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Hi guys… I am back here again with a real life story..This is about me and my floor trainer at the gym. Her name was annie and she was a christian girl of about 25. She was single and had a very nice figure. She used to workout at the same time normally I used to work out in the gym. After a week or so we became good friends and used to work out together. She even gave a me a diet chart and workout schedule so that it would help me get in a better shape than I was in. She used to give me support when I used to do some heavy weight training and I used to do the same for her. There used to be very less people in the gym in the afternoon. I also used to give her stretching after her exercise.

One while giving her a stretching for leg exercises my hand slipped and I accidentally touched her inner thigh. She just kept her eyes closed but her wrist become tighter and I had got the signal . But I didnt want to hurry..So just gave her the stretching and we left.
A week passed by and once I received a call from her. She said she wont be able to come to gym today but we could exercise in her society gym if I would like to go over. I said I would have no problem and went to her society. It was a nice place and had a pretty well equipped gymnasium. There was no one in the gym. I called annie and she said she would be there in 2 mins and asked me change and warm up. I changed into my workout vests and shorts as it was the legs training day and started to do some warmup. I heard the door to the changing room open and I was dumbstruck to see annie in supershorts and a training bra only. She winked at me and said hi…I said hi to her and she said she wanted some stretching before the exercise today.

I said ok. She said there was a seperate room for floor exercise and I could give her some stretching there. We went into the room. The room was speck clean with no windows and ac running to make it all the more pleasant. I asked her to lie on the floor and started to give her stretching. I came down till her thighs and she asked me to go down a bit. I was almost near her buttocks with my right hand almost near her pussy. I stretched her left leg and asked me put my hand between her pubic region and one on thigh and press it. I did what she told me. I then asked her to spread her other leg and gave her same kinda stretching again. She asked me if I could just simply dry massage her buttocks as they were paining a bit. I said ok. I started dry massaging her buttocks and also put my finger near her hole and started massing it. She let a soft moan and looked at me. Thats the time I though wish I could make love to her. After that was done she asked me if I wanted some stretching. I readily agreed.
I slept on the floor mat and she started with the stretching. When she came to thighs I closed my eyes and she chuckled.She slowly came down and was near my dick when my dick betrayed me and sprang to life and I opened my eyes to see the surprise in my eyes. She knew what had happened. She asked me to lie down and close my eyes. I felt her going away and then heard the door locked. She came back and got back to stretching.

I was just tensed what would happen next when I felt her pulling down my shorts and my supporter. My cock was like constrained due to the tight supporter which jumped out and she was like super happy looking at that.She planted a kiss on the tip of my cock and started licking it. She took it whole in and started sucking it like like lollipop. I opened my eyes where our eyes met and she was like super happy at what she was doing.I sat up while she was sucking my dick and removed her shorts and to my surprise she had nothing beneath her shorts. Her pussy was clean shaven. I fingered it for sometime and then pulled her on to me and took her in 69.And started licking her pussy. I actually put my entire tongue in her and she moaned. She was going real fast on my dick and I was giving her the maximum pleasure I could give. I then made her turn around and removed her bra to see the most well shaped boobs I had ever seen till then. I started sucking them turn by turn until they became red. She was on the top of me and guided my dick in her pussy and started riding me. We sat up f acing each other and she was having the maximum pleasure she had ever had in her entire life. She was riding me like a cowgirl and enjoying every thrust I was giving her from below and I was busy in pressing her boobs and making her go more wild.

After about 5 mins of riding she fell on me exhausted and it was my turn now. I made her lie on her back and entered her pussy really slow and increased my speed gradually. I started going real hard now giving her real good thrusts making her shake from the very bottom and sucking her boobs as the same time. I ki ssed her on her lips for the first time after all these activities and our tongues met and played with each other as I rammed her real hard. I was not wearing a condom so she asked me not to come in her. She went down when I was about to come and started blowing me again and I emptied my entire load in her mouth. She looked at me nastily and came and kissed me with my own cum in her mouth. I had tasted my own cum the first time. But the experience was real good. The cum tasted not that good though. We lied down for about 5 mins and then got dressed. Had a small kissing round again and came out of the room. I was surprised that there was no one in the gym yet. When we left I saw the watchman changing the board to open which on under maintenance when I entered the gym.

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