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By Paul and Kath A couple of people asked is there a follow up and hoped there was ?

Well there is and it went like this … my wife indulged me in my fantasy by allowing a young boy to have sex with her . It was fantastic we all enjoyed the experience
we wasn’t going to risk it again the lad kept quiet about it at our request obviously but eventually he told his his friend Jimmy ,

he was around same age 14/15 possibly older
Anyway we decided to put a stop to it all we was worried at times in case John blabbed and he agreed with us ,
Then he phones our number and says he has sone nothing but think about Kath for ages eventually he said he had told his mate Jimmy and for us not to worry Jimmy was loyal to him and trusted , I went nuts and explained he was bang out of order and all the rest ,

I decided rather than fall out with him it might be better to just be friendly but a firm no as far as Kath is concerned,
So he mentioned his mate and how his friend was drooling over it but also saying ah you must be making it us blah blah ,
He also told him how attractive Kath was but his friend wouldn’t have it , he then says all I want is to prove to Jimmy that Kath is as he said ,
Could they both arrange to meet us ??

I said no chance but however I’ll give him a photo of Kath without her fa e showing
And so I tell Kath and she likes the thought of them seeing her pictures and dressed up short tartan skirt white stockings no nickers and no top , She sits on the settee legs apart I take a few pictures.then fucked her hard as I could , We was turned on by the young lads drooling and getting off on her photos,

I arrange to meet up with John I handed him the pictures and he left , He showed them to his friend Jimmy and phoned me the following day

John said they took the pictures into his friends house as his parents were away he said they was that good the pair of them wanked off there and then
He told me they both covered the photos they wasn’t at all embarrassed with each other they often wanked off sharing magazines.
He said his friend couldn’t believe John had fucked Kath and so on

I told Kath she played with my cock all night as well as me fucking her . I just couldn’t keep up with her this night she kept saying imagine the two of them WOW two young boys filling me up one after the other ,

I was so worn out Kath just played with my cock and fingered her self for at least 2 hours
So the next day she tells me she had thought about them all day and was horny has hell, and then says
what do you think ?

Wow really I said ? Do you think it would be ok and would he keep his trap shut ?
Well if you like I’ll tell John to bring him around to the hotel
I’ll book it if he’s up for it with his friend but however it’s up to you I’ll explain he can meet you but that’s all so John has told him no lies and then Kath I’ll leave it up to you if you want them both then so be it ,
Do you want this ?

Oh fuck yeah I’m not gonna do it , but if it doesn’t feel right they can see me and see how it turns out , so go then
But before you go !

She unzipped me and gave me a blow job in anticipation she was that turned on
So I arranged it all with young John and he was also exited saying all he wants to is too see Kath ,
And watch his friends face seeing her in the flesh and after wanking off over her pictures his mates gonna be so exited ,

So the day arrives and Kath and myself are in a hotel room they phone and are just ten minuets away ,
Kath has the tartan skirt on white stockings and a tight thin cotton top her breasts are looking gorgeous through the cotton material she gave her nipples a quick flick with her hands , WOW fkn sex on a stick she gave me a quick feel saying your like a iron bar bloody right I am I say

Ne t there’s a knock , Come on in John he then says this is my mate Jimmy fkn hell this big six foot young lad with ginger hair walks in , I say how old are you son he says I had my 14th birthday day yesterday ?

Gulp? You’re only just 14 , ffs lad what on earth have you been fed on ?

I was obviously a bit shocked and just came out with anything then I realised this lad had been wanking off over Kath along with his friend John so he was 13 when he was gawking at Kathy’s gorgeous body ,

Kath then comes out of the bathroom looking stunning so so sexy ,
I look at her ‘ and the look of surprise is written all over her face So your johns friend then ?
Yes he mumbled and his eyes was all over Kath , John says I told you !!
Jimmy said I know , so Kath says you’re talking about me ? Yes you are stunning is it ok to say that looking at me then Kath ,

So I then said well you have fkn wanked over her photos and John along side you and shot your loads according to John ?
Kath then smiled at him then said paul come in the bathroom I want a word , John cheekily says don’t be long looking Kath up and down even brushed his groin smiling right at us

So Kath closes the door and says paul he looks like a kid ?
I say yes but jeez look at bloody size of him he’s no kid . She then says I’m not sure ? And well it’s up to you girl I’ll sack it all off then ? Well she says he did wank off too my pictures grinning and then went red in the face then says I’ll fuck him younger the better laughing , then Kath says how big do you think his dick is ? I said I don’t bloody know he’s only just 14 can’t be too big trying to remember how big I was at his age ,

I seemed to remember I was very horny at that age wanking myself off every given chance and remembering brushing against teachers then going to toilets to come ,
So I told Kath I was big enough but also remember a friend who had a dick twice size of rest of us and he was only around 14 ,
So answer is Kath I have no idea ?

