Forbidden Ch. 01

tagIncest/TabooForbidden Ch. 01

Priya had captivating eyes and a pretty smile. The thirty-something West Indian woman had big, perfect breasts and long, sexy legs that led to small, cute feet. She dressed well, but conservative. She still had a bit of a belly that she never lost after she gave birth. Her hair was shoulder length. Over the years that Matthew had known his wife's sister, Priya had taken a larger role in his thoughts. When she called the home and he happened to answer the phone, he enjoyed the sound of her voice and subtle but sexy accent. This past year she had moved to the suburbs – in the very same neighborhood as he and his wife. From that point on, he would see her a couple of times a week. From that point on, he jerked off about her every day.
Priya didn't show a lot of skin, but what little she showed, left an impression. Such as when she would stretch her hands over her head to slip on her coat, her sweater would lift up enough to give a one-inch glimpse of her belly. The smooth, light-brown skin of her stomach. A teasing glance of her stretch marks was enough to get his heart pounding. He could count on one hand how many times he saw her wearing shorts. Those times are ingrained in his mind. Her long legs were flawless and smooth. Other than hands, neck and face, her feet represented the only parts of Priya's body that Matthew saw on a regular basis. She was not really one for socks and she almost always had her toenails polished.
He was attracted to her the most when she wore eyeliner. Priya did not wear makeup often, but there were those family gatherings where she did wear eyeliner and it made her gorgeous eyes that much more beautiful.
Matthew and Priya were friends. They enjoyed each other's company. She was attracted to him as well. It was his confidence and intelligence that attracted her. Her husband, Raj, was…in a word…dumb. In another word – unmotivated.
These events took place over the course of several months. It was several years (most of them married) before anything happened with Priya. It took a few months of living in the same neighborhood before Matthew and Priya began to talk outside of the typical get together. Meaning, Zoe always instigated the visits or phone calls, or Priya would with the purpose of speaking to her sister. Eventually though, Priya and Matthew began to talk to each other. He was self-employed and worked from home.
Their spouses worked out of the house, while they remained at home – her because she was taking a few years off for her young child. She was lonely, used to having a ton of family around. Now she just had her toddler at home with her during the day and a non-talkative, unmotivated husband at night. She began to look forward to the brief phone conversations that she had almost daily with Matthew. After a couple of weeks, they began a ritual of having lunch together on Wednesdays. Soon, she was dropping by an additional day or two per week – just for an hour or so, to have conversation and human contact.
One day, a Thursday afternoon, she was over with her child. Matthew was working in the office while Priya sat in the next room on one couch. The child sat on the other couch watching a kid's cartoon. Bored, and needing a break, Matthew wandered out of the office and sat down next to his sister-in-law. She looked amazing with her hair down over her shoulders.
"Done for the day?" Priya asked with a pretty smile. She looked so beautiful he almost forgot to answer. He had wanted her so badly lately that it hurt. He knew it was wrong. Unbelievably wrong. He was married to her sister! But his lust for this woman had been smoldering for years and instead of easing it only continued to grow. Priya was dressed casually in a pink sweater that was quite loose and hid most of her upper figure, typical of what she usually wore. Her ample breasts looked barely noticeable in that shirt. Her long legs were wrapped in brown corduroy, and this was a rare occasion in which she wore socks.
"Nope!" he answered, taking a little too long to do so. "Just bored. I need a break."
"I see, I see." Priya replied. He looked over at the child. The toddler was fast asleep. Priya caught his glance and smiled.
"The little one is asleep." she said, her sexy accent barely apparent. "We can get rade of the kids show!" She chuckled, picking up the remote off the coffee table and began flipping the channels. His heart beat quickly, just from the way her accent said the word 'rid' as 'rade'. As she flipped, some football highlights appeared – and she flipped right past them.
"Hey!" Matthew exclaimed. "Flip back!"
"Oh no!" Priya laughed. He loved her smile. She had this subtle overbite that made her teeth just a tiny bit pronounced. It was the perfect little flaw to make a pretty face more beautiful. He playfully grabbed for the remote, smiling. She held it with both hands and moved it to the other side of her body, falling back on the couch a little. It was just too perfect. If he didn't take advantage of a situation like this, he never would.
