First Time Sex with Neighbour

This incident happened when I was 22 yrs old and was working with a private firm as an accountant. Sunita aged 26 yrs was my neighbor, she was a widow with 2 children aged about 6yrs and 4yrs respectively. Let me tell you about her physical appearance, she was a very slim lady and you cant guess her age by her looks.
Height 5.1 Ft, complexion very fair, very slim, and having a figure of 32-26-36. She had very long hairs. I shifted to this place just 6months ago at apartment in Kolkata and Sunita used to stay with her parents and her brother just infront of our flat which was on the first floor. After shifting there, my family got used to that place and started talking to them freely and I also started to talk to her family slowly.
Sunita’s family consisted of her mother, father, brother and her two children. She was staying with her mother after the death of her husband. We were all involved with her family and the time was moving along smoothly. After about a year I started having some feeling about her as I never had any girlfriend and wanted to have sex wit someone and I thought that she was the best person to have sex.
As she was a widow and her husband died about 4 yrs ago that means she didn’t had sex for the last 4yrs and she must also be dying for sex, I just needed to ignite the fire within her. I got a chance one day when my family went out of town and I told her that I am making a special dish, so she must taste it and tell me.
In the afternoon I called her and made her eat the dish which I made and she liked it. After that I started the DVD and put a sexy movie in the DVD and there was a kissing scene and I saw that she felt something. I didn’t do anything that day just watched her. After some day I decided to take her to movie. I told her that I want to buy something and can she help me.
She asked her mom and she told her to go with me. I went to the movie hall and took two tickets and went inside, it was a English movie but it didn’t had any sexual scene but just a kissing scene was there. After sometime I took her hand in my hand and started squeezing and massaging it and I saw that she was having something in her body,
after that I put my hand around her and watched the movie and she was also sitting very close to me. The movie ended and we moved towards our home, we took a bus and sat on the last seat of the bus and were talking to each other. I just made a move and just touched her breasts and she didn’t objected and I was just pinching her nipples above her blouse as she was wearing a saree.
She was also enjoying it and I kept of pressing her breast till we reached our destination. Then for some days I didn’t got time to enjoy with her but whenever I got the time alone with her at my home for 5minutes or 10 minutes, I used to kiss her and feel her breasts and used to pinch them and sometimes I used to rub her pussy her putting my hand inside the salwar.
This continued for many a days and she was also very hungry to have sex and she used to suck my cock sometimes but we were not getting any chances to have sex with each other. After a month our luck struck and my family had to go to attend a marriage party and I was to join them after a hour or two.
My family went to attend the marriage at 5pm and after they left the place, I just called her up and just took her inside my house and locked the door. And we were into each other arms and kissing and cuddling each other. I was sucking her lips and just putting my tongue inside her mouth.
We were kissing each other like anything, we were lost in our world and just enjoying each other and we kissed for almost 20mintues, then I took her kurti off and kissed her neck and her breast above her bra. After kissing her for many minutes and then I took of her salwar and kissed her thighs, her legs and her private parts above her panty.
I was smelling her pussy and it was such a nice smell, I was rubbing her pussy above her panty and she was moaning like anything. Then I move upward and freed her boobs from the bra and as I told you she had just 32 size boobs, so her boobs were not such big just a very small one, then I kissed her boobs and was crushing the other nipple with my hand.
I was sucking and biting her nipples one by one and she was moaning like anything and was mad and she was feeling these feeling for quite a long time and she was having the best time of her life. Then I moved down and removed and panty and she was just enjoying the best part of her life.
And I saw her pussy and her pussy was a pink one and I parted her pussy lips and put my lips on it and licked her pussy lips and sucked her pussy and she was just going mad and was pressing my head towards her pussy and after sucking her pussy for some minutes, I removed my shorts and my vest and underwear and told her to suck my penis,
she hesitated and said that she had not done this before, I told her that her hubby must not have sucked her pussy but I sucked so u have to suck my penis and she took my penis in her hand and put her mouth on it and started sucking it and she was not feeling good but tried to suck my penis and sucked my penis for 10 minutes,
then I put her on bed and just positioned my penis towards her opening of vagina and tried to insert my penis in her pussy but it as very tight as she didn’t had intercourse for 4 yrs so her pussy must have contracted. After that she guided my penis and I again put some force and inserted my penis in her and I felt that something hurted my penis and I was feeling pain in my penis as this was my first intercourse of my life.
And she was also feeling the pain as she was having intercourse after a span of 4yrs and I started thrusting inside her and started pounding slowly and I started my motion as to and fro and she was enjoying a lot and I was fucking her and she was enjoying a lot, I was having the first intercourse of my life and its was so amazing.
I was fucking her very fast and she was just moaning in pleasure and was having the best time of her life. She told me that she never had such a great intercourse never ever in her life. After fucking her for 15 minutes she reached her orgasm and I didn’t wanna cum inside her so I took my cock outside and said her that I will fuck your ass.
After hearing my words she got frightened and looked towards me in astonishment, I told her don’t worry and you will enjoy it. She told me that she never had anal fuck and I said her that u will enjoy first anal fuck of your life. Then I took some Vaseline and put one finger inside her ass and started moving in and out,
then I inserted two fingers in her ass and started moving in and out and she was enjoying it and was feeling some pain too after that I put 3 fingers in her ass and was feeling pain and enjoying my fingering too. Then I saw that her ass is ready for my cock and I told her to lay in doggy position and she did it and I positioned my cock on the opening of her ass and tried pushing my cock inside her ass,
but it was not going but after trying for sometime I successfully entered her ass and she felt some pain but she bear the pain and just kept mum, I started making movements and just rammed her ass like anything and she was also enjoying it a lot and I was ramming her very fast and it was making such a wonderful sound and was having fun and after fucking her for 10 minutes I cummed inside her and lay on her.
We both got satisfied and were in each other arms and we both had a great fucking session, she was having intercourse after 4yrs and this was my first intercourse so it was the best one. Next time I would share my real incident with Nisha my friend with whom I enjoyed on train. Friends I would be waiting for your comments. Thanks in advance!