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tagIncest/TabooFixing Jacob Ch. 05

When school was over Jake headed to his grandmother's house under the belief that she needed help with new furniture. Whenever he visited he always ended up staying for dinner. And then they would usually hang out and she would teach him how to play cards and he would teach her how to play video games. Sometimes she would give him a beer or make him whatever cocktail she was having. It was always a lot of fun for both of them. She was a blast and basically acted like more of a friend than a grandparent. She had always let him get away with murder. He loved visiting with her.
But this time Jake was moving swiftly while working on excuses in his head for why he wouldn't be able to stay. He wanted to get whatever it was she needed done and then hurry on home to his mother and the all night fuckfest that she had promised him.
When he got to Claire's house he went inside and called out for her. She yelled that she was in the living room and to come join her. As he walked to the living room he started in with his excuse.
"So grandma, listen. I'm not going to be able to stay for dinner. I've got this school project that I need to get started…"
He lost all words when he saw her. Claire was sitting on the couch with her shapely, tanned legs crossed and her arms stretched out along the top of the backrest. She was wearing a short, sheer lace, dark blue robe. Underneath that she had on a light blue babydoll negligee that barely contained her large breasts. On her feet were matching high heeled, blue fuzzy slippers. And on her beautiful face was the biggest shit eating grin.
"Hey there tiger! You were saying?"
"Cat got your tongue?"
All Jake could do was stare. All of those strange feelings that he had for her were now coursing through him. He had pushed them down inside of himself, because while it was one thing to think of your MILF mom as hot, your grandmother was really a different story altogether. But here she was, looking unbelievably sexy. And the room was full of that weird sexual, tingly feeling. He tried to snap out of it.
"Grandma, umm…mom said you have furniture you need moved?"
"Oh was that the excuse she gave you? That's a pretty good one! No, no dear. I don't need any furniture moved, however we may cause some furniture to move once we get started though."
"I don't understand. I thought that…"
"Come here and sit down beside me sweetie and I'll explain everything."
She patted the seat on the couch beside her and Jake went and sat down. She turned to face him and put her hand on his thigh.
"Jake dear. I'll just come right out with it. I know everything that's going on with you and your mother."
"You do!?"
"Yes sweetie. She told me all about your premature ejaculation problem."
"She did," he asked, completely mortified.
"Relax sweetheart. It's ok. She came to me not sure how to deal with it and I explained how to fix you."
Jake just looked at her stunned.
"You mean you told her to, uh…to…"
"To fuck it out of you. Yes I did. And from what she says it sounds like it worked. It sounds like it worked so well that you've actually managed to be a very naughty boy Jake. Very naughty indeed."
"I have? What did I do?"
"Don't act so innocent! Why, you fucked that poor woman senseless! And then kept climbing on top of her and fucking her some more. You fucked my poor daughter so much that now she's too sore to give you more practice tonight."
"She told you about that?!"
"Uh huh. But I can't really blame you. Pussy just feels so good doesn't it?"
Jake nodded his head.
Claire got up and faced Jake, and slowly undid the tie to the robe and then let it fall to the floor, revealing in full the lacy babydoll negligee that only had one button under her breasts and then fanned out, exposing her stomach. She was wearing a light blue matching pair of skimpy panties. Age had made Claire much more filled out than her daughter. Her thighs and ass were thick but firm with just some sag. She had a slight pooch to her belly but it was still very flat for her age. She looked amazing for fifty eight, with her red hair cut it to a bob.
"Go ahead and look Jake. I like how you look at me. I've caught your glances whenever I'm wearing a swimsuit or my workout attire. I think it's cute."
Jake feasted his eyes on her. He felt his cock rapidly growing in his shorts and began to shift in his seat. Claire sat back down and put her hand on his bulge.
"Jake, like I said. It was my idea for her to seduce you in order to get you past this problem. And in order to make sure that your mom is doing a good job, I'm going to conduct a sort of student/teacher evaluation if you will."
"An evaluation?"
"Yes," she said as she squeezed his bulge. "So dear, I'm going to evaluate your progress, and based on that I'll know how well my daughter is doing. Does that make sense?"
"So we're gonna, we are going to…"
"We are going to have a lot of fun Jake," she said as she moved in closer to him. "You're going to give your sore mom a much needed night off, and I'm going to be her stand-in tonight. And through that I'll know how good of a job she's done."
