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tagIncest/TabooFixing Jacob Ch. 06

A few days had gone by since Jake had spent the night with his grandmother Claire. During that time he went out on dates with both Marisa and Lizzy. With Marisa, he took her out to dinner at a new hamburger joint. Both being athletes and honor roll students, they had a ton in coming and got along great. After the date they had a long make out session with some heavy petting, but Marisa made it clear that she never goes all the way on a first date. However, she also made it clear that on date number two he was probably going to get very lucky.
For his date with Lizzy, it was her who took him out. She picked him up in her car and took them to a secluded spot. She had packed a picnic and they spread out a blanket and had dinner under the stars. Once they were done eating she attacked him. For the rest of the night on that blanket they fucked. They had sex all through the night. Every time Jake finished, Lizzy would go down on him and get him hard again. And then away they would go again. Jake couldn't believe how insatiable she was, but he loved it.
When she dropped him off it was two in the morning. Jake tried to quietly sneak into the house and not wake his mother, but she was waiting for him, just standing there in her nightgown.
"Jake, I heard her car pull up. It's really late sweetie. I'm guessing that was a really good date huh slugger," she teased him.
"I'm sorry you woke up mom. Yeah, we had a really good time. I'm exhausted."
Sherry walked up to him and into his arms.
"Jesus Jake. You reek of sex!"
"Like I said mom, we had a really good time," Jake said as he squeezed her tight and roamed his hands down to her ass as she nuzzled against his neck.
"Mmmmm…you got anything left for your old mom?"
Jake kissed her and said, "Always for you mom. Always."
She broke their hug and led him to her bedroom. She helped him get out of his clothes and into bed. She got between his legs and took him into her mouth.
"Mmmm, I can taste her on you," she said and put her mouth back on his cock.
When he was fully hard again she crawled up his body and put him inside of her.
"My poor baby. That little minx made you fuck her all night long. You must be exhausted. Don't worry sweetie. Mommy's going to do all of the work. Mommy's going to rock you to sleep baby."
Sherry started to ride up and down on his dick and leaned down to kiss him. Jake had come so many times that he was able to last for as long as she needed. After she orgasmed twice she sped up her thrusts and started to softly speak to him to encourage him to cum.
"Come on Jake baby. Give me your cum sweetie. Mommy wants you to fill her pussy baby. Think about mommy's wet pussy going up and down on your cock. Up and down and up and down."
Jake grabbed her hips and humped up into her.
"AAAAHHhhh…shit that's it! I'm cumming," he gasped as he started to spurt into her.
"That's it baby. Fill me up Jake. Give me that cum baby!"
When they were done she fell to the side, with her one arm and leg draped over him, and they both fell into a deep sleep.
The next day was Sunday and Sherry spent the morning helping Jake work off his morning wood. She then made them breakfast and Jake got a text from Marisa as they were eating.
"Marisa wants me to come over at three today. Says her parents will be in church."
Sherry felt a pang of jealousy, but quickly remembered that this was the whole point of why she seduced him in the first place.
"That's great baby! Sounds like today's the day. But this means we can't play anymore today ok? You can't go over there with an empty pistol," she said while smiling at him.
"I know. And that sucks. I really wanted to spend all day with you."
Sherry's heart beamed at his words.
"There's always tonight sweetie. Church will only give you and her an hour and half, two at most. And I'll be here waiting for you."
"Mom, you're the best you know that?"
They finished breakfast and Jake spent the rest of the day in nervous anticipation. When it got close to time for him to leave, Sherry handed him a pill.
"What's this?"
"It's a morning after pill sweetie. Just in case Marisa isn't on any sort of birth control. This way you won't need to wear a condom and it will be a lot more fun."
"I have to say it again mom. You are the best."
Jake gave her a long, deep kiss and then headed out the door.
When he got to Marisa's house she answered the front door before he even got a chance to knock. She was wearing her cheerleading uniform and reached out and took a hold of his shirt and yanked him inside. She closed the door and threw him against it and then pressed her mouth against his. They made out for a minute and then he finally broke the kiss.
"Why are you in your cheerleading outfit?"
"I thought it would be sexy. Today you get to fuck the captain of the cheerleaders! Are you excited?"
