First Times with Family

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.
All characters are over eighteen and clearly written to be so, as in all of my stories.

First Times with Family
The silver-black drake rose from his slumber with a growl, the cave that he shared with his adult sisters quiet and homely. He had not yet found his own territory but that was still to come and the three of them sharing, even if the land was not what they were all individually looking for, suited them well enough for the time being. It was high up in the mountains were the slopes ran more ragged than usual, shrubs and low-lying bushes clinging to the rougher ground where they were better placed for resilience. It meant that there were few places for prey to hide but, at the same time, they could easily glide down to the foothills to stalk deer and practice their skills in fishing if a more slippery meat took their fancy. There was plenty of prey if only they were willing to look for it, although Xigfeldo's stomach did not quite yet rumble for it as he stretched out like a feline, yawning widely to show off a flash of his pink maw lined with sharp teeth.
Strong-bodied, he was not yet fully-grown in dragon terms, although he was already several decades old. His hips had filled out a little more than those that he lived with, the arch of his spine still a little on the bony side, the vertebrae showing through. He'd fill out more as he grew stronger but his younger body was lighter and more agile to compensate for that, the round of his stomach not yet present but on the leaner side, drawing definition to the shape of his cheek. His horns were lightly curved back from his head with a crest of fur, thick and full, between them, running down the back of his neck and matching the thick fluff at the tip of his tail too. Yet what was most striking about Xigfeldo was how he bore the attributes, only the best, of both silver and black dragons, his silver scales darker but still striking as the light caught them.
He was unique. He had not seen another dragon like him in his life so far and he doubted very much that there was one that could match up to him in that regard. Not that he was cocky but he sat back on his haunches after working out the kinks in his body, rolling his shoulders back, thinking of the dragons he'd met. No, they were not like him and he not like them, though that was something that he should have perhaps worked out before. It was not something that was, as yet, fully-formed in his mind, though he would have many, many more years of his lifespan to muse over things like that, which was one of a dragon's favourite pastimes.
He had two sisters who were entirely female, whereas he held both male and female sexes within his cloaca, preferring to identify as male merely for the convenience of it. He could go either way but they were strictly female, at least so far in their lives. There was no telling just what could come to pass with dragon magic running rampant, the mischief of the spell-casters beyond all compare.
Pearl was a beauty in her black-scales, traditionally and typically garbed with a light frill on either side of her head where the indents of her ears were. Her stealth and sense of hearing were both unparalleled by anyone else he had ever met (besides himself) and she flew like a barn owl, completely silently. Her eyes were an icy-blue that he swore could cut through the hardest of rocks, her claws hooked like scythes, slicing and dicing all prey that they took down in but a moment. The long lash of her tail curled back and forth even when she was at rest of an evening, eyeing up the ledge outside their shared cave, perhaps thinking of the prey she was to tackle on her next flight.
Silvershine, however, could not have been more different to Pearl with her bright silver scales, polished to a sheen with how much care she took of them. She spent so much time polishing them that one may have considered her vain but she knew that a well cared for body was one that was primed for the hunt, her tail-tip fluffy like that of her brother's. She had horns rather than the light frill of her sister but was still growing into her body, appearing a little on the lankier side and hinting at the size she would reach in the hundreds of years yet to come. Dragons were independent after only a few decades, thankfully, but lived for so many years that it took a long time to grow a body of that size, their scales hardening over time, which was just why Silvershine took so much time looking after herself and her body.
The day had passed with a cold lick of winter air, approaching on the last of the autumn breeze, though he had slept through most of it with his stomach full after feeding only the day before. There was no rush for him and his sisters in their lazy, laid-back life of growing and learning, leaning on one another for help and assistance where needed. It would have been lonesome to grow up there alone but there was still much that lay ahead of them, namely what resided under Xigfeldo's stomach, tucked up between his hind legs and under his tail where it would be well-protected.
