Forbidden Ch. 04

tagIncest/TabooForbidden Ch. 04

Matthew stood up and walked naked to the kitchen. He grabbed a roll of paper towels, and came back. They cleaned up, and he lay down on the couch beside her, facing her. He ran his hand up and down her side, over her thigh, hip, and belly, before slowly rubbing back downward. He kissed her lips, softly.
"We cannot do this all the time." Priya said, between kisses because he wasn't letting up. "Not every time we see each other, as much as I want to." She added with a chuckle. and then she kissed him again. Her lips were supple, and the kiss echoed through the room. His next kiss tugged her upper lip, pulling it until it slipped free as she continued. "If we ever got caught – our lives would be finished!" He nodded in agreement, but kept on kissing her. Her lips were sweet. He savored her saliva as he softly pressed his mouth against hers over and over.
Priya's heart pounded. The passion that was behind his kisses were making her hot, and she slipped her tongue into his mouth. He moved his hand behind her, grabbing onto her ass cheek as their kissing became more passionate. That sent a tingle through her vagina. She slipped a leg around his waist and pulled him towards her. She could feel his growing hardness pressing against her bush and lower stomach. She ached to have him back inside her. And that was new for her – to want sex again right after having it. But his kisses were nice, and the way his hand squeezed her bum with such power took her breath away. They could always talk later. She reached behind her and between her legs, her fingers wrapping around his stiff rod. She pulled his penis downward a little while sliding her body upward. Thrills shot up her spine when she felt the head of his manhood touch the entrance to her treasure. She released him as she felt pressure against her.
Matthew's heart pounded as he felt the heat emanating from her entrance. Instinctively he thrust, hand squeezing her bum to hold her in place. His penis pierced Priya's vagina and slid most of the way up inside her tightness in one firm stroke.
"UNH!" she moaned, breaking the kiss. Her eyes were closed and she was wincing with pleasure. The way her tightness slid down his pole and past the midpoint made him dizzy. He was panting already, somewhat in disbelieve. Smiling, he kissed her chin. Her tight pussy was gripping every inch of him that was inside her, and he pulled her ass towards him and thrust again. He pushed the rest of his organ into her heat the rest of the way, and she moaned softly.
She opened her eyes, looking into his. They shared a smile and he gave her bum another squeeze. Her dark eyes were hauntingly beautiful, and they shared a moment as he remained inside her. He felt her foot curl around his leg as the seconds ticked by. He savored the heat the surrounded him. Her hand slid down his back and grabbed his ass, pulling. Urging him to start fucking her. He began sliding in and out of her, looking into her gorgeous eyes the entire time. Releasing her cheek, he reached up and swept her shoulder-length hair back from her pretty face. Holding her head, he kissed her, sucking on her upper lip briefly before feeling her tongue touch his lips. He opened his mouth and she sent her tongue inside. The two in-laws kissed loudly, and their breathing was becoming laborious again. He slid his hand back down to Priya's ass, getting a good feel of both of her soft cheeks as he slid his cock in and out of her needy cunt.
Releasing her ass, Matthew slid his hand down her long leg that was wrapped around him. Her leg was smooth and soft as he went over her knee and down to her foot. Still kissing her, he grabbed her foot in his hand, raising it in the air a little, opening her legs wider as he slid his dick in and out of her a little faster. Then he slipped his fingers between her toes, squeezing her foot.
Priya broke the kiss, looking at her brother-in-law lustfully as she got fucked. She licked her lips and moaned as she kissed him again. Her tongue snaked into his mouth eagerly, her hands were caressing his back and chest. He released her foot, caressing his hand back up her leg where it again latched onto her bum. Squeezing her cheek tightly, he drilled his cock as far into her pussy as possible and held himself there. The elastic of her entrance gripped his base tightly. Deep inside her the heat was like an inferno. He sucked at her mouth, his tongue wiggling against hers.
"Ohhh…" she sighed, breaking the kiss. Her hand and foot were both pressing his body towards her, keeping him as far inside her as was humanly possible. She looked into his eyes again and rubbed her crotch against him, filled to the brim by his hard penis.
Matthew could not believe that he was making love to Priya. Priya! His penis was actually inside her vagina. She was panting, looking at him. Piercing his soul with those eyes.
