First time sex with Anitha Sister

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Hi this s raam, I am the hardcore readers of N8story site, lets go for the story line. I have a beautiful and very seductive sister named anitha. I was so impressed with her structure for as long as a year. she got married and having 2 childerns too. I m always in home till ma college re opens. till then I ll be within her.
i normally having ma breakfast nearly by morning and straightly go to her home which is down to my apartment. at the time she gonna doing with her work of embroiding. she always wearing the saree by showing her petticoat and navel and hip. I was so immersed in those things. and so far I too take snaps of that. and I masturbate by seeing those images.
i kept ma feelings with in myself itself. its a one prime time that in our family arranged a marriage for the younger sister, but marriage was conducted in far place than our home town so we arranged a omni bus for a travel. she was so close to me and she always used to sit and sleep along with me than her husband. marriage’as so goes for nearly three the days.
after those three days we gotta returned to ure hometown. me and ma sister sit very closer to each other due lack of space in bus. she looks so tired for over work in marriage. she was in tradition dress she look so gorgeous in the dress. her waist tend to touch my wrist. I sense the feeling gonna to reach the peak level. but I controlled myself.
being travelled for 7hrs journey we reached our home. ma sister goes to her apartment with her husband by normal. but I cant sleep for a whole night. I feel those situation again and again. evn I masturbated that night. but I cant reduce that feeling. after the dawn I went her home all gonna for their job in her home. all left. none in her apartment.
I slightly opened the door I realised she the one alone in the home. I entererd and moved initialy to the hall, next the kitchen, then the bed room., She felt asleep the time, I entered the room by saying her name, she woked up but not fully conscious. she opened her eyes and called ma name “han raam come inside”. then I asked “tired ah”.
she replied sleepily ” s, had ur break fast?”,” s, then y r u sleeping at this time”,” thn anything a interesting”, after a while she felt asleep and said “better go and sit hall by watching tv, r go bed” I left the room and I sat in sofa by watching tv shows i after a while I went to the kitchen to get some water and so far. I wander here and thier for time pass. I felt boring and I went to her for saying her I m leaving.
i entered the room in silence. I whisperely called her name, and then I said, wanna I need to go home….., she said “ok,and she felt sweaty and asked me to switch on the fan”. I switched it, and I started ma move, I stepped back and very stunner to see that “saree moved aside, “i went nearer to her and very wonder to see her navel in wind side “.
at the time she wored a dark black saree, suits her ceramic coated skin, I felt to high temptation state to touch her navel, but in ma mind a flash goes away that she is ma sister. but another mind says to finish off my hungry on sex, its hghly a ridiculous state on the time.
i left the room by doing none..its another day. after a month gap from ma studies I came to ma home town, after I stepped to the home I remembered all of the thinkings I did prevoiusely, asusual I went to my sister home to see her, I m sitting infront to her by reading a weekly magazine, she looking teribly on me, I think she noticed me when I was supposed to see her navel that day, but I dont think so.
she asked me to take some cup of tea. but I refused, she forced me to take it of, I took and we both remain silence for a while, I finished my tea and I noted she hurrily getting ready for going for some shopping with her husband, her two children gotta gone for a evening tuition, she got ready and infront of me she got phoned to her hubbi for asking either he was coming to pick her to go out.
“i m engaged in meeting, so I cant come now” he said…so by the way the one and only person to get her out is me, she asked me, will you come along wit me for purchasing, I said her please wait for a while. and I got ready and we both go for a while. after our purchase we returned home and she got to her dressing room, she is in dress changing,
left her mobile in hall as her hubbi in mobile I pretend to enter her room abruptly..she s in semi glamour standing by having semi wearing of her saree with her open navel, on seein me she urgely corrected her saree, and asked me wats up, i said her hubbi is in mob, she answered phone in front of me, and am sitting before her in bed,
after her speech in phon she got urged her move to the kitchen, then I questiond her y u so abnrmal on me, she remains silence and did nthng to me. And so far she with angry on her eyes she askd me, ‘why u did like that day’, I can’t recognize what she s aiming to ask, bt my deep heart reminds me what I did that night (watchd her navel), she repeatdly asking the same for as many time, bt I remain silnce.
I expresed her whats truely lying in my mind, I said her that, I was deeply in love with you. I want to live with you for my life. I was mad with you physically and mentally. And I evenly attracted by your clean navel. And your furnished color body. She with high temporally and exclaimed at me and cried her eyes and said don’t talk like this and asked me to get out of here.
But I remained their and boldly said her I want to have sex with you. On hearing this she slapped hard on my cheeks and pulled off my hairs and tore off my shirts and too shouted on me. I got tensed and I suddenly got off the place. Then I got to my room and felt so ridiculous of my activities on doing to her. After a week I went to her home to see her husband casually.
