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It was Thursday, the day for our weekly 5 Card Draw Poker game, Seven hands, and a medium-high level of stakes. All of us there could afford it and we had great fun each weekly meet.
About an hour before we were due to meet at Martins house he rang me to say that his In-Laws had unexpectedly arrived at his place, so he could no longer host the game, Could I fill in at short notice?
I, of course, agreed and set about preparations.
Lulu (Louise) my wife of some 10 years, had just finished her naked sunbathing session in the back garden (I Don't want bikini marks!)and had taken a shower, dressing for a home evening as I was due to be absent. "Dressed for home" during the summer heat meant a skinny T-Shirt, a minuscule denim mini skirt, and nothing else at all, no shoes, and no underwear whatsoever.
I had to go quickly to the off-license to fetch a few cases of beer, which was the normal consumption during our weekly get-togethers.
While I was away I asked Lulu to prep the poker table, Cards, Poker Chips, ashtrays, glasses, notepad, and pencil to write out the IOUs for the Poker Table Bank.
A word about Lulu would be in order before we go any further, she was in her early 30's, but looked in her early 20's, with blonde hair to her shoulders, medium-tall with a fine waist above sensually swelling hips. One of her best features were her full rounded tits, which were practically never restrained by a bra, being perfectly upstanding and in no need of support. She had her plump pussy regularly waxed, leaving a tiny inverted triangle of curly blonde pubic hair "To show that I am a natural blonde" she would announce to me regularly, to which I would reply, "Since I'm the only one to see it, I don't have to be convinced about your blondness, but anyway I find it very pretty, and it's part of your personality"
Since Martin had phoned the other five players about the change of venue my buddies started arriving in dribs and drabs, we had a few beers in the lounge whilst waiting for a "Full House" Lulu was our acting bartender, running from the kitchen to the lounge with supplies of cold beer. Given the rush due to the change of venue, she was still in her casual outfit, which was much admired for its revealing briefness if not its Couture style, she did look very attractive showing lots of nut-brown legs, and her skimpy top left no doubts about the shape and volume of her tits. The cutout showed a lot of the cleft between her breasts, and the light material showed off her perky nipples to great advantage.
Once we were all present we went to the setup poker table, each buying the agreed value of chips from the Bank. Soon we were hard at it, noisily playing five-card draw for modest stakes to start, the usual form was that we doubled the "blind" after about an hour of modest play, and could double again if the gathering agreed on that course of action.
I started modestly well, winning enough pots to be at about break-even approaching the doubling of the level of the bets.
All the while Lulu was doing sterling work keeping us supplied with cold beers and from time to time having one herself.
The second-hour didn't go so well for me and I had to give several IOUs to the Bank to stay in the game.
The third session, now fairly high stakes went even worse, and I was considerably behind with quite a few IOUs piling up at the Bank.
Harry, one of the jollier members of the group, laughingly suggested, that since I was the de facto host we should do something to lighten my load of debt at the bank. His bright idea went so, "here lads let's improve Bills cash flow and improve the scenery at the same time, what I suggest that our charming Bartender should remove her top and we can thus save our selves the expense of visiting a topless bar, where the tits will never be as pretty as Lulu's splendid pair, and in recompense for this gesture of hospitality, we contribute 20 per person, and so tear up one of Bill's IOUs to the value 100 at the Bank"
The suggestion was met with roars of laughter and approval!
Lulu laughed out loud at the carryon and said "We've all been to the beach and pool together where I am ALLWAYS topless, so you're going to see nothing new when I take off my top"
"Take it off!" chanted the lads (including myself I'm ashamed to say!).
Without further ado, she stripped off her top allowing her splendid tits to joggle free, "now tear up that 100 IUO of Bill's, and I'll get you all a celebratory beer"
As she went around distributing beer, one of the lads caressed her left tit as she served him, and for his audacity got a slap on the cheek, more playful than anything designed to hurt.
We played on a bit more and my luck didn't change one iota, indeed I had to replace the IOU that had recently torn up with one for 200!
Harry piped up, and addressing Lulu directly,
" your old man is in the shit again and needs to be rescued,"
"How about getting rid of that tiny skirt of yours?"
