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This is Dev (changed), Age 21 from Mumbai I used to read stories from this site so I thought I should submit my own story of my first sex experience which I experienced at the age of 20 with a girl whose age was 19 now 20 .Where we stay is like a chaw system where we can see each other windows and see what is going on in others house. In front of our house one old couple stayed they sold the house to one family with husband-wife and one daughter I saw her one day and she was very sexy with big boobs, her mom and dad works in bank and she studies in college. First time I saw her she was wearing a t shirt and a tight jeans she was looking sexy with her boobs try to come out of her t-shirt and I could see her nipple through her t shirt.

Every day I use to go to my college in the morning at 8.00 and then come home by 2pm. And her college timing were almost same she was in girls college we used to go to college at same timing and in the same bus both our college were near and same bus goes there. So I see her every day in the bus, but I don’t know when she comes home but I noticed that she comes home at around 3.30pm and one day I decided to talk her she responded me and started talking to me her same is Sam(changed) and she was very friendly with me and me too we used to share our jokes and other things.

One day while talking to her my hands touched her boobs I felt so good its was my first time I touched boobs, I said “sorry” she said its ok. One Sunday I was just looking through my window I saw Sam there coming out of her bathroom in towel around her body I was very excited because I haven’t seen I girl boobs in real but her mom was there so I closed my window and vanished next day she came from bathroom in towel and started cleaning her hair and legs with different towel I was excited and my dick was hard she removed her towel and started cleaning her body her big boobs I could not resist and my dick was hard and started masturbating, she dressed and then went out.

This was my first time I saw a girl naked. I thought fucking her hard. I used to see her daily while changing her clothes, one day she saw me watching her nude changing cloths, and closed the window this happened for 4 to 5 days continuously.

After that one week we did not talk with each other then she came and talked to me pretty boldly and I was happy we are still friends, that day we were talking about sex my dick was hard as I heard sex from her mouth and thought fuck her there she asked me whether I had sex I said “no” she also replied “no” she was my dick hard in my pants and started laughing I replied “its natural” and after that she never closed her window while changing her clothes.

It was raining very heavily and she had fever so she still went to college next day I did not see her at the bus stop and thought she must be sick again so I left from college early and went to her house she was alone in her Punjabi dress I asked about her fever she caught my hand and said now I am feeling well I felt something fishy she offered me coffee and sat close to me and started hugging me I felt very good and I also responded(in my mind I thought this is the day I was looking for, to have sex with Sam)

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She held my hand and pressed hard and then put her hands on my lap I responded to her and touched her waist and her hips, and I started moving my hands toward her boobs I touched her boobs and hugged her and kissed her on lips and lower neck and started removing her top and then I un hocked her bra and started licking her boobs Sam was feeling happy she was arousing I started liking her boobs and nipples her boobs were hard and started pressing boobs with both my hands, she was feeling great she was moaning then my hand went down towards her salvar and removed the knot at same time she removed my shirt and licking my upper body, and playing with my Lund and balls I was feeling great I removed her panty and she was all nude in front of me with her legs wide open and ready to fuck, her pussy was shaved then she removed my pant and I was also nude she took my Lund in her hand and started playing with it.

I was seating on a bed she sat down and started sucking my dick very fast I was feeling like heaven at same time I was pressing her boobs she sucked my dick for about 5 min it was a great pleasure I held her by her waist and made her sat on bed I started playing with her pussy with one had and other hand on her boobs as I stared playing with her chut she was moaning I lot then she told me to go slow as she was virgin so I put one finger in her pussy and started licking with my tongue she was all wet I started licking her G-spot she started shouting I informed her that it will pain as it was her first time

Then I started putting 2 finger then 3 finger her, shouting became less as she was getting used to it, she was shouting fuck me hard so I lift her by waist and made her slept her on bed and slowly started pushing my dick in her pussy she was moaning and I was excited fucking her I started doing it fast she was shouting fuck fuck me hard I also started pressing her nipple and I fucked her for about 15 min then I just cum my load in her pussy then I started licking her pussy and we were in 69 position. I asked whether I can fuck her ASS she said no I said ok then I did boobs fucking and then gave her my Lund while sucking I cum my load her mouth and forced her to drink it and spreaded my cum on her boobs and started sucking her nipple and biting it

Then I made her sat on my lap then again I fucked her and I started pushing my dick towards her ASS and started fucking her ASS we did a doggy style it was pain for me also as her was hard and never been fucked she started shouting after some time she got used to it after that we took bath together there also I fucked her and wore clothes and gave her a kiss and then I left we enjoyed for about 3-4 hours

We are still friend and had sex after some month later. This is my story if you like it mail me [email protected]