He grabbed for it again, laughing. He had to reach over her, but his hand managed to get a hold of the end of the remote. She had a firm grip, though, and actually pulled it further back. He added to the momentum by half falling over her. Priya was lying on the couch with her feet still on the floor, her hands holding the remote above her head, giggling. He was draped over her, conscious of where every inch of his body touched hers. His hand still held the top of the remote, and his face was mere inches from hers.
Matthew looked into her eyes. Dark and beautiful, those eyes. Placing one hand on her hip as if to brace himself, he reached higher above her head for a better grip on the remote, smiling down at her. In the process, his face conveniently moved closer to hers. His eyes and her eyes were just an inch or two apart.
"We are not watching football." Priya said with a chuckle, blinking at him. His gaze briefly went down to her lips. Her full, succulent lips that exposed the white of her teeth in a smile.
"Oh no?" he challenged, reaching just a little more, his hand now holding her hand which was holding the remote. His face moved just a little bit closer at the motion. She made no move to increase the gap between them. Her heart was pounding, and she was surprised to find that her breathing was more labored. The awkward silence was little more than two seconds, but to them it seemed an eternity. This was it. Did he try and kiss her and take the risk that the family would be thrown in turmoil? This was his wife's sister! But he would never have a chance like this again.
The smile dropped from his face as he became serious. Matthew noticed Priya's eyes drop briefly to his mouth before looking back up into his eyes. That was the signal he needed.
Slowly moving his chin outward just a half inch, his lips stretched out and gently touched her upper lip, kissing her softly. He pulled back, the taste of his fantasy girl still on his lips. He could see surprise, but desire, in her dark eyes. Cautiously he bent to kiss her again. His heart soared when he noticed her eyes close just a microsecond before he made contact. He kissed her soft upper lip twice, letting each one linger. He felt her kiss his lower lip on the second kiss, and he closed his eyes happily. He kissed her again and again, conscious of the fact that their breathing had deepened. He chanced pushing his tongue out a little, gently touching her teeth with it.
Priya opened her mouth and kissed him a little deeper. He snuck his tongue into her mouth. His sister-in-law's mouth! It was warm, and fresh, and…different. He ran his tongue all around her mouth, tasting her saliva, running his tongue along hers. Hesitantly, Priya slipped her tongue into Matthew's mouth, sighing. The two in-laws French kissed deeply. She rolled onto her back, without breaking the kiss, and swung a leg up onto the couch. Kissing her with more urgency, he squeezed in between her open legs. She released the remote and ran one hand down his back over his shirt. Her other hand held his arm, caressing it as if not knowing what else to do with it. She was a very good kisser. Hell, she was an incredible kisser. It had been years since she had kissed anyone like this, but her mouth moved against his expertly. Her tongue went just a little ways into his mouth, but every once and while she would shoot it far into his mouth, driving him nuts with arousal.
He was writhing against her between her legs. His hard-on was apparent, and when he rubbed against her she could physically feel her pussy grow even wetter. She exhaled loudly into his mouth, her nimble tongue dancing.
Still kissing her, he set the remote down on the floor. Their lips were smacking loudly as he cupped the side of her head with his hand, slipping his fingers into her hair. Holding Priya's head steady, Matthew kissed her harder, his tongue exploring her mouth passionately. The kiss was driving her pussy wild. The buzzing and tingling grew uncontrollable. It has been so long since she has been satisfied. She was shocked to realize that she was not only horny – but her pussy was absolutely aching…
He broke the kiss and pulled back. Just long enough to see the lust in her eyes before he kissed her again. This time, she kissed him with just as much urgency and passion as he gave her. Priya's tongue darted eagerly into his mouth, and she began to writhe her crotch upwards. She has not had sex in four months, and has only had sex twice in the past year. She didn't want this to end.
Lips still smacking loudly with their passionate kiss, Matthew slowly ran his hand from the side of her head to her chest until it covered the softness of her breast. He gently squeezed. It blew his mind. This was Priya's tit! He hadn't felt a breast this big in years. He was breathing laboriously, kissing her as he caressed her boob. Priya swung her other leg up onto the couch and rested her foot on his leg.
