First Real Time, on the Farm

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The time I consider that I lost my virginity was back in 1989, I was a late starter at 22 years old. (my sister didn't count as far as I was concerned because it was non-consensual on my part, another story for another day, possibly). They say your first time is usually the most memorable, well mine certainly was, not only for me but a few other people as well.
At the time I was living in Hamilton, about one hours drive south of Auckland.
Some friends of mine who I had known for about 5 years, who were in their mid 50's and who I will call Jack and Kathy for the sake of their privacy, decided to buy a farm. They wanted to start a strawberry growing operation. They came from the city and Jack already had a small airfreight delivery business using his own small single engine six seater piper aircraft with four of the seats removed for freight. He decided to buy this 70 ha run down ex pig farm and convert it to a strawberry growing operation. The first thing he wanted to do was fly his plane from there. So I volunteered my time to help Jack for a few weekends setting up a runway so he could store his plane on his own property. His delivery business was still quite busy and in the meantime he had to use a small airfield about 30km away.
So Jack and Kathy moved into an old weather board style house that was on the farm. The house served its purpose but was mostly in a state of disrepair. About two weeks after Jack and Kathy moved in, the first weekend I went there and several other close friends and couples were also helping out, there was a lot of work to do, clearing dead smelly pig carcasses form a small creek that ran right through the middle of his farm and across the middle of the designated runway was our first job. Mainly done with shovel's and a neighbours tractor and front end loader. After that we dug a trench and started putting some pipe work in and back filling it so the creek could flow under the runway to the next farm.
While I was there I started working with a girl called Robyn, who was also one of Jack and Kathy's long time friends since she was a toddler. Kathy used to baby sit Robyn many years ago and was still good friends with Robyn's parents. Robyn was about 5 foot 5, not slim but not fat either and had long black flowing hair that went down to her shoulder blades. A happy bubbly sort of character.
While we were clearing out the ditch with Robyn helping me, we talked about how we met Jack and Kathy, what we each did for a crust and other mundane stuff just making the day go a bit faster with small talk. I was a typical university science student at Waikato University and a bit of a nerd, although I didn't think so at the time. Certainly not as nerdy as some of the other people I had met since getting involved in university life.
It was a bit of a working bee with several couples helping out. After a good hard day's work from everybody and lots of progress being made, Kathy made a bunch of homemade burgers for tea and Jack supplied plenty of beer to go around. We all sat around their open fire in their lounge telling jokes and stories, talking, laughing and drinking for a few hours.
By 10pm I was getting ready to head back home when Kathy suggested that I should stay the night, since I had a bit to drink and it was a good 40 minute drive for me to get back home. I protested by saying I felt ok and said I had nowhere to sleep when Robin piped up and said "You can share my bed if you want." making me very surprised but also quite happy with the sudden change of plans. Everybody seemed happy with that so, ok. About three other couples were also staying the night sleeping in other rooms in the house.
The bed Robin was told she could use was an old single steel frame bed in a small single unfurnished room with wooden floorboards. At least the bed was made up. She decided to head off to bed then, I carried on talking with the crew for another 15 more minutes then everybody else decided to head off to bed as well.
I got into Robyn's room expecting her to be half asleep, took off my jeans then hopped in beside her. She was still wide wake and she cuddled up to me. I felt her warm body and to my surprise she was already fully nude. Since I normally slept nude as well I removed my shirt. Her hands quickly went straight down to my underpants and started tugging at them and she told me to take them off. I quickly removed them as well.
She was only 19 but she obviously had plenty of experience at this. I was 22 and a bit girl shy with practically no experience at all, only really feeling comfortable around my sister who had been married now for a couple of years, I had done nothing with her since way before then.
Robyn's hands went straight down to caress my penis getting it erect fairly quickly, as soon as it was hard she said to me "Do you want a blow job?" I said "Yeah OK" very surprised at how fast things were moving. Robyn and I were not drunk but certainly feeling the effects of several hours drinking. She pulled the blankets back off the bed and lay down giving me a very nice oral job, with her legs straight out past my head lying side by side.
