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I’ve been with Anne for 14 years. We met when a friend of hers that I had sold a car, brought her to see me for the same. It was a strange a meet. She was wearing jeans with holes in places that showed a little flesh all over, but especially where the roundness of the ass blends into her leg.

Anne acted nervous as her and I went for a test-drive. She would like at me, but not hold my eyes. I also displayed the same uncertain actions (not a good trait for a salesman). After the drive, when we had returned to the dealership, she jumped out of the vehicle and ran into the office where her friend was waiting. Cutting to the chase, Anne purchased a vehicle from me, but it required that we meet on three different occasions. In each meet, I retained the same nervousness around her and her with me.

After the sale, I wanted to continue be around her so I found reasons to drop by her graphics business. I showed up on her birthday with a yellow rose and did other things that gave me reasons to see her. Finally I invited her to lunch and we nervously joked. Neither of us ate much. We spent most of the time talking and sneaking peaks at one another. Taking her back to her office, I finally asked if we could go out one night and she said “yes”. We set a date for Saturday night and the two days until the date seemed to blow by. When the night came, I picked her up after work at her office and we went to club where they played some nice music, stayed for a short time, then left and walked along the bay.

The conversation was pretty superficial but it gave me time enough to build up my courage and kiss her. It was a deep kiss which excited me and she didn’t pull away. I held her close and pressed myself hard to her. I knew that she could feel my growing erection and as I pressed myself to her, I let my hands go down to her ass and pulled her to me. She didn’t pull away. Being close to her office, I took her back there and immediately kissed her hard again and let my hands roam over her. She responded, touching my back, then my ass and then bringing her hands down to my thighs and finally brushing over my hard-on, pressing and rubbing it. I pulled her sweater over head and bit along her neckline, rubbing the skin on her back and then letting my hands drift into the back of her slacks. I grabbed her ass in both hands (I’m 6’4” and have huge hands) and squeezed her ass through her panties.

We both got out of our clothes and laid down right there on the carpeted floor. I bit and nipped her body all over and she moaned, arching and stretching in response. Her hands were rubbing my head. I let my lips taste her skin as I made my way down on her. It was a bit salty and that aroused me even more. As I got close to her pussy, I nipped her thighs and the backs of her legs where the knee bends. She scorched down towards me even more and raised her ass off of the carpet. Licking back down the underside of her legs, I let my tongue trace a path up her asscrack and then over and in her asshole, before putting my tongue into her pussy.

She was extremely wet, more than I could imagine anyone being and I lapped and chewed and tasted deep within her. It was slightly salty at first, with a more than normal “musky – sweaty” odor, but as I ate her she orgasm and flowed more and more. The muskiness dissipated with each orgasm replaced by the new flow of cum from her. My mustache was coated, chin was wet and I loved it. I moved from her hole to her clit and stayed there as she twisted, and strained, pulled at my hair (I’m a black man and keep my hair moderately short, but long enough that you can rub your hands through it) and finally until she pushed my face away and put both of her hands over the area to stop me.

I laughed at her and asked her what was wrong. She said “you’ve got to stop. It’s like electricity running through there”. We both laughed. Then we kissed and I moved between her legs and we fucked. Anne drew her legs back to her shoulders allowing me to get really deep. I pushed in slowly and pressed really hard, holding it for a few seconds, enjoying the feel of her pussy around me. And it was heaven. We fucked like this, slowly deeply and steadily for what seemed like an hour, until I felt the growing pressure to cum.

When it hit, I pushed in and held it deep within her and shot what felt like a gallon of my cum. I raised up on my arms which were holding her legs to her shoulders, arched my back, pushed and just enjoyed the spamming of my cock and the pulsing contractions that I felt from her pussy. We both moaned “oh… Yes…..” with the release and gradual subsiding of the orgasm. I laid on top of her for a few moments luxuriating in the silky wetness of her pussy, feeling the gentle contractions and massaging as she would lightly squeeze my cock with her pussy. To the side of us was a glass counter and in the semi-dark our reflection we could see our reflection. The image was a turn-on in itself. Anne is white with thick blond hair and the contrast to my brown skin added to the excitement and pleasure of the moment. I could feel my cock twitching and responding to the image. But, being conscious of my size and hers (I weigh about 225lbs and she’s about 5’8″ and 135 lbs) I rolled off and to the side. As I did so, there was a juicy “plop” sound as my cock came out. Anne rolled toward me and started to rub my chest and my stomach then, she moved down and took my cock in her mouth and started to suck me. It wasn’t long before I was hard again and pulled her up from my cock, kissed her and we started to fuck again. This time with her on top. As we fucked, I turned and watched the reflection in the glass of the counter. She did as well. Seeing the arching of her back, the thrust and dragging of her hips and lifting up so we could see my cock going into her. After we came I went down on her again, eating her slowly with long strokes of my tongue. Enjoying the mixture of juices from both of us.

Anne and I have been together ever since that night and our sexual adventures and the shared pleasures have not stopped. I would learn that the reason why she was so wet and why there was a salty-taste and musky odor the first time I “went down on her” was because she had done a “good-bye fuck” with her “ex” about an hour before meeting with me. She hadn’t had the time to clean-up, so what I tasted was the last of her “ex”.

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