She stepped back and did a school cheer while kicking up her legs, showing Jake that she wasn't wearing any panties. Her beautiful pussy was completely waxed bare.
"Oh my god this is gonna be so awesome," Jake said, as he stared at all of her beautiful dark skin on display.
Marisa laughed and then grabbed his arm and dragged him through the house to her room.
"Ok Jake, we have about two hours so let's get right to it."
She pulled them both into her room and closed the door.
"Take your close off Jake!"
She then went back to doing cheers, but improvising them so that instead of cheering the school she was cheering Jake. He looked at her kicking and moving to the cheers while he removed his clothes. She looked incredibly sexy in her outfit, cheering him on before they were about to have sex. He had the biggest smile on his face. They both started to laugh. He felt zero pressure, just extreme nervous anticipation.
When he started to pull his shorts down he tripped and fell over, crashing into her desk. They both started to laugh hysterically and she ran over to help him up. They started to make out and run their hands all over each other's bodies. Marisa then started to take her top off but Jake stopped her.
"Don't you want me naked?"
"Of course but not yet. I want you to keep the cheerleading outfit on. At least for this first round ok?"
Marisa gave him the widest smile.
"I just knew you were going to be so much fun Jake," she said as she pushed him on the bed and jumped on top of him. They made out and rolled around on the bed. Jake still had his boxer briefs on and Marisa pulled them off of him and then just stared wide eyed at his erect dick for a second.
"Holy shit Jake! Have you ever fucked anyone that lived?"
"Jake, that's a really big, fat dick! I mean, I want to do this but I also don't want to possibley spend the rest of my life in a fucking wheelchair!"
They both laughed and Jake pulled her down on top of him. They made out and rolled around again. Soon Jake had her maneuver so that they were in a sixtynine. He at first just stared at her beautiful smooth pussy before pulling it down onto his face. Her cheerleader skit was completely covering his head. He used his training and focused all of his attention on eating her extremely wet box so as to take his mind away from the wonderful things she was doing to his dick with her mouth. She was good, but not as good as Sherry and Claire, but that was all right.
Soon she was orgasming all over his face. He was in heaven and couldn't think of anywhere he'd rather be than in Marisa's bed, with the hottest girl in school grinding her pussy into his mouth.
Jake then tossed her over and climbed on top of her, getting between her legs. He took hold of his hammer and lined it up with her pussy.
"Oh shit! Oh shit! Jake, please go easy! I'm not lying when I say that thing is big as hell!"
"I'll be gentle," Jake said as he slowly started to slide himself into her. He paused when he was halfway in and kissed her.
"Don't be scared Marisa. You're gonna love it."
"I'm sure I will dumbass. Just go slow ok," she said as she ran her hands up and down both sides of his jawline. "Jesus Christ Jake, why do you have to be so fucking fine!?"
Jake smiled down at her and then leaned down and kissed her while he pushed the rest of his cock into her, causing her to gasp into his mouth. He then started to slowly move in and out, causing her to break the kiss.
"Jake! Jake! Oh fuck I'm taking it Jake," she yelled while wrapping her arms and legs around him and squeezing him tight to her as almost a self defense move against his thrusts. His cock was stretching her pussy like never before and the discomfort soon turned into mind blowing ecstasy.
Marisa's eyes rolled into the back of her head and Jake mouthed her beautiful, long neck as he thrust into her. He concentrated his thoughts on anything that took away the focus of how great her tight, teenage pussy was making his cock feel. He tried to focus on her toned, teenage body and flawless ebony skin, but that was a huge mistake as well. So instead he just focused on her body language and the grunts and curses coming out of her mouth, and aimed his thrusts at helping to guide her through orgasm after orgasm.
"AH! Oh shit! Jake you dumb motherfucker! Goddamn Jake you beautiful son of a bitch!"
"Marisa! I'm gonna… I can't hold out Marisa!"
She was just coming down from her third orgasm when she grabbed his face in her hands and opened her eyes and looked at him.
"Do it baby! Cum inside me Jake! You beautiful dumbass! Does it feel good baby! Does my pussy make you feel good?"
"It's fucking incredible! You feel so good Marisa! Ah…"
Jake stiffened up and stopped moving as he shot rope after rope into her wet box. Once his climax started to wane he started to thrust again, concentrating on how beautiful she was and how good she felt in order to keep himself hard.
