First time sharing my teen girlfriend

Me 20 and my girlfriend 18 had been together for about 3/4 months and had tried a few drugs before, when one day my uncle asked if we fancied trying some mdma as he had some we had never done it before and thought we would go and give it a try I said to him give us 2 hours, so she can get ready she went and got a shower can down and was wearing a shortish brown dress and black leggings.

he came to pick us up and took us to his house which is about 30 minute drive from mine, when we got there we was talking for a little while and had a smoke and some food before he got out the mdma and we all had a bit for now to see what it was like, we was sat talking for a while and started feeling the affects of the mdma, a short time later i felt liked i needed to go to toilet and left the room i was in there for about 5 mybe 10 minutes and when i came back and she was sat on my uncle’s lap, she must of started getting horny as when i looked over at her she was grinding her ass on his cock and when she noticed I was looking at her she had this look I’ve never seen in her eyes before.

I mimed over to her to come her so she came over to sit on my lap and with a couple of secomds started doing the same to me and was trying to grab my cock through my trousers, after a few minutes of it my cock was rock hard and i was so turned I started to rub her pussy through her leggings and she was biting her lips to try not make any noise, she did very well until i slide my hand down her leggings and slid my finger into her tight teen pussy, as i did she let out a loud moan and looked into my eyes i just kept finger her pussy till she pulled my hand away and moved abit so she could take my cock out and started playing with my hard cock and balls, I looked down at her and said “come on lets go to the bathroom so i can fuck you” she locked eyes with me and just kept playing with my hard cock for a few minutes before she moved position so she was knelt on the floor while i was on sofa so she could start sucking my cock, I got so lost in the moment i tilted my head back and shut my eyes, a couple of minutes go by and i hear her make a noise and she moved abit with my cock still in her mouth i didnt think much of it and just stayed as i was enjoying her mouth round my cock, a minute or so later she moved again and lets out i moan and shes “yes fuck me” i open my eyes to see that my uncle had come behind her and pulled her leggings down and was balls deep in my girlfriends pussy, I was so shocked at first and look down at her but the look on her face said it all at her it was amazing ive never seen her like that before, the look in her eyes she was loving it having a cock in her as she was sucking my cock.

My uncle was fucking her hard from behind and grabs her head and forced her to take all my cock in her mouth making her gag on it and not letting her breath for about 30seconds, She was loving ever second of it i told her to switch round and suck my uncle’s cock while i fucked her soaking pussy we carried on for a few hours fucking before i dumped my load in her pussy and my uncle came in her mouth.

The next morning we woke up and we didnt say anything bout what happened she just asked if i will go to shop for her so i did, the shop is bout 5mins walk away so i was gone for mybe 15 minutes when i got back i opened the door and all i could hear was moaning from a distance as i walking upstairs her moans were getting louder, I walked up to the bedroom door which was wide open and she was sat on my uncles cock riding him i was stood watching i was getting so turned on and i hear from her “yes cum in me”, 2 minutes later he lets out a moan filling her teen pussy with his hot cum she looked up at me and smiled, we fucked her together a few more times that night and over the next fewdays before we cam back home.

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