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By Britney Raped by two disgusring truck drivers (true story)

Hello, I’m Britney, I’m 19 years old, I’m 1.66 tall, with black hair, a nice body and big breasts (66DD). I was driving home after a friend’s birthday party when I heard a bang, it was the front tire that had gone flat. Damn bad luck, is the thought that comes to mind, especially on a deserted road. I looked around and not a single vehicle passed by. I called travel assistance and they told me that there were no tow trucks available at the moment and that I had to wait.
Almost half an hour later, I see a light in the distance, I immediately think, good, my luck has changed. With a smile on my lips I signal for help and the huge truck stops on the side of the road. Two huge, fat men come out of the truck, one of them was chewing something and spitting it onto the ground. Disgusting, I tell myself.
Their skin was greasy to say the least and they smelled of sweat. “What’s wrong little one? Do you need help?” I say, yes please, I have a flat tire but I don’t have the tools to change it. Can you help? “You’re in bad luck little girl, our equipment for changing tires is broken too, we were now on our way to the city to have it repaired or buy a new one.” But we can give you a ride to the city (it’s a 3-hour drive). I think for a few seconds whether I should accept or wait for the tow truck, but I end up accepting the ride.
They introduce themselves, Carl (driver) and Josh (helper) When I’m getting into the truck I feel their eyes on my thighs and panties (I was wearing a short skirt, I wasn’t counting on the misfortune of a flat tire). I sit between the two of them, I feel uncomfortable from their discreet gazes over my thighs and the neckline of my blouse that barely covers my breasts. Already on the way, for some reason Carl hits the brakes hard and a kettle of coffee spills all over my clothes and I get all covered in coffee, what the hell, I scream. Why did you break so hard? I asked. Carl responds that an animal crossed in front of the truck. Damn, I’m all covered in coffee, today is not going well at all, I say irritated. “Calm down little one”, says Josh, you can go back there and try to clean and dry your clothes, you have all the privacy in the world. I respond affirmatively and go to the back of the truck. I start to take off my clothes, exposing my breasts out in the open and left just my panties on. A few minutes later I feel the truck slowing down on rough terrain and coming to a complete stop. I ask what’s going on, I get no answer and suddenly Carl enters the private area of ​​the truck with a mischievous smile and taking off the straps of his work jack. I cover my breasts with my hands in fear and again ask what’s going on. Josh comes right behind, already half naked and responds “you know very well what’s going to happen little one” even more scared I try to cover myself with my clothes, but Carl forcefully takes them out of my hands. I am completely exposed with just my panties on and they are completely naked with their huge cocks pointing at me. Scared, I try to run away to the cabin door, but Josh grabs me tightly and says “it’s not worth resisting little one, you’re going to get fucked whether you want to or not. No, please, let me go, I won’t tell anyone I say in total despair. With his strong hands Josh pins me to the mattress and Carl quickly grabs my panties to take them off, I scream and try to stop him by kicking the air, but he rips them off in a strong movement exposing my my pussy to them. Carl’s eyes widen with lust when he realizes the size of my tits and my shaved pussy. I continue to beg them to let me go, but it was as if they were deaf. Carl puts the head of his huge hard cock at the entrance or my pussy and with a sudden push he sticks his entire cock inside me. “OOOOOh so tight”, Josh covers my mouth with his hand to subdue my screams, “mmmm mmmm mmmm” Carl grunts and moans with pleasure with his huge cock hitting the walls of my pussy, making me scream in pain. I almost feel breathless with Carl’s fat body pressed against me while his cock moves in and out of my pussy with force. Meanwhile Josh says, “hurry up so I can come next”, “What a good pussy you’re going to love fucking her says Carl” who is sawing me in and out with his cock without any remorse. Our bodies rock back and forth, I cry from the pain and from being raped by two animals, my tits almost burst with Carl’s gross weight on top of me “Don’t cum inside, I don’t want sloppy seconds in her cunt “, says Josh. I feel Carl’s cock getting thicker, wider, moving in and out his twitching cock faster and faster, oooooh too oooooh too late aaaaaah he moans. I squeal as Carl thrusts hard one last time with his cock spewing cum inside my pussy filling it to the brim. When he takes it out I feel cum overflowing and coming out of me. Already exhausted, I stop resisting, Carl and Josh switch positions, damn Carl, why did you have to cum inside? Says Josh. Her pussy was milking me, so I couldn’t get it out in time, says Carl. Josh puts his dick inside me. I squeal but without any resistance. He fucks me so hard that my tits move erratically at the pace of the fucking he is giving me. He lays his fat body on top of me and I have difficulty breathing again due to his massive weight. Sawing my pussy in and out with his cock, he grunts like an animal and drools all over me, Carl caresses my breasts with his hands and sucks my nipples, his cock gets hard and ready again. Josh continues to moan with pleasure oooooh oooooh, Carl puts his cock in my mouth and tells me to suck it like my life depended on it, with his cock all in my mouth, I try to swirl my tongue around his cock head the best way I know. He moans with pleasure and says, unlike the others, this one knows how to suck a dick. Others? Comes to my head. I’m not the only to suffer abuse from these pigs, poor girls. Josh is fucking me when Carl grabs my head with his cock in my mouth and makes me move and suck back and forth. Josh starts to moan, I feel his cock throbbing, getting hard and getting fatter at the same time he lets out a grunt and moan of pleasure mmmmmm mmmmmm oooooooh I’m cumming, I’m cumming inside aaaaaah. Countless ropes of cum invade the insides of my pussy, until his cock becomes limp and pulls it out. Carl was receiving head and Josh gets hard again, puts me on all fours and points his cock at my ass, I try to protest but Carl has my head firmly in his grip and without pausing he continues to make me serve him head. I continue to swirl my tongue around the head of his rock hard cock. Suck it up and shut up bitch, he says now with me on all fours forcing me to bob my head up and down. Josh puts some spit on my asshole and gets ready to put it in, I try to move my ass trying to avoid the inevitable. Josh grabs my hips tightly and thrusts his entire cock into my ass. With Carl’s cock in my mouth, I scream and squeal in pain, tears come to my eyes, but I don’t stop sucking. So tight, says Josh, I’m going to cum quickly, sawing his entire cock in and out of my ass. My body and my tits sway back and forth to the rhythm of the fucking they are giving me, I endure the pain and my sore jaw in the hope that they will finish quickly. Josh speeds up his pace and his cock starts to get harder mmmm mmmm he moans, Carl makes me suck with one hand and with the other hand caresses my breasts and he also starts to grunt, a sign that he is almost cumming. They both moan and grunt with pleasure when they suddenly cum almost at the same time, filling my mouth and ass with cum. Their cum ropes are so many and so thick that they quickly fill my ass and mouth with cum.
Carl is holding my head tightly, almost making me choke without air, forcing me to swallow everything as quickly as possible. After cumming in my holes, they take their cocks out for a break. Tired, without strength, in anticipation of what they are going to do next, in hope that they will let me go. I couldn’t be more wrong. About 30 minutes later, they force me to take it in my pussy and up my ass at the same time. They raped me all night, doing a variety of things to me. Almost at dawn they hit the road on the way to the city and the whole way they made me alternate sucking their cocks and swallowing their cum. They let me go about 5 miles of the city entrance and disappeard. Until today, I had never told anyone my tragic and true story of how I was raped by two disgusting truck drivers.

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By Britney #Abuse #Rape #Teen #Threesome