He began kissing her soft cheek, over and over again as he worked his way towards her ear. He sucked her earlobe into his mouth before releasing it. He kissed down her neck, gently sucking her skin into his mouth with each inch that he passed over. Releasing her soft breast from over her shirt, he slid his hand down her body as he kissed down the exposed part of her chest. Her sweater hung fairly low so he was able to kiss quite a ways down. His hand, meanwhile reached down between her thighs. He lifted up a little to accommodate it. His fingers rubbed his sister-in-law's crotch, and he could feel the intense heat emanating from it. He kissed back up her neck to her chin as his hand gently rubbed her pussy over her cords. He could hear her breathing heavily. His lips found hers and they kissed again. A few quick pecks at first, and then a full-blown kiss. Her tongue shot back into his mouth hungrily.
Matthew's fingers reached for her button, quickly undoing it. Therein was his first mistake.
As if snapping her back to reality, Priya broke the kiss. Her chest was heaving with excitement.
"We have to stop." She panted. "The little one is sleeping right they-err." She motioned with her eyes towards the other couch. Matthew couldn't have been happier. She didn't say they had to stop because it was wrong. She said it was because the toddler was sleeping nearby. He had forgotten the toddler. Lost in the passion.
"I forgot." He replied sheepishly. He was about to ask her to go upstairs when he stopped himself. If he asks, she may say 'no'. He cannot ask, he must state it as a fact. He scrambled off of her, standing up and taking her hand.
"Come." He stated. A questioning look was on her face, but Priya sat up. He pulled her to her feet and began to walk towards the stairs, sister-in-law in tow. He could feel the electricity running between their hands.
"I think we should stop…Matthew." She protested. She wanted to, but given her upbringing and background, she had high moral standards. He stopped, turned, and not-so-gently pulled her into his arms, releasing her hand. He pressed his lips against hers and she did not object. Opening her mouth, she allowed his tongue to enter. His hands were on her lower back as he kissed her hard. Priya put her arms around his neck and began to kiss him just as passionately.
He slid his hands down to her ass. She had a smallish ass, but her cheeks felt oh-so-good in his hands. He squeezed them as he ran his tongue along hers.
She sighed into his mouth. Just knowing that it was her brother-in-law who was touching her there was enough to send bolts of desire up her body. She was conscious of the bulge in his jeans pressing against her stomach. It did nothing to ease her desire.
Matthew broke the kiss. She looked up at him with those big, beautiful, dark eyes.
"Priya." He said, "I'm not going to stop. I have wanted this too badly for far too long to stop now. If you want to stop it, then stop it. But I am really enjoying your kiss and I would like to continue. Upstairs we will be free to kiss."
Without waiting for a response, he pulled away. Taking her hand he finished the journey to the stairs. He was happy to see that she followed with minimal urging. At the top of the stairs, she was expecting to be led to the living room. He turned left, instead of right. Toward the bedrooms.
Her heart sped up and her pussy flooded. How far was this going to go? Just kissing? It was all happening so fast. Her mind wasn't keeping up with her pussy.
He brought Priya into the spare bedroom and again pulled her into his arms. He immediately kissed her deeply as he gradually spun her towards the bed. She allowed herself to fall onto it, breaking the kiss in the process. Chest heaving beneath her pink sweater, she looked at him lustfully. He sat down beside her, placing a hand on her arm. He kissed her softly, lips pecking over and over as he ran his hand up and down her arm. Her lips were kissing at him, trying to catch his lips and hold them. Matthew lay her back on the bed, this time laying beside her so his hand could move more freely.
He ran his hand from her shoulder to her breast over her sweater, and squeezed gently over the cotton. He could feel her bra, and around that, her soft tit as he let her lips hold his in a deep kiss. After a couple of minutes of heavy kissing, he felt he had her arousal back up to the level it was downstairs, and he chanced moving his hand back down between his sister-in-law's legs. He was happy to feel that she had left the button undone. A good sign. He sent his tongue farther into her mouth as his hand slipped over her pants and onto her pussy where he rubbed her gently.
"Mmmmph…" Priya breathed into his mouth, her tongue snaking out. He sucked on her tongue. His wife's sister's tongue. His hand rubbed between her thighs a little harder, sending bolts of pleasure up her spine as they kissed. His sister-in-law began to subtly hump her hips upward against his hand, clearly needing more. He slowly moved his hand up to her zipper and slipped it downwards about an inch. Not enough to give her time to stop him, but enough to make it easier for him to finish the job next time. His hand continued upwards, this time slipping underneath her pink sweater. For the first time in his life, he was feeling Priya's soft, naked, smooth belly.
