First Luck Experience With Sexy Aunty

Hello friends this is Jack master 20 years old from Pune. I am a regular visitor to this site so thought to share my story with you which happened with me 10 months ago.
Let me tell you about me. I am Pursuing my graduation from Pune University. This story is with neighbour lady. Let me describe you her details she is 5ft9inch tall and having figure about 38-34-38. She is full of flesh, white in colour, brown hairs and nice face. I cannot mention her name because she is still enjoying with me. 
Now coming to the story and this happened with me when I came to Pune 3 years back and with intention to get admission in University. I used to stay with my friends in a Building this building was full of married couples. Bachelors were not allowed. As one of my friend’s father purchased flat in it we got chance to live in it at very first my intention was just to study and to do a part time job in mean while I also used to read sex stories and watching porn as I was new to Pune and was not much aware of girlfriends and sex.
When I saw my friend in house with his girlfriend then I was shocked that girls in Pune are much faster forward. I started thinking of sex from the age of 18 but never got a chance as I am from small town. I daily used to watch porn and read stories and shag a lot. I was more interested in sex with mature ladies. I thought to make a try after shifting to Pune I used to like bra and panties of women. We used to stay on 7th floor and below all other balconies were visible and what is in balcony also can be seen. 
So I daily used to peep which colour of bra and panties are in balconies and I used to think with whom I can get chance. One day I was watching bra and panties in one of the balcony and found a beautiful lady putting her washed bra and panties to dry. She was in gown but due to height was unable to see her assets. She used to stay on 5th floor accidently she saw me watching her but ignored. I also thought she might be watching some other thing. This became my daily routine. 
One day I went to terrace and for my shock I found that people living on top floor used to dry their clothes on terrace. I found bra and panties which were almost dry. I immediately took my pennies to shag. I smelled bra and panties and left my pre cum on it. Next day I noticed lady who stay on 5th floor did not came so I went to terrace for shag when I reached terrace I found that lady on terrace itself and she was keeping her clothes to dry. It may be due to sunlight didn’t come after that time.
I was just acting like I am not getting mobile coverage at home so I came to terrace for calling and acted like same. She kept her clothes to dry and went down for the first time I saw her so near. She was in yellow sari and yellow blouse her boobs were so tight and ass was swaying. I saw her stomach was white. I dreamed if I can ride her and after she is gone I came back to my previous business and this time.
I took her bra and panty to shag and those were beautiful pair of bra and panty silk and black in colour for few days I used to do this business daily but now I wanted her badly and even so early. So I always used to find chance to talk to her. One day I remember that wonderful day. I was going to university and I used to travel by bus and in parking I saw same lady was doing something with her vehicle and no one was around there. 
I asked her can I help you and she replied that my vehicle is not starting and need to go for urgent work. So I tried and her vehicle started and she thanked me for the same. Later she asked me if she can drop me somewhere I told I am going to University so she told she is also going same way in a mall for shopping when I sat behind her My pennies started growing due to my jeans somehow I controlled and she was asking me about what I do and all. 
We reached to University and thanked her and she also thanked me to help her. I said her bye and went to University when I was returning to home she saw me on the bus stop and she told me whether she can give me lift as our destination was same so I went with her. After we reach we went to elevator and she pressed no 5 and I 7 she asked me to come to her home for water after no and no and yes I agreed and for the first time I entered in her house. 
It was beautiful hall with full of fragrance of room freshener and latest furniture. She came with water and asked me to have a cup of tea and I agreed while she was preparing tea I asked her can I have a look of your beautiful house. She agreed and said go wherever you want to go. I took look of all rooms and bathroom which was having a bath tub in it and balcony and her room where she sleeps. She was busy in preparing tea in mean time.
I went to bathroom for freshen up and found her bra and panties lying in bathroom those were dry and thought to carry it with me and I kept in my pockets and went to have tea and greeted her that she has maintained her flat so good. She thanked me and I asked about her background she told that her husband is working in Software Company and he is many times busy in office and 6 months in a year he is Out of Country.
She is now 36 and she didn’t have any child that Day I went to my flat and smelled bra and panty and shagged a lot and I also used to wear her panty when nobody is at home and after couple of days we became so much friendly and now we had exchanged our numbers and also we also used to call from Intercom and chat a lot. We became good friends now.
Later on one day she called me and told me that she had cooked something special and invited me for the same. We had lunch and after that we talked about general topics after couple of hours I went to my flat and after a day she told me she wanted to see my flat in afternoon generally nobody used to be at home so I invited her and I was having bad intentions but I know not to hurry.
She came to my flat for the first time and I brought cold drinks and snacks. She watched our complete flat and was impressed with cleanliness at that time she was wearing black sari with transparent blouse and her black bra was visible from it. She didn’t know I was watching her. Later on it regularly started to visit on my place as well as her place. 
I had also given her key of my flat and told she can come to my flat in afternoon if she feel bore so that she can use internet and can have fresh air from my room. One day I was taking bath in bathroom and I didn’t know when she came inside as she was having key. She was sitting in my room and was starting my pc. I was unaware of her and after taking bath I came naked in my room as whenever anyone is not around I used to be naked.  
I came to my room and was shocked to see her and she also got shocked and I immediately took my towel and covered my penis and she started laughing. I went in bathroom and worn my underwear and short and t-shirt and asked her when did she came and that day she mostly saw on my pennies area and I came to know that she wants it.
Later on most of Sundays we used to enjoy on that Sunday she asked me to come to her house earlier because she wants me to help her in some work. I went to her house and she told me that she was washing her clothes and is now going to prepare food so if I can keep her clothes to balcony to dry. I did it and also seen her bra and panty. Later on we had food. That day she was in Punjabi suit which was cream coloured and I was able to see her grey bra and panty in it. 
She noticed and after lunch she told me that her back is paining a lot. I offered her a message which she agreed by no and yes and I took message oil from medical and told her to lie on bed and pulled her top upward. I messaged her for some time and I got current in my body my penis started to grow and I was in my Shorts and was much more visible as it was thin. Later on I asked her did she felt good then she answered it is good and asked me to message upwards.
I asked her to pull her top more upward but still it was troubling me and asked her if she can release hook of her bra as it is getting wet due to oil. She told me to unhook it. I did for the first time in my life. What a feeling it was and I started to message and with an eye to see her naked boob then I asked her to remove her top so that I can give message to her complete back. She agreed and to my surprise she took her top as well as bra and thrown away and her boobs was visible to me.
I got excited and moved further and now I also started to touch her from her side of her boob. I know she has become excited and told her to lower down her salwar as oil is making it wet. She moved a little but I wanted to make her nude so after some time I again asked her to pull completely so that I also can give message to her legs and she told me to remove it as it was of elastic. I removed it and her grey panty was visible to me. It was of silk and I saw some wetness near her pubic area. 
I started to message on her legs and after moments to my surprise she herself told me to remove panty as it can get wet from oil. I happily removed that and saw her white ass what an ass it was and for the first time I had seen such beautiful lady that too naked lying on bed. I messaged her on her ass and in intervals used to touch her pussy. It was already wet and now I was out of control and took all my clothes off and with my 8 inch penis I sat on her hips and started to give her message now on her boobs. 
She felt something touching on her hips so she just checked and she smiled at me and gave me a kiss on my hand and told how magical you are. I just went up and started to kiss her. She also supported me and after 15 minutes we broke our kiss and we hugged each other and my penis was touching her pussy. We both were so excited and what we did further I will tell you in my other part. Friends this is my first story so please comment me