Forbidden Desires: Intergenerational Intimacy

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By Mr. Lucifer A young man joins a program to befriend lonely elderly, leading to a steamy affair with a senior named Helen who discovers his love for pee play.

On the national TV broadcast, news anchor talking about how lonely and many elderly people are ‘left without friends’ has become a popular headline. I actually really like old women, their chubby bodies and juicy breasts, and they usually never shave their pubic hair, and more importantly, maybe never had sex for years.

So, I started trying to meet them. Fortunately, my local council has a program called New Friends. I had a hard time convincing them that even though I’m only 25 years old, I want to befriend the elderly, and they believed my story about having a good relationship with my grandparents.

My first assignment was a nice woman named Helen. She was in her early sixties, just retired, and I met her for afternoon tea in her beautiful bungalow. She looked lovely and, more importantly, smelled so good with lavender scent. With her curly hair, she had sparkling eyes, and from what I could guess, a fairly large chest.

Her story was usual, long marriage, her husband passed away a few years ago, childhood sweetheart, the only man she ever had – a common story.
“It’s very kind of you, Lefi, to take the time to befriend me. I’ve been so lonely since my beloved husband passed away five years ago. I joined a women’s group, but I really miss the attention of a man – you could say that,” Helen said.

“I’m kind of curious why, as a young man, you joined this program. Must be boring being among us elderly,” Helen said.

“Well, Helen, I actually prefer socializing with the elderly, they, like my grandparents, are so interesting. For example, and sorry if this embarrasses you, my grandparents told me a lot about sex during the war and what happened, and how women at that time became more liberated. My grandfather told me how he was seduced by an old neighbor one night in the air raid shelter.”

“Wow, your grandparents sound very liberal. For me, I’ve only had one man and he was very nice and also not particularly erotic,” Helen said.

“That’s interesting, Helen. Can you tell me more or is this a naughty secret?” I teased.

“Well, it’s naughty, some people might say dirty. But my loving husband had a fetish for watching women pee – you know, pee. And because I wanted to make him happy, I let him, and it made him play with my breasts while I peed. Until the point where he made me climax, I really squirted.”

“Oh, Helen, that sounds amazing.” With that, I leaned in and sat next to her, starting to kiss her wrinkled neck. “You smell so good, Helen. Can I kiss you properly?”

As we kissed, she hugged me tightly and happily opened her mouth so we could taste each other.

She said, “Oh God, this brings me back to my youth.”

“And what did this do?” I said, running my hand up her leg and over her vintage wet panties.

“Oh, this is not right, but it’s so much fun,” she sighed with lust as I slid my fingers, feeling the refreshing squirt of pee making her vagina wet and ready. Teasing and probing the open hole and flicking her swollen and rigid clitoris she responded.

“Mmmm… oooooh yes…” she moaned happily. “This is so fun but if you do it more I will pee and that would make you run away instantly.”

“Helen, how do you know that you are going to pee?” I asked.

“Well, to follow my husband’s fetish and I know it’s embarrassing, but once a week we had our special play day. We both get naked and I lie on the chair reclining there, on many towels. Then he gets me aroused with a big vibrator in my vagina and a small vibrator in my ass. Then he positions himself so I can suck him. It immediately turns me on and then he starts talking to me really rudely, like, stab your hole, I want to see you squirt your vaginal fluid. And soon I start orgasming one after another and every time my peehole becomes wild – it will squirt like a fountain.”

“And do you like it?”

“Well, yes because it feels like having two orgasms at once.”

“When I’m done, he then masturbates and squirts sperm all over my breasts and then lets his pee flow all over my body. It was truly fantastic and I miss it so much.”

“Helen, do you want to do it with me, I love pee play. What if we do it tomorrow afternoon?”

“Oh yes, I’m really looking forward to it – but make sure you’re ready and willing to do it.”

The next afternoon dressed only in a bathrobe, Helen led me to the living room and said, “Lefi, it’s been so long since I did this, I’m afraid I might disappoint you.”

She looked sad so I hugged her and started kissing her lips passionately. Sliding a hand between her bare thighs with delight, I found her thick pubic hair.

“Oh, that’s good Lefi. Oh yes, play with my clitoris.”

As soon as my thumb touched it, she squirmed and peed on my hand. It was so sexy.

To get her turned on, I led her and placed her on a chair with her legs spread wide, giving me a view of her protruding old vagina lips. As I was already very aroused, I quickly stripped naked and went to the side of the chair near her head I told her to suck my penis. Which she did very enthusiastically.

After releasing my cock, she asked for her vibrator and started injecting the six-inch one into her dirty hole, and with the ten-inch one began to push into her love tunnel.

“Come on you naughty old cow, play with yourself. Put it into that hairy gap,” and similar dirty words to really get her going.

“I’m climaxing, Lefi, this is so fantastic. Oh yessss. Yesse.” And with that, she squirted pee. She looked so sexy. Saggy breasts, chubby and flabby belly, and all the hair now wet.

She orgasmed three times and I kept masturbating all the time. Until the point where I had to release. Standing over her, I sprayed three big strings of sperm all over her face and breasts and she licked it all off.

“Now clean me up.”

Which I took as a sign to pee on her.

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By Mr. Lucifer #Mature