First Time with Archana

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Hey hi all first of all before starting would like to thank the admins of this App for making us happy every time.

And Coming to the story I am Krish average looking 5.8 and fond of girls but sad part is not even had girl friends. But unfortunately met my childhood school girl Archana an we started chatting with her.

About Archana a girl with all the right features with the correct amount of flesh on each parts. And attention seeker. On a recent Friday evening we have planned to meet and she said we can go for a movie and we went to the movie. Took her in my bike and I can feel her boobs touching my back. I thought it was by mistake later she held me tightly and I never expected.

In theater while watching the movie my heart beat suddenly raised and she felt it and unfortunately she touched my heart and she started questioning me why why and I pointed the next seat by touching her hands and there were 2 couples making lust. She too felt the same and few minutes later I asked I wanna kiss you I was eagerly waiting for her reply but she din say anything.

I was completely watching her activities and I got her green signals. I hold her right hand tightly for few minutes and then held my hand on her shoulder then pulled her towards me and planted my kiss on her cheeks near by her ear she din say anything later he was also responding with her kisses.

Felt like touching her boobs I just caressed her left boobs with a fear but she never said anything. Movie was about to end and we never started looking our faces once these things happened. After coming out from the theatre she said to take me to some where and I was hesitating to take our out as I can’t do anything if I take her.

Later she said “Shall we go to my home?” And I was acting as like why? If someone sees it will make problem to you… Bla bla like that and she said that no one is in my home and he mother has gone to her native she will come after 3 days. Finally said okay and went to her home.

She got down before half Kms an she said to come after 5 mins and I thought it would be better buy a condom and I too went for medical but there was huge crowd and because of this fucking nervousness couldn’t buy and she started calling me and informed to come to her home soon.

Finally reached her home and she gave me some drinks and informed me that she will back in few minutes. I too thought she might go to restroom but she went to her bees room and changed her dress and she texted me to come in and I wa as hell shocked. As I entered her bed room I saw her standing in a saree and could see her cleavage.

With all the courage I went and started kissing without even asking her and started smooching her and she too responded and I was in heaven. I made her to lie on the bed and removed her saree and was kissing in the navel region and squeezing her boobs and kissing her all parts and she was restricting to go forward.

P.S.: Writing for the first time and it makes me bored.