It wasn't a cold night but it started raining and blowing quite hard outside and the roof started to leak over where the bed was, water started dripping onto Robyn's bare back while she was giving me a blow job. She stopped giving me oral, got up and turned on the light, standing there by the door looking at me while completely nude. This image burned itself into my brain. She had a beautiful 19 year olds body and skin that she was happy to show off, lovely c cup breasts, a fairly natural but trimmed bush, and a really nice all over body tan.
I got off the bed with my hard on wobbling around and we moved the bed away from the wall to the centre of the room with the headboard at the far end so the footboard was close to the door, about four feet away. The rain got harder but at least the dripping water was missing where we had the bed. The roof also started leaking on the other side of the bed now as well.
I told her I would give her some oral to repay the compliment. Quite keen for that she lay on her back wither legs spread, me between her legs with the light still on, I was marvelling at her pussy and inspecting it. Other than my sister's pussy, this was the first one I had ever seen in close up detail from another woman. I was amazed at how different it was from my sister's and how stunningly beautiful it was. I took in every detail, as its image made a permanent imprint in my brain of what I was looking at, it was just exquisite. Because of my inexperience I never realised there were so many different shapes and sizes of pussy back then. This one was the gold standard. I was hooked on pussy forever after that.
I couldn't believe my luck, I started licking and sucking her clit for a few minutes when she suggested we try a 69. I got up and she wanted the light off, I turned off the light, lay on the bed with my head at the door end and Robyn climbed on top into a 69 so her head was at the headboard end. She really enjoyed giving oral. The rain got harder and the rate of dripping from the roof increased on both sides of the bed to almost a small steady little stream, though not on us.
She was giving me oral, I was licking her clit and finger fucking her twat when the door suddenly opened and the light came on, it was Kathy standing there with an empty 20 litre bucket in each hand coming to see how much the roof was leaking in the rain. She obviously knew the roof in this room leaked in the rain but forgot to mention it. I think she was expecting the both of us to be fast asleep in bed. Boy, did she get a surprise!
Her first view was an eyeful of Robyn's naked ass, vaginal lips and brown eye staring at her face, 3 feet away. My head was in between Robyn's legs, my tongue in her groove and on her clit with my finger pumping in and out of her vagina. I still cringe sometimes and laugh other times when I think about this happening over 30 years later.
I yelled out "Turn the bloody light off!" as it was bright in my eyes, Robyn yelling at her in a much louder voice "GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!", she could not see it was Kathy since she was facing the headboard. Kathy stood at the door in shell shock, staring at Robyn's naked ass, taking it all in. After Robyn swore at Kathy she went straight back to giving me head while I went back to tasting Robyn's juices.
There wasn't much we could do about it now so no point in crying about it, we both just carried on pleasuring each other. Kathy still standing there coming to grips with what she was witnessing, her mouth dropped open – the innocent little Robyn she used to change nappies on and she had known for the last 17 years had all grown up, and not in the most innocent way either.
I was quite surprised at my own reaction, maybe it was the alcohol. I was more bothered by the bright light shining in my eyes than what I was about the display we were giving to Kathy. Robyn wasn't the shyest girl I had ever come across either. Ignoring Robyn's demands, Kathy came into the room hurriedly, put the bucket under the first drip, stopped for a quick look at Robyn sucking my cock, went around the back to put the other bucket on the other side of the bed under the second drip, had another good look for a few seconds then went to the door again staring at Robyn's ass again for a few more seconds with me giving her oral.
She turned off the light saying "Good Night." Watched for another 10 or more seconds with just the hallway light shining through the door on Robyn's ass, then shutting the door quite hard left us alone to get on with it. I think she would have stayed longer if we had asked her too, she almost seemed disappointed to leave.
After she shut the door I heard Kathy say "Good God!" in a loud high pitched voice as she walked down the hallway. We carried on what we were doing before we were interrupted as if it had never happened and quickly forgot about it.
