Five shades of Nike – Chapter 18

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By elggat123 Part 18 of stories told about a group of typical UK estate chav’s and their lives. See part 1 for any full intro.

Paul finds what appeals to him

I am waiting at a bus stop, hoping the bus will come along soon. I usually ride my BMX to school, but the chain broke, and I need it fixing. It is almost the weekend, and I can sort it out then. I watch as some schoolgirls in fancy grey uniforms and hats walk past on the other side of the road, I assume heading home too. Some do cross over and join me at the stop. One girl catches my eye, as I recognise her as being Sophia, the girl I had met a few weeks earlier in the woods and then had sex with her. She sees me looking and smiles at me. She then comes over and says hi. I say hi, good to see you again, I did wonder if I would get to see you? She beams and says yes, I hoped I would see you too, I asked my brother about you often, but he would simply think for a moment and then say, I don’t think he would be interested in meeting you again. I am surprised at that statement, and I say, well now you know I am glad I have. The bus arrives and we get on it together. As the bus is going along, we are talking and she then says she needs to get off the bus soon, as her stop nears. I ask when can we meet? She says that on Saturday she has some classes she attends but after that she can say she was going to visit a friend but can meet me instead. I say that’s fine as I have scouts first thing in the morning too, so can meet after. I say, you want to meet at the entrance to Castle Park, she agrees, and I say 2pm. Ok she says, she smiles and gets off the bus. As the bus pulls away, she smiles at me again. I am excited and all mixed up at the same time.

My first date with a girl, and yet I also feel very mixed up about the whole event. Saturday morning comes and I arrive early at the scout hut. There is only 3 of us there and the Scout leader, as we are there checking kit for a camping trip in a few weeks’ time. This will be my last camp before leaving the scouts and deciding if I want to go to the venture scouts. After a few hours of work, we are all done, other than sorting out a few items in one of the outside sheds. The Scout leader asks how I am getting on and I say almost there. He says he needs to head off, he has locked the main building, and gives me a spare key to the side shed. The others have already left, as I said I was just about done and that they need not stay, I was taking my time and killing time as I did not have to meet my date until 2pm. I was there on my own, and I looked at the time and opened my ruck sack and then changed into some better clothes. I can leave my ruck sack behind and come back for it later. I place it on top of some gym mats which are stored there. I head out to the park entrance, which is close by the park, as we often use the park for activities. I get to the entrance, and I am now nervous she might not turn up. But then I see her, and I am nervous about the date. As it happens, we go and get something to eat, and we get on really well. We strolled around the park and at one point we are holding hands and then we are kissing, and then sitting on a quite bench and even more kissing. She is from quite a well to do family, which I guessed from the way her brother was. I knew him from the scouts, he seemed to be a little like a fish out of water in that he was much less worldly than most of the other scouts, who were much more streetwise. I guess in some ways we loosely bonded as I was also a bit of a dork. That being said, we never became proper friends outside of the scouts. Not sure why we called him Kyle K, but I think it was because at one time there had been another Kyle in the group, so he got that name, and it stuck even when the other one moved away to France with his parents. I wasn’t sure she would be interested in a boy from a council estate, but we had much in common and she seemed to be really attracted to me. We talked briefly about the sex we had, and that mine was the best out of all of them. I doubt that was true but even so, it built up my self-esteem. She said, had she known that she would have met me there, I would have been her first. I said, well you can treat it like it was your first. She smiled and said, yes, I will and thank you, and then we kissed again. I thought it might be nearing the time we both headed home, I said I would walk her back to the park gate but then I needed to get my ruck sack. She asked if she could come too, and I said yes, as I would not deny her anything she asked. We walked and I reached the shed. I unlocked it and stepped inside. I expected her to wait outside but not long behind me she followed me in. She smiled and said she wanted to look around. I said, sure, we can do that. She came over to me and kissed me again and this turned into deep snogging. We were all over each other with our hands. She had told me that until that point in the woods, she had led a fairly sheltered life, and so had her brother, hence the reason he wanted to watch Alan have sex with her, and she wanted someone experienced for her first time. He had told her that he had sex with April before but otherwise had not had sex before or after. She stopped for a moment, and I said that it was great in the back of the car with her, and she was very special to me. She said, she felt the same and kissed me again, then she stopped and said that she wanted me to fuck her again, and did I have a rubber? I reached into my ruck sack and pulled out a small black fabric bag with some condoms inside. I was hard at that point and said that we ought to get comfortable on the pile of gym mats. I head over to the door and slide the inside bolt to lock it shut. I don’t want us to be caught. I come back over to her and then I take off my trainers and chinos. I put my trainers back on as I don’t want to dirty my white socks. We resume kissing and her hand reaches down and strokes my cock through my boxers. I reach down and slide down her leggings and then lift up her short black skirt and then slide a finger under her panties and feel around for her pussy. I had seen my brother do such things and I was just following that. After a minute of fun, I slide my face down to her pussy as my brother does and then with my lips and then my tongue, I explore her entrance. She seems to like it and I hear soft moans. I look up at her and she smiles, and then she takes my hand and pulls me back up to her. I briefly wipe my lips on my t shirt, as I guess she might not want to taste herself and then we kiss some more. Her hand is still rubbing on my cock. She then pushes her face down and takes my cock into her mouth. She starts to suck on it like a pro, but I find out later this was a first time, but she had seen an article in a magazine about oral sex and had practised on a chocolate bar. I sensed that if she continued I would cum, so I grabbed a rubber, opened the packet and I went to roll it onto my cock. She took it and then slides it down. I rub some spit on the rubber and her pussy lips. I get between her legs and awkwardly feel around the entrance. Her hand is there again to guide me, and I slide in. I start to pump away, and we are kissing. After a bit she wants to get on top, so I lay flat on the floor, and she climbs on top and sinks back down onto my clad member. We continue to fuck and then I bring my knees up so my legs are now angled and I am pumping upwards as much as she is riding me. She is moaning and she then tells me she wants me to cum.

