First Time Experience

Hello Everyone.. just joined this website today. Read many stories here and thought of sharing my story with my girl friend, which eventually ended last spring.
I hail from Hyderabad and my girlfriend is from chennai but settled in Hyderabad for past 20 years. She used to respect me a lot and that’s how we got into the relation. Initially we used to kiss and hug and she never allowed me to get into her clothes, and I used to respect her decision.
In our last days of our relation she was studying in Delhi, and I used to visit her frequently. And today I want to share my last visit to Delhi for her on her birthday, which gave my dick a job to do.
Being a south Indian, and from a very strict family she never wears dresses which shows off flesh and used to stick to jeans, tops and Punjabi dresses. She always used to talk about wearing something like skirts, sleeveless after marriage. So, I took this opportunity to see her in these dresses. On her birthday I planned two days stay in a resort around Delhi and was ready with the gifts like a 1 piece dress up to the knees, a cake, a ring and a bottle of champagne. Finally the day arrived when I reached there and took her to the resort. We had some trekking and some jungle safari stuff. Came back to the cottage very tired and had a bath. I ordered the dinner to be in my cottage and the resort guys were very helpful to keep my champagne and the cake cool enough in their fridge. I gave her the dress which I bought and said I want to se u in that dress tonight. And was waiting for the clock to show 12.
Finally I opened the champagne bottle at 12 and we kissed, wished and had a dance to a slow music. Had to finish the dinner as she was very sleepy and in no time we were on the bed. We kissed, hugged and cuddled in the bed for 10 mins and she said she wanted to sleep. While sleeping i was touching her lips and her neck with my hands and slowly went down. When reached her boobs she just pulled my hand up on to her neck. This happened couple of times and the third time for my shock she was pretending to be asleep and I could play with her boobs for the first time… then slowly moved down to her waist and then her vagina. And again she stopped me and moved my hand away. I couldnt resist myself….

We were sleeping side by side on our back and I removed my underwear inside my trouser so that my dick can stand without any thing to stop the bulge. I placed her head on my left hand biceps and managed to place it in such a way, that I can reach her left boob. then slowly held her right hand and moved it till my dick. she dint show any expression nor any movement when it touched my dick. I was happy and moving her hand up and down… After a minute or two I could feel that she was holding my dick and I removed my hand… and finally she was giving me a blowjob pretending to be asleep… quickly I removed my left hand under her head and placed a pillow. And I moved my lef t hand to her vagina… this time I could see her enjoying it and pushing her waist upwards. I couldnt hear any moaning sound from her but could feel that she was enjoying it.

I pulled my pants down so that she could feel my dick and simultaneously pulled her skirt up and placed my fingers on her clit outside her undie and started penetrating she was breathing very fast and finally I dared to kiss her and wake her.. she gave me a satisfactory smile and kissed me passionately. I removed my shirt and her dress.. we both were semi-nude in our undies and slowly after 15 mins of cuddling we removed everything and reached the 69 position where she was hesitating to take my dick into her mouth. I praised her about her figure while licking and told her that I used to fantasize about she sucking my dick…. she immediately replied that she wanted to and took it in. initially after 10 mins of foreplay I moved my dick into her vagina and there she was moaning and making sounds out of pain giving pleasure… I came very quickly in about 4 mins and cuddled for some more time before sleeping naked under the bedsheets.
Finally, she woke me up in the morning with a kiss and told me that I showed her how to make love and satisfied her. Then we had 2 intercourses in the day and left the resort with some sweet memories…
I dont know whether u people will like hat I have written but I would love to get some suggestions on how to improve or how to give more pleasure to the girls. Especially if any girls are going through this please do reply with your suggestions