"Make love to me in the baid-room." She breathed, smiling a little. Just hearing those words coming out of her mouth, with her sexy and subtle accent, was almost enough to make him cum right there. He managed to control himself and nod. He gave her a couple of quick kisses. She released him and he slowly, reluctantly, pulled his manhood out of her.
At the same time that he felt cold air hit his wet penis, Priya felt despair. Despair that he wasn't inside her. She needed him back inside her. They got up off the couch quickly, but she was the quicker by far. Her tits and belly jiggled when she stood up, and then she hustled down the hall, Matthew right behind her. His eyes stared at her slender ass that wiggled with every hurried step she took. They left their clothes scattered around the living room floor, which would be quite noticeable if Zoe were to come home.
Once inside the spare room, a naked Matthew pulled a naked Priya into his arms and held her tight as his searching lips found hers. Thrills went up her spine again. She loved how tightly his strong arms held her – she never got this at home. She loved the sensation of his hardness pressing against her belly. And she loved feeling his hands slide down her back and grab onto her ass, squeezing it. His hands caressed her body on the way down, and were now circling her cheeks. This was an experience she could never get at home, and she soaked it all in. Her tongue snaked deep into his mouth, brushing across his throat as she sighed.
She could count on one hand how many times she has taken a man into her mouth in her lifetime, and she certainly has not done that with her current conservative husband at all, but she found that she really wanted to with Matthew. He made her feel amazing when he went down on her, and she wanted to return the pleasure. Breaking the kiss, she took his hardness into her hand and slowly sat down on the edge of the bed.
When Matthew realized what she was about to do, he nearly came in the air right there. Would his cock actually be inside that beautiful mouth? His heart pounded so hard he could hear it in his ears as he watched her.
Priya kissed the bottom of his hard shaft, lovingly. She tenderly kissed him again, and again, each time moving higher than the last. Her thick, pouting lips kissed the mushroom head of his member, and her dark eyes looked up at him. She stuck her tongue out and gently touched his tip. She smiled at him, and then slowly opened her mouth and sucked the top of his organ inside. He watched his sister-in-law's lips slowly slide down the shaft of his cock, and moaned at the sensation of moist warmth engulfing his pole inch by inch.
Using both hands, he pushed her hair back from her pretty face, tucking it behind her ears as her mouth slid almost down his entire pole before sliding back up. When she went back down again, she looked up at him. Now that was a sight he would cherish – his cock most of the way in Priya's mouth while she looked up at him with her round, dark eyes. He was holding the back of her head, and he couldn't help but hump his hips forward. He was fucking his sister-in-law's face. He was trying to be gentle about it, not wanting to make her choke, but Priya took his cock out of her mouth.
"Get on the bed." She ordered, smiling. That smile made his heart melt every time. He moved quickly to comply, lying on his back with his cock sticking up along his stomach. She knelt beside him and quickly slipped him back into her mouth. She immediately began to bob her head up and down on his pole smoothly. He didn't think she did this very often, but damn was she good. Her mouth was like a pussy, gliding up and down his member like a slick vacuum.
'Slurp! Slurp! Slurp!' The sucking noises grew louder, and could probably be heard out in the hall. After another minute, she pulled his dick out of her mouth and looked at him.
"I need you back inside me." She stated, swinging her long leg over his waist. Who was he to argue? Priya held his cock straight up in the air and pressed the lips of her pussy against it. They opened easily, and the head of his manhood slipped inside.
"Ohhhh…" the two in-laws moaned in unison. She continued pushing downward, and inch by inch, her hot cunt hungrily gobbled his rigid penis past the midpoint. She braced her hands on her chest as he stared at where her labia was open around his member. She raised up a little and then pushed down again, harder. Intense heat enveloped his entire organ as she exhaled.
She held herself straight up, eyes closed, pussy filled to the rim with cock. It was a magnificent sight. Priya, on top of him, completely naked. Her gorgeous tits were rising and falling with every breath she took. Her hair was thrown back behind her, and her pretty face was smiling as she had her eyes closed. He reached around her and his hands grabbed onto her bare ass cheeks, squeezing them. It caused her to open her eyes, and she looked at him with desire, her smile growing bigger.
Bending down, her lips quickly found his and they kissed passionately, tongues immediately darting back into each other's mouth. She kept him inside her warm tightness, and he continued to hold onto her smooth, soft ass. His fingers were caressing just inside the crack of her bum as he squeezed those cheeks. He loved how her tongue felt rubbing along his. He could kiss this woman all day.