She leaned in and kissed him with an open mouth, and soon they were making out. She lifted up his t-shirt and pulled it over him and tossed it on the floor, and then ran her hands over his muscular chest and torso.
"My god Jake. You've really turned into quite the stud."
She then leaned back and pulled him with her, so that she was laying on the couch with him on top of her. She then broke the kiss and looked at him with a mischievous grin.
"Jake baby, we are going to have so much fun tonight," she repeated, and then she went back to kissing him.
They made out and were soon grinding their hips into each other, dry humping on the couch. Jake started to neck her and slowly began to move down. He undid the button on the negligee, releasing her big tits, and began to squeeze and suck on them. Claire gasped and ran her fingers through the hair on the back of his head. Jake kept moving down, kissing all along her belly. She was impressed by his initiative and she was soon lifting her butt up to help him remove her panties, which he tossed onto the floor.
Jake stared at her pretty pussy. She kept it well groomed but it was definitely more hairy than his mother's, and it excited him. And like his mother's it was a very pronounced, fat pussy. He then dove in and started to eat her, causing her to gasp again. He ran his hands up and down her smooth thighs, loving the feeling of her shapely legs.
Soon Claire was firing off and coming into Jake's face. He held on and ate her through her orgasm. Once it subsided he gently kissed her inner thighs until he felt her take his head in both hands and begin to pull him up to her. He crawled back up and laid on top of her and they kissed.
"Well, A+ so far honey! Goddamn that was good. You've really been practicing on your mom's pussy haven't you?"
"Oh yeah. I could eat that sweet box of hers all day. Same goes for yours Grandma," he said as he leaned down and kissed her. While making out she reached down and grabbed his shorts.
"Let's get you out of these so that we can get to the good stuff, ok?"
Jake got up and removed his shorts and underwear and watched Claire's eyes get wide as his massive member came into view. He was completely hard.
"Oh dear would you look at that! I might be in trouble here."
While laying on the couch she reached out her one hand and took hold of his hard prick and began to stroke it.
"Oh my Jake! I knew you were hiding something substantial in that wrestling singlet of yours. But this looks and feels even better than I imagined!"
"Mom calls it my 'pussy hammer,'" he said with pride.
"That's a wonderfully appropriate name for a cock this beautiful," she said while stroking it. "Mmmmm, I'm going to have so much fun tonight with this pussy hammer."
She gently pulled on his dick and guided him back onto the couch, where he laid on top of her. Claire spread her legs and bent her knees, and still holding his cock, guided it to the entrance of her vagina.
"Ready tiger?"
Jake excitedly nodded his head.
"Ok, now once you're inside I'm no longer grandma ok? I'm Claire. Understood?"
Jake nodded his head again.
"Ok tiger, take it away."
Jake pushed forward, sinking his prick into her wet pussy, causing her to lay her head back and close her eyes.
"Goddamn, that's a good dick," she said. "Ok Jake sweetie. Show me what you've learned."
Jake was extremely excited and started to thrust into her. He leaned down and pressed his body against hers and started to passionately make out with her. He tried to focus on kissing her and not how good her body felt underneath him, and especially not how good her pussy felt.
He was surprised that she felt just as good as his mother, and figured that the vagina must really hold up over time. Being inexperienced he wasn't sure what he expected. But he tried to focus on these thoughts as he grinded his hips into her.
He briefly stopped kissing her and exclaimed, "Goddamn grand…, uh Claire…goddamn you feel so good!"
"You too tiger! Shit that pussy hammer is so mmmpphhhh…"
Jake had pressed his lips back against hers and started to pump his hips harder. Claire was moaning into his mouth and had started to meet his thrusts. He knew that she was starting to cum, so he squeezed himself tighter into her body and grinded his hip thrusts into her as far as he could, causing her to break their kiss.
"Oh Jesus that's deep Jake! You're hitting everything tiger! UH! AH! Mmmmm, so good baby! Mommy taught you well! Oh Jesus what a good boy you are!"
He put his mouth back over hers and kissed her deeply as he sent her right into another orgasm. The sensitivity was just too much for her and she wrapped her arms and legs around him and held on tight, trying to ride out another orgasm as it shot through her body. She was practically screaming into his mouth as he pistoned his cock in and out of her pussy.
