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Hi, this is Ravan I’m age of 24 with the height of 5 feet 9 inches and fair in color. I want to share my recent experience with day I went bus stand to go my relative’s marriage because of marriage seasons the bus stand is little bit rush and I’m looking for bus for which I want to go. I had seen bus but my bad luck all seats in the bus is already filled. I am disappointed by seeing that because I want to go some long distance. 
The conductor came into the bus and said go inside because there are lot of peoples is ready to get into the bus, so I adjust my place somewhat comfortable to stand on corner and now the bus is full of passengers. The bus leaving bus stand at 7:10 pm and I saw all passengers at once maximum passengers are ladies, I think most of the passengers are going for marriage a girl who is in the age of 20 to 25 is standing in the bus, because of increasing rush she came nearer to me with her luggage.
Someone in the bus helped her to place her luggage. I saw her and she was nice and cute. I saw her total body ones, yes she has nice boobs and hips and her boobs and hips size is perfectly matching to her height I smiled by seeing her, but she won’t  gave any replay.  The bus was going in medium speed, I am feeling bore, because I am somewhat talkative. The road was somewhat rugged, so we are moving front and back and side by side. 
The girl whom I said before came nearer to me because of sudden breaks and ruggedness of the road. I asked her name but she won’t give any answer. I decided don’t think of that girl, but she suddenly  fall on me, she say sorry and I say no mention with smiling face and once again her back hit my front this is all because of road, in this time once again she turned back for saying sorry and I just gave same reply. 
This was done many times and finally she turned toward me and now I am felling happy because I have a new friend this time and but my mood was changing by seeing her bra line. She was wearing tight chuddar, so her boobs size and hips sizes are clearly visible from outside of her chuddar. She observed I am staring her assets, so she turns back. Now I am seeing her back bus stop came and some peoples are leaving bus and more peoples are getting into the bus and so at this time her hips was almost touching my front side, this causes my penis hard. 
My penis size was increasing with her touch. Now my penis is touching her buttocks and she suddenly turns towards me and she was look into my face and my front that mean my trouser and she turned back. I think she looked my hardened penis through trouser from that time on words 20 min we both are silence. The driver switch off all lights in the bus after some time and I observed she came nearer to me, now her hips are touching my  front almost all of her back was touching my front. 
This causes increaseing of my penis size and it became hard, I think this was the green signal from her, but I don’t have courage to proceed further and but I am not controlling my feelings, so slowly I placed my hand on her shoulders at ones and take back. She was not scolding that time so I again gathered my courage and I placed my right hand on her, that feeling was nice and no one wont seen anything because of dim. 
Now my penis is pushing her back tightly. I’m caressing her shoulder and her neck. I gave a smooth kiss on her back. Her hairs are smooth and I placed my hand on her breast and I grabbed her breast in my hand ooohh! That was a great feeling I never feel before and now one of her boobs is in my hand. Suddenly the lights are glowing in the bus. We came into a normal position and we looked each other and the sweat was coming from our bodies. 
The bus stop came and so many people are left bus, I captured two seats and I invited her to sit beside me, she came and requested for window seat, we interchanged our positions. No one getting into the bus and this time we are so happy because now the bus is free and very less members are there in bus and only three peoples are there in our back seats and those are in deep sleep in lighting I saw her, she was looking into my trouser deeply.
I think she was looking for my penis, I said wait for that and she gave nice smile. The bus was leaving bus stand and the driver turn off lights and she asked, I want to see your tool. I grabbed her hand and placed it on my hardened penisand I said take outside and do whatever you want. She was silent for some min after some time she opened my jip and placed her hand into my underwear. She took my penis in her hand she said wow its big, thick and hard and placed it as before. 
I asked what happened, she said I m afraid that. I asked you won’t see any sex movies or videos. She said yes I saw some videos, but this is the first time I had seen a real penis. I placed my hand on her thighs and I am kissing on her neck. I am pressing her thighs, boobs gently. I placed my hand into her chuddar I pressed her boobs on her  bra, I asked open the bra, she done it and her boobs was so stiff I raised her chuddar up to grab her  boobs freely in to my hands. 
I kissed her breast and I licked her both breasts and her boobs are smooth and in the size of melons. I was pressing her breasts tightly and kissing her lips, we both gave a French kiss each other and she grabbed my hand and placed it on her inner thighs. I asked her open your pant and panty, she said take yourself. I tried to open her pants, but its not came. She opened her pant and panty up to her knees and she widens her legs. I placed my hand on her pussy. 
I felt some hair on her pussy and her pussy was already in wet. I caressed that with my hand while I am caressing her pussy she placed her hand on my penis and she was pressing it hardly that was a great time for me. I inserted my middle finger in her pussy hole and I gave some moment to that finger some juices came from her pussy. She opened my pant zip and she asked remove underwear removed that up to my thighs. I asked her and give a kiss on my penis, but she said no.
I requested her so many times at last she said ok but just ones and she covered her body with her chunni and she bend to give a kiss while giving a kiss the lights in bus are glow. I suddenly pressed her head down and said pretend like sleeping and I covered her head with her chunni because of her lips are open my penis is in her mouth and her saliva was coming from her mouth, she tried to grab it on that process she licked my penis 7 times 3 peoples from our back leaved the bus
The bus started moving and the driver turn off lights. Now no one is there on my back. I removed her chunni and said get up but she was licking my penis like a lollipop after sometime I cum in her mouth. She opened window and she worm ting my cum. I said, I just asked one kiss but you gave so many darlings. I asked her and I want to see your nude body, by placing my hand on her pussy. She kept her hand on my penis and say not in the bus. 
She asked my penis size, I said measure your self.she measured with her finger and she said two fingers and she licked my penis and I also cum 4 times in her mouth, she swallowed it. She said this is the first real experience. She taken my penis pics with her mobile and She asked my underwear, I gave my underwear and gave many poses for last we both left the bus at different places.