Unable to hold out any longer, she began sliding her pussy up and down her brother-in-law's manhood slowly. "Mmmmph…" she moaned into his mouth as she felt his rigid pole slide inside her over and over. Matthew humped his hips upwards, meeting each one of her gentle thrusts as he kissed her.
Breaking the kiss, he began kissing down her neck to her chest. His hands released her ass and caressed around her body to her breasts. Grabbing onto them, he brought his mouth over to one of her nipples. He sucked Priya's erect nipple into his mouth as his hands squeezed her soft boobs. She sighed above him, watching as he kissed between her cleavage over to her other breast. He sucked that nipple into his mouth, teasing over it with his tongue as she continued to slide her slick cunt up and down his penis.
She was incredibly tight, and her pussy seemed to get hotter by the moment. Releasing her breasts, he grabbed onto her ass again, urging her to fuck him a little faster. At the same time, he began thrusting his hips upward more forcefully. Soon, the in-laws were fucking frantically. His hands had a death-grip on her ass, and she was fucking downwards as fast as she could go. His cock was pistoning in and out of her needy hole, and Priya was moaning loudly.
"Unh! Unh! Unh! Oh yes!" She moaned right in his ear. The sensation of his thick cock stretching her pussy wide and sliding hard up inside her was causing the tingles in her body to grow exponentially more intense. Her hair was over her face now, so he could barely see her expression. He had a clear view, however, of her amazing tits bouncing up and down. Her sexy, stretch-marked stomach was also shaking nicely as she rammed herself down on his cock again and again.
There was nothing that he wanted more than to just shoot his cum inside this beautiful woman.
He thrust up into her even faster, drilling his manhood into her welcoming pussy as hard as he possibly could.
"Give it to me! Give it to me!" Priya whined, slamming her cunt down on him as hard as he was thrusting up into her. She ground her pussy against him, holding him deep inside her as the inner walls of her vagina squeezed him. Her pussy felt nice and full as she gasped for breath. Matthew squeezed her ass, his hardness being held by her tight cunt.
Releasing her ass, he brought his hands up to her face and moved her hair out of the way. Her eyes were closed and she had a look of ecstasy on her face. He kissed her mouth over and over as the helpless girl tried desperately to catch her breath. Finally, she was able to kiss back. There was an urgency as her mouth sucked at him, and she was gasping frantically. Their eager kissing could be heard throughout the room. Finally, she caught her breath enough to send her tongue into his mouth. He loved that tongue of hers. He ran his own tongue along it, and started to sit up.
Priya squeezed her leg around in front of her, and then squeezed the other leg around him as he sat up. She was now sitting on his lap as he sat on the bed, kissing him passionately. He broke the kiss and looked at his wife's sister. He looked down her beautiful, naked body, over her heaving breasts and beneath the tiny rolls in her stomach to the black curls of her bush. Her pubic hair was mingling with his and his cock was buried inside her. He would never tire of that sight. He looked back at her face, and she was smiling. She kissed his mouth lightly. They began rubbing their groins against one another, stimulating the lips of her pussy. She closed her eyes and moaned. He cut off her moan with his mouth, his tongue snaking outward. He could not be any closer to a woman than he was right then with his sister-in-law. She held him tightly, her own tongue shooting into his mouth again. His hands cradled her ass, holding her close as he lifted up.
Without taking his cock out of her, he managed to spin the two of them around so that she was on her back on the bed, and he was on top of her. Her legs were still wrapped tightly around his waist. Once again, he began to make love to her, slowly easing his penis in and out of her hungry vagina. Priya closed her eyes and arched her head back, but Matthew's lips still found hers and he kissed her hard. She responded with equal urgency, thrusting her tongue into his mouth.
She raised her feet up into the air, increasing the wonderful sensations in her pussy. She began moaning into his mouth, until she finally had to break the kiss.
"Oh! Unh! Unh! Ohhh!" she cried out, her pretty feet flailing behind his thrusting ass.
He was starting to lose it. He looked over his shoulder and saw how high Priya had her legs up, and he slipped his arm around them, one by one, until her ankles were on his shoulders. She was now completely at his mercy, her feet on each side of his face. She looked up at him with a longing that he would never forget. Still fucking her at a steady pace, he turned to the right and kissed the inside of her foot. He turned to his left and kissed the same spot on that foot.
