my shorts without my consciousness and slept beside my mother.

In the next morning I didn’t found any abnormal behavior in my mom regarding the last night incident. She prepared breakfast for me. I took the breakfast and slowly whispered in her ear that I was sorry for the last night. But she reacted as if everything was ok and told me not to worry. Hearing this I told my mom that I love her very much. She kissed me in my forehead and told that she too love me very much. I was relived as before and asked her whether she would bath me that day in the same way as she used to do in my childhood days. She smiled and said ok. We then went to the bathroom, me in my shorts and mom in her blouse and petticoat. I then untie the shorts and let it slid through my legs revealing my groin which had a little pubic hair. My mom then turned the shower on and took the soap in her hand to wash me. As the shower was on she quickly got wet. I then asked her to open her blouse as she used to do. She then gradually opened her top to show me her lovely round tits with dark nipples. The view of water drops around her tits started to make me mad which had an instant reflection in my penis which grew long and rocking hard and was pointing to my mom. My mom was applying soap in my penis and I was fondling her “dudu”.

Suddenly I got an idea to explore my mom’s pubic region as I never touched there but seen for few times. She was applying soap in my genitals and all of a sudden I cupped her pubic region with my hands and slightly pressed there with my palm. I then asked her that I wanna see there and I also wanna play with her pubic region. Her face grew red with embarrassment but I continued to touch there with my palm and finger. She then slowly untied the knots of her petticoat and let it slid down her legs to show me her heavenly unshaven bush. I then started to roam my finger in her bare skin and knelt down to see it from even closer. I then turned her to explore the segmentation of her lovely round buttocks. She kept silent for a moment and then started playing with my erected member and my balls. She then showed me the cunt clearly. I was very happy and hugged her in my arms. I cupped her tits in my hand and told her that I loved her very much. She then gave a gentle kiss in my lips and told that she too love me more than any body. She then started to rub my hard rocking penis with her hand (as most Bengali women do not like to take penis in their mouth) and after sometime I ejaculated with jets of cum spraying all over my mom’s body. Then she told me that this is the correct process of masturbation and this is how I learned my first lesson of sex from my mother.

In my next story I will tell you guys how I managed to seduce my own mom to have an intercourse with me. Till then enjoy my story.