Having sex with this beautiful mature woman on her couch, the feel of her body underneath him and her legs wrapped around him, the baby doll negligee, and the feel of her wet pussy swallowing his cock finally became too much for Jake. He was a goner and he knew it.
"Gra…Claire! I gotta, I can't…I gotta…"
"Go ahead tiger! It's your turn baby! Your turn to cum! Let my pussy make you cum sweetie! Fill me up tiger!"
"AH! Shit! Oh Christ you feel so fucking good," he yelled as he proceeded to blow his load, sending spurt after spurt of jizz into her. His thrusts became more erratic as he worked his way through his orgasm. Claire ran her hands all along his body and kissed his neck, trying to make everything as pleasurable as possible for him.
When he was finally done he just lay there with his full weight on top of her and they both caught their breaths. Claire continued to gently rub his body and back as he lay there on top of her.
Jake started to gently move his hips again, slowly thrusting his dick in and out of her pussy. They kissed and just took a few minutes to just enjoy the afterglow, each other's bodies, and the continued penetration.
"How did I do," Jake asked.
"Another A+ tiger. Your mother has really taught you well. A+ so far for her too. Now let's sit up. I need to suck that gorgeous cock of yours."
Jake pulled out of his grandmother and sat back on the couch, his slimy cum covered dick sticking straight up. Claire swung her legs off the couch and got up and knelt in front of Jake. She took his prick into her hands and admired it.
"Your mother was right Jake. This is one of those special cocks, attached to a very special teenage boy. I'm gonna suck it sweetie and then we'll fuck some more, ok?"
"That sounds wonderful!"
Claire then leaned forward and took his cock into her mouth. She sucked up and down a few times with her hand stroking his lower shaft. Soon she removed her hand and was completely deepthroating his hammer. Jake threw his head back and closed his eyes.
"Shit that's good! Goddamn you're swallowing all of it. So good…"
Claire knew that the best blowjobs were sloppy ones, and her mouth produced a ton of saliva, leaving a wet trail on his cock that dripped down to his balls. Soon the room filled with the loud, wet sucking sounds as her head bobbed up and down on his hammer.
She pulled off his prick to say, "God I love sucking cocks like this," and then went right back to sucking. Soon Jake felt that familiar feeling and knew he was close to cumming. He reached down and grabbed her shoulders.
"Claire, I'm at the tipping point!"
She stopped sucking and sat back and looked up at him smiling.
"I guess I got a little carried away tiger. Let's give you a minute to cool down."
She got up and straddled his lap and made out with him. Once she felt that he had it back under control she raised up and took a hold of his dick and placed it at the entrance of her vagina and slowly sat down on it. She very slowly raised herself up and down on his cock. Not enough to make him cum, just slow enough for them to both enjoy the gentle lovemaking.
"Claire, so you told mom to do what she's been doing with me?"
"Uh huh," she said while slowly rising up and down on him. "Premature ejaculation is such a silly thing with such an easy cure. You just have to be willing to provide the cure. I knew from experience."
"From experience?"
Claire continued to slowly ride him and proceeded to tell him the same story she had told her daughter Sherry, about how she cured not only her husband, but also her son.
"Uncle Mike!? You slept with Uncle Mike too? Wow! Man, I'm so glad you convinced mom to act."
"Mmmm…your cock feels so good baby. Listen, you had nothing to worry about. If my daughter wasn't going to fix you, I was determined to just do it myself. There was no way I was going to let you go through life with no confidence in yourself. Nothing a little pussy couldn't fix."
"Thank you!"
She leaned her head down and gave him a long, deep kiss. "Sure thing tiger. Now sit still."
Claire then lifted up off his cock and took it in her hand. She moved forward slightly and positioned his head at her anus and slowly, very slowly sat down on it.
"Ahhhhh…oh that's a bid cock! Just stay still sweetie. Let me get used to this. Did you liking fucking your mommy's ass?"
"I did! It was awesome! I couldn't believe how tight it was. Your's feels just as good."
Claire started to slowly rise up and down, fucking her ass on her grandon's massive hardon.
"Oh yes, there's that familiar good hurt. Damn, I'm overdue for a good assfucking."
Claire began to speed up her pace and cried out every time she plunged down on his hammer. Jake put his hands on her breasts and held them up and sucked on her nipples.
"Oh shit Jake! Fuck! So deep in my ass! Hurts so good!"