Animal instinct took over.
All of his passion. All of his lust. All of his need for this woman. All of his fantasies about her. They all came out at once. Matthew couldn't take it anymore. He had Priya's ankles on his shoulders, his cock sliding in and out of her slick pussy, and she was looking up at him, clearly wanting more.
It all came out at once and poor Priya didn't know what hit her. He began to fuck her like never before. His long, thick, hard cock pulled most of the way out of her before slamming back into her hard, and before she could get used to that wonderful sensation, he was sliding back out of her again. Lightning quick, his manhood drilled into her needy hole over and over again. Her ass was bouncing off the bed, helping her meet each of his rapid thrusts.
"UNH! UNH! UNH! UNH!" Her moans were so loud they could be heard outside of the house as her brother-in-law jackhammered into her hungry pussy. His groin was smacking against her defenseless and highly sensitive labia again and again. An orgasm was rising rapidly within her – faster than she had ever felt it rise before. Her small feet were flailing helplessly on each side of his head as he fed her needy cunt his organ. The buzzing inside her surged to the fore and she thought her heart would explode. She came, crying out loudly and in a high pitch.
"UNNGH!" She almost bucked him right off of her with her legs as her muscles tensed. It was a powerful orgasm, rocking her entire body from head to toe, and because her legs were on his shoulders, there was nothing that she could do to stop him or even slow him down. She was helpless, her brother-in-law continuing to fuck her hard right into the bed as she came. She was wincing, the pleasure within her was so intense. And there was nothing that she could do to ease it. Her vagina was pulsating and all of her muscles tensed up. She was completely at his mercy as he thrust straight down into her. Wave after wave of orgasm rocketed through her, and still Matthew's cock pistoned in and out of her. She let out a squeak, wincing and turning her face to the side. He was bouncing her ass off the bed, rebounding her pussy upwards to meet his thrusts. The velocity was insane.
"Ohhhhh!" Priya moaned. Mercy finally came in the form of Matthew pulling his wonderful cock out of her. Finally, she was able to gasp for breath as if emerging from water. His cock jerked, and he moaned, a thick wad of hot cum firing out the end of his penis and landing squarely in Priya's belly button.
Her ankles were still on his shoulders as his penis twitched again, and a rope of his semen shot out, splattering just underneath the pool that had formed in her navel. He grabbed his dick, squeezing more of his fluid out onto the black curls of her well-trimmed bush, moaning. He collapsed on the bed beside her, gasping for breath as she put her legs down, her own lungs trying to catch up. Lying side by side, the two in-laws smiled at each other.
"I will never," Priya breathed, "ever! Rob myself of that again!"
He leaned over and kissed her. Before he could pull away, she grabbed the back of his head and kissed him three more times before letting him go. They lay there talking for a few minutes before she said that she had to go. She had only left her child with a neighbor for a few minutes and it's been an hour and a half. As she got up and walked to the bathroom to clean off her belly, he stared at Priya's naked ass. It was a little skinny when she wore clothes, but naked – it was just right.
Two minutes later, the two met back in the living room to pick up their clothes. As he put his clothes on, he watched Priya get dressed, filing away every second of it. He would never know if he would see her naked again. Not after the last five months. He watched her step into her panties and roll them up her slender legs. He watched her cover her breasts with her white bra and reach behind her to snap it shut. When she covered her torso with her snug white shirt, he stared at her ass, watching it as she bent over to pick up her jeans. She stepped into them one by one and slid then up her legs.
She pulled a sock over each pretty foot, grabbed her coat, and met him at the door. This goodbye was much nicer than the hurried one she gave their first time, so many months ago. This time, he got to hold her in his arms, smile down at her, and kiss her tenderly. When she left, she left reluctantly.
That evening, Raj walked into the kitchen and saw his wife getting dinner ready. He glanced at her ass in her black jeans, but it was a brief look that was pretty much accidental. He had no idea that Matthew's face was between those thighs, or that she had eagerly slid her pussy down a hard cock just hours earlier. The bare feet that were walking back and forth between the stove and the fridge as Priya finished up dinner, were on each side of Matthew's face as he thrust his hard cock into her relentlessly.

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