For the First Time

tagGroup SexFor the First Time

I paced the floor nervously. Just five more minutes and they'd be here. I wasn't quite sure how I ended up in this place, getting ready to have my first threesome — my first anything with another girl — but here I was, incredibly turned on by it.
When he first mentioned it, I immediately said no. Kiss another girl? Nope. Suck her nipples? No way. Eating pussy? Absolutely not.
I began to give in a little, to please him. But eventually, I began to find myself more and more intrigued. The pictures of girls, being drawn to brunettes with blue eyes; small tits, big tits; tan skin, pale skin. I started to wonder what it would be like to kiss a girl, running my fingers through her hair and over her body. What it would feel like to run my hands down her sides, across her stomach, over her hips, and down her thighs.
I was shook back to reality when they walked in. He kissed me, and I felt her eyes on me. I pulled away, shifting my gaze to her. The next thing I knew, her face was in my hands, and our lips met. Her lips were soft against mine, her fingers wrapped up in my hair. The kiss deepened, our tongues crashing together. I wasn't sure how I would feel, but I felt the wetness grow between my legs.
Our kiss broke, and he spanked my ass, reminding us both he was still there. I felt her hands run down my body, over the dress I wore. No bra, no panties. Just as he expected. Her hands ran back up my body, lingering over my tits. Her graze hardened my nipples as I softly moaned. Immediately, I kissed her, my hands up her shirt. I broke the kiss, removing her shirt. My hands found her tits, brushing over her nipples before stopping to pinch them both between my fingers.
He pushed us toward my bedroom. He kissed her, and then me. She looked at him, as he began to unbuckle his pants. I fell to my knees, ready and waiting to suck his big cock. She knelt next to me, and we kissed as his cock sprung out in front of us.
She broke the kiss, her tongue finding the shaft of his cock. I looked up at him as the tip of my tongue met the tip of his cock. Our tongues licked his dick, as we stopped to kiss each other. As it ended, I brought my lips to his cock, taking him deep into my throat. I felt her behind me, her hands up my dress, finding my tits. I sucked harder, choking on his cock as she pinched my nipples. I moaned against his cock, coming up for air, looking up at him.
I stood up, kissing her, then kissing him, pushing her back against the bed. She fell back, scooting up the bed. I moved over her, taking off her pants and panties. I quickly removed my dress, leaving me naked with her, moving back up over her body. I kissed her lips before kissing down her neck, her chest, stopping to slowly suck her left nipple into my mouth, and then the right, slightly nipping at it. I kissed down her stomach before stopping near her pussy.
I spread her legs, admiring her pussy. I softly reach out, parting her lips with my finger, touching her pussy for the first time. Soft, warm, wet. My finger traced up to her clit, and I slowly drew circles around it, drawing moans from her. I watched him out of the corner of my eye, moving behind me.
My finger traced back down her slit, finding her opening. I push my finger in, her wetness surrounding my finger. I feel him behind me, knowing what's to come. I remove my finger, before lowering my lips to her clit.
I suck her clit between my lips, flicking it with my tongue. I trace down her slit with my tongue, and back up to her clit. He bends me over in bed, putting in my place, smacking my ass before I felt his cock against my ass. My lips wrapped around her clit again, as I felt him slowly entering my ass, feeling each inch. Moaning against her clit, I slide a finger inside her, and then a second. My tongue flicks her clit as I finger her, his cock in my ass.
I remove my fingers, my tongue lapping her juices. My fingers find her clit, rubbing as I begin to fuck her with my tongue. I feel her getting wetter and wetter. My tongue finds her clit again, encouraged by her moans. My fingers trace her slit, one and then the second, sliding in. I flick her clit with my tongue, fingers moving faster. In and out. In and out. My intuition tells me to keep going. She's so close. He's fucking me. My senses are overloaded as I flick her clit, feeling her begin to cum around my fingers. I hold my fingers inside her, sucking her clit, letting her ride out her orgasm on my fingers and tongue.
I feel him pull out as she comes down from her orgasm. Her breathing steadies as I remove my fingers from her pussy, my lips finding hers. I kiss her, letting her taste herself on me. I pull away, and he kisses her, then me, as she pushes me back against the bed.
I lay my head back, her lips against mine. She kissed down my neck, lingering on the sensitive spot on my neck, before moving down, nipping at my right nipple, then my left, trailing further down my body.
I feel him sit beside me, my hand immediately finding his cock as I feel her breath near my pussy. I feel her fingers spread my pussy open, her tongue immediately finding my clit. I gasp, stroking his cock faster. Her finger finds my opening, sliding in, and I take my hand from his cock, both hands gripping the sheets, focusing on her tongue.
Her finger finds my clit, rubbing in circles, as her tongue licks up and down my wet slit, slowly tongue fucking me. I moan, turning my head, my mouth wanting his cock. He traced the head against my lips, my tongue licking the tip.
My focus turns back to her. Her tongue flicking my clit, two fingers sliding into my wet pussy. I squirm, feeling myself getting closer to the edge. I look over at him, stroking his cock over my face. I open my mouth, wanting his cum on my tongue. I feel his cum hitting my tongue, covering my face. The mix of her tongue flicking my clit, fingers in and out of my pussy, and his hot cum on my face sends me crashing over the edge against her fingers.
Her lips find mine, and I taste myself on her, mixed with his cum. I lay back, satisfied, wondering what could happen next…

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