Lulu reposted:
"'ve never gone without my pants at the pool, so you've never seen what I'm hiding there"
"Not true, "saidHarry, "when you were bent over clearing the coffee table I saw that you have NO bikini pale spots on your arse, and you sport a darling little waxed pussy!"
"OK then you've been peeking where you shouldn't, so you know my secrets down there"
If my tits are worth 100 even though you've all seen them lots of times what's your proposed tariff for the pussy display"?I was less sure about this move but decided that Lulu was a big enough girl to make up her own mind about stripping off in front of our five boisterous pals.
"How about double the top? Say 200!"
"Not enough for what I've got hidden down here" she replied.
Harry wasn't going to back down now, and in any event, it was only IOUs they were going to tear up and not like it was REAL money!
"Are we good for 300, that's 60 a corner you know, but I'll bet that your cute little cunt is worth every penny!"
Chuckling naughtily she un-zipped her little skirt and let it drop to the floor.
There was a gasp of pleasure from everyone in the room, she stood there completely naked, brown allover, and the absolute killer detail was her little tuft of blonde curly pubic hair.
'Well done your a real sport, Lulu, do a little Strutt about for us so we can truly admire our investment"
Good sport that she was, she did a proactive little dance for them, including spreading her arse cheeks to show off her rosebud arsehole and licking her fingers to rub her pussy sensuously up close to each contributor.
More beers, more poker, more little erotic dances, and then another suggestion from Harry,
"How about a bit of packaging for these very fine goods, a bit of showbiz, some erotic glitz!"
"OK Harry, what's the deal?"
"Trust me well be generous when we see what you do for our continued sexy entertainment"
"I'll hold you to that" she murmured sexily as she sashayed off to our bedroom.
She soon re-emerged wearing nothing but a black lace suspender belt holding up black seamed stockings and a pair of dangerously high stiletto heels.
The effect was far more erotic than being completely naked and added a note of almost pornographic sensuality. Her plump pussy was framed by the lacy suspender belt and made her more naked than less as a result. On twirling round the effect was to accentuate the fineness of her waist and the swell of her hips and apple-cheeked arse.
As she did her little tour of the room Harry, by now the ringmaster, MC, and floor manager reached out and pulled her towards him with one hand and put his other hand on her moist pussy, fingering her clit for a brief moment.
She withdrew scowling, "This is a lookie no touchie arrangement Mister! Don't think for one moment you can handle the merchandise" and then to my total surprise she seductively added " everything has a price, so quote me a price for the right to play with my cunt, arse, and tits, but first what's the little bit of lace worth now?'
Everyone was taken aback by her boldness but were all sufficiently horney that all they wanted was exactly what she had just suggested.
"How about a package deal, the costume, which is fantastic by the way, and everyone gets a feel of all the beauty spots for say another 500, that's 100 each so well all want a good old juicy fondle."
"Deal!, you're as good as your word, and for that generous offer you get the first tour of my private bits"
I was stunned as she had never shown any interest in other partners, or erotic games of any sort, I, on the contrary, had long fantasized about her having sex with one or more partners while I spectated., or indeed participated.
I felt sure that once they started probing her holes and stroking her tits, shed get so hot that she'd be up for a fully-fledged orgy with everyone getting to fuck her, double penetrations, and all sorts of sexual excess included.
She had never done anything like it before I was sure, it was a new Lulu I saw tonight, and I was as stiff as a plank as a result.
She was now sitting on Harry's lap, and he had several fingers in her cunt, the other hand probing her arse button, and she, in turn, was breathing hard as a prelude to an orgasm, the first of many I had no doubt.
So as not to be left out of things Ned joined them and began fondling her splendid tits, planting a deep kiss on her open mouth, the other three participants were patiently waiting their time to join in the lewd fun.
My debt was radically reduced, and if she agreed to a fuck-fest Id be debt-free for sure, with the bonus that I'd realize my most erotic of fantasies that I had held for years. I had in the past made oblique suggestions about threesomes or her having a casual fuck just for the spice up value to our sex life. But she had always shot down the idea as being "Not her sort of thing" But now, here she was going for it all by herself! Wonders never cease!
Loud moaning announced her first orgasm, at the hands of Harry and Ned.