That is all the encouragement I need, and I push hard upwards, my cock expanding and the vein on the underside of my cock expanding and pulsing with the cum being delivered into the empty reservoir end of the rubber. I stop for a moment, and we are both panting, and she rolls off me and then I roll back on top of her, and we are kissing. After 10 minutes, I say that we best get back, neither of us want to get into trouble. I remove the condom, tie a knot in the end and shove it into a piece of tissue along with the wrapper for disposal. I don’t want it to be found here. I think it was a good job I had the rubber on, I think I could have easily knocked her up judging by the amount of cum. We redress and I grab my ruck sack and we head outside. I lock the padlock back up and she smiles, and we walk together. She says how special that was to her, and I say to her, me too. We reach the park entrance, and this is where we separate. She will go off to the large Edwardian houses, and me back to the nearby council estate. When can we meet again, I ask? How about next Saturday, and I agree. Same time? Yes, she says. On my way home, as I ride my BMX, I pass a key cutters. I go in and get a duplicate key cut of the one I have for the shed. This may come in handy for future meets, and indeed it does.

The following Saturday I ride my bike over to the park, and I wait. By 2;30, there is no sign of her. I am a mix of worried and angry. Has she stood me up? I decide I will go over to her house. Do I know her address? Then I recall details she told me around being the corner house of Grosvenor Gardens and Central Avenue. I ride over and then with a bit of apprehension I knock on her family homes door. After a minute and me thinking there is no one home, the door is answered by Kyle. Hey, what you doing here? He asks. I said that I had a book I promised to lend his sister, which was in fact true, and she didn’t show up. He said you better come in, take your bike through to the back garden. I step inside, and after dumping my bike in the garden I return to the house. He asks if I want a drink. I am confused, what’s going on. I guess I could do with a drink, and he leaves me standing in a front room while he dashes into the kitchen, and he is back with a cold can of cola. Look he says, (looking a bit guilty and slightly afraid,) don’t be angry but I was supposed to give you a note from her telling you that we were all going away at short notice to visit one of my grandmothers. He was supposed to go too, but he hadn’t completed all his homework so as a punishment he had been left behind. I can’t say I am not annoyed but I am also relieved that she’s not stood me up because she wants to break it off. He says, why don’t you chill here for a bit, we can play some video games and chill. Well, I am here I guess so I say, ok sure. We are playing a game, and we get to the end of one of the rounds and he asks If I want another drink. I say I’m ok, but then he says I have got something better. He goes to a watch box, opens it and removes the felt lining of the watch and gets out a joint. He says this. I am not sure I want to try a joint or get high as a result of doing so. But he lights it and the offers me a puff after he takes in a few puffs. I think I need just to take one short puff and then refuse any more. He can get himself high if he wants. You cannot miss the smell of the weed, and after one puff I want a second and before we know it we are a bit high. He suddenly turns to me and says, so are you straight, bi or what? I am a taken aback by that comment. What do you mean I ask? Well, the way you were looking at me when you were with my sister. I said that I didn’t label myself as anything and was still finding myself. It must have been the weed, as I normally would not say such crap. He said, I see OK, only I have never fooled with a guy in any way and have maybe wanted to try it. I said, well I guess we can see how it goes. He says, I don’t want any of that gay stuff, just to try it out. I am a little mixed up with what he is saying, as I think he is. How can you have sex with someone of the same sex and for it not to be even a little gay, I am thinking. That’s ok I say. Maybe we ought to start with some wanking, you got some porn? Yea, that’s a good idea he says. We start watching something that he has managed to get to view on his computer. His parents had put a blocker on the PC, but he had found a way around it. The first scene