He was not, as all who met him knew, just a male dragon but he had not yet had the chance to test out what made him the sex that he had chosen to adopt, tail idly swishing back and forth across the smooth cave floor as he considered it. There was still something missing there, as none of the dragons that they had met on their travels, after maturing, had really caught their attention, for he knew that his sisters were as untouched as he was. Xigfeldo frowned. Some dragons were proud of their purity. He didn't understand that. But he knew too that such "purity", if one could even call it that when it was linked to the churning needs of the body, did not last long considering the strength and virility of dragons in their sexuality.
Even as he thought about it, of a particularly fine green dragoness who, sadly, had not been as interested in him as he was in her, his shaft stirred within his cloaca, swelling forth. Sensually, it spread the edges of his cloaca to make itself known, pushing out with its smooth skin, glistening with his own lubrication and just a hint of his oily essence. Concentrating, Xigfeldo grunted and huffed as he tried to squeeze out even more of that oil, a potent aphrodisiac that made him a little light-headed, though he had not had the chance to use it on another dragon deliberately. Only once, after his body had started to produce that thickly viscous oil, had he accidentally affected another dragon with it, though they had merely been unable to continue a conversation with him after that accident and left to continue on their way fairly swiftly. It was a shame.
He may have not spent time with another dragon sexually as yet but that did not mean that Xigfeldo had not learned how to satisfy his needs. Hissing through his teeth, the drake smirked darkly and flicked his tail, cock throbbing and lightly twisting back and forth. Prehensile, it was hard and ready for action at a moment's notice, yet his feminine passage within his cloaca too begged attention, something that part of him could deliver too.
Standing, he curled his tail around for a better angle, hind legs trembling on an edge of excitement, the tip of his fluffy tail brushing the flushed and swollen lips of his cloaca. It did not respond like a female sex, he thought, but it did spread a little when he was aroused, partly pushed there when his cock was out and hard, allowing room for it to harden. His sex wanted something more though as he caught his breath, teasing the thicker length of his tail back and forth against the edges, though that had the happy accident of grinding over his shaft too, doubling the pleasure.
Rolling his head back, the drake let out a contented hiss, cock throbbing and drooling pre-cum. That was something that he could turn on and off too, controlling as he pleased, though it was not something that he'd gotten the opportunity to use as yet as he grunted and trailed the fine hair of his tail-fluff over his shaft, letting it throb into that light touch. He could have gotten off in mere minutes, if that was what he needed, a moan rising in the back of his throat.
But…no. That wasn't what he wanted. It was something more, the breeding itch that caught every dragon at some point, he was sure, but self-pleasure just wasn't going to cut it when his need was that rampant. He needed something more, scales crawling with desire, panting even as he sat there, even though he did not need more air in his lungs.
It was strange…very strange. And he wasn't so sure that he liked feeling that way either.
Shaking off the need, he sighed and relaxed enough to allow his shaft back into his cloaca, though the desire remained, tingling within him, desperate to be set loose. He shifted his weight with a grunt, tail twitching, but he could not stay there while his scales ached in such a strange way, trying to release the tension with a flick of his tail, shaking it off. It was not to be dispersed so easily, however, and he paced with a groan to the lip before the cave where it dropped off a sheer cliff. It was not the easiest location to reach if one did not know it was there and that was just why he, Pearl and Silvershine had chosen it, considering that it was difficult to attack too. They were not so overconfident, of course, that they did not think that they were immune to the darker edges of the world, being on the younger side, though being overly-cautious was not something that Xigfeldo was particularly partial to. He'd rather take the side of trust and risk things where they were calculated to work out in his favour.
Pearl's scent lingered on the breeze and he threw his body forth, exhilarating in the moment of freefall for but a moment before catching himself with his wings, shaping the air to his will. Pummelling it with the force that only a dragon could boast, he snarled and forced his body up into the sky, dominating it as his kind were apt to do. He was nothing as uncouth as a land-locked predator but one who rained death down from above, proving his skill every time he struck forth on the hunt. Never before had he returned with nothing to fill his belly and he growled, lips rippling, though he was not hungry at that time.