Kathy is now very turned on , I really didn’t think she would want too with no more than a kid but even I was surprised and obviously wrong ,
So she says let’s see then ,

With that she walks out first along with me hanging behind
Jimmy it’s nice to meet you and so you have played with yourself over me ? Well my pictures then? John interrupted yeah Kath we both have

Kath ignores John and says to Jimmy so what do you think ? he says I didn’t believe John at all
I didn’t think you would be er? He paused er? So bloody sexy Now I could tell Kath was in the mood she said are you turned in now Jimmy lad ? He looked embarrassed I said it’s ok lad don’t be shy ,
He then says I thought I was going to come when I seen you !

Kath says show me !!

What now he mumbled yes now , John interrupted I will lol , Kath says I have seen yours John be quiet and so Jimmy starts to unzip Kath then says wait !!
She bends over pulls up her skirt her lovely arse on display with her white stockings and high heels ,
I got to say I’m fkn rock hard myself two young lads watching my wife dressed like a stripper specially for them and they already covered her pictures,

She looks up at Jimmy
Imagine Jimmy love you sliding it in me would you enjoy it ? Oh yes Kath he says !!
Show me Jimmy let me see how I make you feel son ?
So Jimmy unzipped and pulls it out fkn hell he’s got a cock bigger than mine ffs not only that
But he pulls the skin back and tugs a little and it grows even bigger fkn hell this kid was only 13 a few days ago ,
Kath stands up and stares at it jeez look at his balls he had big balls not a hair seen anywhere !
So he stands there with this cock that’s about 7” plus Kath says slow down lad don’t shoot yet
So John says so can we fuck your Kath he says to me , I look at Kath and she says you fkn bet and get it out John and paul love enjoy

So I also get mine out she walks over to Jimmy and kisses him then passionately and hold his cock saying in a whisper “ it’s throbbing nicely are you ready to fuck me with it ?
So me and John are wanking slowly
Kath takes her top off , her fantastic breasts along with the erect nipples look awesome
John goes to one side fondling her breasts as I do the same she laying on the bed legs on the floor she pulls off the little tartan skirt

She has no nickers on Jimmy is a little slow at coming forward if you know what I mean after all the lads really just a kid with a man’s cock , Kath pulls him towards the bed in front of her with his dick ,
She pulls his skin back exposing the head and he bends over her forward his cock touching her pussy , then she guides it in and the tip is centred she shouts push it in now !!

And Jimmy hold both her shins and whoosh fkn hell right up her ,
Kath gasped oh lord and jimmy’s face was of ecstasy!!
Jeez man for a kid at his age he was like a bull long thrusts and kept saying is this alright ? Kath starred him in the eyes saying harder harder !

He kept going for some time Kath actually cried I understand with joy then he said can I shoot my stuff in you it’s going to shoot any second ?
Kath said right up inside me Jimmy love as far as it will go shoot it hard I couldn’t take anymore myself and wanked myself on Kathy’s face a real big hot load I was so turned on ,
Young John said me next ? I nodded Kath opened her mouth offered her tongue with a rye smile to go with it ,
John pumped a good load all over her face ,
Jimmy arched his back and Kath dug her nails in to his back and he shot inside her
He said to Kath was that ok ? Kath and myself couldn’t help saying what ? Jimmy lad the pleasure is all ours how did it feel shooting your load up inside my wife Kathy ? The first time you have shoved your cock inside a woman how was it ?
Paul it was fantastic she is fantastic ,

Could we do it again ?

You mean you or all of us ? He said well yes I mean another go on Kath myself?
Kath answered before I could get a word out , Jimmy you was lovely now you have lost your no longer a virgin your welcome to fuck me all night but it isn’t fair on my husband and your friend John after it is him that’s got us all together to have your way with me ,
Paul can you take it in turns now with these two?
You first love , so I climbed on top Kath was the in the dirtiest mood I have ever seen her ,
She said to Jimmy and John hold her legs wide in the air while I fucked her

Then I finished inside Kath , and then John pulled her further down the bed as we held her legs again , I said to as we swapped places John would you like to fuck her up her arse ? Kath said no paul well not without a lubricant and a Durex ? John said could he ? I said would you like too then ? I have never thought about it but I’d Kath wants it ? So I got some lube John and me rubbed her arse with it , I couldn’t find a rubber anywhere anywhere he said it didn’t matter and slowly put his cock in her hole ,I was loving it I slapped her bottom faster John go on lad faster but he just didn’t like it saying it was too tight and Kath said she only allowed him as he had never tried it ,
So John changed holes and slid it in her , we held her legs as John pumped away ( feel good) I asked her ooh yeah paul , you bet love and thanks as John was pumping like a maniac paul love his young cocks so nice , I said John your very lucky lad I never had this when I was your age , Kath was chatting as he fucked her again she said thanks love ,

