Flat selection

This is madman I am 27 yrs, tall and slim, living in Hyderabad. Reading all your stories, I am excited to post my true story which happened 2 years ago.

I had a close friend of mine, his name was Ankit, he wanted to purchase a new flat or house near my area as it is a village type area. So I decided to help him. After a few days I heard of a lady who wanted to sell her flat, as her husband was abroad and they wanted to settle there. Her name was Rajni and she also had a six year old daughter. She was a medium looking lady but had a beautiful figure and a nice fleshy ass. Her age may be anywhere between 30 and 35. She had a month’s time to sell the flat.

As soon as I heard of the flat, I decided to go and have a look at it first and then inform Ankit. I had just returned from work late evening and I went to her place. She was dressed in silk nighty in which I could notice her sexy curves of her voluptuous body. She invited me in. I had a good look at the flat and in the meanwhile she made tea for me. While drinking tea we had a good conversation.

Next day I bought Ankit and showed him the flat. He liked it too. So he decided to purchase it and left the deal and all the paper work to be done by me. After that I met Rajni quite a few times as I had to collect some documents from her. One day I reached at her place around 9.00 in the morning. She opened the door and welcomed me. She had just got up from sleep and was looking damn sexy and inviting. I had a huge hard in my pants. She told me that she would come in a minute from the bathroom. I removed my shirt out which was tugged in, so that she should not notice the bulge in my pants. When she came back she asked me why I put my shirt out. She told me to put it in, she came closer towards me unzipped my pants and told me that she would do it for me. I was surprised and could not believe what was happening. Instead of putting my shirt in she placed her hand on my crotch and rubbed it slowly. I could not resist anymore and I took her in my arms and planted a kiss on her lips to which she responded madly. As her daughter had gone to school only we two were alone. I slowly undressed her nighty below which she was totally nude wearing no under garments. We were kissing each other passionately for about five minutes during which I came once in my pants. I removed my pants and threw it aside. I started kissing her medium size boobs and her erect nipples. We both fell down on the sofa. I decided that my Johnny needed a blow job.

I got up from the sofa and bought her head towards my dick and shoved the total thing in her mouth. She was very eager to suck it and was making sounds like uummmmmm and aaaah. She also started licking my balls. I was getting mad with the sucking. She started putting her mouth forward and behind. I think so she hadn’t had sex for a long time. I caught her hair and was shoving my dick in and out of her holy mouth.

I could not control any more. I now got down on my knees and went close to her pussy. I rubbed her clit with my finger. I then put my tongue and started sucking her pussy to which she was moaning wildly. After 3-4 minutes of sucking her pussy juices started to flow. I now decided to fuck her. I took my penis and was about to penetrate in her hole to which the door bell rang. She immediately got up by pushing me, wore her nighty. I quickly wore my pants. She opened the door and was surprised to see her daughter home soon. Her cute daughter said that mummy our school left today half day. I was disappointed as I had missed a chance of a good fuck. I totally forgot that I had to got to work. It was already late so, I might as well take a off by making an excuse. I picked up her phone and dialed my office and informed that I wont be coming as I am not feeling well. She was very happy to hear that as she knew that now we could have a good fuck, but a problem was her daughter. She gave her daughter and me breakfast. After breakfast she gave Sheena (daughter) some home work to do. Sheena went to the bedroom and started doing her home work. Rajni told me to sit and watch TV and she went to the bathroom to wash clothes. After some time I went towards the bathroom and started to talk to her. As she was bending and washing clothes I could see her boobs. I bended down and caught her boobs from behind to which she gave a squeaky sound and told me to leave as Sheena may come. I did not leave and in fact pressed her boobs tightly. My dick was totally erect and it needed a hole to fuck. As she was sitting near the door I pushed her a little inside and locked the bathroom door. She got angry and said that this is not the right time, but I was in no mood to listen to her. I lifted her nighty up and started to kiss her back and shoulders. Initially she was resisting but then she started to respond. I told her that now lets fuck. She told me that it is not the right place and that she would not be comfortable fucking here. I convinced her to give one fuck in the bathroom. I told her to hold the water drum and bend like a dog. She did as I said. I took my erect dick and placed it on her pussy hole and slowly started inserting it. Her pussy hole was not very tight and not very loose also.

I gave a jerk and put my full penis in her pussy to which she gave a loud moan. I think her daughter heard and she called out mummy what happened. Sheena came towards the bathroom door and calling mummy mummy. Rajni told me remove my lund, but I did not listen and started my to and fro movements even though Sheena was near the door. Rajni told her daughter to go and play in the drawing room and that she would come. The drawing room was a little far from the bathroom. Sheena had moved away from the bathroom I could hear her footsteps. I now started fucking her vigorously by holding her hair. And a lot of noises like dhap, dhap dhap were coming. Rajni was moaning and asking for more of it. She was screaming aaah aaah aaah uhhhh more push it in more aaaah hit me faster sunny give it to me more I started pumping it in and out more faster. After around 7-8 minutes I was feeling that I would come. So I quickly removed my dick from her hole and sprayed all my cum over her bum.

Now we both were tired, she told to go and sit in the living room and that she would have a wash and come. I went out and started to play with Sheena. After 15 minutes Rajni came. The time was 11.00, she told that she was going to prepare food and also told me that I should have lunch with them. I was happy to hear that as I knew now that I would get to screw her again. I and Sheena were playing in the room while she was preparing the lunch. Sheena said that she was feeling sleepy. So I started to tap her back and within 5 minutes she was fast asleep. I came out and bolted the door from outside. I went to the kitchen and asked what she was cooking. I caught her from behind and told her that Sheena was sleeping and that I wanted to fuck her again. She told me to wait and that after lunch we should do it. But I was in mood to listen to her. My cock was ready to ram her hole once again. I made her sleep on the kitchen floor itself, and was kissing her whole body, she was getting wild with the excitement. I hurried to the bedroom and bought a pillow and put the pillow below her ass. I shoved my torso in her hole with which she gave a loud moan. She also started pushing her pussy towards my cock for more penetration. I fucked her for 10 minutes that way. I then removed my cock from her valley and told her that I want to fuck her ass. I thought that she may not allow but to my surprise she quickly turned and laid on her stomach with her bum facing my pole. She told me to first oil her hole then put it. I took the hair oil bottle, poured little on my hand and applied it on her ass hole. I started to insert my index finger. She told me to do it slowly.

Now I told her to get ready for the best. I oiled my cock a bit and placed it on her ass hole and slowly moved it further to which she closed her buttocks and told me to remove it. I told her to relax and was kissing her lips and then I moved it further and inserted nearly half of my cock. It was paining her but she was enjoying it also. After a few movements I pushed the entire thing and started to fuck her ass madly. She was shouting and after a few strokes she told me fuck her more harder. I was ramming my cock in her ass. We both were enjoying a lot. I could not bear it more because her hole was tight and started to cum all over her ass.

After that we had lunch together with her daughter. And till she going abroad I used to fuck her everyday. I shall tell you the other stories next time. Now my friend Ankit stays in that flat.

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