She was thrusting her pelvis in mock fucking motion on Bill's lap, he was ready to Fuck her on the spot, BUT that was not the deal, and he didn't want to force the situation too soon, but he obviously was banking on her getting so excited that shed desire being fucked so badly that she'd jump to the conclusion of their evening by getting reamed by everyone present, at least once and perhaps more.
Lulu gave Harry a deep kiss and got off his lap, kissing Ned also as she left, to join the others who had not yet been part of the action, and settling on the sofa began necking Richard while Mort dived between her legs and began devouring her puffed up wet pussy, this left Gerry out in the cold, spectating rather than participating, but there was nowhere for him to go to join the fun. So he patiently bided his time watching the fun on the couch.
Mort's fingers had found her tight little arse bud and had inserted his spit moistened fingers deep into her back passage, this combined with the licking of her clit brought on another noisy orgasm. She was getting really hot now and sure to start shagging them sooner rather than later.
Gerry finally got in the action, taking over from Richard, in the kissing and tit fondling department.
Harry again broke the semi-silence, semi as there were slurping sounds coming from Mort as he devoured her cunt.
"Ok now it's time to get serious about this carry-on, are we going to fuck her or bloody well not?"
"I say we bung another 500 in the kitty and get started on the real action!"
"We must have the young lady's agreement, but she seems to be having such a good time already that I'm sure she'll jump at the chance to accommodate our various pricks in her various holes!"
"What say you, Lulu? and of course, the faithful hubby Bill has to agree too, after all, it is going to be a trespass on private property and most importantly within the more secret parts of said property, including its interior space"
His little speech got a round of applause, and seeing me nod my agreement all eyes were on the lady in question."
"There will be rules!" she declared noting that it would be her first group sex experience,
"Firstly I'm not going to be fucked in here, we are going to my bedroom where we can do things in comfort, and it won't be so squalid as poking in the lounge-like teenagers on a first try out!"
"I don't mind two or three at a time, but it's going to be experimental, and if I'm getting hurt, or abused, I'll call a halt, and things will STOP.
There will be NO cumming in my pussy, and that's an absolute, you can fuck it but you can't cum in it.
I'll blow anyone that wants it, and you can cum in my mouth or on my face, as you prefer.
You are allowed to bugger me up to my arse and you can cum in there too.
No hurting, or hitting, but as much fucking as you like.
I am sure that ill gives you your money's worth, and at the end of the session, tips are acceptable by the fuckee!"
Everyone started stripping off, in preparation for our first-ever orgy/gang bang, group fuckfest.
As the instigator of our good fortune Harry was first up, and placing Lulu on all fours on our oversized double bed, slid his rampant dick into her cunt, doggy style.
Oh Boy, this is even better than I imagined, so tight and hot, and wet as anything, this is what paradise is all about.
Lulu reached back and fondled his balls as he fucked into her for all he was worth, this made him even more excited than before and he quickened his strokes, grunting with pleasure and exertion.
The sight of my beautiful wife getting fucked for the first time in our marriage by someone other than myself as hugely erotic and thrilling. My prick was bigger and as stiffer than ever I could remember it to have been.
The spectacle on the bed was as good as any porn movie I'd seen, and I'd seen plenty of them in my time!
She was moving against his thrusts and moaning to another orgasm of epic proportions.
She turned to Harry and quizzed him thus "Are you close to cumming Harry, 'cause if you are you're going to have to do it in my bum hole or my mouth if it's the bum, then you'd better start fingering it to get it soft enough to take your dick without hurting me, so get to work boy!"
Harry spat on his fingers, and starting with the index he began wanking her tight bumhole, after a while he had two then three fingers pumping in and out of her ready to fuck secret hole. Taking his sopping prick out of her cunt he offered the shiny bulbous head up to her arse entrance, the head slid in halfway before she wailed" Slowly with that thing it fucking hurts!"
He gradually got it all in a little at a time, and then hit his stride, fucking deep into her fundament, and slapping the cheeks of her arse as he did so.
I thought her cunt was terrific, but this little back hole is so tight and such a good fit is made for fucking in a class of its own. His thrusts into her back hole were producing loud farting noises along with her groaning and his shouting it was an extremely noisy affair.