John said gonna come any second I think ? Me and young Jimmy held her legs each tightly oh oh ahh , he pulled out saying thanks Kath , John the pleasures all mine love get yourselves hard again your gonna take turns filling me up paul knows I like young boys I love being their fantasy a real woman instead of a photo heaven for me and paul and definitely you boys ,

Come on Jimmy you ready to fuck me again with that big dick you have lad ? So we hold her legs again as Jimmy slides in , I notice now there’s just lots of cum all around the sheet it’s wet through with spunk ,
I told Kath and the boys I never want this night to be over , she said neither do I and it’s only just started ,
Thrush is this my Kath is a very attractive sexy woman and boy does she enjoy sex and her fantasy as was mine is to have young boys fucking her and these two are so young and just so virile they just keep getting hard quickly and keep coming

Jimmy go deeper Kath whispers as she holds his neck kissing him and so Jimmy pulls out right to the tip of his cock and rams it home oh god yes yes she’s crying, oh paul look at him so deep inside me get your dick hard love soon as he’s finished I want you again !!

As Jimmy is ramming it in her , She reaches out holding johns limp dick caressing his balls and his cock looking us at me she’s so sexy as we’re holding her legs wide , Jimmy says can I cum now Kathy, she says of course darling ,
And within seconds he shoots ,

Paul you ready love or shall we have a break ?

you want a break lads ? Ok paul yes . So we all get drinks Kath goes in to the bathroom sperm dripping down her thighs and on to the carpet,
Man what a sight her tanned skin with now just her stockings on and her high heels nothing else,
She walks back in and pats the boys on their heads
You boys enjoying me ? Your first woman is it what you expected is it better than wanking over magazines?

The boys are both sat on a settee at the side of the room with bed in front Jimmy says Kath can wa lay on the bed with you and touch you ?
Kath says that’s what I was about to suggest John come here , patting her left side of the bed and Jimmy you here love , she slides down a little saying myself and paul will teach you how to please a woman’s pussy with your mouth and tongue, jeez she holds their hands placing them on her pussy lips and I kneel in front and start licking now open my lips and I lick her , both boys enjoy this and they rub her lips as well ,
Now you two next Jimmy you first, then John

She shuddered a few times and sticky water shot out only a bit but the lads were loving it we each licked her out ,
Next she returned the favour we stood in front of her as she sat on the end of the bed wanking first John very fast and he started getting hard , Then myself then Jimmy she just licked the heads kissing our bell ends each talking real dirty don’t come yet she ordered us and turned around saying shove it in take turns a few strokes each ,
This was bloody so erotic I shoved inside her about ten strokes i quickly moved and John placed his inside and off he went banging her hard next she said John take it out Jimmy come on put it in ,

So when your about to come lads I want it in my face , John so turned on at this and says gonna come and he shot a good bit over her lovely face , Jimmy you now come on lad he wanked like mad and shot a fair bit over here four head and face and lips ,
Paul come on and so I joined in ,
By now it’s midnight and she takes Jimmy in to a separate bedroom and fucks him for a couple of hours talking sex and whatever , then John same with him ,I peeped inside he was fingering her as they kissed and she wanked him ,

Then I said are you staying ? Or going home they both stayed we all got in bed together to be honest I was well and truly shattered then and all I know is they hardly took their hands off her and Kath was every bit as bad morning came Kath made breakfast for us all , walking around still with her stockings on but on her feet nude Kath said could she wank them off before they leave she wanted to play with their cocks they was up for it both let their pants drop down display two hard cocks for her pleasure but this time I interrupted and said no it’s time they was on there way ,
And ffs they said they was going to school !!
Jesus I said why didn’t you say earlier and they shrugged their shoulders saying we didn’t get chance to change at home they was so exited about coming and maybe fucking Kath ,
Kath interrupted and said I’m definitely wanking them off now before they go to school how cool is this ,
And so she did ,
After all this they met up with us in country walks and stuff as couldn’t keep using hotels those two boys fucked her brains out for weeks in different locations, by this time I was just happy to watch and wank not always joining in ,
Eventually Kath got bored and the boys was dating girls their own ages nothing ever happened I mean they must have kept their promises they phoned me now and again asking could they have sex with Kath but I said no it was fine at first but time to move on

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By Paul and Kath #Teen