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First story here so here we go. My stories are true. I am a white bi-sexual male in his early sixties. I try to go with the flow and just enjoy life. I have an average cock, about 5.5 inches, not real thick but never had complaints. Turned 18 and at that time you could drink in New Jersey so that weekend was time to party and hopefully get lucky.
I lived near a boardwalk in Keansburg, NJ. Took a cab there so I wasn't worried about drinking too much. A lot of bars with live music so I wondered into one across the street from the rides. I ordered a beer and sat at the bar. At first I thought the people in there were too old for me when the bartender brought me a second beer and said it was from a couple on the other side. I glanced up and waved to thank them. Then I walked over to see if I knew them.
Didn't know either but they started talking and said that I looked like a friend of their son. They were nice, around forty or so. He was tall, around 6'3" and she was fat! I would say an easy 250! But both were nice and after telling me I was out for my birthday they ordered shots for us all! Then another beer as well as another shot. I was getting tipsy fast and they had me sit between them as the band started to play.
By the fifth beer I was drunk when I felt her take my hand and place it on her thigh. She just looked at me and smiled. I started to squeeze and felt her nylon covered legs, forgetting about her hubby when he took my other hand and put it right on his crotch! I looked at him and her as they smiled as if nothing was going on. He said he had to pee and left. She looked at me and asked if I was interested in going home with them for some fun! At this point I was game for it all and when he came back we left.
She got into the back with me and as we drove she was all over me. I was never with an older woman or a really fat woman but I had beer balls and was back at her, kissing and feeling her tits through her dress. For such a big woman she had rather small tits. After a bit we arrived at there home and we stopped and went in. He said he would get us a few beers and she was back all over me! By now I wanted to fuck her, not caring if hubby watched or not.
She took off her dress and bra, leaving her only in pantyhose and heels. I was sucking her tits, small but big nipples as she worked on stripping me. I guess he was helping because all of a sudden I felt a warm mouth on my cock! It felt so good then I realized it must be him since I was still working her nipples. She started to push my head down, moaning for me to eat her. As I did this he let go of my cock. I was too fucked up to pull down her pantyhose so I ripped them open. She had a hairy bush but I started to lick her. I wasn't too experienced but she held my head and moved me around, directing me as she moaned.
As I was learning how to eat a pussy I felt a tongue up my ass! The husband was tongue fucking my ass and it was fabulous, spurring me on to lick her cunt. All of a sudden she started to scream and held my head. It felt like she was pissing but tasted sweet! She was squeezing my head so hard I could nearly breathe! Then she let go and started to pet my head, telling me how wonderful it was. He was still licking my ass.
Finally he stopped but as she stroked my head I felt his fingers in my ass. He had lubed them and it felt good but after a few minutes he stopped. He told me my ass was dirty! She told him to shut up and told me she would clean me! I had no idea what she was talking about but she grabbed a beer and led me to her bedroom. As I drank the beer she went into the bathroom and came out with an enema bag! I started to say no when she pushed me back and knelt over my mouth. As she did this she also started to suck my cock.
Being fucked up I started to eat her, thinking how good this was when I felt the nozzle in my ass! I felt the water enter me slowly as she sucked my cock. I felt like I was going to cum when she stopped sucking and squeezed the base of my cock till I calmed down. Then I had to expel the enema. She watched and told me one more and I would be good and clean! Before I could say anything she licked my ear and whispered into it if I did what I was told she would make me the happiest guy around!
She then gave me another beer and filled my ass with water as she sucked and bit my nipples! I never had this before and it was great. Once done and emptied we went back to her bed where she laid back. Fuck me was all she said! As I got on top she wrapped her huge fat thighs around me and controlled how fast I could fuck her. Her cunt was tight as could be. Then I felt him behind me and fingers in my ass again, but her cunt was so good the fingers felt fine!
After a few minutes she put her arms on me and pulled me down to kiss her. As I did I felt him pushing on my ass. I then realized that he was going to fuck me! Between her arms and thighs holding me and him on my back there was nothing I could do! The pain was horrible and as I cried she said to relax, it would feel good in a minute or two. He started to slowly fuck me, making me fuck her again. She grabbed my head and started to kiss me. His cock burned in my ass. He was slowly fucking me.
Finally I loosened up and he got into a rhythm of pulling almost out then slamming it back in. I was just in her and used his thrusts to fuck her. She started to whisper in my ear how was I enjoying being fucked and how tight her cunt was. I could no longer hold back and started to shoot my load in her. All of a sudden he sunk in me as deep as he could and I could feel his cock throbbing in my ass. Finally he pulled out and I pulled out of her. She said, William, suck our guest cock clean and eat my pussy! At that point I realized I had forgotten their names!
He cleaned my cock as it stayed hard and her cunt as well. Then back to my cock and as he sucked it he twisted into a 69 with me. After being fucked I figured might as well suck his cock. He was bigger then me, a good 7 inches or so but not too thick. We did this for almost 20 minutes when we both came. At that point we got up and went to the living room where we had a beer and they explained that every now and then they like a younger man to join them. That once he touches or puts the guys hand on him it tells if it will work or not.
They drove me home and asked for my phone number. They would call to see if I wanted to play again. If anyone answered but me they would say they needed some yard work done. They left and I thought it could be fun.

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