was a guy and a girl who were both only a few years older than us. Looking at the film work and the quality I would say it was home made. He was on a lower bunk of a bed, she was lying flat on the bed facing him, and he was on the bottom of the bed wearing yellow boxers. They start some foreplay, she is really sucking him, and I was thinking he might cum, but after a bit he reaches over to the bedside cabinet and grabs a condom, so I guess he held off. He opens it and you can see him reaching down between her legs with his cock only inches from her pussy. He puts the rubber on and is soon fucking her. By this stage our trackies are down our ankles and we are both wanking. After a few minutes he obviously cum’s and then after a couple of minutes of recovering he reaches down grabbing the used condom, un-slides it from his cock and his hand soon reappears and he throws the used rubber containing his load down onto the floor of the bunk bed. I say, that was a hot scene, and he agrees, and I say that it was home-made, and he says yea, looks like it. I say I hope he remembers to clear up the rubber and we both laugh, still quite stoned. I say, and he took quite some sucking. He said yea, I want to try that, never been sucked. I say really and look surprised, I thought you had before? No, he says, only sex I had was with April at the party, but I was in there and cum within a couple of minutes. I reply, yea same as me. He looks at me and says, I didn’t think you fucked her. I said, I didn’t intend to but ended up with her. Oh, he says. Have you been sucked otherwise? I said yea I have. By a boy or a girl, he asks. Always girls I say. I must have been on another plane of thinking as I say, why don’t you let me suck you, see how it feels, nothing gay I say, but just to see. He thinks for a moment and says, yea OK. I slide over and my head goes down to his crutch. I slide my mouth onto the head of his cock. He moans a bit, but his eyes are firmly focused on some more sex scenes, which look like they are films of people having sex in the park at night. I slowly start to bob up and down on his cock, and I see him look l down at me at some point and then before I realise his hand his on the back of my head and he is regulating the pumping. He starts to twist around in his seat, I feel his cock go stiff and then throb and he pushes my head down deep and he cum’s into my mouth, stream after stream of cum shooting. I try and swallow it as much as I can and then I force against his hand to release my mouth from his cock. he heavy smell of musk mixing with salty cum made Kyle cum without him touching his dick. The cum flowed out of his cock head, running down the length of his prick before coating his balls and dripping to the sofa. I am now wanking and I also cum, blasting over the sofa.

We both were resting and panting and we then clean up with some tissues. Kyle then turns and says, that was good. You suck well. I smile and he says I guess we ought to eat something. We chatted and we chatted about sex and what we had done. I told him about my trying out a small dildo in my arse but had never had sex up my arse. I said I wasn’t sure that’s what I even wanted but enjoyed having fun with other guys. I also then said that I really liked his sister and was someone who I wanted to have sex with regularly. He smiled and said that he hoped to find a girl at some point and was glad he had experimented with someone like me. I hear a car pull up and it is his family back home. I decide that it’s time I leave, and I head through the back kitchen door, grab my bike and open the side gate to the road, and I ride off. I had fun with a guy and more could have happened, but I don’t think Kyle was ready for that, if he ever was. Was it the weed, who knows? Thankfully, the next Saturday lunchtime she is there waiting for me, and we head off to the scout hall shed for some fun. My Saturdays seemed to form a regular pattern when I wasn’t otherwise busy and eventually, she went on birth control so I could stop using condoms, though she wanted to try anal sex at one point, so I used a rubber again for that. Kyle finally got a girlfriend, though she fell pregnant not long after being 18 years old and his parents just about did a shot gun wedding and he ended up being a father and having to become a settled man without much other experience of sex with others, or maybe he did it on the side.

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