Its morning breakfast time he s going on with his food. He ordered lovely to me to take breakfast. She served me the food in good but she has symptoms of my questions that day I asked her. By going on with our food. Her husband said, he supposed to go for a conference to be held in new delhi. He asked me to be with her. I looked at her. She was angrily looking at me.
He has to go for flight by night self. He called me down to his home for her protection. He gone out and we the two and her children in home now. Its now around night 11.30 pm. She s so cunning on me by watching what am gonna do for the night. But I did nothing Till the morning. Next day gone as usual and the same thing, anitha realised that I was so depressed for her harsh activity on that day.
Its around night 11.47 pm and She s gonna returned from the rest room to her bed room. I’m always sleeping with the children in hall. She called me to her room at the time and she closed the door. She asked me to sit , I ignored. She forced me to sit and she came near to me and by her hand on my shoulder she asked me whats your problem and you’re like this.
I said her that’s nothing. But she asked me again and again. I slightly focussed on her hip moving alight to her navel. At the time she is in black blouse with transparent yellow saree. She noticed that, and by crying she said, we can’t be like that pls understand me we’re from same family and we’re brother and sister. We can’t do this. Pls don’t think like this.
Pls leave me. Its not important to me and I showed her some of incest sex stories and videos in net. But she won’t realises it. Atlas I said her, if you won’t do this to me i’ll quit off myself. Do as you wish I said. She got distanced me and after a moment she s standing near the window watching out the moon.
Then she came in front of me and with force she stripped off if saree and wit cry she said come, come do your wish am yours. Now I just moved her to the bed. And initially I locked the room. And I stripped off myself completely standing nude in front of her. I pick her hand and put on my erect penis. She stopped her cry. And I continued my job.
I stripped her blouse, bra, petti coat, and her panty too, and now she left nude in front of me. She stopped me and said pls do for this once a time alone. I replied ok and started to squeeze her milky and velvet boobs first. By doing so she lost her total rules and regulations. And she’s now beyond her limits. Then now I moved to her waist and navel pressing like a hard concrete.
She moaned aah.. Ahhhh.. Aaahhhhhh. Now I give you complete rights go go ride me like a horse come come I can’t wait. She has a well shaved pussy and tummy. This s my first experience in having sex. She advised to insert my penis over this hole. I inserted then and pushed over and over. This s like a heaven feeling.
After doing so I m just controlling myself for my ejaculation. I continued for more than half an hour. Now then we continued in a doggy style. Now she eagerly asked me why don’t you wait. Come lets pour your semen now my dear soon soon soon. Am waiting waiting. Now I got released it. I felt tired and looking at her. She was so happy in the experience.
Now we both remaini in nude with the semen on bed. She drank on some of it too. After some time I asked her some drinks to have some energy for another round. She tends to take some bits to cover her nudity. But I pulled and thrown them off. And I asked to bring it by like this. She walked towards the kitchen by nude without a bit of dress.
She brought some milk to go for another ride. After our drink we got steady and then she got my penis and sucked all my semen again. Then after that we remain nude till the morning. Its nearly 5.00 am. She woke up and picked up her phone and took some snaps of mine nude poses when I as sleeping, I woked up and saw she s working with her mobile watching some pics.
I went nearer to her to see it was my photos in her mobile in nude. I asked her “hey when did u taken those pics. she smiled in a seducing manner. she s only with her petticoat and upper blouse, she looks so sexy in the dress. I came nearer to her and hold tightly her waist and inserted my finger to her navel, at the time her hubby phoned her, she attented by holding me along with her hip,
she answering in a moaning style, after the phone call I pushed her to the bed and I watched in her semi nude beauty, she warned me sexily,”just now I had bath please dont do anything pls, I m fresh no and I have some work too”, but I m so immersed in her steady structure, I tored all her dress and I was sitting above her and I spreded my sperm over her body,
she becomes more excited and said to me ” you are so comlete man than my hubbi, he does nt take these much rights to me,you re really gr8, we must do it for daily and I wont leave you. pls now I am your slave come ride me daily like a horse. “its my plesaure anitha”. then he took all the semen on her body and her hand is full of my semen, she looked at me ‘by asking what to do so’.
I said her to swallow those semen, she s not agree with my order, I forced her to do so, she then slowely licked each and every finger with the semen taste, then we both go for our works, and either me or she if supposed to get free time we got engaged in our work, we’re happy with our sex life, after the gap of 3 months she said she s now pregnant with 1 month, and said it is our child… I was so happy, and we lead a life like a made for each other one…..