Pearl, he was looking for Pearl, he reminded himself, spiralling out from the mountain and soaring, senses scanning the ground below. She was more difficult to spot with her black scales and her renowned strength, something that he aspired to match up to one day, although she did not yet have every last one of the abilities of black dragons, working on her camouflage for the time being. More would come as her body developed and he, even if she was a little bored with not having the edge of spell-casting that Silvershine embodied most eagerly, was keen to see just what she could do. After all, he had both silver and black blood in his veins and his hunger to learn all that his body could do would not be so easily sated by watching alone.
Yet she was nowhere to be seen and her scent faded too quickly as he sighed, turning his mind to Silvershine instead. Maybe she would know why he was so pent-up all of a sudden, even though he had been taking care to pleasure himself and take care of his needs on a regular basis. She always had something to say about things even if he was not ready to hear them and if anyone was going to give him truths at that time it was most certainly her that would assault his ears with a quick-witted remark or two that cut through the clamour to the truth of it all.
There was one spot, however, that Silvershine loved above all else and that was the hot springs a little further into the mountain range, far enough in and well-hidden too so as to be private. There were no passing dragons that would find her there, allowing her to relax and meditate in secrecy and privacy, although she had let her family in on that little spot after some time, entrusting the secret to them too. The springs bubbled close to the ground in several places across the range but there were only some that formed into large, natural pools, though Xigfeldo and Pearl had spent weeks helping her widen and deepen it, all so that she could have a more comfortable place to rest, relax and warm her scales.
Of course, she was there, her silver-scaled head protruding from the surface of steaming water, tucked away through an archway of rock with a sheer rock-face to her back. The pool allowed her to submerge her entire body if she so pleased but there would come a time when she was too large to even do that, even if she not so secretly hoped that that would not come anytime soon. She enjoyed the luxury of the hot water — not too hot either, thanks to the spring that they had re-directed to feed into it, taking the boiling edge off the water — and twisted back and forth through it like a water serpent, scales disturbing the surface even as she languished in it.
Yet there was something more going on there and Xigfeldo could not have said that he was all that surprised to see, through the clear water, that her tail was curled back on itself. The shattered ripples made it difficult to see what she was doing but he could more than infer what was going on as her gaze brushed his and she moaned out loud, shuddering in place as she ploughed her sex full of her tail, driving it deep and twisting it back and forth inside herself.
And, right there and then, every ounce of need that Xigfeldo had tried to push down came rushing back, cock throbbing, straining to push free. He pressed his lips together to seal away a snarl that was not aggressive at all but one of pure, raw lust, body trembling, muscles contracting, every fibre of his being aching for what Silvershine was enjoying so openly before him. His feminine passage tried to squeeze down as if around an imaginary shaft and he knew right there and then that his tail would not do the trick for him on that count, shifting his weight back and forth as Silvershine acknowledged him with a nod that was lost in a moan.
They were well enough used to being open with one another about such things and it was hardly unusual at all for any of them to be masturbating in front of one another, which was just why Xigfeldo was able to stay there, as much as he ached, strangely so. He could not have explained right there and then just why and how he felt as he did but that would come in time and with experience, his hind end dipping as if to push back even though every thought and tiny contraction of his body was hopelessly contradicted at that moment.
"That looks fun."
Sullenly, he hunkered down on the edge of the hot springs, watching avidly as Silvershine plunged her tail into her sex, shifting her hips and wiggling her tail as if to get it deeper still. His cloaca warmed and swelled, the edges parting, at the mere sight of her, yet Xigfeldo held himself back from joining her merely out of respect for his sister. They could watch but never before had any of them crossed the line into something more, although…
The drake's breath caught, eyes riveted on her tail as she stood, water streaming from her back as the steam swirled around her, shifted and displaced by the presence of her body amongst it all. The tip plunged deep, driving in and out of her cunny as if she was imagining a rougher sort of drake fucking her, although her moans told him, quite clearly if he'd had any doubts at all, that she adored it. The slurp and suck of her tail disappearing into her vent rose even above the sloshing, rippling water, steam tickling at his scales as Xigfeldo tipped forward without thinking about what he was doing, one claw almost in the water.