"Again?! Already!? Oh my god Jake are you trying to kill me?"
Jake lifted himself up on his hands and pulled his dick out of her pussy.
"You're right Marisa. We should probably stop," he said, masking his sarcasm in a serious tone.
"Oooh, you son of a bitch! Put that back in me," said Marisa as she reached down and grabbed his slimy cock, pulling it back towards her pussy and reinserting it.
"You're a real asshole, you know that Jake?"
"An asshole with an irresistible pussy hammer."
"Pussy hammer!?! Where did you come up with that? I love it! Do it Jake! Keep hammering my pussy!"
Jake leaned down and kissed her. Marisa began to grind her hips upward to meet his thrusts and began to orgasm again. Once she came down Jake pulled out of her again.
"All right, let's get you out of this cheerleader outfit. I want you completely naked."
He helped her take off the rest of her clothes, including her tennis shoes and socks. And then she pushed him down on the bed and rode him until he shot his second load into her. She laid down on top of him and they just kissed, nuzzled and enjoyed each other's bodies.
After several minutes of laying together, limbs entwined, Jake started to get hard again.
"Goddamn Jake! Does this thing ever go down? You are trying to kill me aren't you?"
"Hey, it's not my fault you're so fucking hot Marisa. This is all on you."
"You're right Jake. This is all on me. Now let's get it in me!"
They started to have sex again. After having cum a second time, Jake was now in complete control of himself and lasted for as long as he wanted. They cycled through every position they could think of. She rode him, he banged her doggie style, they spooned, and also did more missionary. They moved from the bed and she stood bent over and holding onto her desk while he pounded her from behind. He then sat in her chair and she climbed on top and rode him while they kissed. This is how they both orgasmed together. When they came down, Marisa checked the time.
"Do we have time for one more round," asked Jake.
"Are you fucking serious? You can really keep fucking? Jesus Jake, you're a goddamn pussy hammering machine!"
"Like I said Marisa, this is all you."
"Listen Jake, I'd love to. But you really beat the shit out of my poor pussy today. Also, this place reeks of sex. I need to spend the remaining time Fabrezing the shit out of this place before my parents get home."
She lifted herself off his dick and went and opened the door. Jake paused and took a deep breath through his nose. She was right. The room smelled heavily of pussy and cum.
"Goddamn, the sex smell is even in the fucking hallway! Can you give me a hand," she asked as she went to her desk and grabbed a lighter and handed it to him. "Light the candles."
Jake started to light the scented candles that she had around the bedroom. He took one and walked it through the hallway wafting it around, while she sprayed Fabreze all over the place. Jake then opened the windows. They were both still naked and every time they passed each other they would stop what they were doing and grab each other, make out and run their hands all over each other, until Marisa would break the kiss and roughly shove him away.
"Quit tempting me Jake! I need to clean your mess up you fucking dumbass!"
Finally they got dressed and she walked him to the front door. She grabbed him and pushed him into the door and leaned into him.
"Why do you have to be so damn cute Jake," she asked before starting another make out session.
She broke the kiss and said, "And why do you gotta walk all sexy like a goddamn panther Jake? My house reeks of sex and I need to ice my pussy down. Goddammit Jake."
Jake pulled her in for another kiss and then said, "Was it worth it?"
"Fuck yea it was worth it! I can't wait to do it again baby."
Jake's eyes went wide and he put his hand in his pocket and fished out the morning after pill and held it up.
"Shit Marisa, I almost forgot. Do you need this?"
"What is that?"
"It's a morning after pill. My mom lets me take hers if I need them."
"You have a really cool mom Jake."
"You have no idea!"
"Thanks Jake, but I'm on birth control which is the only reason I let you cum in me. But I appreciate you thinking about this."
She kissed him one last time and then pushed him out the door.
"Later dumbass!"
Jake went home and thought about the last several days and his situation with Marisa and Lizzy. He knew Marisa said she didn't care about his relationship with Lizzy, but he didn't completely believe her. He didn't want to hurt anyone but he also wanted to get as much pussy as possible before the whole thing blew up in his face.
During school that week he managed to sneak rendezvous with each of them separately. Marisa would take him behind the school and blow him, while he and Lizzy would steal off to the library stacks for quickies.