After a few more minutes of 69ing Robyn wanted me to fuck her in the missionary position. She lay on her back on the bed, her legs spread wide with me floundering around on top pretending to know what I was doing, slowly fucking and fingering her. She said she liked it rough and hard, so I speed up faster and harder than before trying harder to keep her satisfied, the bed creaking and squeaking with the increased pace. After a few minutes of that she wanted to go on top.
She was humping me really fast until she came, the old bed creaking, groaning and squeaking with the rhythm making a lot of noise and us not being at all concerned about the rest of the house hearing. Everything else seemed pretty trivial compared to the live porno show that we had just put on for Kathy. I think the alcohol started to take another effect because we both got really tired as well. She lay in the bed facing away from me, we pulled the covers back on and I entered her from behind. We spent the next 20 or 30 minutes fucking from a spooning position until we both fell asleep with the bed still squeaking with every thrust I was giving her.
The next morning the rain had died away to a heavy drizzle. Kathy's buckets were about ¾ full and water slowly dripping into them in a rather annoying sort of way. I can never get used to the sound of dripping water. Robyn and I talked in bed for 10 minutes then she got up about 8.30am had a coffee and left for home. After the alcohol had worn off I think she was a bit embarrassed to face Jill again, as was I. I got up, had coffee and quick bite hoping everybody would stay in bed a bit longer.
The wife of one of the couple's came out to the kitchen while I was eating some toast and drinking my coffee, she said to me "What on earth were you doing in there all last night, all that noise." I just smiled at her and said the roof was leaking, so we had to keep moving the bed around. She laughed back and said "Huh, Yeah right!" and winked at me with a more knowingly look and said I had a really big smile on my face. She probably heard the bed squeaking a lot of the night. She hadn't heard the full storey from Kathy yet, I didn't want to be around for that.
There was no point in hanging around the farm due to it still raining so I headed for home without saying bye to Jack and Kathy who were still in bed.
Two weeks later I went out there again, half expecting myself and Robyn to be banished from the farm. To my surprise everybody was quite friendly, they hadn't seen Robyn again since that weekend.
I helped out with another days work and stayed again on the Saturday night. Jack giving me a funny grin all day and winked at me a couple of times, he told me I was a real dark horse.
That night Kathy made some more burgers again and we had few more drinks both of us talking together like nothing had happened. Then, after a few more drinks Kathy started talking about what she had seen, in front of me, to everybody who was there including some newcomers, they all seemed engrossed into the story when she started it by "The torrent of abuse I got when after I opened the bedroom door…" She then went on to add all the glory details she saw. I think Kathy was trying to be funny, I thought it was funny as well but, deep down, I felt a bit sorry for Robyn since she didn't realise what was being said about her.
I wanted to add something in like "Hey guys, this was my first real fuck so gemme a break!" but I was a bit shy and embarrassed to admit it due to being so old at the time. A lot of guy's and girls that I had spoken back then recon they were 6 to 8 years younger than I was when they first did it.
While Kathy was telling the story reasonably accurately and talking I was in stiches, laughing so hard, my ribs so sore that I couldn't stand up, the next day they felt like they were broken. It was really painful whenever I took a deep breath, laughed, sneezed or coughed.
I went to the doctor the next day, he examined me and said I had damaged the cartilage in my rib cage from laughing to hard and gave me some codeine based painkillers which worked wonders. It took about two weeks to come right.
I have absolutely no doubt it was bought up as a story to tell many times when I was not around. Some mutual friends that were not there on the day giving me funny look's for along time afterwards. I still look back on it with fond memories of it though and I'm not sure if I would change anything if I could. I felt that I had an underserved reputation for a while afterwards that I was secretly quite proud of.
We didn't collect each other's number and other than bumping into Robyn from time to time for the next couple of years I never really had anything more to do with her again. About a year later I heard through the grapevine that she was pregnant.
This all happened over 30 years ago now, the only people that I still have any contact with for the last 20 years till now is the wife of the woman in the kitchen who asked me about all of the noise we were making. So I think she saw the funny side in the end.
Thanks Robyn, poor o'l Kathy, I hope she never mentioned it to your mum. I wasn't banned from the place and Kathy still seemed happy to see me for the next 10 years that they owned it.

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