She stiffened underneath him. A man has not caressed her skin there in years. All Raj ever did was stick it in, and go to town. Being touched this way sent her arousal through the roof! Closing her eyes, she concentrated on the feeling of his hand caressing her bare skin. Her kissing calmed down, but her breathing grew even heavier as she became lost in the moment.
Matthew was kissing her upper lip, gently pulling it outward as his hand caressed over her belly button and up her warm body. His fingers felt the material of her bra, and he caressed his hand over it. He again slipped his tongue into his sister-in-law's mouth as his hand squeezed her soft breast. He could feel her naked breast above her bra, and he wanted to feel more of it. Gasping for breath as he kissed her, he brought his hand down a little, and then slipped it under her bra. He could now feel Priya's soft, naked tit in his hand. Her nipple was erect in the palm of his hand as he massaged her boob. She sighed quietly, still swirling her tongue around his mouth. The flesh was nice and cool in his hand as he circled and squeezed it.
Releasing her breast, Matthew began to run his hand back down Priya's stomach until he reached the waistband of her panties. He continued over them to her zipper, where again he pulled it down another inch or so. Baby steps. He was dying to feel how wet he was making her, but he had to move slowly. His hand went back between her thighs over her corduroys, and gently rubbed her crotch.
"Mmmph…" she sighed again. It was music to his ears. Hearing her sexy voice make a sound like that was enough to make him cum right there. He began kissing her cheek towards her ear.
Priya's entire body was buzzing. She did not think she had ever been this turned on before in her entire life. She had limited sexual experience, and she was in her sexual prime. Her brother-in-law was doing all these things to her, and she realized that she was doing nothing in return. She either needed to stop this, or participate. The shock has worn off. All she felt was lust. She was not ready to stop things just yet. Hesitantly…a little scared, Priya slowly brought her hand down to Matthew's crotch. It was her left hand – the one with the gold wedding band. That thought never crossed her mind as her fingers caressed over the bulge in his jeans.
Matthew nearly came right there. This was Priya who was rubbing his crotch! Taking that as a good sign, he pulled her zipper down the rest of the way, and quickly slid his hand underneath the waistband of his sister-in-law's panties. His fingers touched the curls of her pubic hair and continued downward until he felt hot moisture. He had reached the top of Priya's slit.
"Ohhh…" she sighed, her hand giving his hard cock a squeeze over his jeans. He sucked her earlobe into his mouth as he ran a finger down the soaking wet slit of his sister-in-law's pussy. She was drenched. He began to kiss down her neck as he slowly ran his finger up and down her horny slit, making sure that he nudged her clit each time his finger made it to the top. Priya shuddered, opening her legs wider.
He was surprised when her fingers began to undo the button of his jeans and pull down his zipper. She reached into his underwear and for the first time ever her fingers wrapped around Matthew's rock-hard manhood. Now it was his turn to moan. His wife's sister was stroking his cock? He quickly kissed up her neck and chin to her mouth, where they immediately began to kiss as deeply as ever, tongues dancing in one another's mouth. He slid his finger back down the silky lips of Priya's pussy and this time stopped at the entrance to her no-doubt wonderful treasure. He slipped it inside her.
"Mmmmph…" Priya moaned into his mouth, her tongue holding still for a moment as her snug tunnel clamped around his digit. Matthew loved how tightly her hot, soaking wet vagina squeezed his middle finger, and he sunk it into her a little further. She moaned again, and he felt her teeth on his lips as they kissed as she lost some of her concentration. She stopped stroking him, her hand just holding his rigid penis. He eased his finger out of her steamy pussy and then slipped it back in, pushing it to the second knuckle. Priya's hand squeezed his dick hard, gasping for breath. As if coming back to life, she began to kiss back again, and her hand stroked his member. She was subtly humping into the air against his hand. She was breathing heavily into Matthew's mouth as their tongues intertwined. He slipped his finger out of her snug twat, running it up along her slit slowly until it reached her sensitive button. He gently twirled his finger around her little clit.

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