She seemed to relish putting on a show, swaying her hips, a gleam in her eye, head lifted proudly as she shrilled out an orgasm, a lighter lilt to her lust than may have come from the maw of one engaged in breeding fervour. Xigfeldo was only assuming that, of course, based on what he'd heard of the favoured breeding seasons before, even though dragons could mate and reproduce all year round. That did not mean, however, that there were not favoured times for mating, not to mention the Ceremony of Dragons itself: something that Xigfeldo keenly awaited being able to participate in himself.
Yet her tail, oh… Oh. There was a pleasure to be had there, even in playing the part of the sensual voyeur, her silver scales shining with her juices. It was a shame that the water washed away her arousal so swiftly but that only allowed more and more to pour from her sensually tight (he assumed) cunny, the slit strained wide around her tail as she huffed and grunted, straining to push it deeper still.
Xigfeldo shivered. Maybe he should use his tail like that too. His heart pounded, driving a beat through his chest, mouth dry where his cool breath should have tingled in the back of his mouth. He wasn't even sure if he was breathing but that was hardly the point considering how long he could hold his breath for, cock sliding out, hard and wanton, a fleshy rod that deserved attention.
Every dragon remembered their first time. He licked his lips. Why was he waiting for his?
"Perhaps I could be of some assistance…" He purred, barely believing with a suppressed chuckle that he was so bold as to put it out there without saying anything more at all prior. "You appear to be in need… I know for myself that a tail can only do so much when a need is that great, particularly when you're in heat."
Silvershine's head shot up, the dragoness barking a laugh that could only have been of shock.
"Xig — what are you saying? I'm your sister!"
She admonished him but her brother merely rolled his eyes and held his stance, straightening a little so that she could see his cock on show — nothing she hadn't seen before, of course, but it was enough to make his point. Silvershine's eyes lingered there a little longer than necessary and he knew that they'd be changed dragons by the end of the day, regardless of quite how she felt about things and how she had, perhaps, imagined her day going in the hot springs.
Xigfeldo rumbled a growl, soft and sensual, more of a croon than anything else. His sister tilted towards him but shook herself out of it just in time.
"No, Xigfeldo," she said firmly, shaking her head. "We're brother and sister and that's the end of that."
The drake scoffed and tipped his wing dismissively.
"Are you seriously saying that other dragons don't do this too? You know that we don't have to worry about in-breeding anymore. And we don't even have to let the eggs and seed meet if we don't want to either."
That drew Silvershine up short, lips pressed together, almost pursed into a distasteful look, though she didn't seem convinced. It was hard to be too strict with oneself, however, when her very own cunny was clenching and squeezing around her tail, trying to drag it deeper inside, although she could never quite get the thrusts to match up with what she needed. The dragoness exhaled in a rush of breath, nostrils flaring in a dark slit, eyes gleaming even as, again, she shook her head.
"Be that as it may, Xig, we're adults now and know better than hatchlings or juveniles not to joke about things like that. I've known you since we were both, all of us, in eggs together. How can I let you take something like my first time when we have all of that history?"
Her tail slopped from her vent, the fluff of hair dripping with her juices, and the words that had gone before may have been a little more convincing if her vent was not so hotly swollen, the sensitive scales there parting to reveal the dark pink flesh of her cunny. Silvershine grunted, rolling her head, though tried to contain herself even as Xigfeldo took one bold step forward, balanced on the rocky ledge at the side of the spring, about to tip into the water. He could only try.

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