Flat Owner Sanjana

hello friends this is yudi here from mumbai after 12 I was been shifted to ahmedabad for college due to some personal reason I had lived my whole childhood in hostel, so my mother rented a 1 bhk flat in a porsh society of satellite area it was a fun to live alone I use to have fun whole night with friends n offcourse with gf too.

now let me introduce the most sexy part of story(sanjana) she was my flat owner & use to stay just opposite to my flat she was very bold & friendly I even had midnight drinks with her a couple of times she knew I had an gf & use to hide it from my mother, she even use to hug me friendly her age is 28 & she took divorce before 3 years she use to look very sexy & stunning with an figure of 36 32 34
her boobs where absolutely like zarine khan some time I use to dream to fuck her & masturbate but never got courage to go forward because I was very loyal to my gf divya one day I was having fun with my gf divya like kissing & foreplay & sanjana came in with duplicate keys of interlock to give me my phone bill.
I got scared & sanjana embraced because divya was semi-naked divya said sorry & went away sanjana also walked away with an angry look, still 2 days I use to look down & walk front of her next day I came home at 12 night after 20 mins bell rang the door was open I was in shorts n towel on top I saw sanjana in silky night gown.
me : the door is open sanjana u can come in sanjana : no I thought u might get disturb me : no not at all I cant have divya every night & winked with a smile she to smiled & said yudi u are getting spoiled n both laughed. sanjana: lets have a drink I got happy n jumped on sofa she said in my flat & toned me that your flat is too cleaned by pointing my underwear on couch,
I said great lets go we had 2 glass of wine & she said you are lucky as divya is sexy & also have sex with you,i feeled ashamed I said sorry with guilty she leaned & said its fine after its your age varna ye sab ab hum karenge kya? I got relaxed as she consoled me & said offcourse yes as you still look young n sexy n u are only 28 its a young age,
she said bas bas itne maske mat mar main teri mummy ko nahie bolne wali divya ke baare mai no I am dam serious n caught her hand tight n said even I n my college friends get aroused after seeing you & wincked her she was shocked & giggled laughing esa hota to main haroj tere flat main aati hu kabhie gal par bhi kiss nahie kie or divya week main ek do baar kya aati hai pata nahie hmm,,,,,,,,,,
wo kya hai aap se bas thoda dar lagta hai(joke) by the wy you dont have any bf she said areee mera or bf kaha 6 mahine se to tum dekh hie rahe ho muje akeli she got bit emotinal after saying this I hughed her tight n said main ho na & started laughing after it I was leaving I was near door n she hughed me tight I could feel her huge soft boobs n started crying n said
I too like un use to admire you please kiss me I had an eye on you came but use to feel akward to seduce you,she was kissing my back neck I turned n caught her waist n ash I said I would be lucky to have you this night but I want to stay loyal to divya n she softly kissed me I said sanjana
I am losing my patience n caught her butts tight and started kissing her wildly by pulling her waist she started kissing my neck and chest she was mouning get wild dear make me your slut I am starving for sex my pussy needs fuck and I losed control & pushed her on sofa pulled her gown teared her bra I was licking her boobs like an dog she mouned yes uday yessss.
bite it lick it u dog I am your bitch it was arousing me I was breathing high and mouning ahhhh ahhhh sanjana aaj tu gayi I will fuck u hard she said that only I want go on we fell down on carpet but I was busy in inserting my dick in.her pussy she stoped me by saying lets go to bed I pushed her and said I cant control she said bed is soft I bited her boobs &
said this are soft too aunty ahhhh come on remove your hand from pussy she slaped me it didnt hurt me she said abhi to sexy bol raha tha abhi aunty u rascal she was pushing me towards bed I inserted my dick and she started mouning yaahhhhh ahhhhh come on cum in cum in aaaahhhhhh ahhh h chod do muje or andar dalo come on I said
thoda dhire chilao varna meri vaat lag jayegi I cummed in 8 mins n got exhausted but she was in no mood to stop she came on top n was fucking slowly I said now stop n now I was moaning in pain aaaaahhhhh nahie then I were kissing licking I pressed her boobs a lot she suddenly got on knees n omg she started giving blowjob
I had never experienced it I was on 9 cloud I cummed in 2 mins as it was my 4 time I cummed less but she bitch drank all I was wearing short to go to sleep in my flat she made a sad face n said u dnt love I said n dear I do she said then why are u going lets sleep naked dnt go college tomorrow
I slept naked n hugging ger because she was really getting very emotional I got up at 2 am we had shower together n another session in tub her lips were really strawberry at 4 I saw my phone there were 44 miss call 27 of divya n 17 of mom I called divya and asked her to meet at ccd I was really sad after meeting divya n
I said everything about sanjana she didnt made a single noise but tears started rolling down she went out towards……… To be continued guys.