On Wednesday he was walking down the hall and stopped dead in his tracks. Down the hall Lizzy was at her locker talking to Marisa. "This is it," he thought. It's all over. But he noticed that they were both smiling and giggling while they talked to each other. And Marisa kept reaching out touching Lizzy's arm or side. It looked almost flirtatious. Still, Jake wanted no part of the potential explosion and turned around and walked away before either noticed him.
Later that day at home, he had Sherry up on the kitchen counter with her skirt hiked up around her thighs, while he plowed away at her pussy. After he came he sat down exhausted on one of the kitchen chairs. Sherry sat in his lap and kissed him.
"Mmmm, that was really nice sweetie. You must have really missed me while at school huh?"
"I always miss you mom. I can't wait to get home each day."
"That's sweet Jake. Listen, this weekend your grandmother, myself and some of our friends are going to the local resort spa. We're going to get massages, manicures and pedicures. The whole nine yards. And then afterwards we're all going to go out to dinner. So this Saturday you'll have the house to yourself all day and evening if you want to invite one of your sluts over."
Jake smiled. His mother liked both Lizzy and Marisa, but she allowed herself to have some jealousy and referred to them as his 'sluts.' He told her about what he saw at school today and that he wasn't sure what Marisa was telling Lizzy and that it might all be over for him with those two. Sherry thought about it for a minute.
"Jake, I'm sure everything is fine with Lizzy and Marisa, but if not I'm sure you'll have enough time to find a new slut by then. Tell you what. I'll text you at dinner when we ask for the check. That should give you enough time to get whichever lucky slut you choose out of the house. Ok?"
"Sounds good mom."
"So, how about another fuck before I fix dinner? Does that sound nice?"
"Always mom! Always," he said as he picked her up and carried her off to the couch.
Fast forwarding to that Saturday morning, Claire picked her daughter up and they headed to the resort. On the drive Sherry told Claire that she assumed Jake was going to spend the day and evening banging one of his 'sluts.'
"Good! That's what we did this for right? A boy like that with a cock like that should spend his youth knee deep in pussy. And those lucky girls! He'll be that one guy they'll never forget," said Claire.
Sherry agreed that this was a good thing, even though it did make her a little jealous. Claire explained how that was natural, but that this was necessary. He needed to sprout his wings and fly.
They had a wonderful time at the resort with the other ladies and also a fantastic dinner afterwards. The wine and cocktails were flowing the whole time. Sherry was feeling so good that she had completely forgotten to text Jacob.
Claire pulled into her daughter's driveway and Sherry asked her if she wanted to come inside for one last drink, which Claire agreed to.
"Plus, maybe Jake is home and I'll get lucky," joked Claire.
"Oh shit! I was supposed to text him to let him know I was heading home so he could clear out whichever slut he brought home! What if he still has one inside?"
"Well now this sounds like fun! Let's see if we can catch them in the act!"
"Mom! No! If we do catch them then what?"
"What do you mean 'then what?' We just send the girl home and laugh about it. It won't be the first time adults caught the kids doing it. Let's go!"
They both giggled and got out of the car and went to the house. Sherry quietly opened the front door and they tiptoed inside. They were about as quiet as two drunk women could be, which wasn't quiet at all as they kept giggling.
The house was empty, however there were clothes strewn about, including lots of clothes that were the type favored by high school girls. Short shorts and tight tank tops and sexy sandals. They looked around but the place felt deserted. Then Claire froze and her hand went up to her mouth as she gasped in surprise.
"What is it," Sherry hissed, trying to whisper. She followed her mother's stare towards the back sliding glass door and it was now her turn to cover her mouth and gasp.
Outside on the patio in the hot tub were Jake, Lizzy and Marisa. And the three appeared to be having a wonderful time. Lizzy's back was to the sliding glass door. She was sitting on the corner edge of the hot tub leaning back with her hands on the platform and her toned, tanned legs spread with each one stretched out along the rims. Marisa was standing in the middle of the hot tub, bent over with her face buried in Lizzy's pussy. Standing behind Marisa was Jake, holding on to her hips and steadily stroking his cock into her pussy.
Sherry and Claire just stared for a minute with their mouths agape. Then finally Claire broke the silence with a hissed whisper.

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