Claire threw her head back and closed her eyes as she orgasmed with the giant prick lodged in her asshole. Her riding became erratic as the orgasm ripped through her body. Jake took hold of her waist and held in her place as he proceeded to thrust his hips upward, pistoning his dick in and out of her ass. She squeezed his shoulders and held on tight.
"Gran…Claire! I'm gonna cum! I can't hold it!"
Claire lifted her ass off of his prick and quickly knelt back down between his legs and took his cock into her mouth, deeply sucking on it as it started to erupt into her mouth.
"Oh fuck! I can't believe you…AH!!…took it in your mouth! Oh shit…this is so hot!"
Claire continued to bob her head up and down on the dick that had just been in her ass, swallowing his load as spurt after spurt shot into her mouth. It was almost too much for her and some of his jizz seeped out of her full mouth and dripped down his shaft. She continued to suck on him after he was done cumming, only she slowed down and made it much more sensual. And she would remove her mouth from his dick and lick up and down the sides of his shaft and also his balls, licking up all of the cum that has escaped her mouth, and then go right back to sucking.
"Fuck this is so good," Jake said as his head was thrown back, eyes closed.
Claire finally stopped sucking his dick and looked up at him.
"Ok, tiger. I know that you are only eighteen, but my god, does this thing ever go soft?"
Jake looked at her and smiled, "Not tonight apparently. That's good right? Is my grade point average still a 4.0?"
"Still A+ tiger," she said as she leaned back and removed the babydoll nightie, and laid down on the carpet on her back. She lifted her legs and spread them and gave him a sexy look. The only thing still on her were the sexy, fuzzy high heeled slippers.
"Now, how about you join me down here and beat up this pussy some more?"
Jake smiled and pushed off of the couch and got back on top of Claire, who grabbed his prick and guided it back into her box. He pressed his body down onto hers and began to thrust. She started to cum almost immediately as he hammered her pussy.
They fucked like that for several minutes. Having already cum twice, Jake felt in complete control of himself. He eventually pulled out and flipped her over, and put himself back inside of her and fucked her doggy style. Claire loved the fact that he was taking control and manhandling her.
After fucking her through another orgasm, Jake pulled out of her pussy and pushed his cock back into her asshole. He started to thrust and she was no longer able to stay on her knees. Claire moved forward and was eventually laying on her stomach, with Jake on top of her pushing into her ass.
"Goddamn Jake! It's so deep in my ass again! Christ it feels so good!"
Jake rested his full weight on top of her back and put his arm around her neck. He grinded his cock into her ass and was soon feeling himself once again reaching the tipping point.
"I'm, I'm gonna…I'm gonna blast off again Claire!"
"Do it tiger! Do it! Fill my ass up! It hurts so good baby!"
Jake pumped her hard one last time and then kept his cock fully impaled inside her ass, and gasped as his cum started to shoot inside of her. He laid on top of her and gently nuzzled the back of her neck as his orgasm subsided.
Claire started to giggle and then reached back and patted his ass.
"All right tiger. Let's get you fed."
They slowly got up and she put the robe back on and he put on his shorts. He demanded that she keep the high heeled fuzzy slippers on, which she loved. Claire then heated up leftovers for him, but just had a cocktail for herself. As the food was heating up she opened a beer and placed it in front of him.
"A beer," he asked?
"Tiger, any man who can fuck like that gets to have all the beer he wants. Let me know if you want another one. Now you just relax and let me take care of my man."
Jake beamed and took a huge swig.
Claire leaned against the counter waiting for the food to heat up and took a long pull on her cocktail.
"Goddamn Jake. Goddamn. I've banged every trainer at the gym and not one of them has ever thrown a fuck into me like you did. Jesus Christ you are something else kid."
Jake smiled with pride, drained the beer and said, "Well, buckle up Claire. You're not done getting fucked tonight. Not by a long shot."
Claire laughed and got him another beer, "Jake I haven't been fucked like this since I fixed your uncle. Not only do you have his energy but you also inherited his amazing cock."
She made his plate and set it down in front of him and sat in his lap, giving him a very deep kiss.
"Tiger, this will not be a one time thing. Wherever, whenever, and however you want. Just let me know."
Jake ran his hand under her robe and squeezed her tits, looked into her eyes and said, "I have the best grandmother in the world."

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