His strokes were coming faster and deeper, as he reached a mighty climax, pumping huge amounts of cum deep into her arse tube, which was running out of her tight hole down her inner thighs in creamy rivulets. I nearly came myself at the sight.
His still impressive tool withdrew with a loud plop, and she turned to bestow a deep kiss on its soiled head. Sucking it clean, without any show of squeamishness proved how wrapped up in the whole adventure she had become.
Next up were Richard and Mort, who asked if they could try Double Penetration that they had both seen on porno movies and both found extremely exciting and erotic. She said she was up for it, but if it was hurting they'd have to modify their approach. She also reconfirmed the NO cuming in the pussy rule, saying that that rule was absolute and not to be broken under any circumstances.
They set about some foreplay on the two targets, her pussy and bum hole, licking and deep fingering, anointing both with lots of salivae, her arse button required very little lubrication as evidence of Bill's visit was still dribbling from between the cheeks of her beautiful bum.
Mort lay on his back and Lulu lowered her moist cunt onto his stiff member and began to fuck herself on his tool, Richard standing at the foot of the bed lined up his rampant dick with her over lubricated arse button, and slid straight in without any problem.
The three of them had to coordinate their thrusting so each got to fulfill their lustful pursuits. They fucked away energetically till Richard, being in the tightest tunnel of lust was set off by Lulu's latest orgasm, and shouted he was about to cum, which he did, it seemed, endlessly pumping thrust after thrust deep into her soft and well-upholstered arse, cum was now squirting out of her arse hole as he continued to thrust more and more hot jism into her., finally, he was finished, and was rewarded with a thorough cleaning job in her lusty mouth.
Mort who was still underneath started gasping that he was about to cum and couldn't hold off much longer.
Quick as a flash she disengaged his prick from her juicy pussy, and nealt over him, taking all of his tools into her hungry mouth, sucking and swallowing everything he had to offer, which was plenty.
Before she could summon the next protagonist Mori had leaped onto the bed and shoved his dick right up her hell used arse tunnel, much to her surprise.
'My oh my you're in a rush aren't you, my man!"
'I couldn't hold it any longer, I'm so excited I was going to cum on my own!"
He wasn't for from the truth, having started pumping his jism into her almost immediately he got inside her quim.
Letting him finish his premature ejaculation in her back passage, she looked for the final member of the group (Me being excluded, for the moment) Gerry presented himself, he was the youngest member and painfully shy.
He was still dressed and holding back with some embarrassment at his position as the last stud to fuck her.
Lulu was very gentle with him, giving him kisses as she loosened his clothing, and began to undress him slowly but surely.
When she got to his boxers she gasped, for he had an enormous dick, far bigger than anything she had accommodated that evening, and for that matter any evening before our little fuck party.
Dropping his underpants she held his massive prick up to her open mouth, peeling back the heavy foreskin to reveal the deep purple mushroom-shaped head. and began the difficult job of getting it into her mouth, as it was well beyond normal size.!
She began sucking its bulbous head and fitting some of its lengths in her stretched mouth. after the brief oral episode she lay back on the bed legs apart, cunt open and fully lubricated with her own cum-juice, and guiding his enormous length began grinding out the fuck of the evening, we gathered round in wonderment at the macho display by the unassuming young man.
She was soon screaming in ecstasy as he pumped her pussy, plunging ever deeper into her vagina. I knew he was reaching parts of her cunt tube that my dick had never reached… He not only had length and girth, but he also had stamina, as he continued to pump her thoroughly and totally in measured thrusts that just went on and on and on. Lulu was moaning from one orgasm to the next, completely lost in her lust.
After what seemed an age she invited him to put it in her other hole, and without missing a beat he began sliding his huge cock into her fundament still in the missionary position, he had the good sense to feed its length into her a bit at a time, so after some minutes of slowly he had it all in, and began a masterclass in buggery, Shafting the full enormous length of his tool from the now gaping opening to the very depths of her back hole, his big balls slapping off her arse., he continued like this for an age, bringing her to multiple orgasms, till breathlessly she implored him to put it Back in her pussy and contrary to her previous instructions he should cum inside her in her cunt.

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